Giving a Wee bit of Sadaqah

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The man who gives in front of us, the man who gave lots of lots of you know, money, a lot of money.

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He gave maybe 100,000 pounds. Imagine one man got up and said for soccer. I'm gonna give 100,000 pounds. Another man says I'm gonna give one pound

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one guy says 100 100,000 pound

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and on a one pound

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you're laughing Yeah.

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Laughing that's what would happen is, if you had 100,000 5000 10,000 50,001 month, one pound. You laugh at that yet? The soula sallallahu said according to Hadees of hadith of a Buddha with several cultural harmony at

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one man's one data ham has gone further than another man's 100,000 data hands. One man's one dyrham is more worthy in the sight of Allah than one another man's 100,000 dirhams? How?

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Because it was so awesome. The next when he said that man who had 100,000 dirhams he had a lot of wealth a lot of wealth from days given a little amount a wee bit. Now we did that right? Yeah, we

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have that which was 100,000 which was 100,000 he gave and the other one the other man had the other man How much do they have? The other man only had to did hands with him.

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The other man only had to detain with him he gave one did him the first man probably gave 1% of this wealth. The second man gave 50% of Israel's

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you may hear a laughing everywhere the man gave 100,000% war Mashallah the

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mosque is shaking the dome shaking the minute it's gonna fall off.

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He gave 100,000 Mashallah. Mashallah. medica Saba, don't get excited if you if your name is Malik sub, and our third of you going to be Malik and the third is gonna be chaudry. Another third is going to be some Han or something. Yeah, that's going to make all of you up.

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But the one get one. I tell you one pound, one pound

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could have given a fiver Krugman 10 or one pound.

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And Allah azza wa jal has made the difference already Why? Allah sees what the man gave. Allah knows how many percent he gave. Allah knows 100% the first one gate Allah judges me and you differently from the way we judge one another brothers. So when you get to gender one of the first things that will strike us is we're going to see a lot of surprises. Sometimes the people you expect to be Jenna and Jenna they won't be there and sometimes you don't expect them to be there. They'll be there.

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Don't start making your judgment on this earth. There are people who at the last moment they were a bad person all their life. And the last moment allow them to Jacob janela will take him gentlemen

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I'm not talking about small time gangster here I'm talking about big time gangsta

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big time guys was was a big time gangster. What do you do at the time? Let's talk about big time gangster new streets. What did he do?

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He sells What?

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Drugs? Alright, drugs sells it. Okay. And if somebody doesn't pay up, what's he gonna do?

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He's gonna shoot. He's gonna kill him. He's gonna kill him. It's gonna go for him. Yeah, he's gonna do something right. So he might matter. one millisecond one. visa is not gonna matter. So many. Imagine you had a big time gangsta who murders not one not 10 not 20 not 30 he murders 99 men.

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Imagine you had you had one Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he talked about a gangsta. A big timer. Mandala, Mandala. He murders people.

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So that person what happens is is he murders 99

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of them, he kills them. Then after 99 he feels bad. Society is a Muslim. He feels bad. So he goes up to one of the worshipers one who's to worship Allah, but never knew much about the religion. This is before Islam.

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So he said to him, he said, Listen, my friend Yeah, thank you, man come over. Because I've been bad. You know, the bad in my life and Allah.

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God will go God forgive me. Forgive me.

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So the monk said, the monk says, What did you do? Is I murdered 99 men.

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So you mother dungeon men, said God's not gonna forgive ya.

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You know what he did? He said, Yeah, I murder you to work.

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They killed him.

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They killed him. He said 100 100 sorry, this doesn't say he was Scottish, but I'm trying to get through.

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Then what happens after that is that he feels regret again. So he starts walking away from the deadly cause, you know why, but of course, as somebody else so he finds now a learned man, man who knows the religion. And he says to him, he says, He says, I've done something really bad. He said, what a murdered 100 men. He did that. He said, What do I do? And I said, he said to me, will Allah forgive me Say Allah forgive you said, but what you need to do is you need to go and travel away from this city. You need to go to that other city where there's good people that because this city, there's a lot of bad people here. So this murderer, he walks off, he walks off, he's killed 100 men,

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100 people, he's killed them. He walks off. He hasn't taken too many steps. He's gone to the good city. He's on his way. And he hasn't taken many steps. And then Allah azza wa jal has, has decreed that he's going to die at that moment.

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He's going to die.

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So you know he's dead. Normally, when you die, you either going to see 500 angels coming from Jana in white clothing, or you're going to see 500 angels coming from john, I mean, black clothing.

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If they come from General, they bring perfume with them. And they bring loads of good sense with them. If you're there from jahannam, they bring hammers with them hammers, they bring axes with them, they bring sides with them, they bring other things to try to rip you apart. And that brings very constrained bags, they're gonna put your soul inside and they spin those bags they smell of the worst smell you smell in this world. You know what this man had? This man first time in history. He sees what he sees. 500 white ones and 500 black ones.

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500 white ones are the black ones. The white one Say what? This man is going to generate the black and zenana This man is going to john the Walter one. What you're talking about? This man murdered 100 men.

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It can go it can't go to general. He gotta go john. Got a burn Burn inside there. Am I getting the right? Burn inside? I become squashed by the time I finish my five days. Yeah, to be honest with you. There is the other said no, no, no, no, this man is Toba. he repented he's got to go to Jenna.

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So they both basically Nononono who said both of them? Who said both of them? Allah so they said wait, let's go back to Allah.

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So they went back to Allah. And Allah azza wa jal says what Allah says, okay, he knows he knows the whole thing. Allah says, Oh, my God, just go back and start measuring the earth. If the earth is more closer to the city of the evil people, then you take him to jahannam. And if the earth is more closer, where he has walked where he's dying right now, if he's more closer to the people of the good city, then it goes to Jenna. And the angel started to swoop down coming down to the earth. Before the angels hit the Earth. Allah said, Oh, us throw this man towards the good city. And the earth throws him towards a good city. The angels come they start to measure the earth and they find

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him closer to the good city. They take him to jail. They take him to general law, murder of 100 men go to law. Doesn't matter what I'm not. I'm not asking you guys to go and murder outside.

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Hey, I'm not asking I had in Glasgow to carry knives or something. You know, I sort of had to pick on it. Somebody's got a knife somewhere. I'm not asking to murder and what I'm asking you to do is doesn't matter what sin you've committed. You could have done Zina, you could have you could have lied. You could have cheated, you could have mugged but I'm not asking you to carry on doing that. No, you come clean to Allah clean. You say I'm not gonna do it anymore. Allah azza wa jal will make you cross the bridge on the Day of Judgment with his prophet sallallahu wasallam