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When we judge people because of who they used to be or because of mistakes they made in the past, then we have behaved like the worst human to ever walk the earth: Firaoun (Pharaoh).

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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Quran Weekly this Abdi Nasser Jenga coming back to you again with stories of the prophets. Today we're going to be talking about Musa alayhis salam again, inshallah.

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Musa alayhis, salam, Allah subhanaw taala tells us that when he was a young man, he had a very traumatic incident, a very unfortunate incident that occurred. And before I even tell you the story, I just for the purpose of educating my brothers and sisters, what we believe about the prophets is that they are masamune we do not attribute sin to the profits, because they are protected by Allah subhanaw taala. So I'm going to speak about it in a way that is respectful and I'd like everyone to be able to appreciate how I'm talking about this incident from the life of Metallica ceram. So, Musa alayhis salam, young man grows up in the palace of Freetown, but he doesn't know that he's from

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Vanessa. He, he's walking through the Marketplace one day. And there's a man from Vanessa, really simple, poor man. And he sees most of these how many cries out and he says, musasa Look at this guy, look what he's doing to me. And it was a man from the people. I've been around crypto noon, so much Allison goes over there in terms of cripsy because typically, in that society at that time, the people have been around the crypto unit used to persecute and violate the rights of the people have been really sorry. So Metallica goes there and tells us what are you doing? What's going on over here? And the 50 of course, he's part of the elite, you know, part of the society. He tells him to

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go hunt, you move along and mind your own business. And metabolism says I'm trying to make sure everything is okay here. And the man turns around and gets emotionally sounds face gets all up in his grill. Like, what are you gonna do about it? So musante said, um, to kind of defend himself, he pushes the man he strikes them and shoves him off of him, not realizing it his own strength or maybe just to do to, you know, an unfortunate circumstance, the man ends up dying, either due to the blow or because of the fall, he ends up dying. Now, it was not intentional. Nobody really else was around that man from anusara. He runs off and moves how Nissan leaves the scene as well. And before you

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know it, this whole panic breaks out into the city into the town, somebody killed one of the elite, somebody killed one of the people around. Nevertheless, montale salaam is passing through the Marketplace again soon thereafter. Again, that man from Vanessa L is standing there fighting with somebody musallam sees him and he says you're making trouble again. You're making trouble again, meaning that last time you were making trouble, something so terrible happened and you're making trouble again. And the man screams out Musa Don't kill me like you killed the other guy the other day, and everyone finds out that Musa alayhis salaam was involved in the accidental death of that

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man of that individual. So moving along, fit our own and as people put up the word to arrest with the possibility of executing Musashi Salaam in retribution for the death of the other individual. At that point in time somebody comes to musante Simon says you need to get out of town. You need to get out of dodge before they get you musante salon leaves there. And from there, it's a whole nother story from the life of musante salon where he goes to Medan, etc, etc. The summary of it is is he goes there settles down, he finds a mentor finds a wife raises a family really, really figures things out, and he's out there for a very long time. 10 years or so. Now. musante said I'm just

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traveling and Allah subhanaw taala that's where he sees the fire in the distance and he goes there and Allah subhanaw taala selects Sims and chooses him for Prophethood gives him divine inspiration revelation as part of his mission. He tells him It has elaborated on the inner otava go to fit around because fit on has lost his mind. He's gone way too far. musante time immediately expresses his concern to a lost parent. It makes lots of musante sam even says to Allah wa Houma la jambon for a half way too long. I am wanted for a sin there amongst those people, and I'm afraid that they're going to try to kill me. Allah subhanaw taala says Kela further Bobby Aya Tina in America Masami

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home, he says no, absolutely not go and go with our signs. Go with these miracles in the signs and this message that I have given to you. We are watching and listening over you will be there with you will be watching and listen

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Now Mussolini's around when he shows up and he's presents to him the message in Rasulullah alameen and Arsene mahana Bani Israel in the very first thing that Ron responds with a lot because we now have a leader now I want you to hear the tone. He knows who musallam is, he recognizes masala Samba listen to his tone lmnop caffiene our leader, didn't you grow up from childhood amongst us?

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And then neurotic Athena walidah Willoughby Safina Minami Cassie Nene, and you lived for many, many years amongst us.

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Well, for isleta, falletta keleti for alto and terminal caffeine, even if you can hear it in the Arabic word for alta farla, Taka Latif Alta one terminal caffeine, and you did what you did back when you did it. And you were a bad person, you can tell right off the bat for honest not being honest. He's not being sincere. He's being facetious. He's being sarcastic. He's mocking mutualism. He immediately brings up his past and talks about his past musante. Sam, of course, owns up to it polyphenol to Hawaii than I did. back then. He then went and Amina Pauline, but I didn't. I didn't do it intentionally. And I didn't do it, knowing what I know now.

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Now this is where I like to pretty much pause.

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And this is a story I wanted to share. See, everything Allah tells us in the Quran is profound. It's got a purpose, it's got a meaning it's got a reason to it. Why did Allah subhanaw taala share with us the incident about the man dying from the youth of musante hits Allah because Allah subhanaw taala then shared with us the fact that when musala, Sam comes back to preach to fit on, the very first thing that brown brings up, hangs over his head rubs in his face.

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talks about in front of people is what happened previously in his life in his past. And Allah subhanaw taala told us about this, because this is going to be something that is going to occur time and time and time again, with people. Everyone's got a past. And we're going to have a lot of people who later on in life are going to come into the masjid come into the community.

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And they're going to have a past, how are we going to deal with them?

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If the first thing that we do is talk about, think about bringing up, ask about what happened in their past,

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the mistakes that they made, we just behave like fit on what's the alternative? The alternative is that we leave their past behind. We don't think about their past. We don't talk about their past. We don't ask them about their past. We most definitely do not criticize them about their past, but rather what do we do? We embrace them, we love them, and we accept them for who they are right now, right here today.

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And who is that the example of that is the example of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the prophets alized him embraced people. He accepted people. He did not judge people let their past be their past the story of washi no matter what he's done, Kasich painted the prophets a lot. He sort of assassinated his uncle. But the prophets a lot of them said the past is the past.

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And he accepted people for who they were right now. For where they were going for what they could become, what they could achieve. That's what he paid attention to. That's how he treated them. I always like to share this story. It's a personal experience that I had that was very powerful. To the point where I don't have a problem calling it life changing. I met a young man who came to my Masjid one time I was the mom of a Masjid and he came to the masjid and for prayer. He was covered in tattoos.

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But I didn't pay no attention to that he made will do a parade with us. It was the first time I had ever seen him in the budget. So my habit was when I saw somebody new a new face, I would think salame welcome them to the community, hoping they moved into the area joined our congregation. So I said Salaam to him and asked him and he said yes, I just moved here. And he told me about where he moved from and I knew the mom of his previous community was very close with and we hit it off.

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And he ends up telling me his story. He says that, you know, I grew up in a bad place with some really bad influences in the family and then neighborhood, I ended up living a life of crime, dropped out of high school, on the streets, drugs, gangs, violence, all that unfortunate, you know, all those unfortunate situations.

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He says, eventually, I was arrested for, you know, third, felony third crime, and three strikes and that's it. You go to prison for life. You said I was 23 years old. And I didn't want to spend the last rest of my life in prison. And he says I came from a Muslim family, a Muslim background, but I didn't know really know or remember much of my song. As I was sitting there in the cell. The night before I was going to be presented before the judge who's going to hear my case.

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It just hit me that my life was over. My life was over. So he's

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I didn't even remember how to pray. I didn't even know what to say. I just remembered the position of sujood. So I fell down into sujood. And I cried, and said, Oh, Allah, I'm sorry, I messed up. Please give me another chance. And he says, I don't know, the only thing I could think of was something my mother used to tell me a lot when I was a kid. She always wanted me to memorize or on behalf of, so I just said, Oh Allah, I will change my life and I will memorize the Quran. So he says, The next morning, I spent the whole night crying and sujood next morning, I go in front of the judge, my mom's there. In the back of the courtroom, the judge tells me to stand up,

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looks at my file, and he says, What if I dismissed your case right now? What would you go and do? Tell me because the judge said, I'm tired of locking away young people for the rest of your life. What are you going to do with the rest of your life? And he said, it's funny you asked me that, because I I repented last night. I made the decision to change my life, my life last night, and I'm going to go and study my religion. I'm going to become a better person. So the judge said, case dismissed. Get out of here. Don't ever let me see you in my courtroom ever again. He says I left from the courthouse. I didn't even go back home. I went straight to the masjid. I asked the mom at

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the masjid I kept going until two days later, I ended up at a quarter on memorization school. And I walked through the door you know, just jeans and a T shirt normal dude but except, except covered in tattoos from my hands all the way up to my neck and just walked through the door and one of the teachers when the shoe he saw me in sorrow alikum walaikum salam, how can I help you? And I said, I want to memorize the Quran.

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He said, Come on in Let's sit down and talk. He said I didn't even know how to read a leaf batha at that, that day.

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Eight months later, I completed the memorization of the entire Koran in eight months memorized the entire Quran.

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When I met this brother years after this incident, he was married. He was a father had beautiful children. I remember him coming to the masjid with his children. They have beautiful character beautiful o'clock. He used to teach them the Quran. And I remember asking him to lead the prayer for my Jamal my congregation he recited the Quran beautifully. You never know where somebody is from. You never know where they're going. give everyone a fair shake a fair chance. And remember the second we get somebody we just behaved like fit on the shredder stay away from that. Let's try to be careful about that. Another story from the life of the prophets, Musa alayhis salam May Allah

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subhanaw taala allow us to be more like these great prophets of Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to have the character of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam until next time Quran Weekly just like malachite on a Salaam Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu this audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate