Nouman Ali Khan – How Did Surahs in the Quran Get Their Names Q&A

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the origin of the names of the Prophet's surahs and how they are not officially recognized by the most prominent features of the Prophet's surahs. They speculate that the names may be unique to the culture of Islam and that every name is something unique. The speaker also mentions a study on the deeper look series of the Quran and encourages viewers to ask questions about it.
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I always wondered how the source actually got their names. I mean, it's like what are actually predetermined by Allah in general and then upon revealing the sort of, through GPL to to the properties and um, was it like

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I can tell you.

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So, there are some narrations in which the Prophet himself described the surah by a name.

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So those seems to be the prophet named them. Okay, so right. There are other sutras in which the Companions gave the surah many names, okay. It seems to me that the sutras don't officially have a name from Allah, generally speaking, that they are remembered by the most prominent feature of that, okay, so the most unique concepts kind of are some unique part of that looks like obviously, sort of dakara is has very little to do with a cow.

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But the story of the cow is a very unique feature of Lesotho and the Family of Imran has not talked about anywhere else in the way that it isn't so tiny and run. So, it seems to me that every in every surah is something that really

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seems to make that Surah give it a unique signature is the one that kind of the name God coined with Okay, there were some sutras where it's just the opening is unique. So surah Taha becomes BA or things like that right?

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And there are again like they are like, what that team or who don't share with me who don't want to have a hood and it's sisters give my hair my hair gray so it could be that the prophets I still have named many of them if not all of them. That's also possible okay. With because that's the question was kind of bothering bothering me for quite a time when I didn't didn't. It's almost as though the names are not as important as the contents. Yeah, of course, they

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just wanted to know the background of the naming. Yeah. Thank you very much.

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Everyone, you just watched me answer a question somebody had about the Quran. I'm sure you have many questions about the Quran yourself. A lot of these questions get answered in the deeper look study by myself and my team do and turn into a series of the Quran on the deeper look series available at bayyinah So get your questions answered sometimes even without having to ask them by studying these tools in depth with us at bayonet under the deeper look section

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