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The speaker discusses the systemic threat against Islamists in Scandinavia, including the largest data project in Scandinavia and the establishment of the largest Islam operation in Northern Europe. They emphasize the importance of facing Islamist narratives and the need for a refurbishment of the dry framework. The speaker also encourages donations and sharing in reward.

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Most of you would have seen the quran burners in the Scandinavian region. It's about time I think that we put our foot down and take a clear stance against the Islamophobic narratives presented by some governments. These governments defend the desecration of the Quran in the name of freedom of speech. Islam net is working on the ground in Norway, with the phenomenon of burning the Quran is most widespread. In response to the anti Muslim groups calling for the eradication of Islam and Muslims in Europe. They're establishing the largest data center in Scandinavia. This project has been endorsed by Muslims all over the world. He couldn't a great deal out of our time, such as Dr.

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Zakir Naik, Bill Phillips, and many more. The mesh it will be the biggest of the Muslim community's history in Northern Europe. You can see the physical manifestation of this yourself. The our donors money has been transformed into physical assets is something that has been showcased many times by video graphic evidence but the work is not done yet. We need to finish the masjid expansion and refurbishment the success of this project and of our response to the enemies of Islam through Dawa and Islamic education depends on your generosity Allah subhanho Dallas in the Quran, men the Lazio code 801 has no say you die for who left who Herbalife and Kathy, who is it that will loan Allah a

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goodly loan so that he made loan to play it for him many times over. This is the holy month of Ramadan. This opportunity may never present itself. Again, do not procrastinate. Click the link to donate and share in this tremendous reward waiting for you to harvest