Yaser Birjas – The Major Intercession

Yaser Birjas
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got to kind of get on Muhammad and while early or cyber sell them to Sleeman Kathira some my bad

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there's some good very excited in the back, masha Allah, Allah bless them.

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Hadith number 1866 In the other side of Haiti my Minoa him Allah Allah Allah presenting one of the long Hadith in the Sahaba but it's truly one of the

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most valuable, most important, hopeful and also the same time scariest for anybody to experience on that day. May Allah subhanaw taala make that easy for all of us out of Grameen this hadith is known to us as Hadith a Shiva on Qumran. The major shefa of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of the Prophet SAW Selim has been given multiple Shuafat multiple opportunities for interceding intercession, helping people to elevate them from lower place in Jana to heartless and Jen people to be rescued from Janam to be in Jana. Many opportunities to be saved in Allah Subhana watermakers A mother will be saved from gender neuroblastoma. But this one represents what is known as a shefa to the cobra,

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the major shefa Because this involves all humanity, all humanity. And Hadith begins by the prophet Salah Salem hate me Renato de la Ancol kendama Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam feed our it said one day we were invited to the Prophet Sal Assam to attend for food, da da call it but this is for food. So I was invited to eat food. And so over the last few summers house called farofa, la hit there are so they present him with the shoulder. And the Prophet SAW Selim used to love the shoulder part from the animal, whether it's the goat or the especially from the goat accident, that were kind of tangible. He liked that sort of auto ceremony, further has some in hand so he grabbed a piece,

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smaller, you grab a piece. And as he was grabbing and eating that, and he started speaking to the people, called Salalah. Sam called Anna say you do nas your multi.

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He says, you know, on the day of judgment, He says, God, I will be the master of all mankind.

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I will be the master of all mankind.

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And there's another generation he says called NSA they will have the Adam Allah factor. Because I am the master of the the people that all people and mankind because and I'm not saying this out of pride, like I'm not trying to put myself above anybody's is like is it I'm saying it as a fact from Allah subhanaw taala and then he says called at aduna Lima Derek, do you know why? That Allah subhanaw has put me in that position? Then he explained college Mala who will you know will interview so agent wide on that day on the day of judgment or at least in the day resurrection? Let me put it this way when all are gathered in a Yeoman hasher all gathered before Allah subhanho wa

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Taala but here's what ina will ask the interviewer side and while they're all will be gathered in one place, same ground all of them can you imagine in your mind all humanity

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not just today's humanity the five 6 billion people to work throughout the history of mankind all these billions of people that gather in one place

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and then Tyler for AppSumo neither was smart was was was Sedona was Muhammad day because they're all even though they're in one big space, but you can still see the end of them like how big they are. And also anyone on here speak everybody can hear.

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Like it's not like the voice and the whole acoustic or the kind of you know, logistic of that they are simply different from our time he goes Carla water Newman who mushrooms the sun will come near they're so close yeah and

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time for that no man home Cara Salah Salem, Pueblo Nazareth Alabama will Kirby Malaguti poonawalla Milan so as the sun comes near their heads another narration the Prophet saw some says one mile an hour he says the mile which is basically the the needle that is used to use alcohol like the mascara is in the eyes like basically like a finger length. This how close the sun could be

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I mean mashallah, we're in Texas and you know how far the sun is right there.

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How does it feel within the morning

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Allah protect us it just like Jahannam preview Yanni Alright, so here it's so hot as you can imagine when the sun is that close to the people for Carl weblogging and will curb people this kind of like they're gonna fill up palace. unbearable situation, they're sweating. Now the international probably describes some people their sweat will be to their ankles, to their knees, to their hips, to the you know, waist above all the way some people all the biller will be actually completely covered with that that depends of course on their level of cinionic

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the prophets of Allah

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Um It says fall

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fair korunas, Allah Tirana elementum fees and then finally started speaking. They wait for about 500 years. Everybody is intimidated. Don't even dare to say a word.

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And then finally they broke the silence and it starts talking to each other and don't you see what we're going through? haha this is

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just like let's do something about this. For God or for Allah Allah Tirana, V la Marbella, Allah, Tana Runa Masha Allah Camilla, Rebecca, shouldn't we go look for someone who can help us to speak with our Lord, like someone to intercede between you and your Lord? Subhana wa Tada. For all of our donors, Libba, quite a welcome Adam. So some of the brothers you know what, Adam, Adam, why don't we go to Adam? Well, I woke up his father, were two and a half.

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So they come to him called Adam, untouchable, Bashar, you are the father of all humanity. Mankind. Hurlock Allahu Allah subhana wa Donna. He privileged you by creating him good and good with his own hand in a manner to His Majesty's panna cotta, Anna, whenever her feet Maru and he blessed you also with that soul to be the solar new for Karla

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Amara Amara Ekata pasado let the or the angels to prostrate for you. Like if anyone deserves to be you know, listen to you. For God, Allah Tasha, Elena KAWASE Kanika Jana put your agenda as well. Shouldn't you ask for Allah's power to start that account? Don't you intercede for us? Color data Rama 11 And if you don't see what we're going through for Karla Adam in Nairobi, all the Bahama name Yoda Pablo Mila, what are you ever double bada homebirth la My Lords panna cotta Allah He has now his wrath today is beyond what you've ever heard of before. And more than what you could ever imagine the future like I can't. This day is different color and I have my own sin. We're in the

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Hoonah hernia and Shudra he forbade me from approaching that three for us. I disobeyed Allah azza wa jal, Neff, CFC, I'm just after myself. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. I can't help you. Garden Habu Milano go to new Felton and Ohana is Sarah for Galliano. And our Rasul do the first messenger

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bot. So here's the first messenger but Adam was the first prophet maybe right for color until you're the first messenger Illa analog to the people of the earth. We've got some Mark Allah who have done Sakura and Allah named you grateful servant. Allah Tala mana Hanafi Don't you see what we've gone through? I don't don't see what's happened to us. Why don't you ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for us, intercede to Allah azza wa jal for us for general Behati brotherband La Mirada Mitla cabello Mithila when you have a bad omen, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has this wrath is wrath today is like never heard before never imagined in the future.

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For car we're in no cut currently that our turned out to be harder, call me he says Allah had grant me a wish he grabbed me.

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He said unfortunately I use it against my own people. You know, when he made the dua for Allah to destroy them.

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Finish them, they don't deserve you know, to be alive. And Allah made the flood as a result of that. He said, like I said, I regret that Neff. CNF See, I'm for myself right now. I care from above myself, leave me alone.

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Then he said, go to somebody else go to O'Brien. Malasana so they go to Ibrahim Addison Yeah, Ibrahim. Antenna visual oh the Prophet of Allah. Wa callaloo, the most beloved watch Falana Ihlara please intercede

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for Allah Allah Allah Allah manana for you don't just see what we're going through. So he says the exact same thing

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the same thing he says like although the profits and then he says sorry about the loss of money, but we're in the corrupt to credit card up to the radically but I've lied three times. Like I have my own problem. I worry about my three lines

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as Mr. or Mrs. Saddam was about three lies.

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Three lies is bothering him. Some peoples have Hala their life is based on lies

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for most on everything, and it seems as like no problem. Allah or for Rahim, Allah will forgive right. So Brian man is cerami says three lines. Do you guys remember the three lines? What are they? Number one?

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When first one they told him come with us to the festival. What did he say? Now the other than finish the job. We look into the sky. He goes, I feel I feel I don't feel well.

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That other one is when he was in front of the mood. And the mood when he asked him was this he said was my sister about Sarah, right? And the third one was

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They came on Ask him you did that. What did he say? He did? Who got him? Here's the X on the shoulder, the ones who asked him. So as you can see, they're not really lies in that sense. They're called Toria. And they're a bit clever I kind of evading the direct answer. Overall, he says, Neff, CFC, I worry about myself today. Go somewhere else. Go to Musa alayhis salam. So they come to Musa alayhis salam and Musa is unique. Salawat Allah has Rama he is a tough man. He pushed the guy killed him. He is the only prophet among all the prophet who dare to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa europei. Or let me underline my lord, can I see you the only one who dared to say that? And he was shocked by that

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actually request server to allow ceremony. He was the one who stopped the Prophet Muhammad when he was coming down from the seventh heaven with the Salah, the 50 salawat and he asked him the Prophet Salah Salem, what did you get? Because if the salah no that's too much go back.

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Go back ask Allah to make it easy. And the provinces of Canada do that. So go back and they went back and forth until they became how many prayers Dojima Hamdulillah. May Allah Allah bless Musa is

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right. He's blessed alum Stan, but Mala reward him for it right? Again, Musa alayhis salam they said about him God of a Dalek Allah with Salah Allah bless you with His best messages. God will be calamity Islanders and he spoke to directly Subhana water in a manner that suits his majesty.

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See, you know intercession for us. Please intercede for us.

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Don't you see what we're going through? So he gave the exact same answer. The Wrath of Allah today is beyond our imagination. And he says color in Neuchatel turnips and lamb Omar will cut Lea, I caused the death of somebody I pushed him and killed him. I'm worried about this is it for call NFC NFC go to somebody else. So they go to a salad Salaam and they tell them look, under rasool Allah, the Messenger of Allah, you you will cure by the word of Allah subhana wa and his decree and you are blessed. You spoke you know, miraculously in the cradle, ich Falana please intercede to us. And then he said the exact same thing Allah subhanho wa Salam is on so I can do anything. Go to somebody

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else. Now, as I said and did not give any reason. It didn't say because I did this. I did that. They didn't. But he said you go to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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proudly, some dilemma they say probably. HRS CERAM didn't say anything else because his worry was very obvious. What is that as a man?

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His biggest concern is what

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people Washington besides Alonso's?

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Obviously, I mean, I didn't ask for it. When Allah subhana awesome certified, as Allah says, called, what's called Allah we are ISA is of no motive and Takata Nassetta helenium Oh, mela Hyndman. doula. Did you ask the people to take your mom as God's besides me? Carla Subhanak my lord No way. I can't I can't claim this ever. So here is Alison didn't say anything. But perhaps because he was worrying about the people taking him in that position. But either way Muhammad so they go to the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem. So they say unto Mohammed Anta Rasulullah you're the seal of the prophets. Allah forgive you all your sins of the past and the present and the future. Ish Falana please

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intercede for us? For call Rasul Allah Allah wa sallam for Antalya, we're calling for Carla and Allah and Allah, because I got it.

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I'll take it. I'll do it for you. So he goes from teleco ferocity data. So I come as near as possible towards Asha Rahman Subhanallah thrown over Rockman for our Surgeon a little bit so I fall in search there before my lord to move the Allahu Allah human Mohammed II was Nathan Ara che ilimitado I hadn't public, then Allah subhanho wa Taala would inspire me in that position, to praise Him, to praise Him and to praise his name in way and in manners that has never been given to anybody before. Like Allah will inspire to me to praise him in ways that today we don't even know yet. Look, when all these beautiful names of Allah subhana wa Tada all these attributes of Allah azza wa jal,

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but that's the limitation of our knowledge of who Allah is. We still we barely know who Allah subhanaw taala is Allah azza wa jal He revealed Himself to us in a way that we can comprehend can understand,

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but he is way beyond your understanding. Laser commit Lishi there is nothing like unto him subhanho wa Taala so that's why he says and Allah will give me all these beautiful names and attributes and praises and and he would say that said I want to love Sara Murray. So myocardial yeah Mohammed Irfan Razak. Yeah Muhammad Raise your head

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like get up. Sal. Dada

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Whatever you ask you they given wash fat to Chef

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intercede. I will grant it for you call for our for our ROTC. So I'll raise my hand for cool. Your OB Almighty almighty.

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Almighty you're my lord, my people, my people for your call. Yeah Mohammed at filamin America manda Hisar Valley mineral Bible, Amen. Ababa Jana, it was O Muhammad, those members of your ummah who are not going to be going through the account, take them to the right side of Jana.

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Like they don't have to be here. Straight to Jenna. May Allah make us some of them are the enemy.

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Can you imagine this ajumma oh, these people waiting over there. And then someone says fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen fallen? Come over here. This Miller straight to agenda a special interaction

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that take you to get to well Jana, when everybody's watching what's going on here what's going on there? And everybody probably was a panela as people are called some people that will say

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can I come? Hey can you take me with you? You can do this. So this is called take them their cargo home Chaka Chaka Nassif Hema, see whether they can Ebola. Basically they deserve to enter from one door exclusively for them. And then everybody else can come in from the front doors.

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That's now part of the Shiva of the prophets of Allah center but the main shefa of the Prophet when he asked you Robbie, we asked you to begin the account and Allah subhanaw taala order for the account to be given color and the prophets are supposed to speak about the doors of a Jana carboline fcbd in Namibian and masala and even mozzarella Jannetty came by Anna Macatawa. Because look the distance between the two sides of the doors like between Mecca and Yemen

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Ankara kava in the market or Busara, or like between Mecca and a sham like why it's so massive size and then another reason the profits awesome says and the day will still come when those doors no matter how massive and bright they are, they will be crowded with people coming through to go to agenda. May Allah make us among them or banana. So this is Hadith known as hey the chef out and Cobra which of course introduced us many things. Part of it is Allah's have beautiful names and attributes and not just 99 there are many, how much we know about Allah subhana wa Tada enough for us in this dunya to recognize them and be grateful to him and worship Him. But who he is Subhanallah

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in essence God Allah knows. It's panel data that shows the status of the prophets of Allah the same among all the MBM A privilege that was given to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by his Maker SubhanaHu wa Tada why Allah that Allah, but Allah Subhana Allah Allah gave him that status above the MBR Salawat low ceremony. And as you can see, if the MBR they worry about their stance before Allah on the day of judgment and their prophets and messengers, servants of the Lord, what are we going to do about our stuff?

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Never ever feel safe as your ma until you already in Jannah May Allah make us some other people have a genuine problem with Allah Jota Donna and a question Gemma?

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Good because that was a long one on the last Hanukkah love 100 I should have lent us the vertebrates that Amanita amatola

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