Is It Allowed To Say Rest In Peace For A Non Muslim Who Is Deceased

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the restriction of rest in peace during the burial of the Prophet and his companions, which is preventing people from seeking forgiveness for their opponents. The speaker also mentions the desire to call people to goodness while they are alive to be a people of Darwin and events like the burial of the Prophet and his companions. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to the channel and donate to the worthy cause.
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Is it allowed to say rest in peace for a non Muslim who's deceased

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but does rest in peace mean when, if rest in peace what is intended is that this is a prayer that I'm asking of God that he envelop this person with peace and tranquility and mercy and what have you, then this is not allowed because Allah subhana wa tada he says, it's sort of the doba mat kinda didn't know we were living in harmony, and you're stuck through living sherkin wello cannoli horbat Allah says it is not allowed or befitting for the Prophet, or those who believe that they seek forgiveness for those who passed away and polytheism even if they be of their relatives mean that the matter be another home and almost taboo to him after it's become clear to them that they are of

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the people of the hellfire. And so this verse prohibited the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions and you have to think about who the Prophet and his companions were, they were converts the Sahaba of the province of the lightest, and then they were all converts. They had cousins who were non Muslims and parents were not Muslims and children who are non Muslim, and even the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself himself, his own parents

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and his uncle, and yet a loss of Hana data says it's not a lot for you to see forgiveness for them. And so, this verse prohibits us from doing so, you may pray for a person as much as you want when they are alive after they pass away. However, if they have died upon before then we leave their affairs to a loss of Hannah to Anna, but we have been prohibited from seeking forgiveness for them. What this should do and what should this what this should inspire in us, however, is the desire to call people to goodness while they are alive to be a people of Darwin and omocha as we're as we are called to. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you

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