Nouman Ali Khan – Facing Calamity With Iman

Nouman Ali Khan
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She suddenly were silly Emily.

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Emily Sania Oliva la sabich Nando's motiva La ilaha illallah wa la la mina Latina Amano Amina Saudi hot water, wasabi hot water wasabi sub manera. But I mean,

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the first thing I'd like to share with you and this hookah is the meaning of a word that is commonly translated as calamity or difficulty. correns word is masiva. Some of you that are from the Southeast Asian sub continent, a lot of people use the word we'll see but and use it for a terrible thing that's happened. It comes from the Arabic verb a Saba, which actually means to hit a target or to correctly hit a target. And the Quran is very strategic and using this term, as opposed to carry through, which means tragic tragedy or some terrible event or something like that it strategically uses the word masiva, to suggest that whatever thing has struck, struck right on target and right on

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time, and it couldn't have hit anybody else. So whatever calamity has taken place is not an accident. There's no question Why is this happening to me? It could only have happened to you It couldn't have happened to anybody else. Why is this happening? Now it could only have happened now It couldn't have happened at any other time. Because it's right on target. It's the thing that hits on target. That's the term that's used for difficult circumstances, or situations that we find ourselves in in life and life is full of them a lot. So john says that Silicon Valley in Santa Monica, but we created the human being in the middle of a lot of difficult labor toil. So that's

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just part of human life. Sometimes they are and by the way, what are the nature's of these calamities, we're not just on the one hand talking about things like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions or tornadoes and hurricanes and rainstorms and things like that. Right. So that is a reality. And that's why less asthma in another place, masaba Kumasi button fill out the no calamity that strikes to you on the earth, meaning Earth related calamities, you can even argue here. But that's not the only kind of calamity, it's not just the earthquake that happens on an island or somewhere. It's also the earthquakes that happen inside of ourselves. Coffee and physical, you know,

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fell out of the water and fusi come inside of yourselves. There's a huge tragedy or calamity taking place between a husband and a wife or between parents and children, or between someone who's stuck in some, you know, awkward or very difficult family circumstance or situation. There are people that are stuck in a very difficult financial situation. There are people that are stuck in all kinds of traumatic problems. And this could be related to your, you know, your emotional health, it could be related to your physical health. It could be related to all kinds of things. But the thing here that I wanted to highlight is what is the role of our Iman, the fact that we're believers that we believe

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in the lives of each other and our ability to deal with calamity? And how are we supposed to respond to calamity as believers?

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I'm you know, for a lot of people whose and this actually depends on our level of understanding of what it means to have a relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada.

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On the one hand, the first thing I'd like to explain to you that the Quran is very wise about is to make a separation between two different kinds of bad situations. There's a bad situation that looks like a bad situation that was completely out of your control. You could do nothing about it. You got stuck in a flood, you didn't cause the flood. You just happened to be living there. There was no way for you to escape or you happen to be traveling, you had no idea it was coming. It wasn't on any reports or anything else. That's not you, that's entirely planned by a lot. You had nothing to do with it. There was no way you could have gotten out of it. This is not the same as someone who reads

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the news report and says, hey, there's a there's a major storm coming. Please evacuate the city and it's this there's a tsunami heading our way and somebody says, you know, this is a good time to check out the beach.

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And they head towards the beach. And then something bad happens to them. They don't get to say Allah What can I say? Allah had decided that I was gonna run into this. You don't get to say that. And Allah is very clear about that. He's had on what Allah says masaba masaba Kumasi within Furby Maka sebata decom. There's, there's not a calamity that strikes you. And if there's any manner of calamities that strike you are something that hits you is because of what you earned with your own hands. You brought this on yourself.

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Now, that's if you only thought of it that way, that would also be a problem. Because if you're going down the stairs and you slipped and you fell, and you start thinking to yourself, I must have done some sin and that's why Allah made me fall down the stairs. This is a sign from Allah that I have committed some evil and alleged teaching me a lesson by you know, breaking my arm on this in the hotel lobby or something, you know, you start reading into things that happened to you. And you start thinking there's some way cause and effect and that can go into an extreme. So the thing that I'd like to highlight here, human beings, believers in a lot can go into two extremes. One extreme

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is everything happened because of a lot. I have nothing to do with it.

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Whatever happened, I can't You can't blame us, Allah, ma sobre como si button for being in LA?

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Whatever calamity strikes to you it comes to you because of a loss but that he said that when he said it directly, it happens by a loss permission. This was a lesson plan, what do you what are you going to do? So some student can not study for their exams and not do any of the assignments and get fail and fail and be kicked out of the school and then say, What do you want me to do? casava law, they get to blame Allah. On the other extreme, there is the believer who blames everything on himself. Allah is doing this to me because I'm a terrible person. This happened to me because I'm a horrible human being and then there, it doesn't help when other ignorant people around you. And

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sometimes a lot of ignorance comes from your own family. They come and tell you you know why this happened to you? Because you're a bad daughter. You know why this happened to you? Because you're a bad son. You know why this happened to you? Because you're not good to your in laws or whatever? No, I just got in a car accident because a truck came and hit me and he crossed a red light that because I argued with, you know, my wife or something, something, it's not the reason, but other people will come and tell you this is happening to you. Allah is doing this to you. Because of that, because of that, like they got an email from Zeb that told them that this is the reason why this happened.

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Cause and effect.

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So there are these two extremes that are possible. What does the Quran do the Quran in everything gives us balance. In everything we understand in life, it gives us balance. And by the way, if you don't have this balance, you lose a lot of peace in life.

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You know, it gives another meaning to a lovely decree law. He talks about Indian Hulu, by remembering Allah hearts become calm. If you are the ultimate remembrance of Allah, the Victrola is actually the book of Allah. You know, and the book of Allah clarifies how Allah deals with us in this life. So I would argue that if you're just saying Subhan, Allah or hamdulillah and your understanding of what Allah wants you to, you know how Allah deals with you is flawed, you still might not find peace even though you're inshallah you will if you're sincere. But the intent here is to be clear in how Allah azza wa jal deals with us, I'd like to share some things about that with

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you, as far as blaming myself is concerned, and you know, where do we draw the line between this is from Allah, and this is my fault. Where do you draw that line? You know, in the physical world, it's very easy to understand, what do I mean by the physical world, in the physical world, if I put instead of putting gasoline in my car, I put water in my car and it didn't work, then you don't get clearly you don't get to say this was a less plan. That was you. So physically speaking, or if you're eating junk food, and you're constantly eating all kinds of sugary foods, and then you get a diagnosis for diabetes at the age of 45. Then you don't get this this model that has come to me out

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and you know, it's a test from Illinois, it's a test of your bad appetite, you don't eat cucumbers, you eat Swiss rolls, or whatever you eat. You know, you've been down in junk and that's why this happened to you. You understand so that in the in the physical world, that the cause and effect there's an effect it's something that all human beings with common sense understand. In the moral world. You missed a Salah you woke up late, you didn't pray fudger you're praying it late. And then that day you had a job interview. And the job interview didn't go well.

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And you're like this is because I miss Salah.

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Now the answer to that is it may be and it may not be

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and there's no way you will ever know.

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There is no way you or anyone else will ever know.

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But the thing that will help you is an end avani appdb The thing that will help me is that Allah says I will be as you assume me to be

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if you're assuming a lot took revenge from you and put this on you because you miss fudger then that's what lies to you now

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if you assume no this is better this this job I tried my best I did a good job at the interview but this was not a good job for me Had it been good for me a lot would have let it go a lot would have given me this job if you have that attitude that that is what led us to you despite all of your mistakes despite you missing waking up late

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our job wouldn't be make mistakes is to make us to clot not wait for a lesser revenge

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please understand that our job is not oh I messed up now let is gonna get me somehow it's gonna happen. No, no, no. That's not what a lead does. Which is why Allah says masaba masaba Kumasi but in fabby maka Sabatini, calm whatever calamity struck you whatever difficulty you find yourselves in. A lot of it has to do with what you did yourself with your own hands. You brought this on yourself.

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And even in the spiritual sense, sometimes there are difficulties that come on us because of our deeds.

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If you are, for example, continuously horrible to your parents, and then bad stuff comes to you in your life that probably there is some connection. There is something and then in those kinds of cases, what does Allah do? While Yahoo and Kathy?

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He says he pardons a lot too. In the physical world, if I jump off of a second floor building, there are going to be consequences. A lot will not say no, this time, I'll forgive you. I won't break your leg. No, no, you it's, it's gonna have what's gonna happen is going to happen. When you put your hand in a fire, it is gonna burn. Well, that's not gonna tell you to pray fudger this morning, so no, not for you. It won't burn for you. That's not going to happen. But when it comes to spiritual consequences, he says, well, you're a fool.

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When you do a sin, then Allah says, actually a lot less a lot of it go, he doesn't just avenge immediately. He doesn't just take, you know, immediate account, and then make you suffer in this world because of the mistake you made. He doesn't do that. That's the nature of allows origin with us. Well, jaquan Kathy,

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this is something you have to internalize for yourself. I would argue the reason the reason I brought up this particular subject

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is because

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one of the greatest crimes, spiritual crimes that occurs every day in the oma is at the hands of loved ones, to loved ones,

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parents, spouses, husbands, we have sometimes the most the worst things to say to our loved ones. And sometimes we say those things In the name of Allah, Allah will punish you for what you just did. There will be justice on you.

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Allah doesn't alone will not forgive what you you know. And mother can say that her child, wife can say the husband's siblings can say to each other, like invoking like allies, some angry weapon that you can invoke because you're upset alone must be upset. And you can just use a lot like that. That's not our place. And you know, for a lot of people, they have heard this kind of thing so many times over and over and over again, that they have become far away from Allah Himself.

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They heard from their loved ones they heard from the childhood heard from his father or his mother all the time, Allah will punish you, if you don't pray, Allah is gonna get you if you don't pray, Allah is gonna, you know, Allah is very angry at you because you ate that cookie. Like, constantly their allies, angry allies, angry allies angry, when that young boy becomes a 16 1718 years old, 18 year old, he wants nothing to do with love. And when he hears Allah is merciful, and Ally's forgiving, he has a hard time believing it because that's not what he grew up with. He did not grow up with a when a law within a law was forgiving, or Allah was merciful. As a matter of fact, every

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time he got in trouble is because of a law he got in trouble.

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That's how he got in trouble.

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And then those same parents say we taught this child about a law from the beginning. I don't know why he's running away from the habit which Allah did you teach him about?

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and angry Allah. And Allah that seeks to punish? My father in law will be as aliko. Allah says, What am I gonna get out of punishing you? That's what the law says himself. What is he? What is he in just the business of coming after you going at you? So what happens with people they are in a difficult situation? And what do they do? They're constantly thinking allies, getting them, allies, hurting them, allies doing this to them? You know, I was reminded by a colleague of mine, I was just when I was coming here to Malaysia, out of nowhere, this has never happened. I developed this crazy bacterial infection thing in my in my tonsils, and it swelled up and half of my neck was completely

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blocked. And I felt like I was drowning in one nostril, and I'm still on the plane. And I get halfway through to Abu Dhabi on the way here, I run over to a clinic and say, you have to you know, take these heavy medications. I come here the recommendation is I should go to surgery. I was like, What is going on? This is an even told me this never happens. Like this is really crazy. This is Yeah, I've never in my entire career of 30 years, I've seen like one other case of this.

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And I'm just lying there in the hospital bed waiting for a surgery to take place. And I'm thinking and I was reminded by a colleague, this is the best place you could have been

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like this. There's no better place than this hospital bed for you at this moment. That is a lesson plan for you. Here I am thinking I have to cancel this program. I can't go over here. I can't go over there. How are we going to manage this situation? That situation that calendar that meeting all this way? I came all this way and now look, I didn't get to do this, that or the other. And then all of a sudden, just that little reminder. Like, yeah, this is the best place I should be. This is this. There's no better place because this wasn't planned by me. This was fine, blah, blah.

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This is entirely planned by Allah. We have to have a closeness to Allah that when he plans something for you and me, even when it's painful. He doesn't do it for anything except love.

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That allows he loves his robot.

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He loves what is best for them. He loves us more than we could ever love ourselves. He cares more for us than we can ever care for ourselves. He provides us more than we could ever provide for ourselves. When we forget, when we forget that guidance goes away. Allah says when the human Billa hear the call back on the same issue, whatever calamity strikes you, it comes from Allah. It came by a less permission and whoever can have a man in a lot at that time,

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you have demanded a lot anyway you believe in one God but when you're when you're in a difficulty, that's when you start questioning why is Allah doing this? Right? That's the time when Allah puts the words woman union biLlahi whoever can truly believe in a lion's den. Yeah, you always say allies of mine. But do you really feel allies are like mine right now? Now right now he's probably isn't a calm. Right now. He's probably the one who takes revenge right now is probably Jabbar not all of mine. Right. Now. Let's see your Eman went away your mind and mind went away when you were in difficulty. Allah says if you can have a man in honor of man at that time, the best of the best of

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what is Allah is to you what he described himself to you at that moment, then what gift will Allah give you? And this is the conclusion to my homework. What is it that a lot will give you?

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I want health, I want recovery. I want a job, I want money. I want a better family situation. I want escape. Some people just want to escape. I just want this other person to stop hurting me. I want people to stop talking about me, whatever it is, there's something that's bothering you, and it's eating away at you. And if you think if that problem went away, you would have peace.

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Every one of us has some problem that keeps us up at night. We're thinking about everything, man, if that went away, I'd be alright. Guess what? When that one goes away, there's gonna be another one. And when that one goes away, there's gonna be another one. And when the other one comes, you're like the last one was easier? Does where does this come from?

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This way a bigger problem. What is it like give you when you can trust him. He doesn't end your problems. This life problems will not go away. If problems were going to go away, they would have gone away for Yahuwah a salon a lot sooner than for you and me.

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If the problem if no problems would have come, because we have demand and mediums phenomena, and he should not have had problems and should not have had problems. You study the people that are closest to Allah and all you're studying are problems, really big ones their entire life. That's all you're studying. You're just learning about one problem to the next to the next to the next to the next. That's all you're learning, use of Halle Salama Greek profound messenger of a line. I mean, from childhood there are problems from childhood. There are problems. So what I keep asking that question, what is it that Allah is giving you? What do you get when you completely put your trust in

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the law in the middle, in the thick of a difficulty when everybody else is telling you a lies? On the one hand, people are telling you Allah is angry at you. That's why this is happening. Allah hate you. That's why this is happening. On the other hand, you start thinking Ally's punishing me that's why this is happening.

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At that moment, when you can have the best impression of align, maintain your love and reliance and bond with Allah that Allah is has not let you go. He hasn't. What does he give you? Yeah, the Calvo.

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He guides this person's heart.

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He gives their heart guidance. I can guarantee you when your problem goes away, if it's a money problem, if money comes in, if it's a health problem, and health comes back, if it's a family problem, the family problem goes away. None of the good things in this life are worth anything compared to that one gift.

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That one gift is Yeah, the Calvo, he'll guide his heart. Your heart will be at peace. No matter what is happening in life. There's still a smile on your face. And people are looking at you and saying, Why are you smiling? Why are you okay? Look at what's happened to you. Look at what's going on? Yeah, it's okay.

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It's fine.

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It's cool.

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When you can develop that there are people that will have all the money in the world and they still can't sleep.

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There are going to be people that have everything you ever imagined will bring happiness they have it and they don't have peace.

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They don't have the they are not happy with themselves. They drowned themselves in drugs and alcohol to get to escape reality. They can't face reality and other people watch videos about how amazing their credits and how sweet their riders and they're looking at anything I want to add yeah later than I miss llama Oto qarun I wish we had what Corwin has man that's awesome boss life he's living. And yet on the other hand, all Allah will give you if you can turn to him, he'll give you the one thing that no amount of money, no amount of popularity, no amount of people not arguing or people liking you people appreciating and none of that will give you what this one gift that can only be

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given by others.

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I need

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a level guide his heart level guide this person's heart.

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This is the ultimate gift of human. This is the ultimate gift of masiva. So now let's finally let me conclude. I started this whole by talking about difficult situations. People are stuck, you're stuck, I'm stuck in some situation we don't see a way out. Those difficult situations are actually allows way of giving us the most valuable gift we could ever earn

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his way of guiding our hearts if we can just use those situations, to find a lot in those situations, to talk to a lot in those situations and you don't have to know Arabic to do that. You don't have to know a lot of Quran to do that. You just turn to Allah and you say Allah, you are the best decliners, y'all and nobody loves me like you do. Nobody cares for me like you do. I know the situation is best for me guide me, I need your guidance. There is no way that you will turn to a law genuinely asking him for guidance and he will turn you away. You will ask a lot for a car he may not give you.

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You can ask a lot for a house he might not give you. You might ask a lot to cure your disease he might not. Maybe he will. Maybe he won't because he knows what's better for you. But one thing guaranteed he will give you when you ask him sincerely as his guidance

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that he will give you and when he gives you that everything else is solved. Everything else is taken care of. May Allah azza wa jal make us people who truly genuinely beg for his guidance. And may Allah make all of our difficulties, all of the challenges we have in our life, a means by which we draw closer and closer to him and earn his priceless guidance. barakallahu li walakum glucuronic Hakeem when finally we are coming out with the cracking

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and handling Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah him hot Amina been Mohammed Al Ameen vida early he wasapi h marine colonizer delfy Kitab al Karim bada and akula rubella regime in de la llamada Akita who you saw lunarlon you Hello Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Camus Haleakala Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al Ameen in the Gambia Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad in Viola early Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim ethanolamine in naka hamidah Majeed de la rahima como la de la in the La Jolla San wakita. It will be an ironic fashion it will work as well as a crow La La Jolla del momento snon artemisa in la sala de Cana mini Nikita nakoda

As believers, how do we respond to calamity? Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delves into the meaning of the word “Musiba” in Arabic, which is used strategically in the Quran to denote that whatever it is that has struck you, could never have happened to anyone else at any other time. It is your own, personal test.

The Quran also distinguishes between two types of unfortunate situations, those over which we have no control and others which we brought upon ourselves. But where do we draw the line between what is in Allah’s hands and what is our fault?

Allah is whatever you assume Him to be. If you genuinely believe that He is the All-Merciful, then at times of difficulty you must be unwavering in our faith that if Allah plans something for you, even if it’s painful, you must know that He is doing it out of love. When you trust and maintain your trust in Him, Allah will give you the greatest gift of all: He will guide your heart to the right path and give you peace of mind.

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