Fights Break Out With Tommy’s Thugs

Mohammed Hijab


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The speaker urges everyone to stay calm and create a positive environment. They emphasize the importance of protecting one's soul and not wanting to get into trouble. The conversation ends with a group of people agreeing to take a step back.

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Listen, first of all, everyone, stay calm. We stopped by saying, These be with you.

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There is a way that we must compose ourself here and No. And it's an organization. Everyone composed a line like the line of follow. Understand that we are here to discuss. We defend our soul, if necessary

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to then

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stay calm, stay calm.

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Before anything else understand that

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whenever he

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he needs to come here and debate.

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He doesn't want to

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take a step back step back

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Come on,

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Okay guys

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let's get to the fence.