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AI: Summary © The "iosity of Islam" term is used by some people, but the term is not the one used by most people. The "iosity of Islam" term is not the one used by some people, but the term "iosity of Islam" is not the one used by most people. The "iosity of Islam" term is not the one used by some people, but the term "iosity of Islam" is not the one used by most people. The "iosity of Islam" term is not the one used by most people, but the term "iosity of Islam" is not the one used by most people. The "iosity of Islam" term is not the one used by most people, but the term "iosity of Islam" is not the one used by most people. The "iosity of Islam" term is not the one used by most people, but the term "iosity of Islam" is not the one used by most people
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that that kind of * that used to exist. It existed for one reason and one reason only it existed because people want something people want something from the religion

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it's not about what the gods want it's what about what it's about what the people

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when Neji me either

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now what NASA he will come one of our

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beginner TV doesn't just teach you about the Koran you can also learn Arabic from a brilliant teacher who started Ahmed Ali Khan has made this beautiful ancient language easy to understand. So you're not only improving your language skills, but your understanding of the Quran to tap now to check out the unit TV.

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Rubbish. Okay, suddenly we have Cindy Emery working Loksatta melissani of Coco Lee hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germain. I'm about once again everybody. So I'm Ali Khan, but

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I'm going to mess with the order of the lessons a little bit so that we have more progress made tomorrow Inshallah, some of the heavier concepts that we were going to talk about tomorrow, I will talk about them today. So we can move through the ayat, having already learned some of those heavier concepts. So what I'm going to talk to you about now is the the ancient Arab tradition,

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was very heavily focused on the stars, as you've seen.

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Many of them also believe that angels are stars themselves. This isn't just true of the, of the ancient Arabs, but other places around the world. Stars were seen as angels or depictions of angels. The other thing is,

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they believed certain strange things about the angels. They believed that angels are the daughters of Allah.

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We believe that in Islam, the first religion Allah gave humanity was Islam itself, pure religion. And over the generations, the pure teachings got corrupted. And one of the ways that teachings got corrupted was two kinds of shirk kind of emerged. One kind of shock was anything that can benefit you or harm you started getting turned into a god. Okay, so money became a god, or the mountain became a god because it's gonna give us minerals or rocks or whatever, the sky, the sun became a god because it can burn us, the winds became gods. So Gods started getting depicted with natural phenomenon, right, because the God's determined the high tide and the low tide and the seasons and

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whatever else, anything that can harm us becomes God. In fact, some dangerous animals became gods and some beneficial animals became gods, so people can worship a cow because it's beneficial, or they can worship a snake because it's dangerous. Anything that's scary, or anything that's beneficial started turning into Gods, that was one kind of * that developed over time. Another kind of * that developed over time, was, of course, because the original religion was Islam itself. They were people that were close to Allah. Right. And in the sin world, the people that are close to Allah are prophets than after the prophets is their companions. And after the Companions as

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the good people, you know, meaning the Bean was a deeply in which shahada or salah, and these are the good people, right? And in the unseen world, the ones close to Allah are the angels. So one of the ways that original Islam started mutating and getting corrupted, is instead of worshipping Allah, the focus shifted to those that are close to Allah. And I want you to understand why that happens. It's not just that they started worshipping angels are started worshipping saints, or even in the case of Christianity started worshipping a prophet, right? There's something else going on here that causes this to happen. So I'm going to give you an analogy.

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You're in school. You're have a teacher, an English teacher. The English teacher is part of the English department. The English department has a department head.

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And that department head also has someone above him the principal, the principal has someone above him, the district comptroller for these schools, and that one has the Minister of Education or whatever, there are these there's a hierarchy and you're a student. Do you deal with the Minister of Education and by the way above, the Minister of Education is

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As the Senator and above the Senator is the president, there's there's a hierarchy? Do you deal with the president or the senator or the Minister of Education? Or the principal? Or the head department head? Or the teacher? Who do you deal with the teacher? And maybe the teacher has a teacher's assistant. And then you're like, you want to deal with the teacher, you deal with the teacher's assistant, when you miss a homework assignment, or you're getting a call from the president, or the senator, or the minister, or the head of department of education, or the head of the English or the principal of the school, or the urine, you're not, you're dealing with this right here. Okay, let me

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give you another example.

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You get pulled over by a police officer, the police officer works for the police department and the police department has achieved, but that police department reports to the county and the county have reports to the state and the state, and so on, and so on and so forth. And then the government of the government of Texas, the governor of Texas,

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and then on top of that is the president. But when you're getting pulled over, who are you dealing with?

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You don't need to make the president happy.

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You just need to make this guy happy. And you can get off the ticket.

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Hopefully, right? That's that you just need to make sure your teacher you can schmooze your teacher to extend the deadline. You don't have to deal with anybody higher up.

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The idea of Sheikh was ALLAH is like, really far.

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What do we have to deal with right now we have to deal with, you know, we have to deal with our immediate problem. And these people that are close to Allah, they're close to us, too. So long as we make them happy, they can deal with Allah. They can deal with the higher government of God. We don't have to deal with the government, we can just deal with the one in front of us right here. And since he's got the connection with the higher ups, we should be okay. You understand this phenomenon. So we don't have to deal with the ultimate God of the universe. We just have to deal with the God of Rain because we need rain right now.

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That God of Rain probably has a God above him and God above him and there's the ultimate god. And by the way, even in religions that have multiple gods there's always one presidential God like Zeus.

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You know,

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there's, there's always someone on top and then there's the subcategory gods. This is the philosophy of ship.

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What I want you to understand is the reason they worshipped angels is because they believed angels are close to Allah and angels control a lot of things. Now, that's not entirely untrue.

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Allah says, We used to have our angels or centers guardians over you so one of the jobs of the angels is to protect

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angels deliver the risk of Allah, and as an umbrella ICA grupo de Habib nearby him in Cali our angels are responsible for delivering risk. Angels may be responsible for the rain. Angels might be responsible for the delivery of clouds that may be the system of Allah. Angels are responsible for delivering death like the angel of deaths.

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The delivery of Allah's commands, the delivery system of Allah's commands for human beings, it seems in the Quran and in Scripture, it works by way of departmentalized angels, one angel, their department is revelation, these angels, their department is protection these angels their department is it is some angels, their department is just to make a stick far for the believers and do tawaf around the Kaaba or around the Arash, their angels in different departments. This becomes very clear from our revelation.

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The problem is,

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when you take this concept and you remove Allah from the equation, then you're not dealing with Allah, you're just dealing with the angels. So so long as I make this angel happy, then there will be extra rain. There will be like maybe the maybe the angel of death will say, Okay, I'll come back next weekend, you guys. Thanks for the chocolate cake. And, you know,

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we can work we can grease some palms.

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This is actually the slow corruption, the slow corruption of true Islam. But the original religion across every religion, every religion, the theory that is every religion you see in the world, whether it's Buddhism or Hinduism, or it's Christianity or Judaism, or its Taoism or whatever other ism. If you go far back enough, what will you find?

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You'll find the sun.

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One of the most interesting that I found recently was Buddhism.

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Buddhists are 2500 or so years old. But the ancient Chinese believed in one single overarching God that is above all else, and even their Chinese symbol for it was above all else.

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You know?

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Subutex, Mara, Becca, and Anna, they believed in that

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There was no * originally, Buddhism came much later. So mutation or something that existed before Islam that existed before. This is the view that Allah is giving us from the Quran and from Scripture about the history of the world. But let's pause that for a second. Let's go to the anthropology class. Human civilization started as hunter gatherers, we evolved from Neanderthals. Eventually, we learned how to do farming, because when we started doing farming, we needed rain. So we created religion, to pray for the rain. And that's why we have all these pagan rituals and religions around the world. And eventually these religions involved and these, the most evolved

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kinds of religions are Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc. They are a part of human evolution. In other words, the starting point for the anthropologist The starting point is Jehovah.

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The starting point is covered. And eventually they get to deem

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for the believer when they look at human history, the starting point as what then and things deteriorate and get to Jamia, you understand. So for the anthropologist, the atheistic, materialistic anthropologist, he's saying, human beings are heading towards guidance. This is their guidance now that we can now we're slowly evolved, we don't need religion anymore. People used to need religion because they thought religion will give them rain, and religion will give them help. We don't we can we have surgery for that now. We have new genetic research for that now we have stem cell research for that now, we don't need religion anymore. So we have now evolved past religion.

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And the dean is saying people used to have emaan. And now over history, they started deteriorating. So there's two things I want you to understand. There's the seen and the unseen. There's the material and the spiritual. Humanity developed materially, but started declining spiritually.

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Right? Humanity developed materially and started declining spiritually. And this is our view. So what happens to Muslims now is they see advanced societies and say,

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they must have got something right. They're so smart. They have better roads than us. When you go to the Muslim world, and you're looking for a trash can. Good luck.

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Right? When you're looking for a straight line at the grocery store, so your turn can come next.

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In alila, he went early he Rajon when you're looking for indicating before you change lanes? Lanes, what's that? I was in a few Muslim countries. We're on a highway, and there's a guy in the middle lane on a bicycle going this way. And I'm like, is this normal? Or like, yeah.

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Welcome to the OMA.

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So when you see nations that have law and order they have, you know, what I want is an interesting example I was in I was in Denmark, and in a small town, and by the by the coast, they have farms, that strawberry farms and you know, vegetables or whatever. And the people who grow those vegetables, they sell them, you know how they sell them, they put them in a basket, small baskets, and they put a price, and they leave it in a shack, and it says put money here.

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That's all there's nobody there.

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And they've been running the business 50 years, some people come up money, and they take a cup of money and they take and I'm like,

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Nah, we got to check registrations at the door.

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We got to

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where we were, where are you? Where are you going? Did you pay? Did you pay? Nothing?

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And we're like, why did these people have this? High morality? We're supposed to have the religion and they have this? Well, I don't I don't get it. You see. So this becomes a kind of a crisis for a lot of a lot of people. Right? We're going to take a step by step approach to this. I want you to understand first in today's introductory discussion,

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that that kind of * that used to exist. It existed for one reason and one reason only, it existed because people want something.

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People want something from the religion.

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It's not about what the gods want. It's what about what it's about what the people want. And if we give the God what he wants, then he will give us what we want. But the primary the only reason we're going to this god or these gods, is because we want something. It's driven, it's consumer driven.

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It's worshiper driven. It's not the word. It's not God driven, it's consumer driven. And therefore, you come up with a God that is fitting to your wants. You want rain, make it rain, God, you want wealth, make a wealth God, you want health make a health God you want fertility, make a fertility goddess. You understand that so the

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Got the religions started getting designed to fit the wants of the people

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the actual God wasn't the god of fertility wasn't Zeus wasn't our MIDI wasn't the real God was what people's own wants were the real God was there how're

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wama, young tickle and in Haha, that's the actual god it looks like idols and temples and all this other stuff but actually be the source code behind all of this is actually when people want for themselves is that clear? Now the dangerous part

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Islam like every other religion is under attack Christianity is under attack Judaism is under attack Hinduism is under attack and of course Islam is also under attack we're not that special religion is under attack

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and one of the one of the ways the religion is being attacked as by atheism. Why do you have to believe in any of this? That's that's the most obvious attack. But there are other kinds of attacks. Why is this religion so focused on serving God? What about serving us?

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We need to think about Islam in a way that fits our preferences, our feelings, our sensibilities, and if though, if the Quran or this religion is saying something that doesn't fit with what I want, then maybe it's time for a reinterpretation.

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Maybe it's time we need a new tafsir

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recently, I saw someone write it. I've seen it from a perspective. I met this person, she told me she wants to write at the scene of the Quran from a female perspective. I was like, okay,

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because because the Mufasa rune were mostly men. I was like, Have you heard of vintage shopping? But okay, and it doesn't matter. Have you heard the deceit of I shall be allowed and doesn't matter. Okay. Yeah. Male perspective. So let's have a female perspective on, you know what, maybe we can see something we don't see. It's true. And I've actually learned this also, there are ayat that have to do with women, and they have to do with motherhood, have to do with infertility, when I was studying the ayat about, you know, the the wife of Ibrahim Ali Salam, and she couldn't have a child.

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She said I use on our team, I went and talk to a bunch of female, you know, counselors, and psychologists and women that are in fertile land are apt read papers on infertility, because I wanted to understand their perspective. When they hear this, what do they feel? What does a woman feel when she can't have a child? What does she go through? I want to understand what the wife of Abraham Madison was saying, Where was this coming from? When she was speaking, I want to gain deeper perspective. So there is value in that perspective. What was no man can tell you what the mother of Meriam felt when she was putting, or the mother of Musa felt when she was putting the baby in the

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basket. But a mother can tell you,

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a mother can have to double on that is that normal pastor can have.

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It's not possible.

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So she said, I want to write it from a female perspective. And then I read some of her work.

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I don't name names, you know that. So like, you're not going to live it doesn't matter.

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What she's like, you know, the, the wife of the minister and the story of use of she's actually a hero. And yeah, yeah, and ultimately Salam is the one who messed up Hawaii is the one who's the hero and all it. This is what you mean by female perspective. Now I understand, you know, the wife of Ebola, not so bad. She is carrying wood.

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Her mother, what's so bad about carrying wood?

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You know, it's Abu Lahab that's the bad one. She says me just because you carried some she like doing groceries. Sorry about that.

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You know what that was? She wants to feel that feel valued.

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But she she's projecting her need to feel valued by over valuing women in the Quran in a way that Allah did not do. And Allah values women plenty in the Quran, which are now imposing your view on it, you understand? You know what that is? That's also a kind in my view, that's also a kind of shared

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because then your God isn't the god of the Quran, it is the God of your opinion.

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And it is even higher than the Quran for you. So you're making the Quran surrender to your theory.

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Then who's your ultimate god? What's on what what's beyond central want to have for you?

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You know, Allah says, what can you Matala hee hee and earlier though the speech of Allah is the highest, it is, in fact, the highest. Does this sound like it? Doesn't sound like it.

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When you when you theorize in this way to fit in a narrative, and this is the kind of shift that I think is going to be the next shift for the world, every religion is modifying itself to fit to the new audience. Right? The church made modifications about sexuality and gender identity, so that they can be more inclusive. That's happening.

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The thing with our religion is

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it's pretty exclusive. Its messages. This is the truth. Allah loves all of humanity, but the truth is the truth and sometimes there's tough love, out of love for you, I can't bend the message for you. Now, coming to the the ayat, we're gonna study tomorrow, we're getting to the next section. In this next section, what's going to happen? The first section that we just completed, I'll give you an overview tomorrow. Also, remember, I was gonna talk to you about structure also. The first section was about what the Prophet saw

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what the Prophet SAW, and what the prophet understood. So the law and

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the second section is going to be Oh, so you doubt what he saw?

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What do you see?

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Okay, if his religion is false,

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tell me about yours.

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Let's hear from you.

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So Allah will say, Farah Ito mulata. Well, it was,

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well then after 30, satin okra.

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Oh, and you have daughters and he got his daughters, but you have sons. And this is the last thing I'll share with you for today, sons and daughters.

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Sons carry the name.

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sons become part of the manpower of the tribe. Remember, the sons of Jacobo, they set up Nosema

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daughters, they don't stay in the family. They're going to marry somebody else's family, and they're going to give that family babies. That's what's going to happen. I'm talking purely from a tribal perspective. So you're going to raise your daughter, you're going to feed your daughter, you're going to take care of her you're going to clothe her and then she's going to give sons to some other family. So basically, daughters are a liability.

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In classical Jamelia daughters are a liability, by the way, that Jania still exists in India and Pakistan, in Bangladesh, in Morocco, in Mali, and all over the world. Most of the world, daughters are seen as a liability. Well, I had my third daughter, I went to the masjid to give doughnuts, because I like doughnuts, and some brothers. So what was it? I said it was a girl. He goes, third one. He said, Yeah, it goes Inshallah, next time.

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I have never wanted to slap someone in a masjid before.

00:22:54--> 00:23:00

Never a man. Oh, good one. Inshallah, next time.

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You know,

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but daughters are considered a liability for that reason. But there's another reason.

00:23:08--> 00:23:10

A king sometimes has a daughter.

00:23:12--> 00:23:28

And who's gonna marry the king's daughter, some other Prince, some other kings somewhere in some other kingdom. Now his daughter, the princess is high is held hostage in another kingdom. Now that King says make your father change his policy on the border.

00:23:29--> 00:23:32

So his daughter now comes to the king and says, Dad,

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can you change the policy on the border please? And because fathers have a special love for who? Their daughters sons here know that? That your your dads are softer with your sister than they are with you. She'll come in. I gave

00:23:49--> 00:23:50

you come in

00:23:52--> 00:24:02

different attitudes. Right? She'll say semi liquid Baba. Alright, equals Scylla. This is so Monica Mikasa.

00:24:05--> 00:24:10

Dads are special with their daughters and moms are especially mean to their daughters.

00:24:11--> 00:24:24

They are because they know that loves them so much. They hate that. It can't stand they let it out on their daughters. They're so critical of it. Oh my God. Not all of them. But not mine. Stop being defensive.

00:24:25--> 00:24:42

And then moms love sons. And then the moms keep saying to the Father, go easy on him. Go easy on him. Right? There's the thing so daughters are soft corner for who? The father and they can be used for political leverage.

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

Well, they decided God is the angels are really close to God. But if the angels are daughters of God, then God will have a soft corner for these angels. So if we ask these angels for stuff, then they're gonna go to their dad God and ask

00:25:00--> 00:25:05

First off, he's gonna have a hard time saying no, because dads have a hard time saying no to their daughters.

00:25:06--> 00:25:20

So we can use this liability as leverage. We wouldn't want daughters because we don't want anybody having leverage on us. But it makes it pretty convenient to have leverage on God by giving God daughters do you understand this logic?

00:25:22--> 00:25:30

So they came up with this fantastic idea. Angels daughters, yeah, that works. Then he won't turn us down.

00:25:32--> 00:26:01

It should whether you say Allah has sons or Allah has daughters let's check either way, but this is this is the next level and a Kumada Corolla Honda. Oh, you get boys he gets daughters I see. I see this is what you're doing. This is the logic and what are we okay, this is what they did in ancient times. But what does that mean for you and me now? What does that mean for you and me? What it means for you and me is we want to give Allah what we wouldn't want for ourselves.

00:26:03--> 00:26:29

We want to give him the time that we couldn't spend anywhere else. We want to give him the focus. We couldn't focus on anywhere else. We want to give him the spare time the leftover you know when I talked about the little hobbies I mean hold on people want us to be athlete we in that told me though fee, you're going to spend in a less path. Okay, you want to donate donate the ugly hoodie you don't wear anymore.

00:26:30--> 00:26:37

Donate the toys that are broken. You know, don't donate the new car donate the old car.

00:26:38--> 00:26:47

Thank you for your generosity. We want to give a love will be wouldn't want for ourselves. That's the the source code the secret code behind ship.

00:26:48--> 00:27:11

That's the code behind cheque and with that, we're going to now inshallah tomorrow, start deciphering the second passage, where we will learn about the angels and their beliefs about angels. And we'll contrast this with what Allah taught us about the angel Djibouti, how they set up and the legions of angels that traveled with him. By the way, it was also interesting I didn't say last thing about please Nigel, was it one star or a group of stars?

00:27:12--> 00:27:20

Yeah, because you read Ali salaam when it comes down to the Prophet size and he's matar. He comes with a legion of angels. Because the Quran comes with a legion

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from I mean, Pamela, but that'll conclude for today BarakAllahu welcomes article for a night out

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Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job and billionaires to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section