Ramadan 2023 – Surah An-Najm #07 – The search for guidance in the dark

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connection becomes, look the stars are on the verge of falling I swear by the stars that are about to fall. This person talking to you. You're sorry. He's serious about what he's saying he's not making this up

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when nudging me

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now what NASA he will come Why

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wouldn't it be nice if there was a streaming service that brought you closer to the Quran but you know TV strive to do just that with over 2000 hours of enlightening content centered on the Quran and Arabic make learning a habit tap now to get Bina TV for yourself today. Now the same thing is happening in the question has to be asked about when Najmi either haha I swear by the star as it vanishes or as it falls or as it rises? What is its relationship with my blood Asahi? Bukom balmaha. Why am I Antiguan in our in who I love you? What is the relationship between these two things? That's what we're going to try to wrap our head around. There's there are actually seven items here

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in my own study. But the seventh item, we'll have to wait until tomorrow. If if you're not ready for that yet, and I'm not ready to share that with you. Yeah, that's the big one. But six items we can discuss today. Some of this we discussed yesterday, but I want your minds to be clear on some of these things. So one of the early opinions on when Najmi either Hawa is that this is referring to stars when they start falling on judgment day. Right? And Allah does describe stars falling on Judgement Day in other places. In fact, that's also one of the opinions about Surah Rahman when nudge mu was shedule. Yes, Sudan. Yes, Sudan is also falling down on the ground and the stars are

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gonna start it's as if they're falling off, as if the judgment day has begun. Right. Now, interesting. When those people were sheltered, we shudder and the idea then being Allah swears by the moment of judgment A and then he's saying the man talking to you right now is not lost. He's not deviated. He's telling you something very serious. What's the most serious thing that he's telling you?

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The coming of Judgment Day, which will determine how you will live your life who you're about to go meet. Not only will you meet Allah, you will meet your own deeds, all of it, the kind of the center of the message of Islam, and the center of the message of makin Quran is actually judgment a that is when everything converges. Allah, this life, human beings, their deeds, the devils, the angel, all of it is all in one, this one union that we're all heading towards, right? So then the connection becomes, look, the stars are on the verge of falling, I swear by the stars that are about to fall, this person talking to you, you're Sahib, he's serious. He's gonna keep us up. He's not making this

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up on his own. Well, my uncle Anil haha. You know, this is not from his own feelings. This is This is urgent. So that would be a connection between the custom and the Java Wilkerson. Now let's look at another one, the piece by piece descent of the Quran, the najem I told you comes from the verb net Gemma which means to send down in installments.

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And Allah is saying as these installments that come and they keep coming on down, which is a secondary meaning of one Najmi that our swearing by that saying the fact that the Quran keeps coming at the perfect occasion, the fact that the Quran keeps answering all of your questions, and Allah says and they say this, tell them this and they say this, tell them this, right? And it keeps stomping you over and over again. And then you ask questions. Oh, I bet he doesn't know the answer to this. And the Quran comes and gives an answer to it. The fact that that keeps happening is itself clear evidence that he's not making any of this up. Marble does Sahiba Komazawa are my antico,

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Angela, you see the connection? Okay. The other is the arrival of changing realities, the stars, the fall of the Pleiades constellation, was actually associated with changing seasons I told you, and Revelation has gone through many seasons and they've come and gone the season of the soccer for Ibrahim came and it went the season of the Torah was given to Musa came and went, the the NG came and went, those seasons are now over. And now you know when the stars ultimately disappear when the sun rises, right? When the sun rises, doesn't matter how many stars are in the sky, they all disappear. So you know what now all those seasons are over the morning has begun. And the morning is

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an illusionary reference to the coming of the Quran. This is not some man's own wishes and desires. This is the revelation that is the climax of all those seasons all those nights. And by the way, there's a beautiful comparison between previous revelations and the Quran.

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On previous revolutions have light in them they had light in them to Allah says V field and renewed Allah even says that there is some light even in what is left of previous scriptures however, it's being compared their light is being compared here to the light that the stars give at night. And the Quran is light is being compared to the sun. Now how much are the you could see the light but the of the stars but the light of the stars is not enough to illuminate the reality on this earth. You can't see far into the landscape you can't see the dangers that lie ahead. Your your view is limited though you can see them they cannot show you the way as clearly anymore. Yes, you can get some

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guidance from the stars because the North Star is there and you can navigate your way right you can get when we nudge me home yet I don't by by by way of the stars they find their guidance. But man by comparison, what has come finally is like the disappearance of the stars. They're no longer relevant. They're no longer needed. They're the ultimate light has now come you know it's interesting the prophets I saw them in another place in the Quran is compared to the sun you guys know that the sun is called Siraj in the Quran, right but you're gonna see Raja Raja sila inshallah another. And resource iclm is also called with that en Illa. He believed me he was the raja Munira.

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So the prophesy Islam is also called that brilliant lamp like the sun. Anyway, let's keep going. Now,

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the reliability of the stars for direction, and then the reliability of the stars for coming seasons. I separated those two, but I'll combine them when I discuss them. The idea here is they knew the stars are reliable when they travelled at night. And by the way, stars are still used for navigation at sea. And stars are still used in navigation by pilots. Pilots have, you know, GPS navigation systems. And basically many of the satellite systems that we rely on for navigation are actually based on constellations, they're based on the positions of the stars. And when sometimes navigation systems on planes, they don't tell you the pilot doesn't get on the on the speaker and

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say, by the way, our nav system has failed. If you know any Surahs you should recite them now. Like he doesn't do the head. But sometimes their nap systems actually malfunction. And they are trained that when they did malfunction, what are they supposed to do?

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Look at the stars, they actually trained to look for navigation in the stars. So stars are a reliable source for finding guidance in the darkness. Right. And so in that there's also an another kind of comparison to what the Prophet SAW Selim is saying, you're thinking the prophet is lost and misguided. Actually, his role is much like the stars that are so reliable, that you navigate through the darkness with them, what he's been given isn't, that will something that will get him lost and will get you lost. In fact, this is the only way to navigate life. It's the opposite. Then finally, the second to last are the reliability of the stars for coming seasons. And this is actually

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something that I talked about when I talked about the the you know, the changing realities, it's similar. They didn't associate the stars with the changing seasons. They were very the way actually I was talking to Professor socket was saying today about this. He said something remarkable. He said the way we talk about cars, and sports, and tournaments and movies. That's how they used to talk about stars. That's what his finding is from scouring through poetry and nothing and literature. They were so in tune with the position of the stars, the names of the stars, when somebody just made a reference to the star. Everybody knew what they're talking about. You know, they will talk they'll

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when they we even when they used to roast each other. This is a oh, he thinks he's like serious. Serious, not serious isn't serious, but serious. The star Shara. Oh, this guy thinks he's sherif. Now he's a big deal. Oh, what do you think your uncle a Sagittarius. That's how they used to talk smack to each other. This is found in their poetry. You know, oh, when this guy gets super drunk, he thinks he can run with dulu they lose the constellation that looks like a bucket like he thinks is high up among them. They were really connected to that. And so the idea when Allah presents this, is that they were so aware of which stars are most villas visible in which season, and which stars are

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associated with which season? And it's similar in a sense to the Quran, which AI is suitable for which occasion which Surah should come down at what time and when should have the final revelation come? Where should it come? Why should it come in the Arabian Desert? Why should it come to this man Mohammed Salah

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam, why should it come now? Why should it take piecemeal? Why shouldn't it come all at once though that New Zealand has the Quran June letter and then he has have the Quran jungla Tanwar Haider, how come to Quran doesn't come down one shot be done with it. Give me the whole 604 pages give me the whole 114 solos in one go. Why is it coming little by little by little? You don't say that about the stars, you wait for them in the right season and the right occasion. And the same way the sutras are coming at the right times. By the way, when sometimes the the ayat of the Quran would not come to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, what would they say? Oh, what happened? Ran

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out of wires? What happened? No, no good Wi Fi connection with the revelation? What's the what's your deal done? And they will start mocking and Allah would reveal you know, even those Fatah Catarratto of why he the gaps in Revelation, there's documented evidence in the Sierra even know Quran, you know, Allah azza wa jal saying to the Prophet sites, that he did not leave him now with that I gotta bucola Right. So that's also kind of captured inside here. And finally, and this is a really important one, and we'll come back to this one at the end of the surah also, and that is stars have been part of the mythology of almost every religion outside of the scriptures. And stars

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have a very close relationship with the angels. The angels travel across the stars, the Bible actually compares the angels to stars. The biblical references actually make a metaphorical comparison between angels and stars. The Arabs considered stars angels themselves, many of them and they considered stars also gods. And those of you that are watching documentaries or read up on ancient civilizations, many temples around the world including the pyramids in Egypt, and you know, the Mayan temples and they're actually designed to face particular stars in the sky. Because the ancients clearly believed in these stars as some kind of gods that we have to show proper homage to

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we have to show reverence to them. And so when Allah swears by the star he didn't just say I swear by the star he says I swear by the star as it falls as if to say I swear by all the religions of the world that have been based on schicke that are now what falling because this has come

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it's incredible. Like just one match me either haha MALBA Lhasa Hey, welcome mama our is mind blowing. And I haven't even shared the mind blowing one with you yet. That's going to be tomorrow. Because that one, oh, boy, you gotta just take a break and just take it in What is Allah isolated saying here, but this is

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this is why understanding that seven concept there's a relationship between the oath and the job will cause the person and the job will cause the object and the subject of the oath. Right? That's actually a really important thing for all of us to wrap our heads around. Okay, what how much time do I have left? I gotta keep track of time. I don't have time left. Let's go pray. So I'm already going.

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