Zakir Naik – Belief In The Second Coming Of Jesus

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A Christian and an unknown religion have a conversation about the difference between their religion and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. They discuss the importance of faith in acceptance of Jesus Christ's guidance and the need to believe in Prophet Muhammad's messenger. They also mention the importance of witnessing the presence of Jesus Christ and the Day of Judgment.
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My name is flora and I'm a Christian. And I have followed all your talks. And I really admire listening to you regarding, you know, in comparison between Christianity and Islam. It's my pleasure to ask you a question. Actually, a while ago, it was asked regarding the judgment, they are the Second Coming. I believe that Christian and Muslim believe on that and what religion are preparing on the Judgement Day. I have a friend who is a Muslim, and he always told me that I'll be safe in Islam. Now I wanted to ask you, what's the difference between you know, preparation of Christian and Muslims to be safe in the second life and how you will encourage me to embrace Islam says to the

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difference between a Muslim and a Christian preparing for the second coming of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. And the Day of Judgment is the Christian is waiting for Jesus Christ peace be upon him, as Almighty God to come. We Muslims are waiting that he will come and clarify that he's not God. He will come and follow the commandments of masala salam, because Jesus Christ said in the Gospel of john, chapter number 16, was the modality 14 I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot bear them now. For even the spirit of truth shall come, he shall guide you into all truth. So Jesus guy said about the coming of masala Salam. So if I have to help you, I will tell you that follow the

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teachings of Jesus Christ peace be upon him and believe in Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Only if you believe in Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, will you be saved on the day of judgment?

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So to help you I would say that besides believing Almighty God, you have to believe that Jesus is a messenger of God. And you also have to believe that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon the Messenger of God, Sister, sister, do you believe that there is one God? Yes. Do you believe Jesus is God Isaiah messenger messenger. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad Allah Solomon's messenger? Yes, so that means our Muslim sister.

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What did I do it in Arabic?

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Yes, I just read the Quran Arabic and you can repeat it.

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I still do.

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I still do. I should do Allah. Allah de la ilaha illa Allah illallah wa shadow. ana Muhammadan. Abu Zulu.

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I bear witness.

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I bear witness. I bear witness bear witness that, that there is no God, there is no God but Allah, Allah and I bear witness and I bury this that that Prophet Muhammad Prophet Muhammad is His Messenger messenger and servant of God and servant of God and servant of Masha Allah, Allah Sister mellado do

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Mel accept efforts and inshallah inshallah I pray to Allah subhanaw taala let me save you from the Hellfire and Megan to Jen on the Day of Judgment inshallah.

Christian Vs Muslim: Belief In The Second Coming Of Jesus (Pbuh) & The Day Of Judgememt

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