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Nouman Ali Khan
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Salam Alaikum Welcome to amazed by the Parana series in which I love sharing with you things I find amazing about the Quran. And today I want to share with you something about the imagery in the Quran using two different kinds of plurals. And these are two ions that occur in two different places in the Koran one is a Madani Surah Baqarah which means after the Prophet migrated to Medina, and the other is actually a mid McCann, Surah Surah Yusuf, which is before he migrated to Medina. So there years apart the revelation of these two verses, these ions are years apart, yet they share something in one of them a lot in bacara. Allah is encouraging Muslims to be charitable, and he says my fellow

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Latina, una mala Humphrey sebelah, the example of those who spend their monies, their riches. In the path of luck, I myself have beaten and battered savasana, which

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is the example of a single grain that sprouts seven years of grain. So seven, you know, plants have grown to full maturity, when you peel the ear, there's green, green, green, green, green, right, and there's seven of them that were born out of a single seed, okay, hot buttons, a method service. And frequently, some will attempt to have been each one of the ears that pops out, there's 100 grains inside. Okay, that's the image that's being presented is one little seed that grew and it sprouted into seven years. And each of those seven years when you peel them have 100 grains inside, okay, and the term used for that is about sentiment, seven years of green. On the other hand, you have a seven

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years of green mentioned again in the Quran, which is excellent use of many years before then, this is the story of Joseph the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam, where the king sees a dream. And he sees a strange dream that people around him can't figure out what it means for Khalid Malik, who the king said in the Eros of Abba, karate, and Simon, I see seven, you know, fat cows yaku, NASA nightjars, that seven skinny cows are consuming was sobro some bullet and holder and he IC seven years of grain that are green, seven green years of green, what are your bees and others that are dried up, but he sees seven years of green again, which in English translation has seven years of green when you take

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a you know, if you recall what I said about bacara you plant a seed and it turns into seven years of green and other King also happens to see seven years of green. But remarkably in the in the Arabic of the two IOD the plural, for one of them serve as some bullet which is in use of is different from serve as Cinnabon, which is in Baccarat what I'm trying to say. But if you don't know Arabic, is the way that seven years are talked about the plural use for the ears of grain in Baccarat is actually different from the one used in, in sort of use of now what's the point of doing that, in the Arabic language, you actually do have a concept of something that's singular, something that is plural. And

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something that is super awesome plural, like they have plural on steroids, they have that sort of thing, okay. And one of these is actually a powerful or a super plural a general catheter what's called, and the other one is a weaker plural. And what's really awesome is that an image in which you're being encouraged that you should give an A level replenish you more than you can imagine, the powerful plural Sanibel was used. So when you're encouraged to give charitably, unless as you take that grain, you plant it and it'll come out and each one of them is going to give you 100. Now that is an imagination of or the scene being depicted as one of multitude and growth and something that's

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replicating and multiplying far beyond your imagination. And in doing so, the word choice is that of a powerful plural. And yet on the other hand, the scene is actually quite the opposite the king sees a dream. And he is the dream, when we do see it interpreted is actually going to mean that it's gonna be seven decent years, but just decent enough for you to survive and be able to ration for another seven years, you're not, you're just not going to have enough to eat irresponsibly, you're going to have to ration food. So this is a context in which instead of talking about multitudes and multitudes and multitudes, rather, it's a constant, it's a context of, we don't have enough, such as

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the situation is bleak. Our numbers are weak, the growth is weak, you know. And so you have to be careful in ration. And so he describes the weaker plural serve as one bullet, even the image that is painted in the mind of the listener, not from the Arabic, those that because in English, it's at seven years and seven years, you can't even tell the difference. But in the Arabic one seven years is far more, you know, fulfilling and enriched, and the other seven is actually weakened and reduced. And you can just you just skip over that entirely if you just read the translation, and this incredible subtlety and precision of the language of the Quran would just get overlooked

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barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa Taala See you next time inshallah

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah if you enjoyed this video.

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