How can we Answer the Non-Muslims who Ridicule the Issuance of Fatwas on Small Issues

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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the media's portrayal of the upcoming Olympics and the Olympics, including the use of references to "the Christian world" and the media's portrayal of Muslims as-the-wrong thing. The speakers express confusion and confusion over certain aspects of the Olympics, including the use of "offering" in the media and the misunderstandings surrounding certain individuals. The speakers also discuss the use of "immediate" in context that involves a " ridden price" and the need for people to be honest in their language.
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This question is regarding the fatwas that are thrown at us every day. For the past week, every day in the newspapers, we've been reading about fatwas regarding everything and anything, even on what Sania Mirza weighs, you know, in fact, it has come to a point that the non Muslims are ridiculing and mocking the Muslims because of the fatwas. So, how do we answer the non Muslims?

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This was a very important question a very good question, which are discussing yesterday with the person from the media that are Sania Mirza and we find in the newspapers about Sania Mirza that she last time she did a 42nd seat when Wimbledon and suddenly she lost at the top seat showed up or if not mistaken, and they choose that Siamese as a Muslim. And she that includes short skirts, the wheeling quite a large portion of the body, etc. So the question posed to her is often that you're a Muslim half my wedding, so she gave a good tip like that. Why are you asking me the question? Are you asking this question to every other contestant? No, my only to me, just because I'm a Muslim.

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So my argument is, that if you ask any player, I can prove to the players of all the major religions where the Christian where the Hindu or the Muslim, that very third clause is haram. Serena Williams, who's the top seed, number one, not in the US Open World Number one, I can prove to her from the Bible.

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That by Bible says in the First Timothy, chapter number two verse number nine, that workloads which are modest, a woman should be dressed up modestly with sobriety and when she fitness and should not wear costly Ray, pearls and gold so bright is this sobriety. If the gym fitness

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same Indonesian I can prove

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regret. It says that Brahma has made you a lady a woman, they follow your gaze and draw the veil over your head. So we're going to Hinduism very close is wrong. According to Christianity itself close is wrong. For Islam. It is wrong. So why are the reporters only asking Sania Mirza? Why not the others? The problem is the reporters have lack of knowledge of their religions. Yes, fine. The Muslims are more practicing some man Hamdulillah. So just because the Muslims are more practicing, that is the reason you're asking your Muslim, they should ask each and every lady contested that most of them are going against their religion. So why aren't they asking them? They selectively pick

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up because it is news? Is there so Hina Williams, she was a gang to you.

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And either will the Christian world objected because at least bother in following the scriptures.

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For example, what happened in 911?

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After the 911 attack on the Twin Towers, in Canada, there was a survey that what do the Muslims think about the Twin Tower blast? Almost all of them said it is wrong. We can name it now as a 14 year old boy in Otava. Who said what they did is right. And they bring his clipping headlines. Oh, this Muslim boy says what level in September? What happened to interfaith right? So the fishing,

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they want some answer and the hunting when they get that they blow it out of proportion.

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So it is nothing but a gimmick of the media, which we unnecessarily should not be involved in that. But the question is very good. How do we reply?

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And yesterday we were discussing with the people who are from media, and I told him that every region says it's wrong. So why isn't the media highlighting that? Isn't that news.

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So one is the fault of the media.

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I would even blame the Muslims.

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And we find in the newspapers, I read several comments. And I'm told on the television people give several comments fatwas of the Muslims,

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whether a religious person, or a politician, or whether it be a businessman, there were views of Muslims taken across the world. And most

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of the religious leaders, they said It is haram. Some men think that we should not come in

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a minority of Alma said that in sports, it's allowed. So even as women we have different but the majority of Alma says, Haram is wrong she got on this board, blah, blah, blah. And the other so called so called secular inverted commas Muslims, they said what she doing is fine. Were with her and many women gave their comments, those women most of them, I did not hear of any women in Egypt, given the comment that what you're doing is wrong. Although we are not doing the job, they are giving the comment. What's annuum is that it is right that she is uplifting the name of the country of Islam, etc, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And all these politicians giving Oh, he's telling these

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religious people, they don't know what his thoughts therefore they're giving the reply and people are clapping every catch up there. Well, they don't know about sports. Does he know about Islam?

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For me, some is more important than sports that puts him down.

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Now coming to the other issues of audition, saying oh, we are proud of Sania Mirza and that

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later this political World Bank, I would like to ask these politicians.

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You know what they're saying that these ports is international game. So what is right for the international game

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that sports men or women should be allowed to do?

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I thought okay, I agree with the argument. I'll ask the next question. Do you know there's a sports called beach volleyball? Mainly for the girls? Do you know that?

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I don't know whether the national memorial will be international. Will you send your daughter wearing a bikini on the beach? Will you? Yes or no? I'm asking the so called politician, Muslim or non Muslim

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versus Muslim politician. Send his daughter wearing a bikini for the beach volleyball, will they?

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Okay fine. Tomorrow there may be nude swimming. Where do you put the limit?

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If tomorrow nude swimming becomes international sport will you agree or daughter to in swimming nude and I'll prove it to you being nude is better than wearing clothes. It is better for swimming Wallah.

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If you want to ask logically.

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If someone proves tomorrow, that nude swimming is better than wearing even that

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So will you agree with that?

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That's the limitation when draw line.

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Previously, adultery was wrong long back hundreds of years back then adultery becomes common homosexuality was wrong today. Homosexuality is right.

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Pornography is legal. Today's paper I read that UK spending millions of pounds in distributing child pornography I said why

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pornography was prohibited. Several years back today it has become a part and parcel of life. So pornography has become legal in many countries, but child pornography most of the countries prohibited tomorrow. Child pornography become common. So you legalize it also.

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Now we have gay marriages. Karen Canada. A few years back it was prohibited. So where do you draw the line?

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We should have our values of life. I'm asking this politician will you send your daughter for a beach volleyball.

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But in the beginning

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so we should know how to reply rather than get entangled

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as far as the Muslim ummah is concerned, and I'm sorry, I don't want to speak against them. But I'm educating them because this is my field. But the fatwa is given by the old man that was Tanya Mirza said is wrong. I'm with them. But how to reply, are laden with chain this title. Quran says shouldn't the hell chapter 6125 Although Elisabetha become hikma, Walter hasna virgin bility Hassan invite all the way of the Lord with the wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them and dealing with them in the ways the best, most Gracious, I'm asking the question, a simple annual might you ask which is a bigger haram, not offering salah or wearing shorts and skirts. They say how

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do you go? He says a different in a moment and a Kaffir is Salah. Fine

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that we need to shake. The sin is not offering Salah

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I'm asking these Indian cricketers, male cricketer they don't name them. Do all of them offer Salah? So do they give a fatwa that this Indian cricketer is doing wrong?

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that is there do you shake

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majority of the Muslim actors

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of Bollywood now do you share their to adult worship on the screen they're allowed do the pastor fatwa against them?

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Maybe someone has in the past.

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So when the reporter comes, you tell them that that's a bigger issue than this.

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That doesn't mean what Sandy I'm resulting in it but at least we are told that Sania Mirza offers five times Salah

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so what she's doing is not wearing proper clothes. I disagree with that. But yet she's better than the Muslim actor to show the Muslim cricket or not offering Salah.

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So this is the way if you answer, the whole media hype will go down.

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That doesn't mean you agree that what Sonya is doing is right. You don't agree what is wrong is wrong. But you should know how to turn the tables over.

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The media comes to me when I'm not giving them bite for reasons best known to me.

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I will tell them that if you asked me the question, I'll give a general answer. If we're talking about sportsmen, even the cricketer who's a Muslim is a sports man. You can see Salah Demeter, he's on the field. He's not going for a Salah haram which is the bigger haram not offering Salah for a cricket game. And the people who watch also don't have a Salah that is also haram

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praying to people playing the game and trying to millions of fools watching it.

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So the person who's playing cricket you can see with your eyes. He's not offering Salah

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Is that bigger haram or wearing less clothes or bigger haram?

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Any answer which is bigger

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which is the bigger haram not doing Salah Fridays and also the missing are some curriculum the Fed recommended was Coronavirus is a new module my partner for the Quran Mimaki journey

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some Muslim cricketer will never miss a Salah which is not a first also

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you tell him not further you should offer hamdulillah

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So, if they will not miss at this Allah fine. So, some musalman are to Salah the year some of you have to do Salah as in a year.

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So the problem is you tell the press and is not more important inshallah. So according to me, Sania Mirza is a better Muslim, then whatever little bit no border. I haven't interviewed her. I have not read much about her whatever 314 And she's a good tennis player. She offers Salah and a Discord is not correct. The other thing that Nope, I don't know about a personal thing. You either don't know the personal thing about the Indian cricketers whether they have been caught in a betting match or what has happened or they've been exposed right or wrong Allah Allah, but at least I know that there are many cricketers Indian who don't have a Salah.

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But that will not come in headlines that the Muslim people give a fatwa that the Muslim cricketer do haram will that come? It may come as a news brief.

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You have to educate the press. They have to educate them about Islam.

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And then fine at least I congratulate Sania Mirza, that even if she's wearing such clothes, which is haram in Islam, she's actually offering five times Allah.

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That doesn't mean I'm agreeing what you're doing is right about wearing clothes. Please don't misunderstand me that I'm here to support sinamics I don't know how.

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But I'm educating the ALMAZ how to reply

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and educate them how to reply in the media. How to turn the tables over. When I say non Muslim, I said most of the major religion the priority varies as close. And you see in the past, if you see Wimbledon and badminton of the previous

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few years back 10 years back 20 or 40 years back do full close. I'm asking the question that in Sanya media if she wears a loose tracksuit.

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Even that's not fully Islamic, but it is better than this. What will be the difference in our performance? 1% 2% 3% not more than that.

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Surely Allah's help is more important.

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The question yet remains can a woman play in public? That's a different question.

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So don't say Dr. Zakir Naik said that woman in Egypt can play that's a different question altogether. So please, when I give an answer, ah doctors I can now give the fatwa that women if they have a proper job they can play tennis in front of public No.

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I'm trying to get the lesser evil

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but that you did not tell to the public to the non Muslim press. Whether playing in public or not for a woman is a second question and then he gave his view that wearing clothes is wrong. At least that was my knowledge which I thought he gave a right answer

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that whether a woman displaying liability in the general public, but yes there are views that if a woman is in a job she can give a talk in the public defender's opinion is there which you cannot say for sure. So that is yet there. So in that context, fine if a woman is properly desktop, etc and she's not exposing whether can she pay debatable? I'm not saying it's haram, but at least we can say that she should be proper clothes and there are women playing badminton in Iran wearing scarves.

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fine if you wear scarves you can take another two 3% in performance down.

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So if the performance goes down, at least you can expect help of Allah.

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So I will tell these non Muslim press that we will with the help of Allah more important and help offer skirt if you say that he wearing a skirt is preferable to win the game I say fine, it may be one or 2% better. But Allah said was more important. Allah has helped me more important

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I know in our office it is compulsory every person coming to office should read about 15 mins wonder who translation of Quran in Arabic and the translation in the language you understand the best if you calculate if there are 200 people working 15 minutes means in a month I mean living like Sotheby's calculate at least three sellers the offer in Jamaat three sellers if you calculate 15 minutes so every day one hour of how many people a couple of 100 people in a month lakhs of rupees going

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business from knowledge yes plus NO to doubt about it. But it's an investment according to me investment that the person in the Quran be honest, will be honest. Don't see it through hard work. Do Jihad Yeah, yard mistyping stuff in the view of Allah. One hour he may give two three hours additional food for me. Even if he doesn't do, Allah will do

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The first attack we get about when it's the politics,

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no problem.

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Even if they don't improve, at least Allah will give me some up to what we are doing here. Believe me, what we are doing. If I have to put all my brains together, well, we couldn't have done without Allah's help. Our thing will be point 0000001 person our efforts, it is Allah's help.

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But Allah has helped come only when you put effort.

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It is because of Allah. But Allah says in the Quran in surah and caribou chapter number 29, verse number 16. If you strive in the way of Allah subhana wa Taala Allah will open up your batteries. So, the media this sister, we should know to reply, nine saguna non Muslim, the strategy will change. Now answer remains the same. So the answer is the day that wearing clothes is wrong. But yet we have to give the other aspect of Islam and be able to turn the tables over rather than become part and parcel of making Islam a skateboard.