Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 09 – L095A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers a variety of topics including a letter from a former employee, a deal with a company, and potential deals with a company. The group discusses potential deals, including a woman named Yara who they have been working with, and a woman named Yara who they have been working with. The conversation also touches on the use of masks and potential consequences of drinking alcohol, as well as a woman who caused chaos at a night address and a woman who caused chaos at a night address.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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National Eleonora pseudogene Kareem amudha Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for the shul Ashley is so dear to us Sidley MD, Washington rock data melissani Cody have been asked in

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Lesson number 95 suited to a Roth IRA number 155 to 168.

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worked out and he chose Musa Musa alayhis salaam, Omar who his people, Sabrina 74 julienne men. Lima cartina for our appointment selama So when a hot at home it sees them or Raja the earthquake, Allah He said I'll be all my Rob Lowe if you will. Look the home you killed them. You destroyed them. Men from a blue before what and Aya me to

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a totally kuna would you destroy us? Would you kill us? Bhima because of what farla he did as sue for her the foods Midna from us in not hear it in there except fitna took your trial or your punishment.

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Delay Lou you leave to stray be here with it man whoever the shirt you will what daddy and you guide man whoever the shirt you will enter you, Willie Yuna, our guardian for so you forgive learner for us Warhammer and you have mercy on us. We'll enter and you hydel best Allah feeding of those who forgive

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worked up and you write Lehner for us fee in heavy this adonia The world has an attempt good we'll see and in the hereafter in indeed we who dinner waiter and we repented alayka to you Allah He said either be my punishment My Torment will sleep I will reach be with it man whoever a shadow I will wash my tea and my mercy was Sierra it encompassed color, every shade anything first of October soon I will write it lil Edina for those who get the cone they fear Allah will you do that and they give us the CATA does occur when the veena and those who hold the the ayah Tina with our verses, you know they believe

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and levina those who yet to be owner they follow or Rasulullah the messenger and nebia the prophet and me the unlettered and lady who big donor who they find him, Mark toobin, one written in the home with them fee in a Torah, the Torah will NGO and the NGO yet Morrow whom he orders them, Bill maruf with the recognized good way in her home and he forbids them and from a mooncup they recognize drunk, what and you Hello, he makes lawful the home for them, have you back the pure things what and you had removed he makes unlawful? Are they him upon them and how that is the impure things. What and yellow, he puts down, the other he puts down or he lays off on home from them is sort of whom

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their burden well, and the fetters and the shackles

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allottee which cannot it was or lay him upon them for levina so those who knew they believed be he with him work and are zero who they strengthened him. They exalted him when I saw Oh, and they helped him whatever and they followed a newer the light and Lady which on Zilla it was sent down Mara who with him when I Ecuador's who they are mostly shown those who are successful

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all say yeah you heard or you understood the people in me indeed I was Sulu a messenger Allah He of Allah in a comb to you all Jamia all together, and lady who the who for him Milka dominion, possession, a semi word of the heavens will earth and the earth lead not in our head, any god in law except for you he he gives life where you meet and he gives that so I mean also you all believe the law he in a lot

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What as soon as he and his messenger innovate the profit and meet the unlettered and Levy, who you may know he believes biLlahi in Allah wa kalimat he and his words what to be true and do you all follow him? La La coma so that you that do you all obtain guidance

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woman and from only people Musa Musa alayhis salaam Ramadan a group, a community? He aduna the guide will help with the truth will be he and with it Yara de Lune they do justice

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walk Aparna home and we got into pieces or we divided them Katana who we divided them it's not a to our charlatan is Natasha 12 a spell fun tribes oma as groups as nations. What Oh hyena and we inspired Isla to Musa Musa alayhis salam is when is the spa who he sought water from him bamboo his people and that every view strike beer soccer with your stuff and hedgerow the stone. Some data set so it gushed for men who from it is not a shorter 12 Arina spring

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in fact, our Lima he knew could lose every lunasin people masaba home their drinking place. Well, one learner and we shared it, are they him upon them? aloha murmur, the clouds were Angelica and we sat down or they came upon them and men The man was silver and the silver guru you all eat men from Liberty pure things good things, man what was gonna come we provided you warmer and not Lola Mona, they did injustice to us. They wronged us while I can but can oh they were and foster home themselves. You have the moon they do wrong

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with it and when Taylor it was at the home to them was kuno you all dwell heavy in this arietta the town worku and you all eat min her from it high to wherever she told you all wished waku and you all say shepparton forgiveness where the Hulu and you all enter Alibaba the doors to Jeddah as one's frustrating.

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Now fair, we will forgive Luckily for you hopefully at the comb your faults, your mistakes, send azido soon we will increase and more sinning those who do utmost good

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sabella then he changed alladhina those who wanna move they did wrong main home from them. Colon a word vida other than Allah de which Taylor it was said loan to them. For our son so we sent our lay him upon them. Rage isn't a vile punishment. Main from a summer, the sky Bheema because of what can do they were usually moon they do wrong.

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was alone and you ask them you question them about an area the town allottee which candidate it was how the other one present. Alba by the see if when you're aduna they transgress fee in a 70 the Sabbath. It when that the him it comes to them. She turned her home their fish yoma on day 70 him there said Sharon open openly visibly, Sharan ones openly or visibly. Wei oma and en de la not yes be tune. They had Sabbath law, not that the him it comes to them. Guernica likewise Naboo whom we test them Beamer because of what can they work? You have so on the same

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What if and when? on it, it said on Mattoon a group of people main home from them Lima why Terry Luna you all advise a woman a people Allahu Allah move liko home one to destroys them oh or more people home one who punishes them or the oven a punishment should either severe although they said Marty rotten to offer an excuse either to become your loved one on the home and so that they had the home they fear Allah

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phenom and then when they forgot what the kyrou they were reminded, busy with it, and Jaina we saved and Medina those who yen Hola. they forbid I'm from a suit the evil a hardener and we seized alladhina those who when they did wrong, be either been with a punishment, but he sin when most

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Severe Bheema because of what can they were you have sukoon they same

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fella, man, then when Otto they transgressed, or they became insolent, Otto they became incident

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and from man what knew who they were forbidden? And who from it all now we said the home to them who knew you will be the rotten apes horsin once despised

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What if and when? The advantage he proclaimed, Rob Booker, your layer burthen surely he will definitely send He will definitely raise or lay him upon them, or against them. In a to Yomi de la Amati the standing man who he asuma whom he inflicts on them, so evil either of the punishment in the indeed Rebecca Europe lesedi are surely most swift and recall in the retribution. Were in the who and indeed he lover furuno surely most forgiving. Rahim on all resolved merciful

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wacaco Katerina home and we divided them see in the Earth's oma as groups main home from them have slowly shown the righteous ones or main home and from them doing other than the data that were Bellona home and we tested them. Bill has an app with the good was the app and the evil are good things for evil things

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like the home so that they have their own they return

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we listen to the recitation of these

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licona una Bhima

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right. We'll see boogie man Russia. He was he had a

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Tina I

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do not

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know whom. To

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have day one.

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it is

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Nevada moon

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moon was

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gonna tell the

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service team hated

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him hated me oh my service

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is Vito

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me Minwoo saw

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he was saying

Al-Araf 5-168 Translation 155-168

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