STRATEGY! Don’t let Shaytan Drive!

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You have two incidents. One is in the hedge row. One is in the Battle of better

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in the hedge

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the profits of a lot is set up, you know, he will bucket out the alarm who he came to him at a time that, you know, normally doesn't come to him. And he said, You know, it was giving me permission to do hedgerows, you know the story of a walker said a software a sort of up into the last point, even his best friend didn't know that that the process our son was going for Hitler at this time. till the last moment, like as soon as he found out they left.

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And that's part of strategy as well. And and then the you know, they took the sheep out so that it will cover the tracks that had the milk you had I shall have Leilani and her sister a smile, the Ilana, you had these guides, they went out instead of going towards Medina, they went in the opposite direction. They stayed in the cave, all of the strategy, and yet the machine came into the cave, the mouth of the cave, and the prompts and I will talk about the law and who says the outer suit of law if only if they just look down they'll see us

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and the prophets of Allah as Adam said, malvani aka bithynia Allahu Allah Tahoma What do you think of two people for whom Allah is the third?

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And then Allah subhanaw taala revealed in the Quran if parlane the sahibi Isla attacks and in Allah hermana when he said his friend, that doesn't matter. Don't be sad in the llamada Don't be worried Don't be sad allies with us. And that's the Hydra.

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Look at the Battle of better

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they were going to cut off the caravan caravan escapes the caravan goes to Mecca, they come back with an army the Muslims are waiting for the care of and then they find find out that an army is coming to fight. Many of them didn't know that it would actually be a battle but there's no running away now they will have to go to fight with whatever with whatever they have the province of a lot a cinema standing, making the right to Allah subhanaw taala in crying and abou and the Prophet civilised in him in his da he's saying Oh Allah, if you destroy this party of believers, you will never be worshipped on earth again.

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And I will walk along the line to the prophesied students hands are so high and he's crying. And the man is putting the shawl on his shoulders and he's saying it away Daniela sutala in Milan, I'll sit up Omen Jesus. He said Allah will give you victory and will fulfill your promise. I asked you What's the difference between the two? Why in the hedge? Is the profits of a lot a synonym saying to have a bucket that doesn't. And why in the Battle of better is the profits that ally send them the one who's crying to Allah Spano, dada, and then workers, the one who's telling him that a low fulfill his promise to you? What's the difference between the two? Just one word if you get it.

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Somebody want to give a try? What's the difference?

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And it has something to do with my topic today.

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What's one word? I just need one word, strategies. The word strategy is the difference between the two. In the hedge rot, it was completely strategized.

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The Battle of better was not strategized. It was this is just what happened. And they would have to fight with whatever they have. Now I asked you how many things are community are strategized?

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And you're thinking whom I can't think of anything? Exactly. Right? And how many things do we do that it just comes along? Everything is like something happens all you know we have to go in this direction. We have to go in that direction. Just like a cork bottle on the water, whatever. And you know, kind of hits us from this side or that side. And I say this about a car

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imagine a car that's just driving there's no driver you know, somebody just locked in the in the gas and it's moving forward. What will happen to that car. As I asked this a little kids little kids are very familiar that he said the car will crash over the over the bridge.

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Okay? you agree with that? Here's the problem though. The car is not empty, it has people in it. It has people in the community is in the backseat.

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And now I have a principle that says if you have no driver if you have no leader, you have no strategy. You have no intelligence and how the thing is moving forward, then shape fun is the driver.

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shape on is the one who's leading things and I can give you 1000 examples of that, of how we sit back. And you know the agenda. The beliefs are just promoting this issue and that issue

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And society changes and laws are being implemented. And you're losing your children from underneath you left, right and center because there's no strategy.

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And so I'll give a chance to my sheoak to speak. But in conclusion,

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here is one major strategy lesson that I learned. And I hope inshallah Tada, maybe it will hit some ears and hit some hearts. One of the biggest mistakes in strategy is trying to do everything.

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Ultimately, by trying to do everything, you're doing nothing.

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And that's human nature. I even call it a dragon because it destroys the lives of people, that they never achieve anything in their life because they say I have to do everything.

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And I'll say, then you're doomed to do nothing, if that's going to be the case. But what if one person for example, is responsible for orphans one person is example responsible for new Muslims on person example is responsible for halal chicken. One person is responsible for the education of, you know, the the seniors in the community, another person responsible for you know, those who are handicapped in need in the community, another person responsible for you know, outreach to the other face in the community and other person's response. Everybody just says, You know what, I'll take care of this. This is what I'll do, and I'll do it with Sn. I'm not responsible for anything else.

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If you need my help for anything, don't call me because I'm focused on what I'm doing. And inshallah tada I hope the best so when somebody comes to me and says, brother, Mohammed, don't you see, you know, x y&z problems in the community? And and they're mad at me and I'm like, we're doing something. How about you?

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The community needs more than your whining and complaining. It needs you to actually, you know, buckle up and go for a ride and get some focus and do something for this deal. And if only this attitude continued, just take one slice, the smaller the slice, the more you focus on it, do something that you love to do, but do with sand, and you'll see the whole community flourishing and benefit with strategy from all different directions and saw that on the left hand side.

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A world of knowledge awaits you.

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