Hussain Kamani – Beginning Of Guidance 21

Hussain Kamani
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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by saying Kimani

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To find out more information amongst the saints column course entitled the prophetic code, a study of prophetic manners and etiquette. Visit Olam slash prophetic code

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah maka file Salaam and ally buddy Medina Safa. Susana, cgt cambia Allah, Allah heliski I was happy that

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we were reading the chapter on the diseases of the heart. And in those diseases in mumbles Allah, Allah, Allah said that there were three diseases of the heart that he believed were the greater issues that needed to be addressed in his original book, The yellow Medina because it discusses the discussion on the diseases of the heart with great detail, but here he gives a summary of it and summarizes all of those diseases into three and we discussed them. The last discussion of ours was based off the third point that Mr. Rosati was making, which was ostentation, that showing off is the reason why people end up losing out on their reward. And under that among validity quotes this

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narration of modern jumble of your loved one, and this is where we stopped last week inshallah, we will read the narration of modern German. Now this narration of modern German with your loved one is a very long narration. It's a very long, it's a lengthy narration. And the gist behind the narration is that Allah subhanho wa Taala, before he created the heavens and the earth, He created seven angels. And then Allah created the heavens and the earth, and you told each angel that you will stand at the door of each of the heavens. And whenever we do a good deed throughout the day, at the end of the day, when those good deeds are then taken to the skies. The Hadees tells us that in the

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morning, the angels they swap and after fighter Salah in 181 group of angels they take the good deeds that we did and the bad deeds we did during the night to Allah subhanahu, WA Tada. And then the next group of angels they come in at full time, and they remain with you all the way until awesome. And then it also again, they swap, one group goes with your deeds and the other one stays behind. So the narration then this particular narration of mob and jevelin mentions that when these angels take the deeds and they take your good deeds and take my good deeds to the to the skies while they're going up the first angel who stands at the first Heaven, he stops the angel taking the deeds

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and says show me the deed. And the deed is brought forward. He says that because of this particular reason this deed cannot go further than this. Then there's another angel comes with another good deed. And he somehow passes level one and gets to level two. And the angel level two says there's this fault now in this deed, it can't go any further. Let it be sent back and thrown back on that person's face. And like this, it struggles to get through the seven heavens. Finally, when it gets to the seven heavens when that dream when that deed does reach Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala then says to the angels, you were looking at it from an outward standpoint, and you found faults in that

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deed. I know the inward perspective of this deed and I know that it still is faulty centers deed back. So the idea that a man was it is putting through this narration is that in order for your deeds to be accepted by law, you have to work very hard. There's one idea for you one perspective of your deed being accepted legally. So when we praise Allah, our Salah is accepted legally, if we face the right direction, our body is covered. You know, we're in the state of blue all the you know the fundamentals. If you meet those, in essence, your salon is accepted. But is it accepted with its true meaning by Allah subhanaw taala. That's another discussion. But legally, you're not you're not

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mandated to pray that slogan. If a person is fasting and Yvonne and in in the month of Ramadan, all they do is they don't eat from break of dawn into the setting of the sun. No eating, no drinking, no intimacy. Other than that the person is swearing. He's arguing he's backbiting he's watching hot on things. He does everything wrong but doesn't eat drink and doesn't have intimacy does that fast count?

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legally it does. Legally they will say that person did fast, he will not need to make it up. However, spiritually how much that person gained from the fast, probably nothing at all. That's the law was that fast will actually be held against him on the Day of Judgment. So there's a concept of fasting. We'll talk about this in more detail next week when we do our preparation for Ramadan. But just briefly, right now, there's a concept of fasting that meets the bare legality. And then there's an idea of fasting that's above that where all of your limbs are fasting from sin. And the highest level of fasting is not, we're not only your limbs are fasting, but your heart is fasting from

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anything other than Allah subhanho wa Tada. So the three different stages of fasting, where you're trying to progress higher and higher and higher. So anyway, here is one because it causes narration is teaching us that every deed you do, try to make it sincere. Try to make it clean, give it all that tension and really garnish it just as you would give someone a gift. You don't just pick up a gift from the shelf and go to a wedding and hand it over to them. You make sure that gift is appropriate. You make sure that if the box is properly, the gift is good, you make sure that it's ready

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properly, you have a nice bag that goes with it, you buy a special card that goes with it, you write something inside the card, and then you find the most appropriate time and the most appropriate manner to give it. So there's so much detail that we give attention to when giving a gift to someone. Yes, right. Similarly, your deeds should be given that same attention. When you go home and decorate your house. You don't just throw everything wherever it needs to go. You carefully Give It Thought, how can I decorate this room, you call an expert to come and give you advice on how to decorate your office or how to decorate the masjid or how to decorate your living room. And after

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that person gives you advice. You very carefully buy every product and put it in its exact place so that at the end of it, it's beautiful. If those same products existed in the room, but they weren't put in the right place, or they weren't given the thought that that that particular designing requires it will look beautiful. So it's about giving a thought giving that extra attention garnishing it so this is what the amount goes along with the law he's mentioning you will read through the narration and when there is a need to explain. Well give some explanation as to the narrations regarding envy ostentation in irrigants are many sufficient for you is one heavy that

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deals with all of these traits, if not Mubarak nereids with his chain of command with la hora de la vida de la la was a great scholar of Hadith.

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And he is one of the few scholars who has never been criticized by anyone. You understand that? The narrations of the loving bada are Muslim, they are accepted. He is not a he's a person who in the history, people did not criticize him for him being a weak narrator of this sort. So Abdullah embark on with the law. He has a book and the book is called Kitab Zod. So in that you will find this narration Yes.

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Modern lyrics with this chain of transmission on the authority of a man who said to me, even in German while I've been Jamila de la one was one of the close companions of the Prophet said he was one of the very close companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So a person came to mob in Java and said to him, oh, moi's, tell me a hadith you heard from the messenger. salallahu alayhi wasallam. So that is reminiscing he tells me, you know, you lived your life with a prophet You were so close to him. Why don't you share with me one narration that you heard from what the purpose of the law how it was set up. So now what happens? Yes, the main say, one really learn web until I

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thought he would not stop and then became a mob and just started crying. He cried and cried and cried so much. And that's a hobby that this hobby the student he thought that moth in general would not stop. Finally, when mob and Java stop mob and Java their loved ones and said, He then said I heard the messenger of Allaah. So it already listened. Oh my god, I will tell you that if you uphold it will benefit you. But if you neglect it, you will have no excuse before Allah on the Day of Judgment. If you uphold this Hadith, if you pay attention to this, how do you then implement it, it'll be the best thing you've done in your life. Even if you can implement this Hadeeth for one

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action, just one deed that you do your entire life, maybe reading the Koran tomorrow morning. Or maybe this means that you might do tonight, if you can make sure you package one of your deeds in the world with this packaging, it's possible that you may be successful in the hereafter. But if you neglect this hadith and you don't even have one deed that's been packaged this way properly, in front of a long day of judgment, then then Law of the Jungle says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, but if you neglected, he will have no excuse for for a long day of judgment. Because you don't have any teeth. that's acceptable. Judgment. Yes. Omar Verily Allah created seven angels

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before creating the heavens and earth. Then he created the heavens and he ordained one angel to be the gatekeeper of each of the seven heavens. The recording angels are sent to the heavens with the service. The recording angels are those who write down our deeds, they are called the recording angels. And then they they go up every morning and evening as I had mentioned earlier, yes, yes, and with the servants deed that they that have been recorded that day, from the time he wakes in the morning until the time he sleeps in the evening. And these good deeds possess a light like that of the sun. When the angels reached the lowest heaven, the anointed magnify the deed. So when the when

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the deed is brought to the first heaven, the angel there he magnifies the deed to see let's look inside and see what it really is from far it looks very beautiful. But when you get close, when you get close by when you magnify something, that's when you get a chance to see the detail of it. Yes, Hebrew Angel respond, strike with these eggs, the base of the one now the angel does, standing at the gatekeeper the gatekeeping Angel at the first heaven, He sees the deed close by and he says, Take this deed and go and throw it back on that person's face. We did this deed, yes. strategies of the one who did them for I am the overseer of backbiting. My Lord has ordered me not to allow the

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deeds of anyone guilty of backbiting to get past my due to those who love the deed of the one who did backbiting it kept past me, that person is not going to be rewarded for his deed, take this deed back and throw it on that person's face. Yes, he's continued. Then the recording angels are sent with another slaves, good deeds, anointing and magnifying them, this time making it to the second level of heaven. Now this person is somehow his deed gets passed the backbiting level

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He didn't back by, it gets to the second level. Now what happens here, the gatekeeper of the second level of heaven says, Stop, strike with this word the face was the one who did it. I am the angel who checks for pride. Verily he saw his words of transience aspect of the world. My Lord has ordered me to not let his deeds get past me. For verily he used to have pride towards those in which who, in whose company he said, this person had pride and because of his pride, Allah says, Don't let us do. angel says we can't let us do any forward. Yes, please continue. The recording angels bring another

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glowing light from charity, fasting and prayer. These are truly impressive recording angels. they succeed in passing the first two levels of heaven carry the diesel, the third level, so each time they pass one level of heaven. Obviously there is a unique aspect of sincerity there. That is a proof that's why it's going to the next level. And because of that unique aspect of sincerity, it increases in light. So now the angel the deed that reached the first level of heaven had a little light, the deed that reached the second level had more light, the deed that reaches the third level has now a lot more light. But again, even though it has so much light, the angels are magnifying it

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and looking at it carefully. Yes, the gatekeeper says to them stop striking strike with this work the face of the one who did it. I have the angel that monitors arrogance. My Lord has commanded me to not allow his deeds to get past me for barely he used to be arrogant towards others in their gatherings. He sent an audience and continued the recording angels take the deeds of others leave glowing like a shining star resounding with the glorification of a law, prayer fasting the Hutch and

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the angels carry them up until they reach the fourth level. The gatekeeper tells them stop, strike with these deeds the face back and belly of the one who did them. I am the watcher over concede. My Lord has ordered me to not allow his deeds to get past me when he used to do any deed concede you would enter into it. Every time he did a good deed he felt proud of himself. Proud meaning he thought he was it. One thing that they are pride that you feel happy when you do a good deed because you're thankful to Allah reliabilt image but this is another aspect every time that person did a good deed, he thought he was better than other people and that pride kicked in. You know that

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conceit kicked in when that conceit kicked in? Allah subhanaw taala the prophet of Islam says the angel says that now this deed can go any forward it's been rejected go and take it and throw it back on that person's face. He's

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recording angels are saved with the deeds of another is holding them like a bride or groom until they reach the fifth level of heaven. The gatekeeper tells them stop, strike with these deeds of the face and back of the one who did them and place them on his shoulder. I am the monitor of envy. Indeed, he used to envy people who would study and do similar deeds to his as well as every person who would excel in acts of worship. He would envy and speak ill of them. My Lord commanded me to prevent his actions from getting past me to higher level this person on level five the reason why his deeds are being rejected is because he was a jealous person. He had hustled he was envious. He

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wasn't happy with what Allah gave him, he wanted other people to lose out. So because of that, now his deeds are being thrown back. Now Jean Janda, the sixth level profits of our audio system said, the recording angels take the deeds of another person consisting of prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and Hodge and overall, they make it to the sixth level where the gatekeeper says stop, strike with these deeds, the face of the one who did them. He would never show mercy to a single one of the law servants who are afflicted by misfortune or calamity. So this guy did his deed, right. But the problem was he didn't care for the people. He was so self centered and so self conscious. He didn't

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show mercy to the few other people who are struggling. He didn't give them a shoulder. He didn't care for them. It didn't sit down and talk with them didn't spend money on them, whether they were happy or sad, he was never there for them. So Allah says, what do we want your deeds for? I mean, Islam didn't only come for you to go to Agenda Islam came to make the world better. Islam came so that you help other people to get to general There's a famous narration that there was a nation from Vanessa. l. They were they were disobeying Allah. So Allah sent an angel to this to destroy that nation. When the angel came to destroy them. The angel said, Yeah, Allah, we are going to destroy

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them. However, there's one person amongst them that's very pious, should we save him from the punishment? So Allah said, No, destroy him as well. Let him feel the wrath of our punishment. They said Why? So Allah subhanaw taala said that he was there yet he did not have the decency to go and help the other people. Let him be destroyed the punishment as well. So it's not about only developing yourself developing yourself as important, but making sure you walk with everyone. You are considered and caring for everyone. Gee, rather, he would go over the arches, he would get happy. There are some people in our community. Unfortunately, when they see someone else struggling,

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they get happy. They get excited that Oh, that person has a health issue. Ha See, I don't have that health issue, or that person or the financial issue. That person can't have kids. That person can get married and they gloat over they get excited. They actually make this this becomes a chitchat that they're always shit. They're just talking about other people's losses. So here

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The purpose actually is one narration of the purpose of the lesson. I'd like to share with you here. The purpose of a lot of some says that to the healer, Shama totally authentic affair. harmala hypnotic, that do not gloat over the loss of someone else, or not gloat over the difficulty of someone else. Because if you do, it's possible Allah will relieve them. And then you're in trouble. Fair Hello. Hola. Hola. Have mercy on him. We have Derek and then you're going to be tested. You know, I there was a case not too long ago that I was dealing with where

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there was a sister in our community who had some issues and she was she was making she was saying that it was something to do with the gin that she had some gin issue that was bothering her. So I forwarded her to a particular scholar. So when brother came and asked me She asked what was the issue so I said you know she had some gin issue she was struggling a little bit make law for her. So he started making fun of her. He said haha gin issue. Yeah, right. Look at our logins even going to bother her he should have seen similar silly things like this stuff. Lola, you won't believe it. That same brother came to me Two months later, it's a shift I have an issue.

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What goes around?

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comes around right? What goes around comes around in Africa. They say Kamata Dino to them what you give to people's what you're going to get. So be careful of how you gloat over someone else's loss. Yes, you will conclude is the angel of mercy. Allah has ordered me to not allow his deeds to get past me. He's continued the recording angels take the deeds of another slave consisting of prayer fasting spending, as well Do you have an scrupulousness the deeds hung like a V and shine with the brightness of the sun, according the deeds are 3000 angels and they reach the gate of the seventh heaven. The gatekeeper says stop, strike with these deeds in the face of the one who did them,

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strike his limbs with them and lock his heart. Verily I keep from my Lord, all those deeds that were not done for his sake. Indeed, he saw his actions other than a law mighty and majestic, he desired

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esteem among the religious jerks. Now this person, he did the deed, but the problem was that he wasn't doing it for the sake of Allah. He was doing it for other purposes, why he wanted to be an esteemed by the jurists who wanted to be respected by the scholars at the time because of his good deeds. Yes, he deserved to be mentioned by the scholars and to be famous in the cities, my lord has ordered me to not allow his deeds past me. Any acts done purely for the sake of Allah alone is just done for show any act not done purely for the sake of Allah alone is just done for sure. A lot does not accept the deeds of people who show off. He's not allowed to sue them said, the recording, you

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have to remind yourself always, the reason why I'm doing a good deed is for Allah. And the best way to do this is at the beginning of the deed in the middle of the at the end of the deed, three times, beginning, middle and this verbally say to yourself, I'm doing this for Allah, I'm doing especially for something big, like for example, for making a big donation. And a big donation does not necessarily mean a million dollars for a college student. $10 is a big donation. I mean, that's a big donation compared to what you possess. So when you're making that big step, when you're doing something really big, make that intention at the beginning. This is for a lot in the middle of

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remind yourself this is for Allah, at the end, remind yourself this is for Allah. Yes, he saw you soon said the recording angels take the deeds of another person.

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Prayer, giving fasting huduma good character, observance of silence any remembrance of Allah Most High, the angels of the heavens escorting forward until it breaks through all barriers. So now this guy's through all seven heavens, okay, his deed has cut through each one. It's now being sent to a lot directly Yes, to a lot of mighty and majestic. The stand in front of him and bear witness to these righteous deeds done sincerely For you see, a lot mighty and majestic says you record the deeds of my servant. And I observed what is in his heart. Verily, he did not seek Me by his by this deed, he decided other than me, so my curses upon him. The angels say upon him is your curse and

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ours and the seven heavens and those who are in the person. From this narration, what we learned so far is that we need to work very hard to make sure our deeds are accepted by law to get that real reward to get that, look, we're talking about a higher level here. We're talking about this very, some of you may be sitting here right now I'm feeling despondent, oh my god, I could never do all of this. This is impossible. You know, for me to make thicker is enough. Now you're telling me I have to go through seven different perspectives. And think of seven different angles when doing my liquor. How am I how am I ever going to be accepted? Well try. Make an attempt. These things are

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actually not so hard. We're asking people not to backbite try to purify yourself, care for another brother. Don't show up. Don't think big of yourself. Tell yourself you're doing it for Allah. These are things that need to be done. But there's simple things like like any business, you can't start up a business unless you do the basic simple things first, with anything if you want to eat. If you want to go for a jog, you have to know the basics of how to do that you're going to cook you have to know the basics of it. You can spend two hours cooking but if you don't know the basics of cooking, if you don't put salt in there, it's very possible that food may not taste good. So these are

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fundamental things that you need to be considered of on doing a deed. However Marvin Jebel says

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After reading after hearing all this from the purpose of a long line, he was set up I became very worried. Because remember this narration is a person asked him lots to share a hadith. That was a narration. So now this, the narrator says mods said that after the Prophet told me this whole breakdown of how our deeds are presented to Allah, I became very worried and this sort of messenger of Allah, I'm going to fail. This is how am I going to be how am I going to seek salvation? Now the Prophet gives him advice. Yes, he replied, follow me more, even if there is a deficiency in your needs. So the first thing that pops up to him while if you're worried about salvation, follow my

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son. Now. Make sure you follow my son even if you do fewer deeds, rather than doing all the deeds, do a few but the ones you do, make sure you do them properly. Yes, restrain your tongue from speaking ill of your brothers who have memorized the Quran. So here's the first thing the Prophet says, you restrict restrain your tongue from speaking ill of others who have memorized the Quran. One thing you could do is don't talk bad about scholars. Don't talk bad about people who are close to Allah, because they have memorized the Quran or they read the Quran, they read the Hadith. One thing that's very sad, is in our community people, they open their tongues against those who are

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close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we don't know who's close to Allah who's not close to Allah, nobody knows that only Allah knows that. But the people who have learned the deen those who have given their life for the path of Allah, the Prophet says, There are my heirs, which by conclusion takes them close to a loss of title without adequate on as many verses it talks about the virtue of scholars. So in that framework, we have to bear in mind that we should be careful of ever speaking against the scholars, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said in one narration, be a scholar, or be a student, or be a listener, or be a lover, but do not be the fifth person. You guys

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understand that. Be a scholar, if you can be a scholar, if you can't be a scholar, MBA, student, be a student, go and study give your life to it. If you can't be a student, you're not that you're not that academic is going to go and memorize 100,000, honey, okay, at least be a be a listener, sit down and listen. You know, if you don't understand much, it's cool to sit at the back. Give your give your ears try to be as attentive as you can. And if you can't at least be a lover, sit there and love them, at least love the people who are doing good. Don't speak bad. What happens in our communities. Unfortunately, we don't like the people who do good deeds. We, for the community, those

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who build the massage or those who are building Islamic schools, we don't like them. We're not doing it ourselves. We don't want to try to be in the process. We're not giving them our support. We don't love them. But in reality, out of all of that we are haters, and we end up being a resistance to them. How many times do we end up being being the reason why someone can't practice the deen we end up being a resistance to that person. And that's a very sad state to be in. So the first thing here the Prophet is telling Magellan that don't speak about people who are close to Allah. And in particular, the Hadith here mentions Min homiletical on those who have memorized the Quran. If you

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have a disagreement with someone who's a half of someone who has memorized the Quran, hold your tongue back, explain it to them, you can go and talk to them. Well, you have to be very respectful. You have to be very, very, very careful for someone who has I remember my own teachers, and our students, we and our mother. So we had students who had memorized or put on, you know, like, in our Masjid. How many students have memorized the Quran? How many people have memorized the Quran? Usually in Muslim salon right now, how many people have memorized?

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Maybe five people, maybe four people, maybe three, that's Chicago. That's why you go to certain parts of America. It's zero. Nobody's memorized it. In Mother Teresa in the darkroom that we studied in the first four lines, we're all happy.

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But I see the first four or five lines, everyone's happy there. Everyone has memorized the Quran. Like you know, the back few lines, the front few lines in the gathering, you will at least have in that one Jamal, you'll at least have maybe 5060 of these. The Allah maybe 100 200 Islands in that gathering, the whole Father, you know, those who have memorized you know, the Haida Elizabethtown who can read the Quran, everyone. I mean, that's an ever gathering on Islamic Institute. That's the kind of gathering that's why leading salah and a mother sighs an honor. And it's very tough to do that. Because you have not in front behind you for 100 critiques who are listening for you and you

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can't make a slip, the one who leads that our prayer in a madrasah is a true champ. Right? Because they won't let you go. giving a lecture in ICC is very easy, trust me. Because unfortunately you could say whatever you want to you'll get away with it especially in America. Just make it sound nice, give some hand gestures and be a little emotional shed a few tears and round of applause. You go to Mother Teresa and Islamic Institute and you give a lecture there. If you start giving your emotional lecture everyone's gonna go to sleep. Please brother keep the emotions for yourself share some content, share the Hadith give us the narrator's where's the reference of what you're saying? I

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mean, the hardest lecture you can give in your life is in a mother in law, because everyone there already knows what you're talking about. So now you have to provide content that's higher of a higher standard. So in our mothers up, I remember the teachers were careful to even deal with the students.

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Because I remember one of my teachers was one saying that you guys have memorized the Quran he was saying to me, he said, You have memorized the Quran and you are a guest of Allah. And no matter how angry I get with you, because maybe you didn't fulfill your responsibility or you were late to class or whatever it is, I can't raise my voice against you because your beloved to Allah. I mean, I'm just saying what his words were right. And he wasn't talking to me, I'm willing to let just the idea of the one who have memorized or put on. So in our communities, if you ever see someone who has memorized the Quran, who has a portion or the portion of a Quran memorized or as close to the Quran,

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just be very careful how you deal with them. Don't ever conspire against them? Yes, that's the first advice. Go ahead. Take responsibility for your sins. Do not blame your sins on them. Anytime you come into sin, take the responsibility. Don't blame other people that Oh, it's his fault or her fault, or that's the reason a lot of kids you ask them, why don't you pray? fudger? What do they say?

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Yes, he's got kids. He's a smart guy. Right? My mom and dad didn't wake me up. You know, you go into Milan, you see one of the kids in the budget. Are you fasting today? No, why not? What did they say?

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Mom didn't wake me up for so it's her fault. Okay, everything's always everyone else's fault. It's never your own fault. Here. The Prophet is saying, look, if you did something wrong, whose fault is it? It's yours. Don't say mom's fault. Brother fault sisters fault. It's your fault. Okay, you know, you have to take responsibility of your own actions. Yes. Do not deem yourself innocent by finding fault in them. Do not elevate yourself. Do not deem yourself innocent while finding fault in them meaning other people. So don't go around pointing mistakes at everyone. Because maybe when you point mistakes at other people, you feel that you are superior and better. Yes. Do not elevate yourself

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above them. Do not introduce work done for the sake of this life into your work done for this next life. So things that you're doing for your IRA. keep them separate from the things that you're doing for the dunya. Don't mix both of them because then you're going to lose sincerity in your actions. Yes, do not be arrogant when you sit with others so that they avoid you because of your bad character. Do not whisper to someone while someone else is present. Similarly, don't speak your language if someone else is there. If you have another person sitting there, should you be speaking your majority Punjabi, although no, you should be respectful of that person there and speaking

00:27:10 --> 00:27:50

language is common so everyone can understand. Yes, do not be haughty to people for this can cut you off from the good of this life and the next, do not tear people to pieces with your tongue. So then on the Day of Resurrection, the dogs of how will tear you to pieces in law. you tear people apart with your tongue in the world, the dogs of the hereafter will tear you apart in the fire of *. Be careful of how you use your tongue. And then after that the Prophet said out of love with the other one. Nah, she thought he NuSTAR Yes, go ahead. A long time says by those who draw forth. Do you know what these are mods? I said me my father and mother be uranium what are the messenger of a lot? He

00:27:50 --> 00:28:28

sort of values that have said they are dogs in * they draw the flesh from the bones. I said me my father and mother be your ransom messenger of Allah, who is capable of overcoming these vital characteristics and being safe from it. So now at the end of it Robin Jebel says a messenger of Allah, who's going to do all of the stuff that you just told me protecting all of your deeds from all those vices, and then doing all of these goodies How can someone do it? So at the end of the prophecy, Ahmad, in the Himalayas, Eden Nemanja, Sarah, Hola, Ali. Ahmad, this is easy for the one who Allah has made it easy for. So ultimately, how can you do all of this, you ask Allah, that Allah

00:28:28 --> 00:28:35

make it easy for me? Allah make it easy for me because if you make it easy, everything's easy. You know, whenever when we were young.

00:28:36 --> 00:29:09

When we were starting off the recitation, I remember the first day in my life that I sat down in front of my teacher to read the put on the first day of my life that I sat down from my teacher, I still remember this so clearly. And I had the I had the duct, you guys were the duct lift, but it was written on there. I sat on the floor, my teacher like this. And I said, Sure, I'm ready to read. And he said, No, no, no, close the book. And we close the book. He said, Today, I will teach you a while. He then taught me this one. And if that was the first maybe the first one in my life, I learned probably the first one. I learned that the law from our teacher and then after memorizing

00:29:09 --> 00:29:12

it, he said, For the rest of today, you're just going to read this law.

00:29:13 --> 00:29:51

And I remember one day I sat there, I must have heard that the wall alone was maybe a few 1000 times you sat there reading the same law again and again. And then the next day he allowed us to start and what was that the law or BSc whether to assume what a member will hide? You guys all probably memorize the tos. Well, very simple. RBS said Oh, law make it easy when not to ask it and don't make it difficult. What the men will hide and allow me to finish off this project with ease. Allow me to accomplish this with ease with good or BSc voila to assess whether men been hired or BSc to ask any project anything you start, always ask Allah Allah, you make it easy, because if you don't make it

00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

easy, it can be very hard. You know, you think about it. Some people even in their business, some people even with their business. It's so easy for them. Have you guys noticed that?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:36

Just doing business is so easy setting up a corporation is so easy for them. Well, other people like myself, some of us are sitting here. It's so hard we just can't wrap our head around how these people do this. Your mind is spinning you don't understand how to get around it. Certain things for certain people are easy. While certain things for certain people are their heart rate and other people those who find that easy other people find this hard. So make the water Allah O Allah make it easy. Yes. near you live is Elisa, there's another there's another very beautiful de la Allahumma yes si la si, de sera la si la caja. See, the translation of it is Oh Allah make the difficult easy

00:30:36 --> 00:30:54

for me. Allahumma Sera, la Sierra or LA make the difficult easy for me. For in the de sera la sera la que se for Indeed, the making of the making easy of that which is difficult is easy for you. So for a lot to make it easy that which is hard. It's very easy for all of us to say it's good.

00:30:55 --> 00:31:09

And you've become a doctor. Right? Can you become a lawyer? It happens couldn't fire corn, corn and that's it. So you're thinking Allah, I'm gonna try, but you just make that easy for me. If you make it easy. It's gonna be so much easier for me to do it. Yes.

00:31:10 --> 00:31:26

He says, I never saw anyone who used to recite more than one of these. Okay, now the narrator of this hannity says, one thing I noticed about Marvin Jebel. He's read a lot of Quran. Right? You know, the prophet What do they say about mob and gentlemen, welcome home Nikita, biLlahi

00:31:28 --> 00:32:07

mother blue Javelin, that the one who was most well versed on is modern Java, yes. To use. Now the honeymoons over man was always making some closing remarks before we finish off chapter two. Yes. To use it who aspires to seek knowledge reflect upon these characteristics. Realize that the greatest cause of these evils becoming deeply rooted in the hardest seeking seeking knowledge in order to outdo and compete with others. This is the main reason for these diseases in the heart, actually is for a person to seek sacred knowledge is the sacred sciences while being insincere from within. That's their core behind a lot of these diseases. You say you're being pious, but from within,

00:32:07 --> 00:32:41

you're absolutely corrupted. Yes. The layman is protected for most of these traits. Mmm, because it says the one who doesn't study the average guy, the layman, he's protected for most of these things. Right. Why is that is because he's not involved with all these internal religious politics. He lives a simple life. He doesn't know what's happening with the budget board and how they're fighting how they're arguing how they're in court. for him. It's very simple. He prays a few slots, gives him a God now and then he fast he does is he does is he may perform hajj, and that's the end of his life. Yeah. Have you seen people like that that are simple. But I look at these people, I think wow, look

00:32:41 --> 00:32:52

how lucky they are. And then there are some of us who are so involved in the community and so involved with everything that you ask yourself, Is there any sincerity left in me today? It all becomes about this technicalities.

00:32:54 --> 00:33:30

But the student of jurisprudence is very susceptible to them in may be exposed to utter destruction and accountability. So you must consider whether your main priority is to learn how to guard yourself against the against these destructive biases are occupying yourself with rectifying your heart and building your afterlife or to take part in foolish conversation with those who like to do so. And seek the type of knowledge that will increase you will arrogance, ostentation, envy and conceit until you along with the others are destroyed. So now student of knowledge ask yourself this question do you want to be sincere to get easy do everything properly? Or you just want to rush

00:33:30 --> 00:34:11

through everything and be instance be insincere and find no reward in the hereafter? Because that is posing this question. Yes. Know that these three characteristics are among the major diseases of the heart and the head but one, the head but one seedbed? Remember ghazali says the three diseases of the heart that we discussed earlier, they are the major diseases of the heart. However, those three diseases actually have one seedbed, one Foundation, and what is the root of all diseases? What is the root of all sins? Hope with dunya The Prophet said, hope so Kolkata, that a love of the world is the mother of all sins. That's where it all comes from. So then the man was it gives advice Yes,

00:34:11 --> 00:34:34

there isn't the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Love of this world is the cause of every sin. At the same time, this world is the field we may cultivate for the afterlife. So whoever takes up this world only as much as he needs to help him towards his afterlife, it is his cultivated field. But whoever desires this world only to live in ease and comfort, it will be his ruination.

00:34:37 --> 00:34:59

This then represents a small portion of the outward and understanding of consciousness of a law and it is the beginning of guidance. So if you have time, I'm sorry, summarizing the whole part two and the whole part one is saying that everything I've discussed so far, is a summary of some of the most important discussions and as he says, This is the beginning of guidance. Yes. So if you have tested yourself regarding it, and yourself has complied

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

Then continue on to the revival of the Religious Science. If you found this book easy and you acted upon it, you understood everything that was said in here. Now go to the original book Hayao Loma de and that's step two, yes. And continue to learn the method for attaining the inner aspect of consciousness of a law. When the innermost aspect of your heart becomes infused with the consciousness of a lot, it is that that the veils between you and your Lord will be lifted, the lights of gnosis will be revealed to you, the springs of wisdom will burst forth from your heart, the secrets of the heavenly and earthly dominions will be made clear to you. And it will be made

00:35:34 --> 00:36:08

easy for you by means of the sciences, to dismiss with disdain those contemporary branches of harmful knowledge, which there was not even mentioned in the time of the companions and the successor, because it is saying that if you can stay away from all the harmful things, and implement this in your life and bring taqwa consciousness of Allah in your heart, you will then remove the barriers between yourself and Allah. And that will be the one thing that will matter most to you. You won't be worried about the small petty things, you'll have a greater focus in life, and all these diseases that are now in society. He's saying that, you know, the whole approach of how people

00:36:08 --> 00:36:31

are insincere, and the seeking knowledge of the wrong intention. And that whole idea that didn't exist at the time of this hobby on top and people were sincere, he said, You will then relive that time. Yes. But if you seek gnosis from idol gods, now, if you try to become a saint of Allah by doing it, by backbiting, if you think you can become a saint of Allah by swearing at other people, if you think you can become a saint by sending the numbers, Allah says, You're a four, yes.

00:36:32 --> 00:37:07

If you see from idle gossip, or from disputation and argumentation, how immense indeed is your misfortune? How long you will toil? How great is your deprivation and loss, do as you wish for the life that you seek by means of your religion will never submit to you, you cannot get close to a lot if you're disobeying the law. So if you want to get close to a law, you have to stop disobeying the law, you need to ask yourself in a very practical, very real level, you have to ask yourself that what am I getting? by attending these lectures? I've been coming to these lectures for all these months. And for so long, almost a year now I've been doing these classes. What am I? What am I

00:37:07 --> 00:37:41

attaining? What has changed my life? Maybe there's some one thing that I can remove from my life that I'm doing, that's bad that bothers me. Let me just choose one thing and change it, you know, or let me add one thing into my life. Let's make meaning out of everything. That's what my mom was always saying. If you just sit back and listen and you don't implement, then you're just you're being wishful. You're not being real. And if you're wishful, then unfortunately, you are a loser because you think you're getting somewhere when in reality, you're not getting anywhere. Yes, the afterlife will slip away from you. Indeed, whoever seeks to gain in this world by means of his

00:37:41 --> 00:38:16

religion, you will lose them both. Yet whoever gives up this world for his religion will profit from them both. This is a summary of the guidance, you need to reach the beginning of the path in your interaction with the law, mighty and majestic. by carrying out his commands and avoiding what he has prohibited. We will now draw your attention to a short summary of good manners. So you can take yourself to account in your relations with the slaves of Allah, mighty and majestic and your companionship with them in this in this life. So that with that we end chapter number two, because it says now in the next chapter, we will talk about companionship and its guidelines. We've taught

00:38:16 --> 00:38:37

you about how to interact with Allah. Now it's time to give you a little advice on how to interact with people, no one was able to dedicate this small little portion of the book, The Last maybe 1520 pages of the book to that, if even that much 1520 pages of the book he dedicates to the idea of companionship and how to deal with other people. So we'll stop here inshallah and Aziz and we will continue from this with our next class, set along with

00:38:38 --> 00:38:40

Allah Allah savage rain Samadhi

The Sins of The Heart: Conclusion


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