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An interesting episode dealing with the comparison of two ayah, one from Surah Al Imran and the other from Surah Maidah. It elaborates on the difference between people declaring their faith in Islam when a messenger invites them to Islam and when Allah SWT inspires their hearts.

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smilo salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a bH marine salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Welcome to amazed by the Khurana series in which I share with you things I find amazing about the Quran. Today inshallah, I'm going to be sharing with you a comparison between two IR one belonging to the third surah and the second belonging to the fifth surah. This desire number 52, of salt on Iran, and 111 of SoTL neither surah number five, in both of them is very similar subject matter once I'll read the ayah two you'll see that but I'm sorry Simon Herman Cofer column and Ansari in Allah and finally when he says sensed the disbelief from them, Jesus sense the disbelief from them. Caller

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he made the call manansala illallah. Who is going to be my aid towards Allah, Allah, how are you in an afternoon and sobre la the disciples said that we are in the AIDS of Allah and Allah we've come to believe in Allah which had to be a non Muslim moon and bear witness that we are Muslims. This is the brief translation of number 25 or sorry 52 from Anam Ron, and SoTL mydala says what is a hater lol howdy and amin will be will be able to slowly when I revealed to the disciples that believe in me and my messenger called Armada, which had to be anonymously moon, they said, We believe and be witness that we certainly are Muslims. Now both of them at the end, the disciples are saying

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something and they're saying something very, very similar. And we believed I'm a Nabila, we believed in Allah, what shall be anomalous the moon, and we witnessed that we are Muslims. But the remarkable thing about the subtle difference between these two is that in one of them it was Lisa speaking to them. And then the other one ally, saying that Allah inspired revealed a boost in faith of the followers of Jesus on his own, meaning Allah azza wa jal intervenes into the heart, Yahoo lubaina Mr. Eva calbee Angela Sakina fuku, meaning Allah says in solfege, he sent tranquility into the hearts of believers. So on the one hand, Jesus is calling out the sides calling out and the people

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are responding with the declaration of their faith. But in the other actually it is Allah who's inspiring something in their hearts, and they are overwhelmed by it. And then they're declaring their faith. So they're both declaring their faith but one in response to the call of a messenger and the other as a reaction to what Allah inspired in their hearts. Now, the Arabic language when you say, and now that we are that certainly we are, you could say and now you could say a Nana. Now even if you don't know Arabic, and now on the one hand, and Nana, you must have her two ends the second time, when you translate those two, you don't really notice a difference, but actually one of

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them has an extra letter that the other the first one doesn't have. And though typically, that wouldn't make any difference. rhetorically, the principal is in that castle of the castle on mana. If you use more verbiage, if your word is spelled with more letters, then you're actually being more emphatic than the other case. Remarkably, when they responded to the call of the messenger, they declared emphatically that we are Muslims bear witness that we're Muslims. But when the heart was inspired directly by Allah, something happened that has never happened before. And their declaration became more emphatic than it was otherwise. So they said, We anonymously want the wording change

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just a little bit, to indicate that when Allah intervenes, something happens to the faith that otherwise cannot happen. And that's just captured in just from Atlanta, from Atlanta to Atlanta, inside this subtle, subtle IRA. Now, the other remarkable thing is when Lisa called them, they said Amen, Nabila he, we believe in Allah. We believe in Allah and bear witness that we're Muslim. But when Allah inspired inside them, then they didn't say we believe in Allah, they just said, we believe, we believe. And what Elia is doing here is he's highlighting that when ally inspires your heart, then every dimension of your faith gets emboldened, empowered, their faith in Allah, their

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faith in the messenger, their faith in the afterlife, their faith that Allah will see them through all of it. All of it got encapsulated when they just said we believe. And so when, from every dimension of their faith, they were empowered. When they declared their Islam it was even more emphatic. So they said be anana, Muslims of Allah. And so these this subtlety to me is just one small example of what makes the Quran such a treasure. Every ayah in its place, every word in his praise please me allows me to give us an appreciation of his perfect word about a calamity. Welcome with Santa Monica.

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