The Inked Remedy #11

Ali Hammuda


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Life’s tough, and I’m finally accepting it

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The speaker reflects on his struggles with writing and feeling sad, but also acknowledges his success in finding a way to spend his days. He hopes that people can remember hardships and struggles, and that he can be a great listener. He emphasizes the importance of knowing the rules of success and a culture of happiness, which is found in the past. The speaker also encourages viewers to participate in a series to help others, and mentions that the series will be available on online platforms.

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haven't talked to anyone in so long

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they will never breathe,

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we will fade into the

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14th of March, writing has been such a therapy Subhanallah you're such a great listener, you know,

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being alone with my thoughts and writing them down as almost lifted a burden for me.

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Such that when I shut this book, my burdens get shut away handled. It reminds me of what dad used to say.

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Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears. And boy, as you see my tears,

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pretty sure he felt something too.

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When I look back at this period of my life, the difficulties are not relevant anymore.

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It's about who I became in the process. Now I know what to do. If I ever get into a situation like this ever again.

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You see,

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sadness brought me to you. But I highly doubt it will bring me back.

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So their future me, I hope you're reading is shaking your head. We're seeing you go back in time to tell me that everything is going to be more than or

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I hope that when you look back at this point in life,

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that you know it was worth all this fear and pain to get to a place of true.

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have true contentment.

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I hope that you wake up each morning, excited and happy to be here.

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I hope that you found a way to spend your days so that you're always joyful, and it brings you happiness and you have like success everywhere.

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I hope you look back on your dark days. I thank Allah

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that you are now able to walk in the light.

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And I hope

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I hope that you remember whatever the test is, whatever the hardship is, whatever the difficulty is, and whatever the calamity is,

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it will pass.

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It always does.

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Allahu Akbar, I wish the whole world could hear those words of yours, Adam. I wish they would live by those messages that you just shared.

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I wish that they would remember to never expect dunya life to be what it wasn't created for.

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It's common knowledge that exams are rarely an easy experience and what is life but an exam. So what few restful days you may experience in life, consider it an exception to the default and anomaly of a day.

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That is because Allah subhana wa has said lapada colloquially in Santa Fe covered we have certainly created man into hardship,

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hardship during pregnancy, hardship, during labor, hardship during your pursuit of education, hardship during exams and work and the hardships of marriage, the hardship of raising righteous children, the hardship of bad health, the hardships of old age, the hardships of the pangs of death, Adam whoever expects a trouble free life or perceives that he is the only one suffering or imagines that he is suffering the most this person is mistaken.

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Because behind every single smile, you may see is a person who is being examined in his own respect or in her own respect.

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As Sophia Nibbana you know, he would say that a duniya Kulu have home home for America. And I mean having so routine for whatever this whole world is grief.

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So on the odd day, when you feel ease, consider it a bonus. Like the words of Abdul Rahman and NASA, you know him one of the greatest governors of Andalusia. He actually used to take note of the days in which he felt at ease, and he lived the life of so much hardship and struggle against those who are seeking to destabilize him.

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Now, when he died, they looked into his diary and the number of the days of ease that he had taken note of and they amounted to only 14 days, despite him having covered under Lucia for a staggering 50 years.

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So I echo your words, bro. We are to train ourselves to accept dunya for what it is a temporary examination theatre

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and to constantly remind ourselves of the answer which the great Imam Muhammad gave to that man who asked him in grief,

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but if you do not have to Bama Raha when will we taste the meaning of rest? And Imam Muhammad said to him and the only Academy, the other half agenda, you will taste it my brother following the first step that you make into paradise.

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I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to take that step. But up until we do, brace yourself for every potential circumstance that life may throw at you. This is your dunya we are all in the same boat. May Allah subhanaw taala is your affairs. It really is from the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon our wheat selves,

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that he has not connected absolute happiness to anything other than Him.

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absolute happiness is not found in a wife or a husband, or a job or a child or a country or money or health or anything else because if any of those matters are lost, they can be replaced entirely or at least partly replaced. But if Allah subhanaw taala is lost in the life of a person, what can replace him?

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True misery,

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therefore, is not in losing any of these things. True misery is when the irreplaceable one a lot in the Generico is lost in the life of a human being.

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Why is it that the only happiness which we appreciate is that which existed in the past? Or the happiness which we hope will exist in the distant future?

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Why is the happiness of the present so invisible to us? cherish this moment that you are in

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passionately thank Allah subhanaw taala for it before it is taken away from you and replaced with another circumstance that will make the current one seem like bless when you remember it.

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Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who has placed the world beneath your feet, why are you carrying it on your back?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed this dunya in your hands Why are you forcing it into your heart?

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Allah subhanaw taala has given you knowledge of yesterday and some of the knowledge of your today so why fear tomorrow when the knowledge of it is only with Allah, expect the best from Allah. And remember that the sea did not claim the life of baby Musa despite him being thrown inside of it. When he was at His weakest, the very same sea would claim the life of the Pharaoh and his men, despite them having crossed it when they were at the strongest.

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Who is the one who controls all matters He is Allah.

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Whoever is with Allah his weakness will not harm him and whoever is distant from Allah His strength will not benefit him.

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Expecting the best from Allah subhanho wa Taala is a secret ingredient to happiness.

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As Prophet Ibrahim said to his people,

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Mr. Vaughn Nakamura, Bina and me,

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what are your thoughts about the Lord of the Worlds? What are your expectations about Allah the Lord of the Worlds?

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I know that the entire content of this series will take some time to fully digest, but refer to it over and over again. Try to understand each point.

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Summarize it in your own way. Share with us please your works and my hope that it will help take you an eye to a new level of clarity

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and relief and strength, allowing us to focus on the next phase of our lives, the building now of ourselves, the building of others, the building of projects, the building of our hereafter.

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When I realized how much my article had impacted, and how many are suffering just like him, it inspired us to start the series and help many more like Adam. I invite you to benefit from the complete series available on online Masjid dot Islam 21