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This episode revolves around an ayat from Surah Saffat where Allah SWT is talking about His messengers being aided and dominant over the enemy and about the new terrible morning for those who have been warned and turned away.

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Lao salatu salam, O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Allah He was fhoireann salaam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Welcome to amaze by Nicole on a series in which I share with you things I find amazing about the Quran. Today's

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gem that I want to share with you is I find it really epic just the subtlety of the Quran, and how it switches from the smallest little detail in Allah describing a scene so I'll walk you through it, it's the end of felittle sofar Allah says, Allah conserva Kalamata, nearly anybody know mursaleen that our word our instruction in our decision has already come to pass for our slaves that were sent as messengers in a hula hula monsoon that they no doubt are going to be the ones that are aided localize used for when you get eight against an enemy. Well, in June, Donna Allahumma hollyburn. And our armies truly they are going to be the ones that dominate so unless talking about the domination

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of his messengers, the victory of his messengers, that nobody's going to be taking over their missions for one day and then turn away from them until a given time. Don't worry about it, your mission will come to fruition. Well, I'm still home for so far, you will soon and watch them. Soon they will see themselves. So take a look at them and soon they'll take a look at look themselves. Keep that in mind. If I bi that'd be nice dodgy loan, are they rushing to our punishment? are they waiting for our punishment to come quickly for either Nasrallah bisa hottie him facade or Saba calm wondering when that punishment descends right in their front porch. So how, what a terrible morning

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for those who've been warned, what are on home hotline and turn away from them until a given time. Second time now? Well, obviously, I was hopeful You will soon. And take a look. Soon, they will see too soon, they'll take a look. So this take a look. And soon they will take a look occurs twice, the first time it was observed home so far, so far, you will soon take a look at them. Soon they will take a look themselves. And the second time upset for so for you soon. Take a look. Now take a look at them. Just take a look. Now let me just before I explain this difference, repeat what I'm trying to compare. On the one hand, Allah says to the believers, look at them. And soon they'll see the

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other time he says just look. And soon they'll see. And why not say look at them both times. In the first case, if you were keeping up, a law is actually talking about his messengers being aided. And then his messenger is being dominant, meaning dominant over an enemy. And so the scene that's being painted in the Koran is of enemy forces that tried to kill a messenger like loot alehissalaam or that tried to, you know, attack messengers in the past like Saleh alayhis salam and things like that. They're, you know, they're just annihilated, they're annihilated. And at the end of that, it's almost as though you're being told to see, take a look at them.

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You get, you can see them as pretty much already dead. I mean, they're not dead yet. But the way they're behaving, you might as well see where they're gonna end up upset home. Soon they'll see for themselves for somebody else, you know, that's take a look at them,

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then they'll look for themselves. But in the next passage, Allah switches this discussion over to a laws punishment descending and the morning itself being terrible. So it's not about the enemy so much as it is about the morning itself, a new age, the idea of a new age rising, and that new age or less has observed so far, you'll soon just take a look not even take a look at them. Because a new morning has come which is terrible for the enemy. But you know what, you don't even have to worry about the enemy anymore. Just take a look at the new beginning that Allah has given and they'll see that for themselves. Subhana Allah, Allah takes the focus away from the enemy by the end of the soul

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all right now in the in the struggle of the prophets audio Sato Salaam, particularly our messenger so I saw them when the struggle is intensified. You know, you all you think of is the enemy forces, all you think of is the one that's after you. But by the time Allah is done dealing with his the enemy, his own way, when the punishment descends right in their front porch, and all you have to worry about is just take a look at this morning, don't even take a look at them. Don't worry about them, they've been removed from the equation Subhanallah and that's why you find that the end of this beautiful surah Subhan Allah be caught up in TMS if and how perfect your master the master of

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all authority, above all the things they attributed to him or they attribute to him well Salam aleikum, wa Sallim and salutations upon those who were sent Salaam peace upon those who were sent. So they should be at peace it actually is not just a prayer for them, but actually they should relax not even worried about their enemies. Allah This is the just a subtle shift from see them to just see allows them to help us see the beauty of the Quran barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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