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The importance of being a professional in discussing one's feelings and experiences is emphasized. The speaker discusses the struggles of dealing with addiction and anxiety, including struggles with eating out and not being able to swallow food. The importance of acknowledging one's feelings and thoughts and learning to be patient is emphasized. The segment ends with a recap of the conference and thanks for the attendance of everyone.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa early he was heavy. Here he Marian Allahumma alumna, BBA and founder when found habima I limped into was it now alemania Karim or ob is roughly 30 with silly Emory. Look at me Listen, if Coco Kohli from buried brothers and sisters in Trinidad,

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I had three doubles this morning

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with a total of seven doubles from yesterday till today. So the brothers now I've been telling me you know, she got you got to really slow down now, even for a trainee, that's too much, you're making a whole slew of this double thing. sighs that fine, I'm gonna have to try to slow down in sha Allah for today.

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To just really get into what I want to discuss with you in sha Allah London next few moments that we have with each other.

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My topic for you, is titled The poor and depression and anxiety, really and truly what poor n has to say about these problems, I'm actually not going to speak to you about depression itself or anxiety itself. You need somebody professional, somebody who's qualified to discuss those topics. And I'm not one of them. What I can do in sha Allah hota Island is kind of give you a glimpse of how portal and teaches you and I to get control over your feelings. You know, we live in a time right now, where hundreds and 1000s of Muslim families deal with the crisis of a mother or a wife, she wakes up and she feels absolutely miserable. And she'll come and say to you, I don't feel like bringing

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pleasure today. The husband he'll say to you, I don't feel like going to the message. But I know I have to. I know I should. So people have lost a lot of joy and happiness in their life, not just with Islam, but just in life in general and how you talk and you deal with one another. I'm sure a lot of you probably sitting here actually have those feelings.

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There was probably days in your life. And those days still probably continue today where you wake up. And you look at your your spouse, your husband and your wife, and you don't even want to talk to them. You don't want to say a word to them. And they're standing there. Miskin, you know, husband is like, what's wrong with you today? And she says to you, you're ugly.

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You know, and you're like, What are you talking about? You married me? Yeah, but today you're ugly for no reason.

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And you're thinking to yourself and that attitude that feeling you know what happens? It starts carrying over into your religion into your a better with a lustful kind of without. So before you know it, you know what you feel like when you're praying salah and you're standing behind the Imam and he's crying his tears out installer, but you're just miserable. And you can't wait for Salah to finish what's really happening in you and how are you going to get control over those feelings? those thoughts, the worst of which lead to depression and anxiety. So what's what this quarter and have to say about all of this? What does Allah azza wa jal say to you and I to solve this? I want to

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start off and shut Allahu taala by saying to all of you that I am only going to discuss two verses in the poor end in total hedger. It's actually the last two verses of sorbitol hedger.

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But I want to recite to you at least three or four of these verses and I say to you recite, because part of your journey to getting control over your feelings, to be able to make proper decisions in your life to feel joy and happiness about everything and everything that comes in your way is going to be the recitation of end. If I can use the term correctly. This is going to be the real music to your ears. It's going to be the real rhythm and the thing that starts to bring comfort to you. And that's all I want to achieve. Insha Allah hotevilla So here you are. You feel miserable.

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parable about something or many things in your life. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam felt the same way with all the machinery Kuhn around them. Imagine just one brother, this one men, is amongst hundreds of disbelievers. And everybody's pointing at him and saying, Tim, you're crazy. You don't know what you're talking about. You're foolish. You're this and you're that and they threatened his life and try to assassinate him all because of his message. So he starts to kind of going to his own state of depression and anxiety, he starts feeling horrible and miserable. He's a human being. So he has these feelings. Listen to what Allah azza wa jal said to him.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 94 in Surah Al

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Kala hota either

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are all O Billahi min ash Ponyo Raji me

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me line here

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FOSS there have been no arrow

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key in

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dunsey mean nothing Xena Chara Luna Mara law he

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won a

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narrow Lambo

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Kirby my

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son God,

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world Budo Vanka

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tn Can you help me?

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So here he is.

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He's feeling as though the whole world is collapsing on his shoulders.

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You feel the same way, in your circumstance in your life, with your family, with your friends with your community, something in your life is making you feel the exact same way.

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Allah azza wa jal said to him, and we're just gonna go right into the second last verse.

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Allah set to His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, wala na.

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O Mohammed, we have knowledge and we know exactly how you feel, pause, see what just happened.

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A number of things just happen here a whole series of things just happen. The first of which Allah recognized there was a problem for him. He didn't say What's wrong with you? He didn't say you're a prophet. He didn't say, Look, you're a Muslim. He didn't say it. You know, you should never feel depressed. What's wrong with you? You know, you're Muslim, you have alanya quarter? And how could you feel that way? You shouldn't be feeling so depressed and so sad. And this and that. Allah said, well, aka Netherland. We have knowledge, we know. And it's there, we recognize it. So the first thing is to try to get control over yourself and to start feeling good about your life. And the

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decisions you make is you have to recognize when you fall into a problem, when you start getting these feelings. You recognize the reality of them and you say yes, you know what? Yeah, I do feel upset. Yeah, when I prayed. This morning, I felt miserable praying, I couldn't wait for it to finish. Yeah, I do have that. The second less than you get from this one phrase, is Allah use the plural form when he talked about himself? He didn't say what occurred RLM. He said what occurred now? We have knowledge, we understand who's talking about scholars, they say two things is happening here.

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Number one is Allah azza wa jal is, is referring to himself in a mighty and majestic manner. This is the honorable, this is the great this is the mighty and the majestic Allah azza wa jal. So it's befitting for him to refer to himself in the plural form. The Queen of Elizabeth, when she gives a speech She also says the same thing she says We the People, which she's talking about herself and the people so Allah azza wa jal is doing the exact same thing. It's raising his status raising his honor in front of all of us. The second thing that's happening

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is Allah azza wa jal is telling you when you have this feeling when you're going through this problem,

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me, Oh Allah.

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And by angels we know what you're dealing with. Allah is the commander in chief and the angels execute his command. He creates it commands it, and the angels do the do the groundwork for him. So Allah azza wa jal says, all of us, we know me that I'm above all of you, but also the angels amongst the view, we have knowledge of what you're dealing with, when that kid who memorizes poor and you see in the West, we have this phenomenon that's a hamdulillah. It's not as widespread as we as people think it is. But it actually exists, where you would have a child who would go and memorize or n and go to the Sunday school, and he'll grow up and he'll lead the Sala in the massage it and

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he'll do the Torah, we then he goes off to college, guess what happens to him. One of those Christian groups or those Bible groups take a hold of him and they start teaching them and start telling them about their theories and philosophies about life. And you know, what happened to that I kid who memorize for an who got the Islamic trading in your home? They come up one day and they say, you know what, that?

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I don't know if Islam is really right for me.

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You know, what, mom? This hijab thing. It's just the choice. I can't see it. In the core end. People say it's there, but I can't really see it. I don't want to wear it anymore. And you're thinking to yourself, what just happened here? So Allah azza wa jal says, we know this problem that you're dealing with. Continue.

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Allah describes the problem. And natca your reposado Rue cabbie, Maya Kowloon, or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we know this problem is there. And we know that inside of you, you feel as though somebody's taking the life out of you. In the West, we say, I don't know if you guys say the same thing here. When you have butterflies in your stomach. You know, you feel like you can't swallow your food. Because you just want to cry, you just want to scream, you're so bottled up with emotion. And probably you don't know who to talk to anymore. You feel like your life is all just one big prison. So you can't swallow you can't breathe that well. And this is just your feelings talking

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to you at this point. Allah is saying, y'all do saduak yield equals further look, you know what kind of picture this is. Think of somebody that takes a wet rag or a wet cloth. And they squeeze that wet cloth. So somebody is literally squeezing the inside of your stomach. And that's how you feel. And Allah azzawajal says, We have knowledge of exactly what's going on inside of you. Maybe you can talk to no one. But we know, we understand.

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I want to just share with you one very important point of what's happening here. Do you notice that you're the person who has these problems? Do you notice that you're not alone? This is the worst thing to do when you have these problems. people when they get depressed, what do they do? They run into their bedroom, they go underneath the covers, and they just said I just want to be alone. I don't want to talk to anybody anymore. A lot. so jealous. They know. We are here. We're standing here for you. We know what you're dealing with. We're right here. Come and talk to us. come and speak to us turn to me. I know that feeling that you can't describe to anybody I know that it's

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happening inside of you. So listen to what Allah azza wa jal said.

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And NACA yo Dee Posada, rock, be my your kulu what they say about you or Mohammed, you notice that Allah didn't say be my Fr. Lune. Allah didn't say what the Muslim are doing to you. So if people stare at you, because of the way you look, they laugh at you, because of the way you talk. They scrutinize you, because of the practices and choices you make a lot. So until this thing, those are the things that are going to get inside of you and hurt you and mess around with your feelings and your thoughts. Those are the things that are going to bother you more than as opposed to just people just looking at you. It's when somebody comes up to you and saying, I see you're growing a beard. So

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what else about all that hair, you know, start doing the you know, the 45 minute beard thing that the kids do today. They do that? The thread or the the pig beard, I forget what it's called. But basically it's a string and you literally it's like Jihad feast, the viola that when you're in front of the mirror to get this thing done. So that's what they're doing. And you're spending all of this time just so that you can achieve a little bit of the Islamic thing, but at the same time, you don't have to listen to what people say.

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say to you, Allah azza wa jal is saying these words are the things that are going to bother bother you the most. But here's how to fix the problem now. So we recognize that something is there. B now you're Kowloon, we recognize people are saying things to you, people are doing things to you. So how do we solve it? Listen to what Allah azza wa jal told you to do.

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First sub Bish be hemmed your Robic.

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A sub dish behind the Arabic Allah azza wa jal said, and make tests be or praise or remembrance or victory to Allah azza wa jal behandelt Arabic

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Now just pause for a moment before we look at that second part of the Allah said make tests via you know, tests B comes from the word Subbu. Subbu. Ham means to acknowledge that Allah azza wa jal,

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all of his qualities, all of his attributes are be fitting to him and there is no deficiency in him. subpanel What Allah that's what has to be is that's why when you say Subhana, Allah Alhamdulillah Allah, Allahu Allah, you're doing all of these. So what you're doing is you're affirming that Allah azza wa jal has no deficiency in him. Why is that so important? When you're going through these problems with your feelings? Listen to the psychology of this eye and what it's trying to teach you and I, Allah azzawajal is saying to you, that when you're in this state, and you can get control over yourself, the first thing you should do is start moving your tongue.

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A lot didn't say go and pray. A lot didn't say go and make dua, Allah azza wa jal didn't say go and read the code. And the first thing Allah said is whatever state you're in, you hid under the covers, and you're all by yourself. The first thing you should start doing is start calling upon Allah and make disappear Subhana Allah, I handed in law, a stuff it'll La La Ilaha Illa La, La hawla wala quwata in the in the Allah says, start moving your tongue, pause for a moment. You know, when somebody goes through these problems in their life, it's really, really upsetting. It's really, really depressing. You feel sad, and you feel horrible. Now, when you're going through these

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Do people normally want to use tests B, or F car during these times? It's very difficult to do that. It's very difficult to say to a person who spends most of their days crying to say to them, you know, what just makes us be remember Allah make up this person can't even swallow their food properly, and you're gonna go and say to them to do this, it's very difficult for them to do that. So what is Allah as though agile, really saying here? Allah is saying, for you to make test, be,

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in a positive way, be optimistic about your situation, know that I am here and I'm listening to you and I have knowledge of your situation. I know what's going on. So I want you to start to praise me and start thanking me and start making this video to me. You're going through a miserable time, what are you thanking Allah for? you're thanking Allah azza wa jal for putting you through that you know why?

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Because now the process has begun for you to start analyzing and thinking about the choices you make in your life. You see, people always ask the question, Why do bad things happen? Why is it that bad things happen to people? And some people they say, Well, it's because Allah is the widow wants to test you so you become a better person. That's actually not the primary reason why tests happen to us. Allah as the Magellan stewards of Baccarat describes a number of different tests. You guys all know the ayah while in evolution, Nakanishi, Amina Kofi will Jory Wanaka seminal Amma until the end of the ayah. Allah is going to test you by striking fear and hunger taking away money well, and so

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on from you. Now you're losing all of these things. You're going through a tough and a difficult time in your life. What did Eliza just say to you? Well, best shooters Slavia team, congratulations Masha, Allah, Allah, you are amongst the people who have patience.

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You're congratulating me because I just lost my son. You're congratulating me because I just lost my job. You're telling me all of these good things. Now you're telling me to be happy about this. The reason why you're doing that is because the reason why you're going through these problems in the first place is a lot doesn't want your life to be miserable. Allah wants you to learn to be patient in your life. The reason why you're in that relationship, and you were hoping to get married to her, but two days before the kneecap, you guys have been engaged for like a year.

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Two days before the Nick actually calls you and she's like, I think you're ugly, and I don't want to get married to you anymore.

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This ugly thing keeps coming up. So she says, I don't want to get married, I don't feel right. And you're thinking to yourself, what did I do? What's wrong? Man, I just don't feel I don't want to get married anymore. The engagement is done. Then a calf is done.

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And you're thinking, Oh, Allah, why are you doing this to me? Why are you putting me through this pain? That's not the reason why that happened. You were in that one year engagement because a love wanted it to finish. So you learn how to be patient in your life. You can have it all. So Allah is saying, but step back behind Europe big because not all the time in your life. Things are going to be a status quo. Things are always going to be going as planned. some point in your life, you're going to plan things, you're going to make choices, you're going to be forced to do things you're going to be forced to accept things and you can't do anything about it. What you have to do is you

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have to always make sure you make this vehicle to Allah azza wa jal, and thank him because it's a wake up call. It's a wake up call for you. Just think about what choices you have in your life. So brothers,

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sisters, if any of you are dealing with this right now, solving this problem right now is you have to stop and start thinking about you as a person.

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Don't think about your whole marriage. Don't think about your children. Don't think about the house. Don't think about the job. Start thinking about me, Fatima, me, Mohammed. Me, so and so. What am I doing wrong?

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Did I pray hedger on time in the last six months? How many times have I done when was the last time I worked for and when was the last time I praise the line and make sure our team for absolutely no reason I just wanted to praise him that it continues. Now that you've got your tongue moving. Allah Zilla gel says what cool minutes? God this is the second solution to getting control over your life again and feel good about yourself. Allah says and be amongst the people who make such death and prostrate Allah didn't say what Komal Pol II mean or Kumar rock here in Allah azza wa jal didn't say and be amongst the people who are making a little coup or standing in prayer. Allah singled out to

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Jude why.

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When are you closest to Allah azza wa jal in such there. So what is the love calling you to Allah for him, it's not enough that you just remember him. Allah says, Don't just remember me, but get close to me. Get near to me. Think about me each and every moment of your life. Remember me through the difficult times through the good times, remember me so that when you do call upon me for something I'm going to respond to you.

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Imagine you have a friend that you meet, and you only know him or her for about two or three days. And they come up to you and they say,

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they say, brother, can you lend me 12,000? TT dollars? And you're thinking to yourself, I just know you for like three days. What are you talking about? I'm not gonna lend you 12,000 tt dollars. But your best friend who you've known for five or six years, they come up to you. And they say, I want to borrow 10,000 tt dollars. Who are you more likely to give money to the person you're well acquainted with? So Allah azza wa jal is saying, Look, when you get when you come to me, stay with me and stay close to me, just like how you do when you're in sujood. Because when you do call upon me, at any spontaneous moment of your life, when you do call upon me, I'm going to be here and I'm

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going to be willing to give you I'm going to be here and be willing to respond to you. I don't want you to call me when you're going through rough times. I want you to call upon me even the good times in your life, I want you to have a relationship with me. So Allah azza wa jal says, and be amongst the people who are in such depth. So what just happened? You worked on your tongue, you started moving your lips, your tongue is moisten now with Allah's remembrance. Now it's time for action. So go and start praying. I can't tell you enough. How much prayer, how important it is for every single human being, especially you and I. Prayer is like the seed to every ounce of goodness in your life.

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It's the seed that you plant. If you ever want to achieve goodness in every single factor in every single part of your life. It's going to start off with color almost every single time.

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When Allah azza wa jal discusses a problem in Quran, if he's dealing with the monastic wound if he's dealing with jihad is dealing with machico he's dealing with problems your feelings, almost every single time Salah is mentioned after Allah will tell you to go and pray Allah will mention the rock here and Allah will mention Salah something associated with prayer is mentioned. So be amongst the people who have such the the sense of the last message Allah leaves you with. Welcome mina surgey Dean Lara Budo Rob back

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to kalliopi. Allah azza wa jal says and worship your master, Allah didn't say why would need Allah didn't say worship Me, a lo said worship your master wife, the language of here the structure of this is real powerful, because Allah is saying to you that regardless of how you feel, and how things are going in your life, I'm your Rebecca, and you better not forget that I'm your master and I'm in charge. So don't think it's the community that's destroying you don't think it's your husband or your wife that's destroying you. Don't think that's the people around you, that's destroying you. I'm the one that still has control at the end of the day. Oh Mohammed Sal, Allahu Allah, he was

00:26:12--> 00:26:23

suddenly I don't think it's the mushroom that are doing this to you don't think it's the forest, don't think it's your enemies that are doing this to you. At the end of the day. I still have control.

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Tomorrow, I'm going to give you a glimpse in sha Allah, what's happening to those brothers and sisters and Philistine, Syria and Burma, all over the Muslim world. And perhaps give you a perspective of really how to view and understand how all of this is happening.

00:26:41--> 00:26:59

how all of this is happening? Why is this happening to brothers and sisters in Palestine? Why is it happening to the believers, the chosen people of this world? Why are they going through all of this? There's a hidden secret and that secret Allah azza wa jal gave it to you in court and which I'll share with you tomorrow in sha Allah.

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Welcome Mina surgery in wearable Dora back. Imagine you tell a brother who's crying a sister who's crying you say go on being such then go and pray. They start praying three or four months later, the same problem happens again. And before you know they fear miserable all over again. How confident are they going to feel about Salah? How confident are they going to feel that that solution is working? So you know what a lot so adjusted? A lot didn't say stop now. Okay, and find something else. Allah says, at least worship me. At least do something in your life. At least read some around at least listen to some Quran at least be around good people have good friends make good choices, do

00:27:40--> 00:27:43

something in your life that's positive.

00:27:44--> 00:27:45

When does all of this stuff

00:27:49--> 00:28:36

happen to Kelly our pain? Until the ultimate truth comes to you? One of the terms used to describe death in quarter n, a lot calls it yaqeen certainty. It's going to come to you and you can do anything about it. Why didn't Allah say hetalia? to remote? Why didn't Allah set until death comes to you? Why didn't Allah mention death by its title? Why did he use the European here? Think about the person who's going through depression. Think about the person who's going through anxiety. The last thing you want to say to a person in that state is start talking to them about death. Because you know what's happening today, people who have depression, and they don't get control over it. As

00:28:36--> 00:28:43

a matter of fact, it begins to escalate and they lose control over that over it. They it eventually leads them to their deaths.

00:28:44--> 00:29:22

So Allah doesn't want to put that in your head. A lot doesn't want you to even think about that. Just know that when you change your life, don't do it because you have a sickness, and now you've gotten the treatment and it's all good. And you go back to status quo. Allah says make it a life changing promise that when you make better choices, and you start praying and you start building a proper relationship with your Creator, don't stop until you leave this world. You're going to change for life. Now. You're going to do this, and you're not going to choose the Quran as just your treatment. You know, as people they come up to me all the time.

00:29:24--> 00:29:29

And they asked me brother Muslim, I have an exam tomorrow. What's the ayah in the Quran? That's going to make me pass

00:29:31--> 00:29:32

over them Muslim.

00:29:34--> 00:29:52

I have a fever. What's the idea that's gonna cure it better than this medicine the doctor gave me and that's what they that's what Quran was for them. And so Allah azza wa jal is saying that when you make this promise, you have to struggle for the rest of your life to do this. Don't use poor as just a treatment.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

Even allies villages told you fella maca, Chef Nan hobo, Moroccan Lamia, Dona Isla de

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Remember, when we healed their problem when we cured them of that depression, that sickness, those issues in their life, when we started building their life and they started gaining happiness again, guess what they did.

00:30:13--> 00:30:31

They went back to square one. They became ungrateful. When you were in the hospital, you were remembering a lot day and night, the day you were released and your health was 100%. Again, what happened to you a lesson you just went back to your good old life once again.

00:30:32--> 00:31:18

That is the most scariest thought you can think of, of how to use for end, I'm going to be talking about this insha Allah further tomorrow, but if they later Allah, or brothers and sisters, I hope that at least these last two verses and sooner that gives you a glimpse for you to get control over your life. Just start feeling good about yourself to start feeling good about the choices you make. If you're rich, or if you're poor, if you're sad, or if you're happy. If you're with companion or you're have company or you're alone, it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, you can say I am proud to be Muslim. I am proud that Allah chose me and I'm proud that I wake up every single day and

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have another chance to continue bettering myself on becoming a better believer in this world. Why? Because the European is slowly creeping by.

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in Mecca, cara de Haan ILA Rebecca Callahan, from Ola p, you're just on this conveyor belt

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candidate, you're on a conveyor belt, and you're just moving forward, you can press the button to turn it off or slow it down. If you turn backwards, or if you face that way, you turn this way. Guess what? The conveyor belt still keeps going forward, and eventually, you're gonna die.

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So you continue to worship me. Continue to worship alive. So again, until that moment comes to you. Death is not something that if you're sitting and you're like watching a movie, or you're chilling out eating doubles, and that will be like, Oh, wait, you're eating doubles, don't kill, come back on jomar was your institute.

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When it's there, it's there.

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And you can stop it and you can do anything about it. So brothers and sisters, if you're not doing it already, at least for this weekend, revive your heart. This conference is called revival of the oma puts them energy and juice back into your hearts again, and start feeling good about yourself and start recognizing that you are a chosen person in this world. Allah didn't create you in vain for no reason. You have a purpose to be here and you have a you have the right to feel good about yourself and to feel happy about yourself in sha Allah. And with that, I conclude brothers and sisters. And I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to wipe away those tears of sadness and replace them with

00:33:02--> 00:33:48

tears of joy. And ask Allah azza wa jal for anybody who is sitting here who's struggling with the religion to make it the strongest thing in your life. Allahumma amin and from my heart to all of you brothers and sisters, Trinidad May Allah subhanho wa Taala Bless you all for all the goodness that you have inside of you and in your hearts and in your family. While lucky I never thought I would say this, but I absolutely love this country. I absolutely love the people here. I absolutely love the atmosphere. I just took a tour in the bizarre area and the reception and the kindness and the smile and the peoples of panela there's something very special about you people don't lose sight of

00:33:48--> 00:33:58

it. And make sure that in shout Allahu taala once you have that goodness inside of you continue to feed that thirst and continue to feed it with the remembrance

00:33:59--> 00:34:07

of Allah azza wa jal May Allah azza wa jal Bless you all I thank you was said Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh