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Nouman Ali Khan
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to amazed by the Koran a series in which I try to share with you things I find amazing about the Quran. Continuing on the subject of plurals. This is the last session I'll have with you guys about plurals. I'll actually have a further conversation with you about skies. I mentioned this in a previous session, where I talked to you about the difference between Skype and Skype. And I told you that sky in the Quran is actually limit is limitless. Whatever lies above is summit and a limited term is somewhat there are two IR that are very similar in the Quran, one belongs in the third Surah Al Emraan. The other belongs in the 57th

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surah Hadid now read the iron Arabic And I will also translate it for you, Saudi Arabia was was Saudi Arabia Rama, Rama Rama comb, Jonathan Alberto has somehow to one or hit that limit.

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rush rush to the remembrance or to the forgiveness from your master. rush to forgiveness that comes from your master and rush towards a heaven agenda garden. Who Scott whose size is the skies and the earth I'd like you to remember this part. The what is gender size compared to heaven size compared to the skies plural, the skies and the earth. It has been prepared or a little more clean for people who are cautious. Okay, so in this ayah what is the size of gender compared to it is the size of the skies and the earth and I'm reminding you again, skies are limited. Skies are limited. What's unlimited summer sky, the singular is unlimited because it's whatever lies above, it's not limited

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to seven. Now.

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The other is this belongs to Hadid sabi qu a llama filati model, embrace the previous I said rush. This one says race to forgiveness from your master. Well, Jonathan Aloha, and a garden who sighs got out of this summer he will have is something like the size of whatever lies above and the birth weight. One was the size of gender that you should work for is equal to the skies plural. This one the size of gender is close to it's something like the size of whatever lies above the sky, meaning the big The sky is bigger this time. The sky is bigger this time. It's whatever lies above. So how can one generalize compared to a smaller space and the other genders compared to a bigger space? How

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does that work? And the other one, it wasn't equality. In other words, its size is the sky The size of the skies in the earth. This one is in size is nearly equal to whatever lies above but not quite. It's not equal. Okay. The awesomeness of these IOD First of all, is that one Jana was prepared for multitasking for people who have Taqwa, people who are God conscious. And it's not the only quality and levena unifi una fissara eva Dora, the people of God consciousness who spend when it's easy and when it's difficult. Well, Kathy Mina life and people who suppress their anger while Athena and in us and people who pardon others lovingly, whoa, will love you. And Allah loves those who accept

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women. So this journal has been prepared for the God conscious, who spent when it's easier difficult, who also suppress their anger.

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And lovingly pardon people and Excel.

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Is that everybody?

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That's actually a very limited number of people. I mean, you could be God conscious, but not spend. But being unconscious, and being someone who spends or maybe spending secretly and openly Well, that's even less number of people. On top of that, okay, your God conscious you spend and you suppress your anger. Now, there's a less lesser group of people. And on top of that, you pardoned others, you know, willingly and lovingly, whoa, that's even a lesser group of people. And on top of that, you excel in everything you do, oh, that's a really limited number of You got it. Now, when he talked about that gender, you know what he said?

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It's gender is actually lesser in size, because you don't need that much space for those lesser people.

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And actually restricts the population that will enter the agenda. So some are disguise. But the second General, he said that it can be compared to a much larger sky, the sky, everything that lies above, it's much bigger. So I asked myself, wait, so the second gender is being compared to much bigger real estate.

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If it's more real estate means there's got to be more people in it. So who is this you're not prepared for it? Listen to this carefully. He says that li la Vina amanu Bella, he wore a suit he it has been prepared for those who believed in Allah and any or all of his messengers. No other condition.

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No other condition. Compare the conditions in the first jhana. And what do you find people that are already awesome because they're both ducking, then they're super awesome on top of that, because they spend in their chariot.

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When it's easy and when it's hard, you know, when it's open or private or public. Then on top of that, they forgive and they suppressor Oh my god, these are amazing people.

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They have special real estate, but much wider doors of heaven have been opened. And the only condition God places on these people as so long as you believe in Allah and His messengers, look at the word messengers. Because you know what that does, that opens the door to everybody from other Malay Salaam to now anybody who believed in any messenger

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it's so broad. Now when you appreciate that then you start realizing that Allah has actually opened the gates of Jenna pretty wide in this next ayah like it seemed when you just study the eye of Allah Miranda, the gates are open for a limited group. But in this IR the gates are open far and wide, so wide open. That's a huge favor from realizing it. In other words, what I'm trying to get out to you is in the eyes of Allah and Ron, Allah has done us have given us requirements for heaven, but in the eye of the Allah has done us a favor like nowhere else. a much bigger favor. Look at the perfection of Allah speech, something he says in Hadid. He does not say in Milan, he says valleca Fahd La La

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Jolla, de Masha, Allah Who told him that is the favor of Allah, He gives it to whoever he wants, and Allah possesses the ultimate favor,

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the ayah in which he did humanity a bigger favor, by not putting hard restrictions on heaven.

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He ended the IRA by saying, that's the favor I give and I can give whatever favor I want. I possess all the favors, because human beings here that I say, No, no, but you should put more conditions on people.

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You should have more restrictions. You shouldn't just give them You shouldn't just tell them this part. There should be more things that are said and they pray and they do this and they do and I'm not saying you shouldn't do any of those things. But Allah is opening that door because he wants to give hope. You know what I'm reminded of. I'm reminded of a famous saying of the Prophet slice of them famous incident in the life of the Prophet slice on a guy comes to the prophesied sentiment says, oh, by ruka Allah salata in a sock, so awesome. He says, I'm ready to pledge my allegiance to you. pledging your allegiance to the Prophet means accepting Islam. I'm ready to pledge my

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allegiance to you for two prayers. How many prayers were supposed to pray? Five companions are sitting in this company, homeboy shows up and says, I'm ready to be Muslim, but I ain't going to give you more than two.

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The profit size of them says, that's fine. pledge your allegiance.

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The companions are in shock, like

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five is a pretty big deal. You're not supposed to. How did you let that go and the guy went off happy. Got it.

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And as soon as I saw him, describe to them that once he tastes the sweetness of prayer, it will come to five himself.

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When you start worrying about controlling what he how people will grow.

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Allah has a plan for how people will grow. A line this is I just believe in a line is messenger and when that faith enters your heart, how that will grow into good deeds is natural. You don't have to restrict that. So don't make people hopeless from the beginning. Don't give too many requirements from the beginning. That's the beauty of this message. Allah gives people enough that they can get hope. And once they have hope they can improve themselves and they hold themselves more responsible, then they grow more than they hold themselves more responsible instead of alive, burdening everything on them from the beginning. Let them grow and mature so they can carry burdens on their

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own. This is the beauty of our religion. Just between these two is how Allah opens the doors to gender male large which will enter us into the highest levels of gender and allow us to enter through those wonderful gates barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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A must listen episode to understand the favor of Allah SWT upon humanity, believers and an amazing elaboration of the size of Jannah in two different ways in the light of ayahs from Surah Al Imran and Surah Hadid.

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