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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to the secret of the heart, all praises due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. And we seek the protection of Allah from the evils ourselves, and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide, I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped, but Allah alone, and I bear witness that Mohammed is his slave and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. This is a new episode of the secrets of the heart, this wonderful topic, as we are trying to uncover the treasures of a different world,

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the world of the heart, we were trying to discover as well the rules that govern this world. So hopefully, we will be able to place our hearts in the right position. So they guide us to the wading into paradise. And they paved the way to us to secure our place there in Paradise, along with the righteous ones, along with the prophets, along with the martyrs, along with the elite among the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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To do it, today, we are going to talk about a very important principle. And it's also one of the secrets of treating the hearts. There is a beautiful principle that we can find in the Quran. And fortunately Alhamdulillah, we can find it quite often in different writings of the early Muslim scholars, the fact of how to treat a certain problem.

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And this applies perfectly to the heart. In order to cultivate our hearts and elevate Eman and elevate the purity of our hearts, we need to do two things and these two things have to be done in order.

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The first thing to do with the heart, we have to cleanse our hearts first, from anything that is evil. So our hearts become vacant, and pure from that evil.

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After purifying and cleansing our hearts from everything negative, from everything harmful, then what we do, we bring what is good. So the good finds a clean place, and a proper position for itself. So it fits in perfectly. That's the right way of doing things. And this is the very famous rule that we find it in all aspects of Islam specially in the books of Philip. And recently, it's it's become very common in the field of Dawa, the scholars put it in Arabic In the following format they say Italia, Italia, they say that you have to remove the salt and other things. Other you know tastes other other any other substance that adds a taste to something you have to remove that so

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becomes neutral. Then after that, you add the sweet you add the sugar, so you get a pure, sweet taste, anything you're trying to make. And actually this is taken from the Quran. And also it's put differently as well. In especially in the books of Dawa, where they say artisphere complex tarbiyah first of all you have to purify, remove the harmful elements. And then after that, you add or you build on that. And this actually works in all aspects of life.

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Allah spirit Allah says in Surah Allah Ada

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married Allahu Allah, Allah. Allah does not want to overburden you. What can you really do? liotta hirakud? What do you think many metallicum Allah does not want to overburden you but allow us to purify you, first of all, remove the evil things that are in your hearts, in your minds, evil things that you have acquired alone, and the sins allow us to remove that first. What do you Tim any metal article then Allah wants to

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perfect his favor upon you. So this is the rule, the perfect tool in so many aspects of Islam. And this is exactly what the prophets of love Islam did. When he came to the people to the Arabs and to the rest of the world. The first thing he did, he said, abandon abandon all false deities. So you purify and you make the medium neutral. Then you bring what is

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avoid your idols shun them, get rid of them, and worship Allah alone. And actually, this is the foundation of Islam. Every person enters Islam by saying, in a llama, if we break this statement down, we say, La Ilaha, there is no god none worthy of worship, no one is worshipped in truth. So we have removed everything that is wrong, everything that is negative, then we bring the affirmation, which is the good in the law, we prove the reality and the main principle. So when the main principle comes, it finds a suitable medium, it finds a perfect, and a standard. And

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it's the perfect medium for it to grow. That's the rule that works is it as I said perfectly, in all aspects of life. And we have the same as well, for example, in architecture, in building construction, all of this, if you have an old building, and you are going to construct or erect a huge tower or a huge building, you can't build on the same foundations, you have to remove the old one, the old one, you have to get rid of it, because its foundations are weak, you have to remove it, then you build the new one. This this is exactly perfect with the heart. throughout our lives, we pick up some negative things, some wrong beliefs, misconceptions, wrong perceptions, about life

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about Allah about the reality of our existence, we pick up these things, sometimes unwillingly, sometimes subconsciously.

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So the way Allah subhanho wa Taala designed the heart is it's just like a cup. If you have in the cup, some dirt, something dirty, and you bring some pure water and you pour the pure water in the cup, you will lose that water and you will not get a clean cup of water. You have to cleanse the cup first, purify it, get it ready for the water, then you can pour yourself a glass of water. This applies perfectly as well to the heart. In order to cultivate our hearts. First of all, we need to remove any harm anything negative anything wrong from our hearts. So we have to address that first. Then

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we introduced our hearts, the positive aspects of Islam, the things that will strengthen our hearts. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala for example, sort of Toba says to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who would mean a morally him sada cotton superhero whom, what was the key him take from them, this academy obligatory is Academy obligatory arms, take it from them, by means of that, you purify them first, then you give them you give them zeca what is the cat as a cat in the Arabic language means multiplying to make something grow, to make something more abundant, this is the meaning of Zika. So it may means to increase something. So Allah subhanaw taala says that by paying this cow

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what you do first, you are purifying the hearts from inside. And then you are building your hearts, you're their hearts, you're building the goodness in the hearts. So this is exactly what we should do with our hearts. So the right formula is to increase in seeking forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala secretly repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala by means of this, you purify your heart from all the burden of the sense it's once it's removed away, your heart will feel more active Your heart will have more energy and will be more inclined to Allah. Allah so you find yourself more inclined to do acts of worship are more inclined to do goodness and that's the right time to do it. One of

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the great scholars of Islam the amount of knowledge Josie may Allah have mercy on him He's different from ignore a human Josie ignore Josie lived some time before an image Josie one day he was asked which is better for a person to seek forgiveness say stuff a little light stuff, a little light stuff a little light

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or to make remembrance of Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah which is better. He was a very intelligent person. He said, Well, forgiveness is that far is the soap of the sinners is the soap of the sinners. And the remembrance that Allah Allah all the vicar, the other Vicar is the sweets of the one who's full and this is a very intelligent answer. So he says if you are a sinner, if you have done so many sins, the best thing for you is to seek forgiveness. Keep making this the father stuff that will last for a lot. Why? Because you're cleaning your heart. You speak you're sweeping away all the dirt, all the heart

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That is clinging on to your heart. So once you, you're done away with that, and you have purified your heart, it's time now to do what to do liquor the victim will add more sweetness to your heart will build the goodness in your heart. So, this is a very important rule that we have to look at. And the last panels Allah has so has given us so many clues in the Quran, about the purity of the heart and about how to make zecca how to improve our hearts and improve the goodness in our hearts.

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For example, Allah subhanaw taala directed the believers in the Quran in solitude nor addresses the prophet SAW Selim wilhelminian a boom in Apsara him

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say to the believers to lower their to preserve and to protect their sight from looking at things that are forbidden and let them protect the private parts

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dyadic as calahonda this is you know pure for them. This will give them multiplied goodness.

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And this follows from the same rule. Once you keep your heart clean, you don't allow harmful ingredients harmful elements to enter into your heart. By lowering your gaze and protecting your private parts. Keeping away from harm alone will give us a Carola will give you an abundance of goodness, allow and increase human goodness there Luca as Ghana. This is better for them. And here is a beautiful secret that the ones who lower their gaze, the ones who do not allow their eyes to look at forbidden things.

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We'll try to see what are the

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what is this a cow what is the abundance of goodness Allah will give them in return. First of all, once you restrain your eyesight, unless penalty Allah will give you sweetness of a man in your heart. That's the first Zakah that's the first multiplied goodness Allah will give you Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, anyone who leaves something for the sake of Allah, Allah will give him in return a love of recompense him with something even better,

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as something far better than the sweetness of looking at something that you like, but it's harmful. The sweetness, Rios Allah will give you a better sweetness, which is the sweetness of a man. And actually this example about what is the multiplied goodness Allah will give us if we lower our gaze. And if we avoid falling into sin, this is something that we will have to talk about in one of the future episodes because it has to do a lot with the heart, especially when we talk about the link between the hearts and the other senses. The hardest place as we said, a very central and pivotal role in our lives. And once you get it right as the prophets of Salaam said, If you keep it intact

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at sound, then everything else will be intact and sound everything else will follow suit. So these this is one of the most important rules that we said. We have to keep repeating it, reminding ourselves of it. And hopefully, we will be able to reap the fruits of having a healthy and sound heart and the chop, and the apex. And the pinnacle of these wonderful fruits is being admitted to paradise. I asked a las panatela to help us purify our hearts and to give us multiplied goodness, and to help our hearts grow in goodness. Until we meet in a future episode with one of the new rules one of the new Secrets of the heart. I'll leave you in peace was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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