Nouman Ali Khan – 111 Lahab A

Nouman Ali Khan
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Rubbish actually sorry we're silly Emily looked at me listening carefully. Well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam o de sade mBiA. Well mousseline. What an early he was a minister Nebuchadnezzar he laomi Dean Allahu Medina Minh home wamena Latina Amanullah Amina Sati heart, whatever so before what I was for the sub menu, but I mean, inshallah tada we're beginning our study of pseudo lab. This is Surah number 111 of the Quran, we're reaching the end of the most have three more students to go after this one.

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And so that lab, as you all know, is one of the shortest rulers of the Quran and is dedicated to the historical accounts of one particular enemy of Islam, one particular cafe, Abu lahab and his wife. There are a few questions to be asked, that are that are of importance Allah has not dedicated a particular Sula to a particular enemy anywhere else. This is a very unique case in the Quran. There is no particular sutra dedicated by name to Abuja, Han, or to, you know, to access evolutionary or to you know, autobiography or other enemies of Islam. There are no solos dedicated to them in this way. So the question to be asked is why this special, you know, a special emphasis given to this

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particular enemy of his son. That's one question we're going to try to answer. Other questions that we have to deal with as the Dutch goes on, is, of course, the placement of this surah it comes after Elijah and also Allah, He will fight in the most half. And it is before sort of the last one who Allahu Ahad. So the way we'll look at some benefits of weird is placed in the most have, and how that teaches us some lessons. But we begin inshallah, with Allah with some historical background before we get into the textual background today and the coherence of the sola will deal with some things regarding the historical background of a Buddha himself who is this man, and who is his

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spouse? First thing is that this is one of the most famous people in Makkah, even before Islam, he's one of the most famous wealthiest people in Makkah. By some accounts in Sierra traditions, he's also the treasurer. So he's basically the treasury secretary, if you will, of that time, very famous, politically powerful, also a young guy, and he's also good looking. his actual original name is Abdullah oza. But his nickname is Abu lahab. And Abu lahab. lahab is actually a flame that flickers and gives off light, and it's read in texture. And this was a symbol of beauty to the Arabs. And they would call him Abu lahab. Oh, by the way, doesn't literally mean father in Arabic, necessarily,

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when someone is affiliated with something or associated to something, you can put a boo next to their name, like Adi Adi Allahu anhu, is lying on the dust and he's covered up in dust. So the messenger comes to him something Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and he says, Yeah, about Rob, literally meaning the father of dust. But what does that mean? you're covered up in dust, right. So similarly, you know, famous Sahaba, you may know, probably you do know by the name of Abu hurayrah, because he had a cat and he loved it a lot. So he's just always with the castle. He's called the father of cat in other he doesn't really father the cat. But the idea is associated with the cat. Now, a Buddha

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had this called this, this nickname he's given this name is because he had a reddish complexion in his in his skin. And he was considered exceptionally good looking like a flame that sticks out in the night. So he was given this nickname because of his good luck. So on the one hand, you have to appreciate he's a very wealthy man, very politically powerful man. And he's also considered good looking kind of like a celebrity of our times. You know, that's, that's his status. Plus, his lineage is very powerful. You know, there are two main, big tribes, there's the hashemy tribe, and there's the Omega tribe. And he is the grandson of Hashem. So he's actually got pretty high status,

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in terms of his family background also. And that's important to the Arabs, where you come from what tribe you belong to what background you have. That's also very important. Now who's the other person mentioned in the surah is his wife, his wife, whose original name is Anwar. She's actually the grandson of omega. So he's the grandson of one of the great tribe leaders, Hashem, and she's the granddaughter rather, of omega. So she's also a high celebrity from her tribe. So these two high profile celebrities are married to each other. So this is like a power couple. Right? Both of them are very famous, very, very politically influential. She

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actually goes around and when somebody messes with her, she says, know that I am the daughter of the leader of the tribe, you know. So she she flaunts the, you know, her status, her family background and people's face and she actually did that with the messenger to sallallahu sallam. Also her nickname was on Jimmy OMG. Another word Jamil in Arabic means beautiful home of course mother, but just like father is not literally understood as father. The word mother is also not literally understood as mother own Jamila was her nickname because she was known among the among the city as being an exceptionally beautiful woman. So these people these this couple, the the city, the people

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look up to them not only for their power, and their status and their family nobility, but also for their good looks. This is a this is your class, a celebrity couple, right, and they enjoy this status in society. Now. I will not have happens to be a particularly vicious enemy of Islam, particularly vicious enemy of Islam. And we're going to study what makes him so vicious little on but I'm going to give you some some hints of it for now. You know, it's one thing to be a mushnik which is a high enough crime to end you land you in hellfire. That's a bad enough crime. On top of that, to be a mushrik undercover and to be an enemy of the messengers and alarmism, you're already

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in a hole, digging even deeper, right. But even to be an enemy of the messenger similar time to go out of your way in hating and, and and being animal showing animosity to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, nobody went as far as a Buddha, no one. There is no other enemy of Islam that goes as far as Abu lahab and we should learn some things about his character you should know that he was the next door neighbor of the prophet Isaiah to Islam, they shared a wall and he knew when the you know in ancient days, the wall it's a wall but there's no roof. So you could you know, throw stuff over into the other person's yard. So when the when he would know that the messenger is

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reciting Quran or praying, he would throw trash and dead animals skin and filth over to the neighbor's to his neighbor to hurt him and cause him pain. And so the messenger I think sotto Salaam would cry out sometimes in like, in desperation, this is the right of the neighbor you fulfill. I mean, even in the Arabs, there was some sense of chivalry and nobility and dignity that you don't do this to your neighbor. But he would even cross that line. Also, you should know that he's the uncle of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the direct relationship. Not only is he the uncle, he's also the father in law, two of his sons are married to two of the daughters of the

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Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. So he's got a lot of relationship family ties to the messenger of a lion. By the way, when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam declared his his status as a messenger, and he declared that the message of Islam he had his sons divorced the daughters, and one of his sons, Otaiba actually came to the Prophet risotto Salaam and spit towards him, he didn't reach the spit didn't reach the province I sent him. But this was a symbol of great disrespect, that you come to someone and you spit in front of them, you know, towards their feet. And this is what he had done after he divorced the the daughter of the messenger RNA Sato Salaam. So when he did so,

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when his son split like this, the Messenger of Allah had made against him. He had made dog and now understand he's done two crimes, but one of them is, is not just against the dignity of the messenger, he's hurt the family of the messenger to sallallahu sallam. So when he does so the messenger makes against him, and what ends up happening and I wouldn't have heard of this door and he got very paranoid that something's bad bad's gonna happen to his son. Now, what does that tell you? It tells you that Abu lahab as much as he hates the messenger is still afraid of what? his dog so it's somewhere somewhere down deep down inside, he knows this is this man is speaking the truth.

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And allies on his side, because who's going to accept the Dora olara soldier, this ally is going to accept the dog. So what happens? They're traveling on a journey. And he puts special guards around the tent of his son. Right? And he put horses outside and stuff. So there would be enough warning because the dog specifically had to do it or like get him have him killed by one of your dogs that a dog that you've created. Right? So he was the messenger may already be killed by an animal. A lion comes in the middle of the night, passes through other animals that when you pass when a lion passes through other animals, what are those animals do? They cry out, they make noise. They weren't. No

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animal makes a sound, he makes it all the way into the tent and devours the son of a Buddha. So this is part of the fulfillment of the door of the messenger sallallahu sallam. This is a little bit of background but even going further, you should know something else about Abu lahab that we mentioned before. You know the messenger It started with Salaam lost a couple of sons early in their age and one of them is passing or the Allahu anhu. When the messenger and subtle surroundings is Qasim, Abu lahab. Here's the news. And he comes out of his house screaming and dancing. And he goes to the modulus the gathering of the leaders of Quraysh and he says batara Mohammedan

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You know the surah in the shiny aka who an avatar. avatar batara means to have your lineage cut off, to have no one to say your name after you because the only way your name would be repeated in the Arab tradition in the Arab culture was that you have sons that carry your name. Of course, the daughter goes to somebody else's family and their children carry their name. So your name can only be carried by sons. So when the messenger Elisa Salaam loses his son, he goes and celebrates. Now think about this for a moment. First of all, all animosity aside, he's his uncle. This is the death of a child in his own family. Forget everything else, what kind of a disgusting human being would do

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that. And by the way, even when enemies fight each other enemies are at each other's throats. When an enemy loses a child, you don't celebrate. You might even stop, you know, the battle and say, you know, I feel there's this part of nobility in battle. Nobody celebrates the death of a child, that you know, how despicable must you be. And to do that to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is like, you know, vicious upon vicious upon wishes of unwish. It's layer after layer of animosity. This is something special, this kind of hatred is not shared. This is not shared by any other enemy of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this on top, like I

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mentioned, of the fact that he happens to be family. This is the last place you would expect this kind of insane, you know, intense hatred. So this is why he's been given this special mention and a special punishment dedicated to him. When Allah azza wa jal mentions disbelievers will burn into Hellfire, he's included, but then ally includes him, especially, especially dedicating a surah to him, shows you the special anger Allah has towards this wretched human being and his spouse. So and we'll get to his spouse, you know, inshallah Allah a little bit later on. So this is some background. And going further in this background, I want to tell you that early on the messenger

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sallallahu sallam, when he was told to invite the people, he invites them to a dinner, he invites the leaders of pradesh to a dinner, he feeds them. And as he's feeding them, he tries to introduce to them this message. But when when he introduces this message, you may have experienced with dealing with rowdy guests. You know, he's giving them dinner, and he's trying to talk to them, what what do they do, they make a lot of noise, you know, they make a lot of ruckus. And they kind of disperse, they don't really listen. And they don't give the messenger a chance to speak on the lahardee send them you know, a little bit later on the messenger at least Auto Salon instructs it

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it'll be a lot more on who who's a child at the time to go invite the same leaders again for dinner another time. So this is the second invitation right? At the second invitation. These leaders have courage, they feel bad when last time we didn't listen and we ate his food and we didn't listen to him. This time around, okay, we're eating his food might as well give a chance to let him speak. So he speaks a lot more at a time and gives them an invitation to this Dean, and who speaks up a Buddha? And he asked a question, he says if I accept this religion, what do I get? What am I gonna get? So the messenger RNA Sato Salaam in forums and that you will have what everybody else has in

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this religion, you will be included among the believers and you will be in the paradise, you know what the rest of the etc, etc. and a messenger explains this to him? And he says, somebody has a Deen, this religion should be destroyed. I cursed this religion. And why does he say that dumping an akuna on our salah and fee.

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I would curse the idea that me and these people, even the guys next time, there's other leaders of punishing me and these people, if they accept we're going to be equal, curse that religion. In other words, he thinks of himself is so high. And so up there, he can think of anybody else next to him. And this was enough for him to curse the religion that the messenger was inviting him to Salalah holidays. And this is one incident. Then a little bit later on the messenger makes a public invitation. He rises, he climbs the mountain. And he says while sabaha and this is a very important thing to understand and learn from the seal of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the Arabs, they

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would go up the mountain. And they would take all of their clothes off. And they would scream laughs about how which means Oh, what a terrible morning is coming tomorrow. You know what that would mean? That would mean emergency. Now why would they take their clothes off? Maybe somebody can hear them screaming? But if you can hear them screaming from farther away, what can you at least see guys got his clothes off must be an emergency. This was their way of declaring a state of emergency. This was their mass communication. Now. The messenger RNA subtle Salaam uses the exact same means of mass communication that were already there but doesn't do what part? He doesn't do the shameless part. In

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other words, what we're learning is using mass communication is okay. But you remove from it, what elements the elements that are inappropriate, the elements that are shameless, the elements that are vulgar, you know, look at the parallels we have to that today. You have you know, it started earlier on when mass communication was just being born with

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With radio then moved on to television. And now we have web and you know all kinds of means of communication. And in all of these means of communication, there are elements of shamelessness. In every single one of them, there are very strong elements of shamelessness. But that in and of itself does not negate the value of these means of communication. The Internet does not become evil because it's being used for evil, because it can also be used for good, but our job is to separate the good from the evil. Our job is to, you know, to send the message of good without letting it mix with the evil this we learned even from the strategy of the messenger or the subtle salon. Anyhow, he invites

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them and he says well sabaha invites, you know when the messenger invites them, He gives them and you've heard the story many times enough to come and Ibiza has elgible Heineken, Heineken, Tomas, Aditya, if I told you that right behind this mountain, there are battle horses waiting to attack. There's another tribe waiting to attack you. Would you believe me? Would you accept what I'm saying to be true? They said yes, of course because we know you to be truthful. And this is how much they trusted the messenger sallallahu I didn't even send them that they would he asked them if I told you that would you accept? Yes, yes, we would. Then he makes open invitation to them as a messenger. And

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he gives them an invitation, you know, and he tells them, you know, letter mutanda kamatera Moon, you're gonna die that just like you go to sleep every night. And you know, from my latos law to Botswana, Kamata state, you're going to be raised again, just like you wake up every morning, there is a resurrection, you know, and you will be judged for every one of your deeds. So the messenger delivers this profound monologue. So Lola honey send them and of course, you know, we know this at the at this famous incident on Isla de la Han who accepts. But what happens? You know, after that Abu lahab gets up, and he says double luck. And he had a marathoner. We should curse you don't burn,

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meaning you should die a slow, painful death. And we'll come to the linguistic meaning a little bit later, he curses the messenger in this language, and he says, you gathered us for this. You wasted my time for this, I thought there was a real emergency. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is describing the day of judgment as a real emergency. And you better get ready for it. When he describes the emergency of a battle battle horses behind the mountain, that's a serious emergency to the Garfield. But when he describes the day of judgment as an emergency, what are you talking about? That's a joke to them. You got you're wasting my time with this stuff. Get out of here. And then you

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know, this one, this surah came down. So the word dub has been used on multiple occasions by Abu lahab. Now, once cursing the religion itself, now cursing the messenger sallallahu sallam, and in response, there's two occasions when ally responds, how many times is used up for that bet yada amela have been whatever twice response is equal, the response is justified. And when this ayah came down, a Buddha would make fun of it, because this guy was very sharp with his tongue too. And so was his wife. His wife was actually a poet. Right? She was a poetess. And she used to make a lot of sarcastic poetry. And she even made sarcastic poetry against the messenger Salallahu alaihe salam

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after this little was revealed, and we'll get to that little I'll share with you what she said. But before that, I will I have used to go into public gatherings. And he used to take out his hands because Allah says me his hands be destroyed. Right? That but yeah, I've been I've been my both hands have been destroyed. So this is the call of law mix. So he used to take out his hands and stare at them in public and sarcastically say, double nakoma May you be destroyed.

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He would do that. May you be destroyed. Then he says my rafiqul marchais. And I don't see anything in my hands. I don't see anything in YouTube. You know, when my opponent Mohamed Salah said he didn't say something we say something original. He says from what Mohammed said, I don't see any signs of what he said. I don't see how my hands are being destroyed. And he would trash talk like this in public. Can you imagine how Allah Allah has revealed in the worst warning that one of the scariest warnings in the Quran that Allah dedicated sutra, directly to the worst enemy of the messenger? You know, the extreme opposite of that is a sutra dedicated to Allah's mercy to the

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messenger himself sallallahu sallam, we studied this little already in American culture. So culture is dedicated to Allah's mercy to the messenger himself. Salallahu alaihe salam and the extreme opposite, the extreme opposite to him and he takes it as a joke. That even gives you an idea of how much he deserves this, this kind of a curse from Allah, Allah Tada. Anyhow, so he says the budget law system but yeah, I mean I have been whatever we have to explore the language a little bit more in sha Allah tala, the word tab is a past tense verb dub, and this is the feminine form that but the feminine is used because the hands in Arabic are considered feminine. In Arabic even nouns that we

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consider it in English you know, they're in English there's a he and she and an IT. In Arabic, there's only he and she even an it is given a feminine or a masculine gender, kind of like Spanish and Spanish also because of the Arabic instance

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In Spanish, nonetheless, not getting into the Arabic too much that but the feminine is used because body parts that are in twos like eyes and ears and feet, right and hands. These are considered feminine in the Arabic language, body parts that are singular, like your head or your heart and things like that. They're considered masculine. But paired body parts are considered feminine. So eyes are feminine, ears are feminine, hands are feminine, feet are feminine, etc. That's why Tibet is used. Now the past tense is used, which could be translated, both hands of Abu lahab were destroyed. You could or broke apart, right? They broke apart because I'm translating past tense. But

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the Arab used past tense for several reasons. One of them is when something is guaranteed. Nothing is as guaranteed as the past you know, the future is uncertain. I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow. But I know for sure what happened yesterday. The past is associated with certainty. So when you talk about something that will happen in the future, but it's guaranteed there's no doubt about it. It's you know how we say in English it's done deal. Right? It's done even though we're done this past tense, right? When you talk about something that's done deal, you use the past tense. So allies basics, basically saying his both hands being destroyed is a done deal it's done with it's

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guaranteed that it will they will be destroyed. That's one. The second is the past tense is used by the Arabs in ancient Arabic even today actually, to refer to a DA to a prayer, which is why in some translations, you will find may both hands of a Buddha have been destroyed. Now the word may meaning in the form of a prayer or even occasionally you can pray for someone or you could pray against someone you know in modern and even contemporary Muslim culture. Maybe even if you don't know a lot of Arabic you know a few catchphrases. You know a few phrases when somebody does something good for you. You say Jazakallah heighten you heard that before Zac Lohan and now it's commonly translated,

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may Allah reward you. But jezza is past tense. We don't say Zika la Hokkaido we say Jessie does is past tense, but it's understood in the form of a similar letter, but the other is Allah saying, may they be cursed, meaning allies placing a curse upon him guaranteeing it also, so Tabitha Avila heaven. So now the word once again, I translated it as destroyed, but it literally means to break apart slowly or to collapse, to collapse. Other words used in the Quran that are similar are in Fossella, in Cuba and Takata. These are different words used for destruction or breaking apart or collapsing or, you know, falling apart. But above this word, specifically dub is used when something

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falls apart, little by little, little by little, little by little, and it just keeps, keeps getting progressively worse and worse and worse until it's completely destroyed. That kind of destruction is called above. From it we get the verb the meaning of life is talking about Abu lahab not dying in immediate death. He's talking about him dying a slow and painful and painful and painful death heading slowly and slowly and slowly towards a worse and worse death. You know, like a car accident, immediate death, right or getting shot or spirit in the back in the day on the battlefield. Immediate that's HELOC, but above actually that was also used interesting, interestingly, by the

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ancient Arabs in the following, they would go to a woman and say a Shabbat.

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Shabbat Are you a young woman and Tabitha or are you being destroyed? They didn't say old woman they said being destroyed because they affiliated old age with you deteriorating slowly and slowly and slowly towards your destruction. The poet says going to shall burn fossil to tab and I used to be young and now I'm being destroyed. I'm breaking apart. He doesn't mean he's breaking apart. What does he mean he's getting old. He's getting old. So this idea of the human body deteriorating and falling apart and the limbs don't function the way they used to, and the back bends and the eyes don't work the same way anymore and the ears don't work the same way anymore, and you can't run

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anymore and you can climb anymore and your your physical abilities just collapsing slowly and slowly and slowly heading towards your demise. This was also called above. And Allah uses that word as a curse against a Buddha but we still haven't understood why both of his hands now let's look at some classical commentary on the meaning of the word dub, dub bet a hustle and meaning to lose to diminish to suffer loss, what above will hosana move the HELOC and it is a kind of loss that that goes progressively towards ultimate destruction that like we said, Now we're going to look at a couple of Quran that are just absolutely amazing. There are two other Ayat of Quran in which the

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same word for destruction or deterioration or collapses use from the same root as stabbed. One of them is one of alumna home whacking and fusa home

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on home and he had an idea to him and let the other owner mendola him in che la magia I'm Robic do home IRA that be the work that beep is from the same route as dub. Now let me tell you something about this is alleged talking about the machine akun and he says that we didn't wrong them however they wronged them.

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selves, volatile and fusa home family home, then their their false gods are the HUD to whom they did not benefit them at all. Now I want you to remember that Allah says in this ayah that they're false gods did not benefit them at all. Is there any mention of benefit in this surah also, you know in this the I just shared with you has that be the same kind of destruction at the end? And Allah mentions false gods not being benefiting at all. And in this Surah Surah Allah what do we find? Na, na same word na alguna and Houma Lu la casa his wealth did not benefit him at all, no matter and also not anything that he earned. Now in two IR where is the same route is used dub and that same

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route is used and in those both contexts, not coming to benefit as mentioned, but in one of them what is not coming to benefit false gods

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in the other one in Surah Allah what is that benefiting? Malou America has wealth or everything that he earns. So worldly worldly acquisitions, assets right. Now you tell me which of these is more comprehensive, when you say somebody turn to their wealth per benefit, instead of turning to Allah, wealth is one false god, wealth can be a false god. Right? But the other is where a lot so just says he had to home. Now early have false gods can include idols it can include, you know, people believing in profits to be the son of a law, they can they can include all kinds of false beliefs, right. So the word Alia is more comprehensive than just Mal. Mal is only one kind of false god but

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it is more comprehensive. Now appreciate the precision and perfection of words in the Quran. tubba in Arabic is the base form is you know, in Arabic, you have base forms, and you have powerful forms of a word. That word that comes from this dub, dub dub, that's the base form. If you give it if you give it I want to use contemporary language I'll say if you give the word steroids if you muscle it up and beef it up, then the word will become that be the Baba instead of the Bible's double up and become the Baba. That's even worse. If Tobias bad Baba is really bad, that Baba is really bad. Now, in Surah, Allah mentions one false god which is

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here in solitude, Allah azza wa jal mentions all false gods so which is talking about a worse scenario,

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the one in solitude. And so at the end, the destruction is also worse. Allah says that beep well now as I do, who might attack me that didn't increase them in anything except the worst kind of destruction, precision of language in the Quran, how to be was more powerful here, because it's more than just smile involved is alpha, alpha are involved. Another place where this is, you know, very powerful in the Quran, how there are these intricate intertextual relationships. I said, there are two other places where dub is used right, there's later on later, and then listen to this I want you to feel in love feet above the planning of fit our own fell into nothing but slow and steady

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destruction, the planning of fit our own and landed him in slow and steady destruction. Even though this is not a lesson on fit our own. I should tell you something about what this is saying. First, his plan to kill all the children in Egypt every other year, all the boys that that came to a fail because musasa is being raised in his own house. He is slowly raising his own death in his house, in his house. When husana his salon comes back. He doesn't kill him. He challenges him. He challenges him and musala salon defeats him in his court in the palace, humiliates him in the palace, slowly, you know, reaching his own destruction, then he gives him a few weeks. Eventually they will have a

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debate in the public sphere. Now, inside the court, it was embarrassing, but to bring it out in the public sphere, and then he forced all the people to come out. People were forced to come out and watch the final battle between Busan and the magicians. And people were being told, listen to the magicians listen to the magicians, images were trained, they collaborated with each other to try and defeat musasa. And the entire campaign was listened to the magician's. Slowly he's building for what he thinks is his victory. But what he's actually building for is his own destruction. Everybody in the nation is called is told the heroes of this nation are the magicians. What happens to those

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magicians when they get the biggest stage of all? They take Shahada and they tell the people on national television if you will, I'm unavailable. I mean, Robby masaharu, we have come to believe in the master of all nations and all people in all generations, the master of Musa and heroine, the Musa alayhis salam could not have found a larger audience to speak to, you know, who gave him that stage and set up the conference for him and then gave them the MC gave him the main platform who did that for him around. He set the stage his planning set the stage for his own

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Destruction, slowly but surely headed in that direction. But I want to tell you something really incredible in this ayah in this ayah is sort of the Prophet, Allah azza wa jal says while Sudan is Sabine and I'd like you to remember that until the end of this notice the words are was so Danny Sabine what you know what that means he was kept from the right path. He was obstructed a love cursed him in a way that he was no longer able to come to the straight path. Now this stubborn woman okay to fall in love hit up same IIT end. One dub comes from for a Buddha hub and the other tab is now coming for which individual phenomenon and what does Allah say about around he was kept from

00:30:44 --> 00:31:06

coming to Islam. He was kept from coming to Islam. And I want you to remember that until the end of this dose will will appreciate a miracle of Quran a miracle of Quran injustice is how Allah azza wa jal, you know, gives us a challenge in his book that you know, I'll be back and back and Danny Rahim Allah spoke about in great detail, but we'll get to that towards the end. Now.

00:31:07 --> 00:31:47

We deal we dealt with a phenomenon and the parallel between phenomenon and a Buddha have just now, but we're gonna go further and look at some more linguistic meanings of the word but before we go further, not an attempt but halachot one of the meanings of that but also to die violently. Carla McCarthy has a lot he also said to suffer loss. So now we're combining all of these meanings. Mattila ha but and to go bad and to goes you know, like food goes bad. You know, it gets sour and deteriorates. Right? And it gets like, smelly. That's also habit, you know, and so this is one of the other meanings of color. I don't want that and to go to waste. What cane soft rot mean cool

00:31:47 --> 00:32:26

Lehigh tuber also means to be completely void and devoid and emptied out from any good whatsoever while hustle Yeah, Dana, this is important and unless specified both hands because Allah said may both of his hands be destroyed bit above, Allah specified his both hands attributing them to destruction, the anacs Allah Imani yakushima because most actions are done with what hands so what Ally's saying is everything he does is gonna end up in destruction. Everything he does in life will be better have no goodwill and time into destruction. What penal meraviglia Dean nafsa who that it's also said by saying both hands it actually means is an Arabic figure of speech, it means himself,

00:32:26 --> 00:33:04

may he himself be destroyed, and he and everything he does in other words, the figurative meaning would be May he be destroyed slowly and May everything he does be also put to waste put to destruction. By the way, what does he do? He tries to destroy the mission of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that plan failed, and then he himself also is destroyed and we'll see how he comes to his death and how Allah fulfills this promise will cut you unbearable yet and enough's. And like I said, just now it may be implied that by saying hands You mean the person and Allah does this himself when he says Bhima Mata Doc, because of what your hands sent forward, Allah

00:33:04 --> 00:33:41

speaks to the person on the day of judgment and says, This is because of what your hands sent forward, meaning what you yourself sent forward. These are the deeds you did that you invested in, that you can reap the benefit from in the next life. So yeah, da da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da academic. These are expressions using the Quran for what a person does. So the two hands have that benefit. Now, other words, by the way, Justice vocabulary, those of you that are into Quranic studies, other words that are used for flame or a flicker in the Quran recently have a beautiful red flame, right? Other words are shoe off and no house and marriage and Sharon. These are other words

00:33:41 --> 00:34:22

in the language that are using the Quran to describe flames, but this is not the place for them. Now, another implication of why both ends of Abu lahab are mentioned when Amanda halakhah tiada, who made his hands be destroyed the unknown female Yahweh because it is narrated Ahava? Hey, john, hey, john Lee Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he grabbed a rock to hit the messenger and he sought to sue them so his hands were committing an act against the messenger RNA Sato Salaam sola cursed his hands. That's one of the narrations we find. This is commented on by as a machete in Alka chef anyhow. Now we come to this victory yet again. One more commentary before we move further about

00:34:22 --> 00:34:27

the hands who add new Idina who adonia who la Who?

00:34:28 --> 00:34:42

One of the meanings of saying both both his hands be destroyed his his Deen and his dunya and the the things he does beforehand and the things the first things he does and the outcomes of them when he ended the day in the general surgery man for our

00:34:43 --> 00:34:48

mother. Only human Salah will

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

smile smila the Arabs would say that your right hand is a weapon to attack and your left hand is there to defend like you can imagine a warrior right hand sword left hand shield and unless

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

Be both hands be destroyed. What does that mean? One he will not be able to attack two he will not be able to defend these are the meanings embedded inside me both his hands be destroyed, meaning the What good is a soldier in the battlefield. If he has no capability for offense and no capability for defense, both of them have been removed from him. Lima can Nauvoo Why did Allah give him a nickname? You know, his original name is Abdullah Rosa. And in Arabic literature when you give somebody a cornea, when you give someone a nickname, it's considered an act of respect. It's considered an act of nobility to give somebody a title other than the one they own. Now Abu Jihad was given that

00:35:39 --> 00:35:43

nickname as an as an insult because his original name was

00:35:44 --> 00:36:20

the father of wisdom, but because of his behavior, he ends up getting called the father of what ignorance right the super ignorant, but Abu lahab is actually a complimentary It was a compliment to him because it expressed his good looks, you know, others even say he was called that because he had a hot temper like a flame is heated. Right? So his good looks and his hot temper but nonetheless, this was sort of a compliment that was given to him. So the question is how come the Quran uses a compliment to describe him? And there are meanings benefits from it. The first benefit is what's his real name? His real name is Abdullah Rosa, the slave of Allah Rosa. Rosa is a false god. Allah does

00:36:20 --> 00:37:03

not dignify him by mentioning the false god that he worships. Why should a larger would have mentioned his false god and call him his slave because he's not really his slave? That's a false idea. His name itself is a lie. Nobody is the slave of oryza. That's not true that doesn't exist. So the first benefit is not even acknowledging the false belief that he carries. The second benefit is in a Nola McCallum and now we're Malou in an in an area that in that in the hub, you see, because he is from the people of fire, and Allah is going to put him in a flame that is also flickering red. Why not call him by his name because now his name has been given a new meaning when from now on when

00:37:03 --> 00:37:26

he's called Abu lahab. He's not called Abu lahab because he's got reddish skin and it looks good, but it's because he's gonna be in a lab forever. So the meaning that the the connotation of the nickname that's being used a lot changed it forever. subhana wa Taala and how do we know he changed it forever? sales law now run. Now if you say sales are not on it's enough to be thrown in a fire but I'll let him stop there. What did he say? That

00:37:29 --> 00:38:06

a fire that possesses a red flame? You like to be called by red flames? Hmm. You know what, you'll be known for it forever. You know, this is a lot as though it's an issuing sarcasm against this man. So anyway, um, but yeah, I've been I have been with them. And so you know, in Arabic like I said, when you say a boo something you're affiliated with it I will shout Sharif. And if you say the father of evil the guys just truly hate the father of good means a really good person, you know about so when Allah says Abu lahab it means this guy's all Forever and always going to be known for a flickering hot red fire. Now

00:38:07 --> 00:38:11

debattista avina have we talked about but what's missing? What?

00:38:12 --> 00:38:51

There's What up at the end, and a welder up with any cover? What does that mean? The first part is Allah issuing a curse against him. May his hands be destroyed. That's made happen. Now when you say may Something happened, may you benefit, may you get better, no guarantee if it'll happen or not. When you say me, the next part what dub and he is he was in fact destroyed, it is as good as done. In other words, first and less has made happen, then it's guaranteed what that but and it will, it's bound to happen. Again, I mentioned how the past tense is a guarantee. So Allah has guaranteed that it's bound to occur. Remember how used to make fun of it. Now, let me tell you something about the

00:38:51 --> 00:39:27

character of a bulldog. This guy was scared to fight. You know, if Abu Jihad believes in the nobility of his tribe, he believes in the sanctity of Quraysh. He wants to fight the messenger sallallahu wasallam because he thinks he's fighting for a higher cause the dignity of the tribe, he's even willing to go out to bother and fight. Abu lahab doesn't go to bother. A Buddha was too scared. You know what he does? He's a wealthy guy. So a lot of people owe him money. So there was this mercenary, this warrior that owed him money. So he tells him, Hey, you want to pay me back? Go fight for me. Go fight on my behalf and the guy got killed.

00:39:28 --> 00:40:00

He wouldn't even fight himself. Not only is he a wretched enemy, he's also a coward on top of that. Now, how does he come to his death? What is mentioned what is narrated about him is he developed a very serious disease, very serious disease, where he started developing these swellings all over his body. He started getting that these big, big bumps all over his body, and it was considered contagious. So his sons and his servants, family, everybody ran away from him because they're afraid of getting infected. So he

00:40:00 --> 00:40:46

dying in pain slowly, slowly and nobody's there to help him. He dies this vicious vicious death with his skin popping and pus coming out and his corpses lying there and people are afraid to touch his corpse because they're afraid they'll get sick. So his sons finally hired some abyssinians, who got a bunch of logs of what they dug a ditch and they got a bunch of tall logs of wood, and they pushed his corpse like this with a log of wood to throw him into the ditch. They wouldn't even touch it that allows words come to fruition, that he will he will die a slow painful death, slow destruction debattista abena hubin waterbus harmala even in this dunya he suffered, even in this dunya Allah

00:40:46 --> 00:41:11

fulfilled his promise upon Allah tala. Now ma alumna and whom Allah who Wanaka sub, neither Allah says his his man, his wealth, his assets, did not benefit him at all. at all, the word man I'm translating is not at all. Now the word Maya is important. It's there are different kinds of negation in Arabic, you could say Lamborghini, Lamborghini and Komodo. But he says

00:41:13 --> 00:41:52

the word map when it's strong, it's accurate. It's more emphatic. So not at all. That's how I translated it. The second benefit of map is that it's always used to negate a countering idea. In other words, the correlation of course, he himself believed what's the biggest thing he has to his advantage, as well. And Allah refutes that idea and says, No, no, no, no, no. And the word Allah here even understand its guarantee of the future, because when the surah was revealed, this hadn't happened yet. So even though it's commonly translated, his wealth and whatever he earned, did not benefit him at all what alive saying it is, it will not benefit him at all. That's what he's

00:41:52 --> 00:42:10

actually saying. But he's saying it in a guaranteed form. So he's using the past tense, the guarantee of the future used in the past, and this is part of the law in Arabic, right? So now he's been openly told publicly, listen, you're gonna die. A slow painful death is guaranteed, and I don't care how much money you have.

00:42:11 --> 00:42:50

And on top of the money you have whatever you want to earn on top of whatever you want to earn, on top of that, none of it will come handy to you and in Arab tradition, womac gossip and gossip, yes, mill fee and olade. You know, the curse of the earning, what is included in it is your children, your children are considered part of your earning your status comes from also how many sons you have, who carry your name, right? So keeping that in mind, your money, nor your children will come to any benefit for you. Not none whatsoever. have no clue why Microsoft, by the way, also, no, I didn't mention this, I do talk about it here and there. There is the third person, you know, secret

00:42:50 --> 00:43:29

ally being used third, but he didn't benefit him not benefit you. Allah does not dignify him by addressing him. And this is a tradition of a law against the worst catfish, right? He doesn't address them directly. Whether you call him Humala laughing at me, not in this dunya in the next in the Quran, Allah says whether you call him Allahu Yeoman to address them on the Day of Resurrection. Now, the first thing was a man who is implied, you know, because Elon mentioned two things, not not his wealth, not what he earned. But usually for us, what do we think your wealth and what you earn is one in the same thing. So I separate the two things, what's the benefit of that? There are

00:43:29 --> 00:44:11

several benefits. One of them is mine is something he already had because of his high noble lineage. Now if you have good money, you can invest in and make even more money right? So man who what he already had without putting any work in. And my cousin, what he even worked for, and acquired, both of them combined still will have no benefit for him whatsoever. Now, the heart of the heart, Ramallah he narrates my end through whom Allah who I'm a local Habiba, Nikita hufa Dawa to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Salam, his, his wealth that was put, you know, Allah said his hands were destroyed. Well, what was his hands being used for his hands were being used to spend money

00:44:11 --> 00:44:52

against the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. Not only was he not a beneficiary of his wealth, even though his cause didn't benefit, the cause of trying to harm the mission of the messenger did not come to any fruition regardless. The other thing that's mentioned is when Allah says, you know, if not to benefit, maybe he did do some good things, you know, some courage, sometimes they would give some charity, some soda to keep a public face. And you know, when these people do such things, even if they do it to show off or you know, like Allah says, Allah won't even Salah right? But if they give to the people, even if they give to show off in their heart, they think, yeah, at least I

00:44:52 --> 00:45:00

did some good things. I'm not all bad. I do some good things. So even he thinks he earned some good deeds. So well NACA sub even negates that.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:23

Whatever you think you earned that's good. You got nothing, what Kadena Illa? I'm Illumina Hamelin, for Jana habermann sora we will come to everything they had done from any good that they think was good, I will turn it into nothing. When you don't have a man don't think of good deeds good deeds come after you have in mind, they have no value before if you negate a man especially in face of a messenger that is right before you send them now

00:45:25 --> 00:45:34

moving forward inshallah Tyler this ayah this ayah will Magnon whom Allah who will Mikasa we've heard similar lessons before, for example, yes, I will and no matter who

00:45:37 --> 00:46:16

he assumes that his wealth is going to give him eternal life, I will have in particular took pride in two things, his wealth and his good looks, and a lot took two things away from him. No benefit from his wealth, and the disease he got was a disease of the skin so what did he take away from him? Is good what he took pride in his good looks upon a law and on the Day of Judgment, the person himself the cafe himself cries out now alvernia Nemanja halakhah Annie so funny. My wife didn't come to any benefit for me and all the authority I had destroyed me. Now unless I say Aslan on very soon see this the tenses switched, the tenses switched. Now the past tense was used to talk about the

00:46:16 --> 00:46:56

future. Sir is also used to talk about the future but what's the difference? The immediate future is used with the past tense, something that's gonna happen very, very soon. So soon, you can even talk about it in the past tense, meaning this is destruction in this world. But his destruction in the next world is not that soon. It's farther away when the day of judgment comes when he's cast into hellfire. But that day of judgment as far as ally is concerned is not that far enough from Yolanda Hooper Eden, wha Hoo kariba they see it far away but unless as we see it very near, as far as we're concerned, it's very near. So Allah uses the word Sir, sir, this is saya slur very soon he will be

00:46:56 --> 00:47:30

cast, he will come into contact with he will be chucked into chucked into what now on a flame that Allah has been, which has the possess it possesses in it, this has the quality of red flame and flicker in it. That and this is again sarcasm and wordplay in the Quran, specifically, specifically, an attack against him attacking him and his pride you you like to be called by flames, that's what you're going to get exactly was seen a little worried as Mufasa uncomment the scene here is to issue him a thread and a warning that it's going to happen very very soon.

00:47:31 --> 00:48:09

I asked you to remember one thing I'm still gonna I'm not gonna comment on it, but I will remind you what it was. I asked you to remember one thing when it was talked about what did Allah say he was kept from accepting the path he was kept from Islam. When abab was mentioned for him, well not according to fit in Laffy phenixid I also had on what Allah was Sudan is seven different he said well, about Fidel and he was kept from accepting the path he was obstructed from it. That was a curse on fit on that he could never come to him and he could never come to it, he was prevented from it. Now keep that in mind until we reach the conclusion By the way, what time is solid? Just 930

00:48:09 --> 00:48:20

Okay, so Well, let's, let's see if we can reach there in time. And now we're turning to the missus. We're coming to you know, Jamil Her name is Ottawa, the originally the Ottawa and she again is from the lineage of

00:48:21 --> 00:48:57

omega. And she is the sister of Abu sufian. She's related to Alba Sophia, and she again comes from a very high noble lineage. Like I said, this was a powerhouse celebrity couple and mcca both known for their good looks both known for their wealth and status. And she used to like to show off her status you know how she used to wear this really expensive necklace, when she walked around town and she liked to show it off. You know, really really expensive jewelry, the big diamonds and rubies and things like that you keep them inside you don't flaunt them, but she liked to do so this was kind of their their their way of showing their superiority around town. Now we're gonna read some some

00:48:57 --> 00:48:59

background in regards to her.

00:49:00 --> 00:49:33

And then we're gonna have Canada fast and I'm in Georgia call it when it will not win for Canada Dotty Mohammedan. For acaba, Allahu taala Hubbell and Fiji the honey mustard in Laos holla. She used to grab her necklace when she saw the messenger so I saw them and she used to say I swear by Nat and Rosa, who are laughing to resolve the false god that they worship. I swear by these false gods she would say, I will for sure I swear by it for sure for sure for sure spend this necklace to complete my animosity against Muhammad.

00:49:34 --> 00:49:59

She would swear that she would spend even the most precious possession she has just to fulfill her her mission of animosity against little sutala little sort of a loss I sent him a lot causeless in this ayah there are several things in this ayah that are remarkable. First of all is the word in law. In law. ma ma ma ma v says something amazing about the word MRR. There are two words used for wife in the Quran. There's the word Emma and there's the word zellige. There are two words

00:50:00 --> 00:50:21

End Zone. Now, sometimes Allah uses imara. And sometimes Allah uses xojo for example, when he talks to the messenger, so he says, Yeah, you're gonna be equally as logic as logic, he uses the word search for the mother of mothers of the believers. Now, when he spoke to Adam alayhis salam, he said, Yeah, Adam spoon and our

00:50:22 --> 00:50:34

agenda. So joke, okay. So you might start thinking maybe xojo is used in good cases, and Emma is used in bad cases, but that's not the case. For example, Allah says, Pharaoh,

00:50:35 --> 00:50:43

Pharaoh, the wife of Fidel, who's actually the law, who's one of the greatest women that ever lived, where does use for her Mr.

00:50:44 --> 00:51:16

Zakaria and his salon. When he made dua to Allah He said, Why can t maratea? Kiran, my wife is not able to bear a child what Where did he use imra. So now we're finding sometimes they'll just use sometimes, Imola is used. Now, for a year. This is not at a personal level, but this is at a societal level, what are the two benefits of marriage? What are the two functions of marriage, the number one function of marriage is to increase good in society and decrease corruption.

00:51:18 --> 00:51:55

The purpose of marriage is to create more harmony. Two human beings come together in harmony to families come together in harmony. And what does that do overall, it brings human beings together in harmony, the purpose of marriage is one of the main purposes of marriage is harmony. The second purpose of marriage is this is the only legitimate means by which human beings can continue their species. You can have children by a legitimate means, or you can have them by legitimate means. And the only legitimate means is marriage. The two fundamental purposes of marriage are harmony and children. These are legitimate children, that is to say, right, these are the two fundamental

00:51:55 --> 00:52:03

purposes of marriage. Now, a shout out to him Allah comments when any of these things what, you know, when any of these things is missing.

00:52:04 --> 00:52:34

When any of these things is missing, then Allah uses the word amaura. When a child is missing, or harmony is missing, he uses what word and both of them are there he uses knowledge for the mothers of the believers because they're called talked about collectively, Allah uses as much either and Islam is in general, there is no issue of children because you yourself have eternal life. So in general, what do you say Oh, school Antigua. xojo there is no issue of children never harmony is there 100%. Now the one of the most interesting thing, by the way,

00:52:35 --> 00:52:37

What's missing? The wife of Finland? What's missing?

00:52:38 --> 00:52:43

There's no harmony. Also, there were no children. You know, that's why she loved getting

00:52:44 --> 00:53:23

loose on Islam. Right. So now, what about zecharia? Is What's missing? There's harmony. Absolutely. And actually, even in the in the case of Ibrahim alayhis, salaam, when the angel came and told him that he's gonna have a son, Allah uses the word in wa barakaatuh, Morocco, right, his wife left. It was not a bad word. It's not a bad, it's a noble word, both of them. The word by itself means woman or woman its uses in a Botha, the wife of when you use it a lot for then it becomes wife. It's a noble term nonetheless. But we're trying to make a point about subtlety here. So what was what word was used for sectarianism spouse for the law? in law? What can I say? marotti. Hopkin, but the Chief

00:53:23 --> 00:53:25

zaccaria spouse did eventually have a child,

00:53:26 --> 00:53:35

she eventually had a child right? Now there's nothing missing. There's a child and there's harmony. So Allah says, what will happen? Allahu

00:53:36 --> 00:54:16

Allahu xojo. When he gave him Yeah, he said, we we fixed for him, we reconciled for him, we better for him his OGE. So before the child, what Where did you use and why and after the child who used xojo. Now, this is again, just to be clear, not to say that there's anything missing or anything inappropriate about a couple who cannot have a child, or they're somehow something is short or not as good or not as highly ranked, etc. But we're talking about the purpose of marriage overall, and the purpose of marriage overall, there's no denying it. These are the two reasons why we get married, there is you know, there's no denying that if the if you know, if human beings as as a

00:54:16 --> 00:54:26

whole do not have children, this species is extinct, and the only normal way of having children is by means of marriage. Okay. So now he, we use the word Emma here. So what's missing?

00:54:28 --> 00:54:59

There, they have harmony. They have children, which, you know, this is not the kind of harmony that's intended to negatives don't make a positive. Right? That's what the case is here. So you have an evil wife, and evil husband and they tag team very well with each other. But that's not what's meant by Harmon. what's meant is an increase of good not an increase of evil. These two coming together didn't increase good in society. What did it increase evil. There's the so this is not really a case of the harmony that is intended anyhow. So

00:55:00 --> 00:55:04

Allah azza wa jal says mama tofu. Now this is more food there's a dama

00:55:05 --> 00:55:52

dama on it is important This makes it a second find, in other words is La La La Habra, Morocco. This is in fact an attorney. In other words, he will be thrown into a fire that is made of flames and so will his wife. It's a continuation grammatically of the sentence. Now what's the benefit of that the fire had a quality, what was the quality that they have and that quality is describing which person a Buddha have, but she is in sync with him. So she shares with him that same quality of flame. When she goes into the Hellfire, they tag team in this dunya so they get the tag team in the next life to Subhan Allah. Then Allah says comma, before I get to help him have my letter, there's a photo on it.

00:55:52 --> 00:56:16

And this photo, you know, the this is called one Soobin grammar. In Arabic grammar. They call this the NA sub statement soup. And in classical Arabic, there are 16 reasons why a word can have a Fatah on it. One of those 16 reasons is a schatten meaning condemnation, curse, anger. Allah is so angry at her he doesn't say hi Milan. He says hamana

00:56:17 --> 00:56:53

me this is a way of Allah mentioning her with disgust and the disgust is captured in the Fatah. This is why you know, a careful study of classical Arabic is so important. You overlook these kinds of lessons, you will read in translation, the carrier of firewood, completely missed what a lie saying that carrier the way Ally's describing that carrier carrying firewood less disgusted with her and that disgust is manifest just in that Fatah just in that pattern. Then there is the word Kamala not homina homina ism file carrier hemella. mubadala

00:56:54 --> 00:57:34

means the one who keeps on carrying and keeps on carrying and keeps on carrying and by Hammad and fine in Arabic, you refer to it when you refer to something that has a profession like hubbas. You know, cubs was cubs bred a baker is called hubbas. It's his profession, how Merlot and Hopper was actually used for sleeve women who used to carry firewood around. And they were actually in ancient Arabia. They were called have my little hubbub. And Allah uses that and you know, she thinks of herself as way up here. We appear way above that lower class of slave women that carry firewood. And what does Allah call her?

00:57:35 --> 00:58:12

Mama and Papa. Allah insults her and degrades her with this word with this phrase. And some Allah comment hamata this hubbub is dry wood that is used to make fire. You know, and they don't have heating systems back in the day, right? You can just turn the, you know the thermostat on at home. So how do you get heat in the home, you have to get firewood delivered and the slave women would use to deliver it. Now he's calling her by that name saying I have no respect for your status in society. I don't care who you are. When you mess with this messenger sallallahu wasallam you have no respect, you have no dignity you have no status. So he calls her have my little club. This is there

00:58:12 --> 00:58:57

are two additional benefits of Hamilton Hutton. So some comment that that fire that is the hub that is read. What is the fuel that will give it that flame? That redness is firewood and one of her punishments in Hellfire she's got a she's made to go carry firewood and bring it back and burn the very fire that she and her husbands are writing husband is writing in this is part of the the punishment that she gets to go and make her pet her punishment herself worse. She's facilitating the fuel for her own fire. The third meaning of humanity that is taken is as a figure of speech from from you know, the study of Edmund Bian actually, and what it implies is that, you know carrying

00:58:57 --> 00:59:14

firewood means that she used to take bad news from this one and take it to that one and spread a rumor from here and spread it there causing a fire between people giving them fuel for fire. So it's understood as a figure of speech said that this woman loves gossip and controversy and trash talk and that's what

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