What Does Islam Say About Honoring Fathers

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A father talks about how his mother didn't recognize his role as a father and how his children are not recognized. He also talks about how Islam has a big conflict between honoring mothers and fatherhood and how he talks to his children to ask for forgiveness.

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I read this online you're not a father because you made a child. You're a father when you raise your child Wow, okay, calm down. As they look around our society and online, there seems to be a big difference between how we honor our mothers versus how we honor our fathers. It feels like we neglect to recognize the contribution of our dads. And as a father I can tell you it hurts a little a to blue tag to the dads driving a taxi Dan night to provide for their kids to the fathers have moved away from their family working six days a week 12 hour shifts to send money home to the Barbas Papaw who raised their daughters and sons into strong adults to the senior fathers having spent

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their life in the service of their household almost invisible and seldom recognize this one's for you. My curious question is how does Islam honor the Father? The Quran is chock full of father child stories of guidance. For example, new argues with his son to come on the boat. ZAKARIA takes care of many local man teaching his son manners in the job we're told to make for our parents. It says Rob Burnham, Houma. Oh Allah have mercy on Houma, both of them, we must always be making to have mercy for our mothers. Yes. And also our fathers. And I know you've heard the hadith of mothers in paradise. Check this out. Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi salam said, The Father is the middle

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of the gates of paradise. So keep this gate or lose it. I II, one of the most direct paths to our Janna paradise is through mercy to our fathers. So how can we show our appreciation and mercy to our fathers one make dua for him and ask Allah to forgive him? On the Day of Judgment, a father will see mountains of reward and ask where did this come from? And it will be said because of your child asking Allah to forgive you to financially take care of your parents, if you can, three, visit your father's loved ones, and something so small that means so much to a father saying thank you for all that he did for you and saying I love you Baba.

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If you say that and he starts crying, please, you need to do it more often. Say to your Baba, thank you. I love you. Now if you can.

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This Muhammad Sharif. May Allah have mercy on our mothers and fathers, just as they raised us when we were small, say me