Yahya Ibrahim – The Power of Not Yet

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The importance of learning and practicing in life is crucial to achieving the benefits of sharia law, as it is the only way to achieve the benefits. The sharia law also includes the importance of learning to ride a motorcycle and not try to run, as it is the only way to achieve success. The sharia law also includes protecting one's safety and community, and encourages students to focus on their faith in achieving success. It is crucial to learn to ride a bike and not try to run, and students should commit to their faith in achieving success and protecting their safety and community.
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matter who would have stayed in the morning, on a Saturday, whenever we love you, you surely have to see da da, da,

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Question one,

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La Hoya and to Muslim Oh, yeah, you should talk

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la de la, la, ooh, whoa la dee da you'll

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always have forever to begin with the principle of law we send our prayers upon or whenever you want and that's a long body who I send them we testify that none is worthy of worship Allah has no agenda and that our

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members is worshipping slave and final messenger I remind myself when you have a lot of agenda

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to add on

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lessons myself in you with a lot of him and the fear of him and a hope in his mercy agenda. But I'm also kinda want to atomix our private life that other people don't know of better than what we seek to show each other and love them. I mean, today, I wish to speak to you about the importance the power of the word, not yet the concept not yet. And you might say is your kind of low What does this mean brother? Yeah, what does this have to do with my relationship with the law, with my relationship with the, with my studies with my life as a young Muslim men, I want you to understand that in life, everything is about learning, and everything about learning is putting into practice

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what you know, the great command of the commandment, Shafi.

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He was asked, Who are the scholars? Who are the people who are learning, he said to

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me, let me make the one who has knowledge is simply the one who puts to practice what they know. And he said that

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he said,

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knowledge is not the things you memorize, it's the things that will benefit you in life. And there are many things in Sharia law that you have yet to look forward to in life. But at the moment, now is not the time. For some of you, my, my dear young students, your first thought is, I want to get out there, I want to start making money, I want to get a part time job, I want to be able to buy what I want, do what I want, see what I want saying what I want to be where I want, I want to make my own decisions, have my own life, make my own way in it. And I want to say to you that the power of that content not yet it's not yet time, the prophets of Allah, Allah, he was seldom was always

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held back by a law from certain things. And part of your growth as a human being part of your academic growth, your emotional growth, your physical growth, your financial independence, is learning that things at times cannot be taken before they're right. And not everything can be taken in a hurry. And this was a lesson that alone would teach all of the prophets in the Bible and every one of the prophets has an instance in their life where they wanted to hurry something

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and the Lord held them back. The famous example that I will give you only one because of the shortness of time is Mousavi.

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Mousavi. They said that he said to Pharaoh, and asked for the release of various Rocky and after a lot of hoops to trial and punishment in the people of Venice or Elan, Pharaoh and the Egyptians. Finally he lets them go. And as Pharaoh sets them apart, he plans on murdering them out in the open land in the desert. And the law sets the stage where the waters are open and Moosa and his people he cross to safety

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and Pharaoh and his army and his mission

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ministers are drowned, Fenella novels with me.

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After that, moves that is exciting. He's earnest. He's so happy. Allah has given us victory. And they're carrying all of the treasures that washed up unsure. All of the things that the Egyptians stole from them the unbeliever stole from Mehdi Hassan illegal spheres were given as a tribute back to them.

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And they became to carry all the gold that they had taken out of the lands of Egypt. So he began to move slowly in the desert, Musashi sedan, the profitable law was ordered to come with his people to tour de se, not the sacred mountain in Saigon.

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And he couldn't wait. He turned to his brother and said, Look, if you follow me, you stay behind with my people. I'm going to put a pack so that you know your way in the desert so you can arrive in that sacred land in that sacred moment. And how long says Don't leave me with them. They've not yet

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set up okay. And Moosa runs up to the mountains, hurries before the request of a lump. He doesn't yet have learned that lesson that certain things are not yet ready.

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And as soon as he arrives at the mountain, thinking he has pleased a lot, thinking that he is going to be rewarded, thinking he's done something good.

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A law says in school of law, that as soon as moves are presented itself a law said what

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moves up? What made you leave your people in such a hurry? con una aryanna Siv YG to evade accountability tadoba he said, My Lord, I left them behind, but I left the path for them to come. And I want him to hurry so that I can please you Yep, Allah.

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forgotten omeka.

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Moses, this is what I had asked, hurry back to them, for I have put them to trial and they have failed that test. And the one who who is a Sumerian has convinced them to worship an idol instead of me. So Panama, could you imagine it was never in the thought of Mustafa that his people after 400 years of our being under the stress of fit our men that the people of oppression, that once they're free, I'm gonna show them the sign of disease splitting, that they would ever worship anything other than a lump.

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But because of the hurry before the request, he didn't wait and take his time to develop himself and his people. That consequence of seeking something before it's time for the math minimal, you become deprived. The one who seeks to submit an essay before they've checked it.

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They're deprived from a better Mark than they received. The one who rushes through their math paper before taking the time to count every number and check every subtraction and addition that negative and positive

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consequence is that they don't achieve the marketing would have if they too.

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We have been staying in our culture as Muslims and live genda to ministry fun hurrying, Being Earnest is from the Shea Fonz influence in your life. You don't want to take time. You don't want to work hard over an extended period of time to develop stage by stage bit by bit step by step until you become strong enough to stand on your own.

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Mashallah, in my house, we've been blessed with a new set of kittens.

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And I've been watching these kittens that kind of love they were born six weeks ago.

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kidneys when they're born, they can't see

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all they can do with smell and hear a little bit their eyes are closed. So a lot, everything they rely on is the touch that they get from their whiskers, from the sound of hearing their mother's heartbeat from the feeling of her brushing.

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And when you look at them, the first week you see this little small pieces of furniture and you wonder to yourself, will we be able to develop and grow and move forward. And so a week goes by the second week the eyes begin to open and then their eyes in the third week beginning to change color and begin to be able to see not just in light but in the dark and then they begin to stand and now begin to

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Move a little bit quicker, be able to jump out of a box jump out of something that is a hurdle in front of them. And then they begin to chase each other, play with each other and move and develop. And so kind of love that cycle of life is also the cycle of faith in our heart, you must begin with your love with the law with the little things that you do that make you

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stronger. The little things in your academic study that become the foundations of your study. regularly, I've said to you in my classes, even though I'm teaching Islamic Studies, you must always hyper correct, you must always go back and correct something you didn't master. It's how you learn to ride a bike. Think of when you learn to ride a bike, you began and you're worried about falling. And every time you put your foot down until you learn after every time of correcting yourself for mobile spoiling that if I go at a certain rate of speed, and if I keep my head up, and I trust and have confidence that I can ride my bike epic and move forward, you learn that the first moment of

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failure did not mean constant failure. And I want you in this second Juma of our academic year in 2021. To understand the power of not yet, there are certain things you have not yet accomplished certain things you have not yet succeeded in. But that is in the plan of a law. And that is in your development. You're kicking that doesn't see yet but will soon be running and competing with others. For my year seven students, take your time, get to know each other, get to know your teachers in the school and get to develop in staging, don't try to run, we're in cha we're still at the stage of walking

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into a nice success club. I mean, what happened

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in Ireland.

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One of the most beautiful things of the province is he says, I hope you know we have more in the lighting you know

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that the believer who has strangely more beloved to Allah than the one who is weak and both of them are loved by a monk. Both of them are evaluated by a body in different ways. But one of them is preferred for certain things because they can benefit to others, then your confidence will allow you to send them said he gives five pieces of advice that I'm only going to share the first of them with you. He said some of

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the first advice to becoming one who has strength is that you commit yourself in trust and believe that you believe you can achieve something you believe in a lot. You believe that there is something that is beyond you, that has strength to strength and use of power.

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But also that you commit in your heart that you believe you can achieve something is the first step to you being successful. I take you back to the salon. When a boss says to him who's going to kill me, it is almost as if it is an impossible task. The greatest civilization of the world at the time, the largest, most successful, most ferocious military of the era, the most brutal dictator of humanity in that moment. And I alone unlock in the desert you want me by myself to go to get out amongst us.

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So moves that makes it

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and I only share with you the first word on the show.

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Over law open my heart allowed me to believe in myself. Allow me to achieve success by first in my heart knowing that you will support me if I work hard, I will do what's right, that I will not fail and I can achieve what may be my mind at times is making me doubt what I can achieve. It begins in your heart, in your mind in your intent in your commitment in

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the yard. And if you fail once, try 100 times and a loss of having a tie that will provide you the means if you provide the effort. May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant to a nice success in this life. Give us ease and facility may almost impediment to either raise you up to be demand for our communities. May Allah subhana wa tada protect our staff and our students. Our parents and other teachers need our administrators and our acting principal to that which is pleasing to Him. Protect us all from that which is awesome and simple and open our hearts for one another

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A lot of medicine

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was with Agha Agha de

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nada de

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local so golf

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tournament based consecutively with your body's tumbling your head in order to

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move into place with your staff bringing your body to seamless your heart to science through

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thoughts that your mind can focus on in connection

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a law

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was 73

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he was he

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actually have

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pushed you to be the

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along law I cannot

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semiology law

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law wha

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101 Why would I ask

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