Regret on the Day of Judgment

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There will be people on the Day of Judgment who say your voodoo yeah late any condemned to the hayati person will say I wish I prepared more for my life. hayati, my life, this person is referring to the afterlife. Now they've realized this is the real life. This is the life I should have been preparing for. This is where my attachment should have been. But it wasn't. I was deceived by the deception and the illusion of a dunya. By the distractions that were there, pursuing wealth left and right pursuing certain things in terms of status or glory or fame or people relationships, temptations desires, pursuing what is temporary over that which is eternal. So the person will say,

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you have to do Yeah, the attorney caught them to the hierarchy. I wish I prepared more for my life. When you're resurrected, and you see your position in the afterlife, you're going to want the highest levels of gender, you're going to want to be neighbors with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but once you're there, you can't change that. This is the chance for our for actions. This is your opportunity to do without any accountability without any high SAP. You want to get reminders, but there's no accountability here. But in the next life, there's there's accountability and there's no opportunity