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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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on one gene is when

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he said that he had

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sale. Now one tele habit when we're at Ohio

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health club in Fiji, the her habit

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method. Wabi Sabi where Sally Emery worked with Dr. melissani Ali Al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. So

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we were making some concluding commentary about solar lab. And we were up to the last Ayah were Eliza, which I mentioned in response to her dedication to try to show animosity to the messenger sallallahu Sallam that she would spend even the most precious necklace she has that she walks around with that she swears by Allah that Allah Azza wa t Mohammedan. I swear I will spend it in in my animosity against the against Hamas isonem. But in addition to all of this filthy character that she had, when this little was revealed, she came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. And she said at the animal coalition, he went to Syria Quraysh knows that I am the daughter of its leader. So she comes

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angrily to the messenger on a subtle Salaam looking for him and from the what and how the narration goes. She was going to Cydia Claudia la Han and who and also some were sitting and she was coming and it looked like she had a rock in her hand or something and they told the messenger it subtle Salaam, she's approaching and you could tell that she's angry. The messenger Allah subhanaw, taala boubakeur, she's not going to be able to see me, don't worry. And she came and she asked him look at Where's Mohammed?

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Where is he? Allah azza wa jal blinded her eyes from seeing him so Lola harneys Anna, but when she came and she you know, she was furious because the surah had commented, humiliated her, you know, homiletical, hubbub, and on top of that Fiji, the hub balloon and massage, you know, these are things that were very aggravating and humiliating to her. So she started making poetry against the messenger himself. salallahu alayhi wasallam before she left, and you know, the messengers named Mohammad comes from hand, hand, hand mean someone you know, have this praise and gratitude. And so Mohammed is someone who is praised and someone who's thanked. This is Muhammad, the word them in

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Arabic them that Meme Meme double em, you can say write them in Arabic is condemnation, to condemn someone to rebuke someone? She says the Muslim Mammon abena. She didn't call them Mohammed maravilla. She called him with a man, the one who is condemned. We have

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Elena, we are tired of him. She says we're tired of it. We were done with him. What do you know who avena or Dina who have been or rather and his religion, we have rejected, we've turned away from it. While hochma who are Cena and his rule we will always disobey. So she makes this poetry against the messenger isocetyl salaam when she barked when she had to bark and she left and the messenger was told what she said and he was there to he said she was he will she wasn't talking about me. She was talking about some guy named on them.

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Right. And this is how the messenger Elisa to salon we learned something here about Southern and about letting things roll off your back. When a dog is barking, there's no wisdom and barking back. Right? If a dog is barking at you, and you say How dare you and you start referring yourself. It shows how smart you are. So if she's going to run her mouth, there is no reason to dignify a response by saying she's obviously not talking about me, and move on, let it brush off. Let it let it move on. And you know, a lot of times we don't learn this lesson. This is part of the seal of the messenger. So some people say obnoxious things, especially on you know, nowadays, you know, there's

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a fitna today that didn't exist before before, people could say ridiculous things, absurd things. And they said them to their friend, they set them in a circle and it died. Now they say them on a blog post. You know, now they posted on their comments in the comment section on a YouTube video and those filthy words and that stupid comment is not just there for a few seconds and it dies, whereas it is there forever and ever and ever. And people are writing their own ignorant responses to it. How dare you say this or that it's like barking back at a dog just ignore it. Just ignore it. They want nothing more than your attention. You can you know, when people speak obnoxiously when people

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speak ignorantly, the worst thing you can do is respond. The worst thing you can do because that's all they want. They want your attention. That's what they live off of. They live off of conflict. You don't give them that they don't get what they want. You know, and this is something Muslims of all people, Muslims have to learn this. We have to learn this we have to learn to be patient and recognize a bark for a bark and an intellectual criticism for an intellectual criticism when somebody actually has a genuine

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Criticism to make then we engage them in sophisticated, mute, you know, mature discussion, when clearly someone doesn't have the dignity to speak in, you know, a noble and respectful fashion, then there's no reason to come down to their level, you should already be smart enough to know it's not going to come to anything, you know. Anyhow, moving along this conclusion that Allah azza wa jal gives Fiji the hablo method, it leads us to some final commentary on this remarkable sutra.

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You know, two themes are coming to a conclusion with sort of lab, two themes. One theme has to do with Abu lahab and the other thing has to do with on Jamil or, you know, this bilateral half of the title of luggages her right. What is the theme with Abu lahab? You see, there are you could you could categorize it easily as four different kinds of disbelievers four kinds of disbelievers. There is a friendly disbeliever Believe it or not, there's such a thing as a friendly coffee. Let me give you an example from the seal of the prophets. I saw them more often than I did. When the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam was expelled from Makkah. He comes back under the protection of a man named

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Martin, who took his six sons and surrounded the messenger Elisa to serve them with their swords taken out. He's a catfish. His sons are gaffer too, but they had some respect for the messenger. I said to me, they said no, you can come under my protection. So he comes back to Makkah under the protection of a non Muslim This is a friendly cafe. A Battaglia is a friendly cafe he supported the messenger he protected the messenger sallallahu Sallam never took Shahada, not even at his deathbed, not even at his death, but his pride got in the way, but nonetheless, he was friendly to the messenger sallallahu sallam, there's one category. The second category is of a noble enemy. What I

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mean by a noble enemies, he does show animosity. But if he had become Muslim, he would have been an amazing Muslim.

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Because when he fights when, you know, there are also even in our time that our noble enemies they believe in their nation, they believe in some higher ideal. It's not about their personal agenda. They believe in some ideology, that ideology could be false. We're not denying that, but they believe in it, and they're true to it, and they're willing to fight and die for it. And an example of that is one of the worst enemies of Islam actually a Buddha. And why do I say a Buddha is a noble enemy, he has so much potential for good that when the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam makes the route for someone to come to Islam, who does he mentioned by name, either on top or on urbanization

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which is Abuja. The messenger sees potential in him Salalah hirsutum. On top of that, Allah sees potential in him. We find our ATIA in Ghana and an houda Amara be taqwa Didn't you see if he referring to Abuja if he had been committed to guidance, and if he would command to taqwa.

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In other words, that by the way, being committed to guidance and commanding to taqwa is the legacy of

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the Allahu anhu. That's his legacy. Allah is showing that potential in who

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wujiang but he has the other side to it and get the bottle.

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You know, and so he took the other he took the other road, when Omar takes the right or the ammo takes the wrong road, but the potential was there, potential was there. This is the second enemy. The third kind of enemy doesn't live for a higher ideal doesn't have any noble characteristics. But he doesn't have anything personal against the messenger, either. It's just his greed, his own agenda, his own, you know, political savvy or reputation that he's trying to protect. And to show that reputation. He's showing animosity to the messenger so loves him but nothing personal, nothing personal. or two, I have no idea. You know, the great debater, the great debater when he who he is a

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poet, and he wants to show that he's such a high end poet. Nobody can top him in poetry. So when he hears the Koran, he's standing there making faces. How do I, how do I respond to this? You know, when they when he came back, he comes back listening to a Koran. They asked him so what do you say? Is this is this poetry or what he goes? Nope, it's not poetry. can't call it poetry because that'll invalidate our propaganda. Clearly, this is beyond poetry. So what should we say? Is this like a soothsayer one of those people that just, you know spew out nonsense? He goes, No soothsayer say nonsense. This is nonsense. This is actually pretty beautiful. And it's got a lot of sweetness in

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it, fee Halawa. It's got sweetness in it.

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And then this is what should be saying. And he says, Let me think about it. You know, what call it magic. Call it magic that causes separation between father and son, husband and wife, tribe and the people, the person and their tribe call it that. That's, you know, that's what you should label it. By the way before we even go on.

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Magic is not something you hear. Magic is something you see.

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The Quran was not seen the Quran was what it was heard. The fact that their biggest enemy is able is willing to call it by the way magic is also believing in something that doesn't make sense from

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You know, before your eyes, it has to be something in the unseen some leap of faith when you call something magic, right? They're willing to take a leap of faith which shows you that even the cafe's acknowledge the miraculous power of the Quran. By calling it magic alone you It shows that they couldn't explain it through common sense. This is something beyond, we're not we're not willing to accept it from God. So the very next, a leap of faith underneath that is what? Magic it's still a leap of faith though. It's still an acknowledgement of the power of the Quran. They haven't even seen it. They've heard it, but it's mystifying what they hear. They're mesmerized by what they hear.

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And they let they're left stunned, so they can't come up with any other description than magic. But this is your third degree of enemy so you've got the friendly calf here, you've got the noble enemy you've got the wretched enemy but nothing personal what's the worst of the worst? The worst of the worst is the one who hates Islam that badly has been made this religion be cursed. Her hates the religion. Then he says that Ballack le Haida Matata, may you be cursed? Did you call us for this? This is

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the worst of the worst of the worst. And I started this Duff's with this. Why is he mentioned specifically as pseudo dedicated to one enemy? There are so many enemies of the Prophet size on them, no suitors for them. None of them called by name not a Buddha him not by not not anybody else called by name. Why dedicate a specific surah to him, he is the worst of the worst, close family, horrible neighbor, his wife has added, you know, throwing thorns on the path of the messengers, you know, walk out of the house, he's throwing filth into the house. He's attacking the messenger so awesome. He's the first to insult him publicly the first historically to insult the messenger

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publicly, his own Uncle labuda. Right. He's the first in many things. He's the first to celebrate the death of the passing of his child passing all day long, the first and that to the first and cursing the messengers or something is the worst of the worst. So he is the climax of the enemies of the messengers a little larger than him in the Quran. Now, what's the other climax? Allah azza wa jal speaks about four scenarios is very easy and beautiful to understand. There are four scenarios for women. So we're talking about the man now without what was the woman we're talking about? On jameelah? Right? We're talking about her now. There are four domestic situations for women. You

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could have I'll put it very simply, you can have a wonderful woman

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with a wonderful Willie,

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a wonderful woman under the under the responsibility in a very in a wonderful household, if you will. That example in the Quran is that of Miriam Santa Maria, whose responsibility is she is a cardiologist Rockefeller has a career. So that's one situation. A wonderful lady, wonderful guardian. That's one scenario. What about you have a wonderful woman, but a terrible guardian? Is that situation also mentioned in the Quran? It's also mentioned in

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the wife of Iran, one of the best women that ever lived one of the most righteous people that ever lived, but in a terrible domestic situation. So you've got the best and best then you've got the best woman in the worst situation. What about you have a terrible woman? But she's got a great domestic situation. She's got a wonderful wedding. What about Amarok? knew him Parata loot. What do you find in those cases? He these women are wretched for hondata Houma right for Hannah Tahoma. They both were they were they violated the trust of their husbands who knew and loot either him a salon. And their husbands are though some of the best people that ever lived. These are prophets,

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messengers, right? So you've got the opposite scenario. Now we've got three situations, we've got best of both worlds. We've got a great woman in a terrible, terrible husband, you've got terrible woman, great husband, what's left?

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Terrible woman, terrible husband that comes to an end and sort of

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become to the climax, worst of the worst tag team. Like I said before, two negatives don't make a positive. So that theme that is running in the Quran comes to a conclusion here. And so, these two recurring themes, the worst enemy and the worst woman, the worst male enemy and the worst female enemy, and the worst kind of female character comes to the climax, both of them and some of them. Now in concluding commentary, some things about the placement of this surah

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very interestingly, in the previous surah, Allah azza wa jal mentioned that which will benefit you in the next life, facade behind the beaker was fulfilled, the speed of Allah hamdulillah is still far too low, where will that really have benefit for you? It has some benefit in this life, where's the real benefit of it? In the next life? In this surah, Allah tells us what will have absolutely no benefit in the next life. Elena anhu Malou Wanaka saw no benefit in the next life. So there's a contrast between the two. Then we find you know, Allah says we

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nll Edina caffarel here to dounia was Haruna minella. Dina Amano. He says in total Baccarat for disbelievers worldly life was beautified. And as a result, they make fun of those who believe.

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For this worldly life was beautified for kofod and they make fun of those who believe when levena taco FOCA home yo monkey ama, and people who have Taqwa will be above them not in this world, but Allah says on the Day of Resurrection, but in this case, I gave his messenger a sec an additional gift. Not only will be will he be above Abu lahab in the ash era, but also above him in this dunya he dies this terrible death in the UK, he has that suffering in the afternoon, but also gets the worst nastiest death in this dunya. So this is a victory granted to the messengers I saw them and this is consistent with a lost promise. When he says GitHub Allahu la de banda and Otto Sunni Allah

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has declared I will dominate I am my messengers. I will overcome an Atlanta by endocrine in I believe but a room right this word is used for victory in this world. If Lucha Fela if this is used for victory and success in the next world, but you know, for example, a lot of them just says holy battle Rome, Rome was dominated dominated when this world right so the word developer is different from the word of law to succeed or overcome also, anyhow, the final comment and this is where I were concluding and this is where I want you to remember when Pharaoh was compared with a Buddha, how was he compared? The word occurs for Abu lahab and Wilma Qaeda in Laffy taba right above is used for

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phenomenal so there's a kind of comparison between Abu lahab And Pharaoh. But what did I ask you to remember about conhome? Was Sudan is Sabine in that same Iota Baba is mentioned for Pharaoh Allah says was so dynasty, what does it mean? He was kept from accepting the deen accepting the path now, here Abu Bakar in Buchan Danny wrote in the third century, he wrote a book called Al Jazeera and the miracle of the Quran. And it's, you know, when I read that book, I was really sad. The first page, the first page of that book is very, very sad. He talks about how the miracle of this book, The scholars have given up on it, the Muslims don't appreciate it. They don't value this book for what

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it is. And we have come to the end of times, he's talking like this in the third century.

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Wait till he sees 2010 so how do

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you know and he's got depressed in the third century of Islam. But anyway, he talks about reviving the idea of what makes the Koran miraculous he talks about this miraculous language. But one of the things he says he argues one of his chapters is part of the miracle of the Quran, are the predictions of the Quran. The predictions of the Quran, the Quran made a call.

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The call was Rome will dominate it within 10 years.

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Within 10 years, they're going to make a comeback. They were dominated Now, within 10 years, they'll come back against the Persians. The Quran heard that as a comma. There is no way they were crushed and annihilated within 10 years. And this didn't come true. Absolutely. This was a prediction, rather a promise made in the Quran. Now another promise made in the Quran, Allah will be destroyed.

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And if you didn't already realize I will not have is one of the sharpest tongues, one of the cleverest enemies against the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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One of the easiest ways, easiest ways the Quran made itself open to attack. Abu lahab could turn around and say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam if he just says that, even if he says this sarcastically, you know what he could do? He could say, Look, your book says I'm being destroyed. I'm burning in hell. But here I am taking what Shahada the Shahada is supposed to do what?

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Protect me from the hellfire. So I guess your book is wrong. He could do that. He has years to take this opportunity to attack the messenger in this way. But the Koran said about Pharaoh hound was so Dinesh Sabine. He was kept from the path

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for our own was kept from the path and he landed himself into Bob and Doug but the other Abdullah had been what up and what did we do? miraculously? What do we find in the Koran? He's making sarcastic commentary about his hands in a my hands killer here. You know, who you may you be destroyed. I don't see anything that Mohammed talked about. That's what he would say publicly. He would make sarcastic commentary. Never once did he take the opportunity to do what?

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Take Shahada. It was open to attack. He never did it. He never did it. And we learned from that well, so Danny sebbene was fulfilled on him too. He was kept from accepting the path he was kept from it fulfilling the promise of Allah azza wa jal, fulfilling that promise this is part of the miracle of Quran when Allah makes a promise and it's guaranteed it is bound to occur in number two I do not know aka, whatever you have been promised, is guaranteed to occur, no doubts about it. Our final comment is about the placement of the surah this surah comes in

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There was total caffeine, then there was a big, fat and now there is the but below have been.

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pseudo caffeine concluded that there are two distinct religions lacantina

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what do you do? There are two distinct religions. There's the deen of Islam, and there's whatever you people have. Now, one of them is true and one of them is false. One Dean is true when Dean is and

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the other one is false about him. In sootel israa in Surah, number 17. Allah azza wa jal says Jaya and Haku was

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in Alberta, Canada.

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He says the truth will manifest the truth will manifest and the falsehood will dissipate. The force will be destroyed. So now polemics. First of all in Southern California we learned there are two Dean's the unicorn company pneumonia Dean, now we're learning one Dean is hacked and the other Dean is button and what did Allah say about how it will come? It will arrive and what will happen to both and it will be destroyed. Now listen, is Agia Anna sola is

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that surah so it is Allah fulfilling the promise of jungle Huck, what is pseudo

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falsehood being destroyed? falsehood coming to an end, that promise a law made inserted into statements

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was about is being fulfilled at the end of Quran, Elijah. Allah is a manifestation of the truth coming and the second the falsehood being dissipated. What's happened about in the system but yeah, so Pamela, how Larissa witch and you know, my teacher Rahim Allah one of my great teachers doctors are from and used to describe a lot of plants a seed somewhere and shows the flower blooming somewhere else. And this happens all over the Quran. He plans to do something small he'll say, and then it comes in full bloom somewhere else. We learned that before in this series. Whenever Rahim Allah His Salam ala da, he said,

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amin was a mirage make this a peaceful city provided children all kinds of fruit, and that that seed turned into a flower where two flowers were at the end of Quran. So you find certain feel about the peace of this city. And you find you know, the next surah Allah azza wa jal talks a lot about what the fruits of this city that would how they get to enjoy fruits, so something smaller set someplace and it manifests in full bloom and another place. May Allah azza wa jal give us an appreciation of the remarkable beauty of the Quran. May Allah make us of those who recited properly day and night and understand it may Allah make us of those who fulfill this wonderful Hadith of the Prophet size

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of them. He says I'd like to conclude with it Yeah. And people of color and that are certain Quran, don't relax with the Quran. Don't be lackadaisical about the Quran that there was to do actually literally means don't turn it into a pillow. Don't lean on it. What loo Hakata what he meant and that lady when the how read it like it deserves to be read follow it like it deserves to be followed in our all hours of the night and day was shoe who and spread it with the Hon know who and beautify it with the Wi Fi and reflect deeply in it that I'm not going to fly home so that all of you may succeed Allahumma Andromeda movie May Allah make us from those who succeed barakallahu li walakum

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filco nF Hakeem when I finally we are coming at it with Samadhi from Allah tala, what a cattle