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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamina shaytaan YG rajeem Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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published recently Emily rock data melissani Yahoo Kohli well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam, WA l mursalin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa understandably so Nettie he elomi Diem Allahumma dynamin home Amina Latina Amano Amina solly, hurt whatever so bellhawk whatever saga sobre la sabbatarian del multibuy La ilaha illAllah miniato al Ameen from Ahmedabad. inshallah Tada, we're meeting now for the third time to discuss sootel feel the first time we did a comprehensive overview of the connections between the sutras the series of Sutras, beginning with total field all the way to the end of the most half. The next session, which was last week, we talked about a historical

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background that is important to remember, before we get into the contents of sootel field itself and today in sha Allah, as we discuss the word by word analysis and the overview of the surah in light of the insights of scholars of the past and child law, when we study their insights, we will see why that analysis is important and why that background plays a central role in developing a good understanding of this remarkable surah. So we begin inshallah tada with a with an interesting comment. This is made by Dr. Father, Simon, he, he has so little cool little he had a motor campaign with a bit cooler. So when when, when he says this surah has a warning, and a lesson for every for

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every rebellious, arrogant tyrant that lives in any age at any time in any civilization, any nation. So he says this is not just a suit, I'm talking about the oppression of abraha against the Kaaba, this is sending a message to anyone who hopes to, you know, wreak havoc upon civilian populations and overpower a nation or a ruler trying to overpower another nation by means of their military might, with the understanding what are they going to do to fight against this, they have no military capability to stand up to us. And with that, you know, assumption with that arrogant assumption, they go in, and they don't care about the consequences. You know, when when a society is not in

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power, they talk about the rule of law, and they call people to abide by the rule of law. But when the society has power, they say the law is for everyone else. And we are above the law. We're beyond the law. And the light law would apply. It's a nice thing to apply to, but we have a special situation, and who's going to stop them even if they trample all over the law. And the regulations. They're the most powerful, you know, civilization who's going to who's going to question them, who's going to question their oppression. And this is something that has happened throughout history. It's not difficult to see examples of that even in our time. But this is something that you know, the

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soula is alluding to. Now he gives reasons why he thinks this is the case in the soul of why we shouldn't limit it to a discussion only of the historical accounts, which of course are critical. Leave that john Farrell, Tara, this is why the verb Tara came and then Tada. Now there are different ways of saying this. The first part of the IR roughly translated is Didn't you see? That's the first part Didn't you see? Common translations will read? Didn't you see how your Lord dealt with the people of the elephant? This is probably a common translation you've heard before, but he's commenting only on the first phrase and I'm Tara and specifically the verb to see that's been used

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in the present tense bc Latina Medallia legality analyst Mr. wattage dude. And this specific use of that now in English translation, it comes out as past tense, right? And I'm sorry, it comes out Didn't you see? And clearly, if you understand English, that's past tense. But in Arabic, there's a rhetorical function here. And as opposed to saying, Mr. ATIA right, and you could use the past tense function also. But that wasn't used when that's used the past tense. It alludes to something continuous in Arabic rhetoric and in Bulava. in linguistics, it reverses something that didn't happen once that happens over and over again. And this sort of from a linguistics point of view,

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we'll learn something amazing about the Scylla how the change of tenses carry amazing lessons in them. So that use just of the modality the present future tense in the Arabic with the word lung, regardless of the presence of the word lamp indicates that this is not just something to observe and think about for that time, but for all time, two more benefits, and then thought if he had done a Latin Louie attack in the phrase and Antara there are two two further evidences and benefits for the kuno stiff ham and Colombia will the Sania be Miranda lm Tara

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It could be referring to something you see physically, or something you remember in your heart or something you can visualize that you know, so Didn't you see it could be taken literally literally. But didn't you see can also be taken figuratively and figuratively. Even in English? It's the same exact way it's understood in classical Arabic. What that is, is Didn't you see how people in the past were destroyed? Now when you when I say that to you? Didn't you see that the nation of odd and the mood, etc, etc, were destroyed? I don't claim that you were there watching it happen when I say Didn't you see? But what I mean by that is, didn't you think about it? Didn't you realize? Haven't

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you thought? Haven't you heard enough of the news already? You understand? So when you see when you use the word seeing sometimes you don't mean it? Literally you mean it figuratively, even when somebody is explaining something to you? At the end of it, you say, Ah, I see. And you're on the phone, you don't see anything. Right? And they explain something to you. They say, Oh, I see. Right. So you're using the word but not in a literal sense, but in a figurative sense. Why is that important? Because this Antara this question, according to the majority of Assyrian has been posed to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So obviously, he didn't see the elephant army

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come. He wasn't there. Actually, he was according to most accounts, as we mentioned last time, born at least 50 days after the event in the same year, but at least 50 days after. So clearly, he didn't see this event, but he's heard it over and over again, as we will see or heard about this event over and over again, as we will see in the commentary of the mofa soon.

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So the second rhetorical benefit. lm taraka Taku be moneta, g mana lm Ian maka, in other words, Alec, you know, it produces the meaning of creating a shot Didn't you realize, haven't you thought about you know, when somebody talks to you like that they're trying to evoke emotions in you and that is what a Labradoodle is doing for his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he talks to him that way. Now here we have to understand something incredible about Dr. Oz discourse and Mt. fat. I know this is a lot of heavy terminology, but I'll make it as simple as I can, is the fat refers to the transitions in the Quran. Sometimes Allah is talking to the messenger, salallahu

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alaihe salam, other times he's talking to all of humanity. Other times he's talking to disbelievers. Other times. He's telling the Prophet What to tell them, right? He doesn't want to tell them directly tells the Prophet didn't tell them.

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Tell them right, he doesn't tell him directly. He tells his messenger to tell them, right so Allah, sometimes he's talking to ya a little keytab sometimes you have any extra in sometimes Yeah. You understand there are different audiences. But now in this surah, who's the audience, the messenger is being told, the messenger is being told, but the Quran is to be recited. So even though the messenger is being told some Allahu Allah, He will send them who else can hear the kofod can the disbelievers can, and they realize two things as this conversation is happening. One that ally is speaking to his messenger and his AutoSum. And two, that he is talking about an event that they

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themselves saw, maybe he didn't see. But according to most narrations, a good chunk of the population that was there at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu was salam, especially the elders of kadesh, they actually remembered the I account, the physical account of what happened. So when when these accounts are being given, two things are being learned, one, the messenger is being talked to, while acknowledging that the kuffaar can hear what's being said. So these two things are important. Now we look at some commentary by shokan Iraqi mahalo well, who will know who's on Allah and he will send them be Miranda Hola. And this is to give the messenger in a sense of amazement and

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wonder, in regards to what Allah himself did with the people of the elephant, as though he is saying but alimta, Mohammed, you already know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, oh god, no, you don't see asterik or the people who are present in your time, they also know very, very well, what I mean by the him and even the people that came after them be Marbella. homina, Matata mukasa, ts haberfield, because of what came to them from continuous narratives and narrations and people telling the story over and over again of the story of the elephant. Now, it's important to know why is this why would the people know about the story of the elephant? Why would it be so popular? Well,

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the entire city had to be evacuated, right they had to go up in the mountains, and this city was going to be finished. And the Arabs I told you last time, they didn't keep regular calendar. So you know, after this incident, you know what they used to say, oh, such and such thing happened two years after I will feel or a year you know, before I'm in field. In other words, their calendar became the year of the elephant. This was such an important thing to them, that the entire calendar revolved around it, and they will tell tell their children this story. And of course, you know, that the coloration lived off of the importance of the Kaaba. So, this became somewhat of a religious

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justification for you know, even giving the karma more reverence, look how Allah protected, you know, the in by this, this karratha, this unusual, unnatural paranormal activity. You know, in this way he protected discover, look at how that happened. So they would use that as justification for their legitimacy of having the Kaaba as the center of the religion.

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Even though they had they introduced paganism in there, my mother father in law who beat him family come, let me know. And this is the last part of show Kenny's commentary. He said just in that alone, Tara Keifa, Allah azza wa jal, it is as though he's saying, didn't you realize what Allah does to his enemies? So what's wrong with you? Why don't you believe in Him? You're using that to take pride in how Allah protected his house, then what's, you know, why don't you take that next step towards a man? Then this Hamza, this, you know, putting the statement in the form of a question. Well, Hamza to litho Creek and Hakeem Khadija, Allah Qaeda who feta mean,

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you know, codfather book is heavy. So this, you know, putting it in the form of a question, didn't you see how your master how your Lord dealt with the people of the elephant? When it's put in the form of a question, what's the purpose of that is to give emphasis to it. And I don't want to just use the word emphasis, you know, casually, because there are so many things in Arabic for emphasis. So I want to be careful and precise. What this does is it evokes the conscience of someone who has been done a favorite. That's what the rhetorical question is used for the most part. In other words, I'm talking to you and I say, did not help you last year. Now, there's one way of saying it is I

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helped you last year. That's one way of saying it. But if I really want to make you feel bad, you know, I would say, did not help you last year. You know what that suggests to the listener? It seems as though you have forgotten what I did for you last year. So I'm going to put it in the form of a question, because from your attitude, it seems that you've forgotten. Right? So I'm going to put it in the form of a question. And that's what a Lars always does. And I'm Tara bukovina. Now, again, we have to understand this question is directed at two parties. One party is the messenger himself. sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So we have to understand why Allah would ask His Messenger this

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question. The other is, indirectly this question is being posed to the kuffaar. Now that the fact that the question has been posed to the cofounders, easy to understand, they clearly haven't appreciated this favor that Allah has done them, because they're still openly committing the crime of shear, and they've polluted the house of Allah with idols. But how do we understand this question being posed to the messenger sallallahu sallam, because again, it's done to evoke a memory was, you see the purpose of that is, do you realize how Allah comes to the help of his house, and you don't realize that he is your master, he will come to your help also. In other words, the messenger is

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being given a guarantee of the help and victory from Allah, through whatever means, it takes Be it you know, you know, there may not be any means in front of the messenger, this is a monkey surah. So, he has no political power, he has no massive armies, he has no room to negotiate, people laugh at him and spit at him and, you know, people ridicule the people that follow him. So from a social and political point of view, he has no clout would actually add to that, even from an economic point of view is not in a very good position. But, but Allah is saying, even though the mccanns were not in a very good position, Allah has always been protected that house and he is the same master you

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have. So this by extension, the messenger is being you know, his he's being given consolation by Allah Subhan Allah tada Fernanda Bella kariba macabre going a little bit into the historical account will go back and forth inshallah, when he when he reached near Mecca holiday la he

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then Abdulmutallab came to him. What are the other he said to Luther and Walter Hama, Leo Jaffa, he offered him the land of the hammer, we talked about the plains of the hammer last time, if you recall, I will, I've done work on it. The grandfather of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam tried to negotiate with him sort of a peaceful settlement. And he said, I'll give you the a third of the revenues of the assets from the treasury of the plains of the habit, we'll give you that we're willing to give you all of that. But he returned because the the armies of

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Abba he refused well,

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Ajay Shah, who, and he prepared and loaded up his armies as a show of defiance, I don't need your negotiations, your negotiations mean nothing to me. In other words, he wasn't concerned with making a peaceful sentiment, he wanted to make a statement. And this is something again, we learn about people that are nations and powers that have power over others, no matter how much the other tries to negotiate by peaceful means. They have to make their statement and they don't care at the cost, or the the destruction that will come as a result. Now as Hubble field, you know, the common translation that people have the elephant, the word elephant is singular. But we know from last time

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also at least nine to 13 elephants were there. So why not? You know affion? Why not? You know elephants? Why use the singular? Well, it's used one because the most famous of them was what they were known for, when they say the elephant is referring specifically to an elephant whose name is known in nourishing mood. That was the elephant's name that that's what they had called it was a behemoth was a huge, huge elephant. And so they were famous for that one. So they're the people of the elephant referring to that specific one. But also finis ism Gemma, which means it's a singular word that can refer to an entire category. Now if you want to, if you look at it from the point of

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view of Islam jamaa, then your translation is going to be effected in English you

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can no longer say the people of the elephant are probably more better off saying the elephant people. In other words, people that were identified with the army of the elephant now that have in the middle which is a necessity in a Botha is something of a literary problem in English, as opposed to the Arabic here if you look at it as some jammer, the Botha, what it does is it creates an identification these people were identified with the army filled with elephants. Now,

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this this habit field, this phrase, we're gonna come back to in more detail in sha Allah when the time comes, but we still have to answer a couple of other things about the phrase and I'm not so we'll read through my notes inshallah. And Lima con, and I'm Tara, Ma, and I had the

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problem, my boss, Visa, Malin, Praveen, how can he said Didn't you see even though this event occurred A long time ago, even before the appointment of the messenger, some alerts me a long time ago.

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El Mirage mineralia. In what has killed the purpose of saying Didn't you see two purpose of mentioning seeing is two things knowledge and reminder. And it's exactly the case Don't you know what happened is another way of saying it, didn't you see is another way of saying Don't you know what happened? So knowledge and reminder. Have you forgotten what happened with this key? These are the two purposes of it. Well, who are a charlatan? Illa Anil Javi, Matata, and it indicate it seems to indicate this language that the news of this event was flowing continuously among the people this was a common narrative for Canada Animal House in behaviour, Dorian, Mousavi, mazovian filco Well,

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Jalla Novaya and this acquired knowledge, it's more powerful to mention it in this way, which will be talked about before then simply mentioning Didn't you know, when he has a sub colonic it Allah Sabina, Sabina them and this is why the same tone Didn't you see is used in the Quran for condemnation. So he's gonna give some examples from the Quran, other places where Allah uses the verb. And I'm Tara Didn't you see? And also in those cases, there's condemnation, and I'm eurocom Nakamura hominin Quran Allah says, didn't you see how many times have we destroyed much before them from all different kinds of towns and then

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Didn't you know that allows in complete control over all things? So this lm lm lm lm is kind of has a serger in it a sort of a scolding in it, a strong language in it, or a strong constellation in it. Now we read something from the CV We'll see. This was actually a contemporary to see it was written, the full name of it is Tafseer was eat feet of cereal, Coronel Kareem It was written by a chef Rahim Allah, not the current employee. This is an older than Mahatma. And this was published in 1928. Brilliant, well, kasatkina who is the firm and the messenger of the messenger actually not the messenger Allah subhana wa Taala please the question word, and nmk fear and he pays placed the

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question in the way of saying how Mandela who be him

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saying not just what he did with them, but how he did with them, law and in fearing that he Anelka axon, Allah, Allah. Allah didn't just say what he did with them, he asked the question how he dealt with them. So he's making a distinction between what did Allah do as opposed to how did Allah do? Now the sutra is talking about not what Allah did. But how Allah did kafer the Arabic word is kafer. He's saying the benefit of K phi in the IRA is it illustrates the what Allah did in far more detail. What did you do? I ate? How did you eat? Now you're asking for a lot of details, right? So when you ask the word gay fight requires a more detailed response. Whenever you ask the word Ma, what did you

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do? It could be a one word response, he destroyed, he killed, he got rid of them, but the word how it necessitates these demands, and also illustrates the power of Allah and more explicit detail. The second question, and I'm Tara cave, I found out about this actually, we recovered. Move to the next question. And by the way, as an indication of that, the importance of the word kafer. It's used for amazement. In other words, these Arabs are being made to think how could that be just think about that? How could it be that an army of elephants would show up at your borders, and you have no armies to defend them? And no harm comes to you? No, none whatsoever. And even when the plague hits,

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we'll talk about the plague that came as a result of the corpses rotting, there was a plague in Arabia, and even the plague hit it only hit those of the army of abraha. And by the way, when, you know, you send a delegation or armies or soldiers and they die abroad, when they die abroad, the nation who sent them gets enraged and sends another army after them. That's what normally happens, right? Because our sons died on the other side. We're gonna go avenge them. But actually abre has survived. He didn't die in Arabia. He actually made it all the way back to Yemen. And by the time he got back the the pebbles that had hit them, the 16 Hazara, that means a gene that's coming into

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Sora. It caused a disease of the skin on him that was peeling his skin off literally burning it off. So the the the Yemeni people saw this mutilated form of Abra

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Which terrified them of the idea of ever going back to them again, because they said even if we can kill those people, we're gonna get diseases and get killed like this guy. So it was an amazing plan from Allah subhanho wa Taala the very thing that would have enraged the Yemeni Empire even more was a means by which they were completely deterred forever, but more on that inshallah tada a little bit later, just under word how, again, how amazing this plan was, because Allah mentions the word how not what the same thing he does. And finally, jambu in a semi evohome k femenina. Didn't you look at the sky? Didn't they look at the sky above them? stare at it, not just what he created Qaeda. But

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how did he make it? How could that be created? How could that be design? Well think about that a construction project, right? a construction project? How did they make this building? My God? It's amazing. I come from New York. Our machines are very small. Right? We have like one big machine. And that's because it was funded from abroad. We don't have that kind of money. You know, the kind of the the amount of money it takes to buy a house in Texas. You can buy a bathroom in New York, right? So it's a different economy. So you go you come from Texas. I came from New York first time with my brother in law. We came, we pulled into the parking lot of the Irving machine learning. How did they

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do this? We're amazed at the construction project. How is this possible in America? Wow. Right? This idea of how so Ally's asking the question about his construction of the sky, the horizons, the expansive universe. By the way, a salad doesn't just mean sky. That's a shallow translation. So that means everything above everything above whatever lies above you. Have you wondered what kind of architectural plans are involved in the construction of this universe that lies above you and hovers above you? So Pamela Keifa it's used to inspire amazement in the one that is being spoken to when Ashoka and I had the hill waka Canada Latin Allah.

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Allah codelattice Sania, there is no doubt about it that this incident was clearly a proof of the power of the manufacturer, the creator were Allahu Mehta who and his knowledge and his wisdom, what can be done nothing Allah Shafi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, now we're coming to a new topic. And this incident is also a proof of the honor the nobility of the prophets on the lohani. Who sent them where then you can, why would this be a proof of the honor of the Prophet? What value can the animals have Enter, and now who used the demon more desert, Allah as a man in Botha? And that is because in our opinion, in our religion, it is known that miraculous things occur before the

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time of the appointment of a messenger, right before a messenger is appointed, miraculous things start happening, and this is one of the great miraculous things that see suddenly nobuaki him as a confirmation and an indication of their Prophethood what else I had no How will he Valley Kakadu, Karnataka mama Babu, and that's how otherwise they say the clouds used to cast shadow over him. Right. In other words, even that the clouds would follow him miraculously and you know, the you know about the narrations of the plants making such that and things like that. But even before his birth, a huge barges are to indicate this, this amazing event that is coming. Now we're going to look at

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some poetry of Abdulmutallab in response to this incident. Now, you would say, I mean, he's the head of the town. They're about to tear his city up, and he's making poetry but let me let me explain something to you. Poetry in Arabia was a means of actually, supplication. And actually, when we study this poem, we'll see he's actually talking to Allah subhana wa Tada. He's making dua to Allah in this poem in this very poetic fashion. So it's really a poetic prayer is what is narrated in the books of the sea. Now in the NA Yahoo from the holonic, there is no doubt about it. There is a man who has the intent of wreaking havoc in it, meaning in it the Kaaba debates, the beta of Allah, and

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he wants to wreak havoc in it and he wants to destroy it, then keep him from your halaal it's very interesting language, you know what the house is called? And beighton Hara, right? And he says, It's haram for everyone else who isn't halal for you, that house that is only permissible for you and for everyone else, it's sanctified, it's hot on that helps you get You're the only one who can prevent them from attacking it. One sort of Allah, Allah Salim, and it help against the people of the crucifix. Why? Because of Allah and his armies remember that they were Christian influence from hamartia. And they actually got the elephants from Russia from Africa. So he's saying the people of

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the crucifix were rbv and the people who worship it, and Yama helped them today. Allah help your own people against the people of the crucifix and those who worship that crucifix. Okay, so he's saying we are your people were the ones who protect your house, help us against them. liahona bernasconi Bahama mahalo home, do one or the one actually there. Let's not there crucifix or their plans of destruction, ever overcome out of animosity.

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Hallock your place this is your you know, your house and your sanctity. Let them not ever reach this in Quinta tariqah home wakaba. And if you are going to leave them and you're going to abandon our Kaaba, then fat more Baba dialog, then do whatever you want, then it's your that's your decision. So this is the statement he made. Then he said another thing, yeah, me against them. But this is the softness of the man, I suppose. Yeah, rub

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my master, I don't, I don't wish for them. Whack is used. wacka is used in Arabic for you know, the crop season crop season, the farmer puts in all his work. And at the end, there's harvest. And at that time, he's really really happy. He's saying I don't wish harm, I don't wish harvest for them. In other words, they put a lot of clearly they put a lot of labor and planning into getting here to destroy it. But I don't wish ever that they see the fruit of their labor. I don't wish that they you know, succeed your family and who have aka, then he says, protect them or keep them from attacking those who support you. So that's the prayers or the poetics applications of our beloved. Now we talk

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a little bit about the use of the word fit in which is very important. The word feral in Arabic, according to dodging arrows, which is a very famous lexicon of the Arabic language includes three things I mean, of course, action and halakha movement and had incident something that occurs, it is used only for tangible things. In other words, you know, it's not used to talk about abstract things, something physically that occurred, something moved from one to another, then Farrell is used, okay? The Arabs used it in idioms like be fit Licata, meaning beta theory how they would use a verb like or an expression like be fairly common meaning because of its impact. So the word fit was

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even used in the meaning of impact. Also fairland orbit bill Farrell is used in Arabic for it tends to illustrate hathi cotton. In other words, when you say Bill fairland Arabic or fairland, it means of course, obviously, truly, are actually these. This is the you know how it's used. So, again, referring to something that actually takes place, it's not abstract. It's not in the realm of hypothetical hypothetical. So this is why not say Jana, when I say Hanukkah, when I say Amina, well, first of all, the reason for not using Java and halaqaat is that you can actually include both of them. So it's a more comprehensive term, the word is more comprehensive. The second the reason for

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not using Amina is also very interesting. The word Ahmed and Ferrell both in from Arabic to English get translated as action. That's how they both get translated. But Iman is actually an action with intent and fear. There's an action with or without intent. That's one difference between the two. And then there's also an action that takes an effort and fairly can be an action that takes no effort. And interestingly in Khurana Iman is not used for Allah, but farrin is used for Allah over and over again signifying that there is no effort. There is no effort when Allah doesn't act. Efforts are the quality of human beings right for you read Kaisa Allah bookable. Right, same thing

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here and then taraka fact a lot of vocabulary, I will feel a man is not used fit is used. Why? Because it's effortless for a larger budget. The other benefit of not using online is actually this is from the Hierophant manner in Arabic rhetoric, they say when you say amen was done meaning and action was done based on intent, then you're you're alluding to the fact that other actions may have been done without intent. And that would be in an inappropriate assumption about allies or whatever. So I'm not used for that reason.

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actually, we'll move forward forward in channel and by the way, in Lucy stuff See, he makes another interesting comment, fellow Dakota alfalfa filata Napoleon can, he mentioned all three words, the speech would have been prolonged, unnaturally fast Sakura Laughlin, Yesh, Menon cool. So he mentioned a word that incorporates everything appropriately. So the most comprehensive speech this is a quality of the most comprehensive speech, little words. This is a pseudo you've memorized since you were kids. We're spending three sessions on it. When it's like five I add very, very short. And it's a you know, it's a Sunday school so that I call it a Sunday school soda because it's easy to

00:29:08--> 00:29:24

teach. You know what happened? Yeah, we already know what happened. It was an elephant thing happened and you know, and you pass through it somehow to law, but there are just in every word, there's a treasure embedded inside every single word. There's depth, there's wisdom embedded from Allah subhanaw taala. So

00:29:25--> 00:29:57

we covered that. Now let's move on to the next question. Now, he used the word rabuka. lm Tanaka, Allah rabuka. He didn't use the word Allah. He didn't use the word Allah This is important. You see Allah inshallah, when we get time will argue, is actually an lm it's a name of Allah. And it includes all the qualities of Allah azza wa jal, if you want to refer to a lot in one word that refers to every one of his qualities, even medical produce, every one of them the only word you can use that refers to all of his qualities would be Allah.

00:29:58--> 00:30:00

But when you use the word, Rob, it's

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

signifies one specific attribute. And that attribute is that of being a master and therefore having slaves. That's the salient, there are other things inside rub, alone MLK yamamura be right? will more likely there are other meanings in Rob, but the salient feature is master and therefore necessitating the existence of slaves. Why is that important? Because this sorta is not just giving you a historical fact, it's telling you that this was done by your master, so you need to act like slaves. This is it. So there's a, there's a conclusion that's being demanded in the language. If you just say Allah gave I for the longest time in feed, then yes, it's a historical fact. But it's not

00:30:39--> 00:31:18

putting any demands on me. The word Rob in and of itself is important here, because it's placing demands on them. And this is going to become absolutely clear in the next surah. Because what does the law say? Finally, Abu raba has obeyed, then they should enslave themselves as a consequence, to the master of this house? And what reasons that he given the next door under the door? And then what's the final reason? Why am I not home? Man hope he gave them safety against fear. And that that safety against fear is so to feed. That's what social feel is about. So Allah is making that demand openly there, but explicitly or implicitly, in this surah. Now, then, then why say, Rebecca, let's

00:31:18--> 00:31:55

look at the word cow here, guy referring to the messenger sallallahu alayhi. Salam, your master. You see in the next surah he says he's the master of the house doesn't he hasn't bait but before he mentioned his that he is robbed of the house that he's willing to protect. He mentions his messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So if he's going to protect the house, but he mentions the house later, who did he mention first? His Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Santo will not his message, his protection come to the aid of His Messenger sallallahu sallam. This is actually a very powerful rhetorical thing, because you know sort of Quraysh is more about the economics of Quraysh sootel

00:31:55--> 00:32:32

field is about the Kaaba, but the Kaaba is not mentioned in Philadelphia. The Kaaba is not mentioned, it's mentioned Quraysh. But who's mentioned in social field? The messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This is further fortifying what we've alluded to before, when a law poses this question, he's telling his messenger I will I protected the Kaaba with more so I am here to protect you. So Lola, her name's Adam. And so we find the commentary. We'll read through it. Meanwhile, you have to her there are several benefits of seeing a blue car The first of them can I call it is as though Allah said in a whole number Shahada has an intercom. It is no doubt when these people

00:32:32--> 00:33:14

witnessed this revenge that Allah took through millennia through everybody else and and thereafter still didn't abandon the worship of idols while anti mahamadou Masha had to shadow shadow. You Obama did not see those events. You didn't see them physically. So matter after then you realize the sugary water but you still acknowledge the favor of Allah upon you with gratitude and with obedience *a and Mecca and FileZilla eight adeleke an intercom and it is as though you saw that Revenge of Allah that Allah had taken Fela jarama Tabata and home Walker to come in and call and it's, it's clear that you disassociated yourself from those who do shift in your own town, and I have picked

00:33:14--> 00:33:53

you over everyone else. In other words, this is sort of a testimony to the character of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and him being picked as the final messenger for a goon. Then I say, Rob book a Anak well as to the home by Allah Allah him by saying, Rob book, your master your Lord, what am I saying is I am for you. I am in your case, I'm in your favor. I'm on your side, and I am not in on their side, actually, I'm against them. I stand against them. Just like I stood against Allah and his armies. So this is a means of that we'll have terrifying them that he that Allah will the same Allah who destroyed Avraham is now on the side clearly on the side of his messenger sallallahu

00:33:53--> 00:34:37

alayhi wasallam. Now, the second benefit in LTV is haben Finn valic De Lima of alto rider I only did this I did this for the against the people of the elephant the elephant people that Lima Luca to show the greatness of you meaning the messenger so I show them what the Sharif and the mocha gimmick and to honor your arrival for an icon tomorrow be an acapella comic and I have been the caretaker of your niche for you even before your nation for K for a through cooter we attack Barbara horik and then how am I going to leave your caretaking after your your you become a messenger for fi a shout out to know who is a charlatan who is at the end of it. And it also there's an indication that he

00:34:37--> 00:34:59

will be the messenger and his Auto Salon will actually be victorious and will overcome the city of Mecca and be able to cleanse Allah's house. Now, we talked about why not use the word Allah azza wa jal why not use that word and might not even set up with Canada but buka referring to the Messenger of Allah audio so then now we go on to a comment by a doctor mahalo and then we move on with a bit of rub and by calling it

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

referring to a rub and using a terminology actor Sharif law who, again to illustrate the nobility of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and a sharabi decretal cotton snam and that is a Maha Baba home. And by using rabuka what another thing Allah has done in between the lines, he has illustrated the ugliness and the pathetic nature of shape that is being done at that house. He is the master who protected this house, how dare you put other masters to worship? How do you put those other idols there he is your master. Right? So this just by using the word Rob, it is almost a negation of the shift that is being done there and attack against it.

00:35:38--> 00:36:14

This is now we get it gets really interesting, just the language of us haben theme, commonly translated again, people have the elephant or we said one possible rendition, the elephant people. Well, let me call it Babel Finn, and the Allah didn't say, the masters of the elephant, oh, Malik and feel are the owners of the elephant. He didn't use those words. He specifically use the word us hub, which means people have companions of associates of us hub and Sahaba is used, of course, for the companions of the Prophet sallallaahu. It's a common word you're familiar with it. Now, let's understand a few things about this because this amazing literary power in this, the Asahi akun

00:36:14--> 00:36:55

mineral genes, because the word Sahib can be a categorical kind of statement as herbal philia Allah Allah, Allah aliquam, canowindra, Phil, Phil, Phil Bohemia. And by using this word as a categorical statement, calling them elephant people. It's like Allah saying there are elephant like people, they have features of animals. They have behavior and etiquette and morals of animals. So they are like animals. By calling them as haben feet. It's a sort of an insult where animal family, and it's it illustrates a lack of understanding and intellect, Belfi the people. And there's even a more subtle comment here. We're here and now either hustler Dilma Sahaba, saying this is also really important.

00:36:56--> 00:37:34

Whenever there's companionship between two parties, two persons, for you call, then it is said the other one will honor the Lord. So there's two people that have companionship one is less than one is higher. And the lesser one is said this lesser one is the Sahaba of this higher one. So the lower guy, the one who was in a lower position in the relationship is the Sahib and the one in the higher position is the other. In other words, for example, who's in a higher position, the Messenger of the Sahaba, the Sahaba. So but you can say that the Prophet is their companion, and they are the prophets companion, who's given the vase companion, the lower party or the higher party, the lower

00:37:34--> 00:38:15

party, you understand what he's saying. Now, he says, The people were given the lower party, and the elephants were given the higher party, because they're even worse, but they're even worse than animals. And he proves this point he says, rhetorically, it's there. What's the proof of it? Yeah, the law and like I know like laquan can do a call to Harlan. What Edwin was in a 10 minute feel it illustrates that they were these were less worse off in their state and lower in their status than even the elephants. And why? Because when the when the elephants were commanded to destroy the house, remember you are key to the lake and what further fortifies this concept. And the hula

00:38:15--> 00:38:53

dolphin energy has GABA every time they they pointed the elephant in the direction of the garba Kenyatta, how will I know who we are, and who he would turn away from it and run away. In other words, you know how the messenger says now thought autonomous Lucan female co2 Holic, this animal understood it better than them. The animal refuses to destroy the Kaaba and turns away and these human beings who are clearly in this situation worse than animals, they don't understand that and they're bent upon its destruction. So, this in and of itself, proves and then feel a kind of accent, a kind of accent ohana minimum, that he the the elephant was in a better position in a better state

00:38:53--> 00:39:02

than even they were when it comes to their his purpose in creation. Then Elisa cafardo Elisa and Nicole Falco aischedul, Malibu, Al Qaeda, Minna, San

00:39:04--> 00:39:19

edema Dara, this very important question, he says, isn't it true that the godfather of Quraysh had filled the Kaaba with idols for a very long time. So they have done a crime against the Kaaba for a very long time. Fine. Well, Ashoka danika Kanaka minakari

00:39:20--> 00:39:57

acaba, and it seems very clear, there's no doubt about it that that crime of shift is a worse crime than even destroying the walls of the Kaaba. He poses a very important philosophical, almost question, right, though if I say, this is a lucila Lama, he says, think about this, that on the one hand, coration been doing * in the house Allah had commanded to be built for his worship alone. They have been doing shift in that house for centuries. And on top of that, now somebody wants to come and destroy this house, aren't they both criminals and he says, actually, from a point of view of from a man who's the bigger criminal, the bigger criminal me about how we learn only wants to do

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

this for economic reasons. He has no coffin or rebellion.

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

against the law, what's the bigger crime here shift? So the question is how come Allah destroyed? I don't know how but he didn't destroy the courage. So he asked this question for the most I'm not alone either. I'm an acid attack. How come Allah waged his destruction, his punishment is torture upon the one who intended destruction for the Kaaba, when I'm you

00:40:20--> 00:40:30

know, son, and he didn't, he didn't really cause havoc and wreak his destruction upon the one who filled it up with idols, while joab. And here's the response, the unknown what

00:40:32--> 00:40:32

he hated.

00:40:34--> 00:41:12

Because destroying or doing, Shere Khan is a violation of the right of Allah. But destroying the Kaaba would be a violation of the right of the people. This is the house built as a mercy for humanity. This, this house is a right of the people so they would turn in the right direction and pray, this house was built so that humanity would have guidance. This was supposed to be the center. So it's the right of the people versus the right of Allah. And Allah prolongs and doesn't punish immediately when his rights are violated, but he comes to the protection of the people so proud Allah was to Allah Thurman, and again, the next question came from Cole Phil era. This is just a

00:41:12--> 00:41:26

grammatical issue. He's talking about the word kafer. And why is in the nossob state basically it's Keifa is because of foreigner, not because of an Antara, which is a grammatical it's a minor issue. It doesn't really affect the meaning all that much. So we're going to skip that part.

00:41:27--> 00:42:08

Now, finally, allow me al Qaeda home feet have been the second album, The first album was Adam Tanaka, darbuka vs. haberfield. The second album, yeah, Al Qaeda, who fitted me now, didn't he common translation? Didn't he make their plot in the waist? This is very literal translation, or didn't he place their plot in vain and not or reduce it to nothing? First, let's pay attention to the word lm it's mentioned again. So the first question was lm. The second is again, lm. And here the purpose of this, these are the only two lm By the way, there is no third, right, these are the only two and these are the only two present tenses Tara and yon. Now there's our Salah after this,

00:42:08--> 00:42:47

right and Jalla after this, and so the language changes a little bit. Now, I told you I mentioned before, when the present tense is used, there's a continuity, there's a continuity and if you look at the language, he took their plot and reduced it to waste. This is something not only that Allah did for them. But anyone who makes plots against a lesbian a level do this over and over and over again, hence justifying the use of the present tense. Yeah, john, in this case, even though the meaning comes out in the past tense. The conjugation is in the present form the melodic form. That's the first thing, then the word gyla, as opposed to father, but the first is said falaka father here

00:42:47--> 00:43:23

referring to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah find different verb is being used. What's the benefit here gyla is to take something that already exists and transform it. What the word itself indicates is Allah, let them have their plan, let them finish the entire execution of it, plan it out for months and months, get secure the funds security army secure the training secure, that means for the journey, let them run it the whole way and put it to waste at the very end, he transformed he morph the plan at the very end. In other words, he didn't deviate the plan in the beginning, he could have not allowed them to consume an army, or to amass an army or to come up with the funds or to be able

00:43:23--> 00:43:55

to make it all the way. You know, they could have never met a booty call. Remember the navigator that got them all the way to work, they could have never met him if Allah had wanted, but he let them think the plan is in order. But he took that plan and made it different at the very end. So that's what Jana seems to indicate is that this is Elijah and that Allah as always, and let them play, played them along, basically played them, and at the end of last year, just pulled the strings on them. By the way, this I don't know if I've given you this parallel before but it's a it's an interesting parallel. My teacher Dr. Simon used to give it to me, says when someone's rebellious,

00:43:55--> 00:44:32

one of the things Allah does is he lets them go free. And they feel like they got no problems they can get away with anything. And it's compared to a dog that is wild is barking at you is biting at you. So you tie it up, right, and you tie it up with a one foot leash, so it can't really move much. But if you really want to punish this dog, you take it in an open field and tied to a 400 foot leash. Because if you tie it to a 400 foot leash, you know what's gonna happen, it's gonna think that it's free and it's running full speed. Right when it's it's only a foot long leash, it can only pull so much when it's running full speed and he reaches 400 feet, what happens.

00:44:33--> 00:45:00

He gets yanked, it gets choked, and that pain is far worse than the one foot leash. The dog thinks he's got freedom, but this is actually worse for him. Where I would do him feed him yamana like sends them in their rebellion. Let them remain blind in it. So like extending their means all the way to get to the Kaaba law could have destroyed them much before but he let them execute their plan, let them play along, let them dig their hole deeper. This will only make their punishment worse. Not only are they wish to cool, but they're committed

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

crimes against the larger one.

00:45:03--> 00:45:11

Okay, now the words of salah and you know when we get to them I'll skip this part so I'll just tell you now, but what else Allah Allah him Titan

00:45:13--> 00:45:52

is very particular punishment given to these people. So the past tense is used, which does not include continuity which there is no need for because that particular punishment is not repeated by Alonzo church, it was specifically sent to them and the proof of that specific sending inshallah when we get to that ayah now, Cade another really interesting comment. And this is where you'll see the benefit of that discussion we had before the word cave in Arabic is used similar to the word MCQ. So there are two words for making a plan plot really not a plan a plot. Kate and Kate is used for a plan made in secret. So it's the the thing highlighted in a plot. And by the way, by plot, I

00:45:52--> 00:46:27

mean a plan made to harm someone. That's what gave you basically it's a plan made to harm someone. So you know, military plans can be called Cade, but city planning cannot be called. Okay. You understand? When a plan is made, like for a military offense or to rob someone in ambush, things like that, that would be good if it is made in secret. Now if a plan is made to deceive someone, or deception is being used as part of the plan, right? deception in planning, that's mucker. So when people are being misled, that's mucker when Pete when things are being kept secret, that is okay, these are the two kinds of plots that are linguistically mentioned. Now, as I mentioned, escape

00:46:27--> 00:46:41

allow me al Qaeda home, didn't he take their plot, implying the plot was secretive and put it to waste? Now I haven't explained that put it to waste part. But just as plot part, let's see the question. And I'm an advocate who I

00:46:45--> 00:46:57

know that cave is a word used for an intent me to harm someone harm the other and it's made secretly in Korea. And if you were to ask for Nima sama, who Caden what kind of ion

00:46:58--> 00:47:09

How come it's called Cade? While his plan was very open? I mean, he came out he didn't come by night. He came openly with his army. So why call it a secret plan? Well, Kate, a lot of

00:47:11--> 00:47:15

another commentary, same exact thing was from years of Hello, my father, who

00:47:16--> 00:47:17

was a shadow Kayden

00:47:20--> 00:47:57

Johanna Horan, they came even though they came in the midst of the day, and they came without any secrecy. So how can we understand this word in this ayah? The unknown can be rude. I mean, how could well have said when a Dawa the IV Mecca one explanation? This is the explanation repeated, every Mufasa that I read, that asked this question had pretty much the same answer, which has been because they were hiding in their hearts and animosity against Americans. That was even worse than the one they were showing that they're saying that part of it was secret. I personally wasn't very satisfied with that response. Because it seems to me that a historical analysis of the events yields a much

00:47:57--> 00:48:35

more powerful response to this question. Now, that may be true. You know, when I talk about Allah mentioned, this attitude of what they're hiding in their hearts is even worse. That may be true, and that may be secret. But you know, in a, in a society that is, that revolves around religion, in a society that revolves around religion. And of course, in modern times, mostly nations are trying to push themselves as a secular state. So religion is not the central force in the Christian world, or in the Muslim world. It's not the central force. But in the ancient world, religion played a central role in every society be pagan, Hindu, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, religion plays a central role.

00:48:35--> 00:49:12

Now, if religion plays you, it is your constitution. It is what you have your allegiance to, when you say you're proud to be, you don't mention nation, you mentioned religion. Right? That was the worldview of the past the pre modern era. And in that time, if you want to galvanize the people and motivate the people to take military action, what do you use to justify your actions? You use religion. You know, in modern times, you can use patriotism. You can use for the sake of our nation for the sake of our people for the sake of our land, by the way is religion, even today used to extend military means and manipulate people. Sure, all religions, by the way, it's not just you

00:49:12--> 00:49:52

know, one or the other. It's all religions use religion as a means of oppression against another. It's possible it does happen. Now. We, when we study the historical account, we learned that the motivations were actually not religious, what were they they were political, they were economic, the you know, the Yemen was no longer the economic capital, that had shifted to Makkah and to get their attention back and to get that revival going of the trade power going. They had to now make an offense against Mecca, but they covered it up with what facade with religion. This is our new cover. This is police, they don't come and worship this. They're not Christian people. So they're going to

00:49:52--> 00:49:59

come with the sunny, they're going to come with the crucifix, and they're going to make it look like this is a war of religions, the war of faith, and we're standing up for the religion.

00:50:00--> 00:50:31

They're galvanizing their people for this cause, of course know how much I was a very strong Christian state for them to offer elephants or anything else's military support already suggests they saw it as a Christian thing to justify to their people. But what's hiding underneath what's the real cave is really something else. They have monetary advances. By the way, this case is interesting to mention, because this is the same problem with the crush. On the outside they're saying a journal Allah tala. Hahaha, he, he took all of our gods and made them into one in

00:50:32--> 00:51:07

this very, very strange thing. We don't get it, how can all those Gods be turned into one that's on the outside, but you know what's going on on the inside their entire economy, their entire economy? I'll give you a comparison. One of you said, someone comes out some movement comes out in Las Vegas and said, We need to get rid of all the casinos. Right? We need to get rid of all the casinos. And somebody says no, this is part of our history, it's part of our heritage, it's part of our culture, is that the real reason that people would be getting some money, it's the people that are coming in, right? So you can cover it up with heritage and history and this and that or the other. But the

00:51:07--> 00:51:43

underlying causes are still there. And this is really exactly what we're doing. You get rid of the idols, they have no political power, because all the idols are being held hostage in Makkah. So people have to come into HUD and when they have to come and do their they have to go shopping. And when they have to go shopping, their economy booms that's how it works. And they can go outside and travel without fear. Why? Because the other pagans respect them as custodians of the house where their idols are being held hostage, you get rid of the system, their entire economy collapses, that entire mafia system is finished. So the word Dave is alluding to the case of Abra and the undertones

00:51:43--> 00:51:46

of economic pursuit, but also it's referring to it's kind of a

00:51:48--> 00:52:23

kind of a poke at and upon ad, even though coloration, the K that they made against the messenger, some of the law names Adam, and Allah says if I can take their cane, which was much bigger, and he can put that to waste, what is your case gonna be? Because those who you couldn't define against you had to run up into the mountains? Those are the ones I put to waste. What are you going to do? Where do you stand, right? So this is comparison taking place, remarkably in disorder. So that's just the use of the word Okay, now let's talk about Mandela you don't really need usually in the Quran, bile is used by Allah, but this is $1 per meal. It's the it's the master

00:52:24--> 00:52:30

fee. So let's understand the difference between well not to wait to be lost, literally to lose to be lost.

00:52:31--> 00:53:10

To play something where you can no longer find it etc bundela to waste to destroy a Yahoo to put it completely to waste where it's no longer usable at all. And let me adjust. This is the Tafseer commentary. Let me set you'll have Basha as harben feed fetus rebuild karma fetal Neel Jani. Then we take take the efforts of the Habash or the people of the elephant in the destruction of the Kaaba, then we put it into waste meaning fetal meaning him I'm out, I'll do a Hallelujah, Libya, in wasting their plans in regards to the efforts they made in destroying it. This is the base meaning, but then they go a step further, the word leave in Arabic, the frame generally has repetition in it. In other

00:53:10--> 00:53:48

words, a lot at many occasions put it to waste. The first time they built the police, they thought I was gonna compare with the super mall that we've built of Aqaba, compared to that old rickety place over there in Makkah, who's gonna go there, now that we have this, that failed, then they tried to convince people to turn in this direction that failed, then they you know, another failure was burned. It was burnt down, we learned about that and it was dedicated upon, etc. So that's another meme. Then they came all the way here to destroy the cover and that went that went into failure. So if anything is added to the all and respect for the cowboy rather than reducing it, it only you

00:53:48--> 00:53:54

know, put their entire plan to waste. So one after another, their plans were destroyed. What am I do I was caffine not enough.

00:53:55--> 00:54:33

Allah says what is the prayer of disbelievers except being put to waste? Now a little bit more commentary in shallow tala, the word fee the use of the word fee This is also very important. Well, man, I have a love when he when the professor says helpful not official Kenny, he's referring to the word fee. And I didn't say he put their plan to waste. He said he put their plan in utter waste. Now what's the benefit of seeing in in Arabic is used to give you imagery. And that's why he calls it alpha love. Love literally means a location to space a time. Right? So it's either love zamanlar Mecca and time or space in this case is almost making you visualize it is as though you take

00:54:33--> 00:54:59

something good, and you throw it in a fire where it's burned to a crisp and it's useless. It can't be used anymore. So Allah took their entire elaborate plan, which was so well made, and he completely put it to waste. And that waste is clear for everyone to see. So that element of being able to see like a calicut Juan, Nikolay arkin and it could be easy for anyone to see how that elaborate pet plan was completely destroyed and wasted. bundela actually

00:55:00--> 00:55:02

One more linguistic comment on it.

00:55:03--> 00:55:42

imitable case was also called this delicate baleen Bollywood bond not that that's the other word okay allele mo case was called the king with the quality of money why Leonardo da Vinci by Yahoo because he wasted the fortunes of his father he inherited kingdom and he wasted the fortunes of his father so his name became bullied because he put it to complete waste he could have done so much with it but he wasted the whole thing. Now we get to the last two if inshallah tada or three maybe I'll go 10 more minutes inshallah Thailand will conclude next week and combine certain field with it let's see, let me at least finish this third eye and then we'll conclude what else Allah Allah him

00:55:42--> 00:56:22

by urine Abadi and he sent against them birds there's I'm again literal translation right now he sent against them birds about hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds now just a historical comment describing the the birds when it turns back by the fact that he turned away well who are younger when he was making dua to Allah for either who are betrayed and then all of a sudden he sees birds minette William and from the coming from the direction of Yemen, which is interesting because the army also came from Yemen right? Well law law he says football he says I swear by Allah, Allah tala diva. It is very strange kinds of birds for sure. Ma he had been a de la Mia. They're not from

00:56:22--> 00:57:03

Nigeria and they're not from taba, gamma Archuleta, 100 female, it was his urine fee. And in every single bird there would be a pebble in its beak and two pebbles in each of its claws in its feet. Okay, so that's his description of it for Canon headjam yaka Allah azza wa jal fire fujimi lubri he then the the stone that they will land these rocks, these pebbles that will land they land on the head of a person and come out from behind them on our VEDA about being above our VEDA describing the word ever been says Gemma odd feet, Africa, multiple groups of different kinds. In other words, it wasn't one species of bird there were many different species of words. And that will come more later

00:57:03--> 00:57:41

on also you call Jonathan Hi, Bobby, it has also said the horses came herds upon herds from many different directions, a German admin Hakuna wahana, groups upon groups coming from here and there, either no house, no house agreement, great grammarian of our history without Omicron, we're happy to who and the hijama ivam. And the reality is that these are huge groups, huge, awesome flocks of birds, not one but many different flocks of birds. I haven't seen too many birds in Texas. But you know, if you traveled between like New York and Maryland, sometimes birds are migrating, especially in the area of Delaware, a lot of birds, right, so you'll see, for a good half hour, just a flock of

00:57:41--> 00:57:53

10s of hundreds of 1000s of birds a continuous stream. And according to other historical narrations, they were coming from every direction, and you couldn't see the sky became dark. It's an incredible scene to even imagine.

00:57:55--> 00:58:26

And so you know, when we read this language, I'm translating, you can imagine the Arabs because they have such picturesque imagery in their language. When this story was told over and over and over again, you can imagine children sitting around and imagining this, as though they can almost see it. And you have to know that the Arabs had an amazing imagination, they really did. They were in the desert, there's nothing really to look at. So when you have when you're in that kind of situation, you develop an active imagination, which shows in their literature, their literature is full of picturesque imagery, and it kind of compensates for the lack of imagery in reality in the terrain of

00:58:26--> 00:58:39

Arabia, you know, anyhow, so working cannot run hotter and hotter. And it said that these were green birds that came out of the ocean. So you have varying narrations, historically about the kinds of birds. But

00:58:42--> 00:58:53

you see, what happens sometimes interferes is my personal comment. You don't have to agree with it. Okay? What happens in the series sometimes is our professional May Allah reward all of them, they get so busy talking about what?

00:58:54--> 00:59:32

Sometimes we lose sight of how Allah didn't pay me, he doesn't want us to pay attention to what species of birds and how long their beaks were and what color are they? What's his great information? 100 and now we have it. What's the point? Allah didn't say what he did, Allah said, How? How How can that be? How can small creatures like birds that are weightless, that are literally weightless? destroy an army associated with the most monumental weights? elephants? How can that be? How can you take these most extreme things? You know, a lot of times you'll see if you go to the zoo, there are elephants and there's birds sitting on top of them, harmless creature to the

00:59:32--> 00:59:59

elephant, the creature they would never expect any harm from right. And then how can that be that alleged uses birds, hundreds upon hundreds of them to destroy this monumental army SubhanAllah. Now the use of the word of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah him as opposed to us, Allah, Allah, Allah to feed with the word Allah. It serves the benefit of showing superiority or being above what is their male energy and it's a unique usage in the Quran.

01:00:00--> 01:00:44

History along with the solute and includes that of domination and of, you know wreaking havoc upon someone and imposing oneself forcing upon oneself when the Vatican either via TV Allah and that is why in the Quran when we find a love sending punishment, he doesn't say our Salah he sent to he said he sent upon Allah which illustrates punishment like he sent a you know a rain upon them or destruction upon them etc so to end upon in English they seem kind of ambiguous but in Arabic It makes a big difference between Allah and Allah. So Allah had an A in bourbon Da Vinci, Allah until we open the doors against them upon them over them that had punishment of intense value, when I lay

01:00:44--> 01:01:15

him down for him to fall. So we find over and over again, we send birds against them, a storm against them, when against his use, Allah is used but when a messenger is sent a messenger is not punishment America messenger is mercy for us, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah for Allah illustrating that even though he was centered around he was still a mercy, if he will send us a punishment what word would have been used? Either right? So it would be a different word altogether. So Allah comes back with punishments.

01:01:17--> 01:01:27

So now some commentary on the birds and then inshallah Tada. We finish our session for today. Welcome to the other, the crew, the crew who will play him Rob bukata.

01:01:28--> 01:02:08

This is totally his commentary by the way he sent upon your master sent upon them birds that were of different nature, yet about robot living violin, min Noah and shatta. And one group would follow another from different directions. Well here Java and da da da, and abiel the word abiel is a plural word for which there is no singular in Arabic or being means hundreds upon hundreds groups upon groups, right? flocks upon flocks in bird terminology, I wouldn't say hertz for birds, but, you know, flocks upon flocks of birds, scores upon scores, if you will, right. What I use is some general equilibrium and chutney and eat fee flower and play the word plate is used as a pluralist a

01:02:08--> 01:02:21

plural noun, a collective noun, it's called an English refer signifying all birds, so he didn't say to you, he said Thai, which means just all forms of birds, if you just say to us birds, but if you say, all kinds of birds, they came,

01:02:22--> 01:02:51

what then Kiera Hullett and we with the wheel and making the unweaned on it by urine, you hear that? on it? The benefit of that is that and we are illustrating the word many different kinds with the wheel and the terrified because then when is used in Arabic for them, or Iraq, even birds were sent. And, you know, I'm pounding on it like that, because that's what the muscle state does in Arabic sometimes. And so why is that important to note, because the Arabs who remember that they're being told, remember the birds.

01:02:52--> 01:03:29

You know, that's how they're being told. Because this is not something that some ancient event that they never knew about, this is something they know about. And that doesn't scare you that those birds didn't drop pebbles on you. Right? They had GPS on YouTube, but you know, they only dropped it on other targets. So the this is that will terrify them. So almost inshallah to Allah, about when we talked about hundreds upon hundreds, similar plurals in Arabic are shalfleet by deed when I was attic. So just a little bit more about about me, for those of you that are Arabic students, even if a sham says I've been algebra Atlanta condemning Arab beaverhead that the Arabs never used a

01:03:29--> 01:04:06

singular word for about being ignorant. That's what the heck if both of them say about being yet about rubaga home bobbin that the first two groups that follow one after the other hustle and bustle in Qatada c'est, bien el kathira babila refers to that which are many in many makalah Mujahid bobbins shatta Matata Mr. Mr. Mian that they are dispersed that they are continuous and they are unified in one place so they're dispersed in terms of their then we are their nature, different species of birds, but they're grouped together a bunch together. And they come from Alamos beleif attack team and how hola woman Hakuna that they are different kinds of birds this will even say says

01:04:06--> 01:04:46

they come from here and from there at home in Cali mccannon and it came upon them from every single direction will call me for once again. Let us ma'am in the lobby feet of Hedy Hershey and I didn't hear from the Arabs using a singular form of it ever. That's just what epsilon am. I'm going to give you a little view of inshallah tada what we're going to be doing next week finishing this sola and moving on to sort of flourish, but I and I want to just mention this one thing, this surah is a gift to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in and of itself, you know, Akari Rahim Allah commenting on the sutra he said that that Allah His messenger RNA Santos, Allah which gives

01:04:46--> 01:05:00

His Messenger gifts even before he's born, and he protects his city and the city in which he is going to be born, you know, and the house and that house which he wasn't even praying in the direction of to begin with, but Allah knew that eventually he will be praying

01:05:00--> 01:05:39

In that direction, and he turns back towards the Qibla tada to please that messenger so for them, so we have this newly found respect and honor and regard for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam, because of just the phrase alum taraki farfalla rabuka just that word rabuka gives us newly found respect and a refreshed appreciation of how highly Allah regards His Messenger sallallahu sallam. This was an event the Macan slide this was done for them. They thought Allah protected them. And let me be clear, no, no, no, no, no, this is for you. This is for you. Number one, follow lasagna setups. Holla. So May Allah azza wa jal give us a clear and deep understanding of this book

01:05:39--> 01:05:54

and the ability to practice upon it may allow us to take the good things that are said and entered into our hearts anything that is incorrect me he removed from our memories in our hearts. Monica Lani Welcome to NF Hakeem when I thought it would be it was a good Hakeem was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.