Nouman Ali Khan – We have Our Deeds You Have Yours

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of justice in a situation where the person is unfair is discussed, emphasizing the power of the person to make judgments and implement punishment, but cannot do so without the power to do so. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of standing for fairness and unsavory in relationships, acknowledging one's own actions and deeds to achieve justice. The importance of healthy eating and letting people know their actions and deeds is emphasized, as well as the need to rephrase behavior to make it understood.
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heiligen would you live in Adam, which I do live in a Golem or mostly just somebody with an alum from October to add another Finnish guru who Allah nasai can manage guru who is the one who sadly Allah also the hill on the shelf it shouldn't be when Adam multitap will walk and walk a mile in the you know we'll say either one or the other. And let the Mashallah be he at least have no medium whether it be or 30 he brought him on and he said I'm in a county offer our I debated

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for sal Allahu Allah He was very he hated Oman Latina Baraka love will be him catheter nurse a lot of them in Malaysia, but handle Illa Illa de la mia Hola. Hola. Hola who shaniqua from work with me Aquila, Julio Mina fully covered with Akira.

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Allah. Allah Allah. Allah Allah, Allah Allah. Allah hamdulillah the number one is that you know when to stop federal. When we know we want to talk to Annie. Whenever we let him in surely and phocoena women say it Melina when you have to Hila Hoefler modela woman you delay for her the other one a Chateau La ilaha illallah wa sallahu la sharika when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he wore a suit of Allahu Allahu taala in order

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to have a holiday aladeen equal Lee Walker fabula he shahida Sonoma Valley he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira a mother in law Stockwell hediki Davila. Well, Hayden had he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in childhood almost he might have had to have were in Aquila certain VEDA wakulla without and Paul Allah wakulla Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah azza wa jal fickett w Karim Allah arrow the villa him in a shade on the regime for the Delica federal was stuck in coma omit one that had to be a popular man to be runs on Allah hoomin kitabi will move to the de la binaca Allah Hold on one hour on buco Lana Luna Welcome lucam Shatta Wale and avena Kula village Marroquin in a way they must be rubbish It is something where silly Emery Wagner loksatta melissani of cocconi Allah Tabitha and the multimeter Allahu Allah, Allah homodyne. Lamanna lives in Amman and Mohammed Ali heard what was happy, but also the subject. I mean, yeah, but I mean,

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what I meant to do last week was to conclude my series of on these IR to sort of shore up which were 1314 and 15. I didn't get to complete the conversation I wanted to have with you about iron number 15. So I hope to do that today each other. Last week, I spoke with you about what Alonzo john gave the Prophet social as a mandate. What should he do? And how should he stand tall by his message? We're going to take that conversation further the other steps the prophets Isilon was given despite the opposition that he has to face, we're going to go through all of those steps today. So we left off at what we'll move to the ardila binaca, I have been commanded to be fair between all of you to

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do justice between all of you. So the prophets, I said, I'm here is taking the role of a judge. And a judge seems to have some level of authority, right? Because if someone's going to do justice between me and somebody else who has a dispute with me, then the only the only way I can get justice is I have someone mediate, or or look at the situation and then make a verdict, someone who has authority both over myself over and over the other, right? So in these words, the prophets I said, I'm seems to have been given this authority, however, this is a mocker. And in Makkah, Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam does not have the authority of a governor like he has in Medina, right. So once he

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migrates to Medina, there is a position of authority. So what we learned from that is that there are two dimensions of doing justice. There is justice that is done by a call the judge, right and authority. And that kind of justice is that not only do they decide what is fair, you get this much, you get this much, you're at fault, you're not at fault, or this much as your fault that much is your fault. Not only do they decide that, but then they they implement the payout, they implement the punishment, they implement the consequences, they have the authority to do that, too. Right. So we think of justice not only as someone who made a judgment, but actually once they made that

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judgment, they have the power to execute that judgment to so you once you separate those two, you understand that when there was all sides, that was in Medina, he had the power not only to make judgments and decide what is fair, not fair, but based on his decision, it was also implemented. But while he's in Makkah, he can only do one part of that justice. What's that part of justice he can declare He can speak out about what is fair and not fair. And that much he has to do like He can speak what what what is fair and what isn't fair, but he doesn't yet have the authority, the power over people to employ

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meant what is fair and isn't fair you understand. But even then the word use was to do justice. This is important because many times you and I find ourselves in situations, whether it's in our family life, personal life, work life, as a citizen of a government, whatever, in any of those situations, you might find yourself, you know, feeling of being powerless to implement justice, you're not you don't have the power to do it. But that doesn't mean that you can't declare it. And you can, it doesn't mean you can't call out wrong for wrong and right for right, that's actually a command he has been given. You see, the people in positions of power, or the courage and resource, essentially

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is powerless at this point, from a political point of view, he doesn't have any, none of the chips are in his hand, none of the control is in his head. And yet Allah has commanded him a higher authority has commanded him to call out fairness and unfairness open, right. And that actually puts him in a very difficult position, the first thing that happens to someone who doesn't have power, and then speaks about what is right, right. And what is wrong is, Who are you to tell me? What do you think you are? You're going to tell you're going to talk about what's fair and unfair, on what authority? And what is the answer to that question on one authority, it's in the eye itself, or

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mirror to the rd Levine, I have been commanded to do justice between you, meaning he's not doing it on his own authority. It's because he himself has been told by a lot to do so. It's not even my choice, I have to do it. And if we understand that, then we understand that in any situation, you find yourself in life, to call out what is fair, as fair or unfair as unfair. And to not let somebody be oppressed while you sit quietly and watch. You have to speak up and say something, because you and I are followers of our messengers of Allah who I sent him who was commanded to do so he didn't have a choice. So we don't have a choice to sit silent. So what happens let me give you a

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real life situation. Sometimes what happens is, somebody in a family is unfair, your uncle is unfair, right? Or your brother is unfair. Right? And you're you know that they're being unfair to someone else, not you're not the victim, somebody else's. And you just say, just listen to your brother, it's okay. Just listen to him. What you want an injustice to carry on, let them get more and more away with the injustice that they're doing. You don't want to say anything, because you don't want to get in trouble yourself, or you want somebody else to get used to injustice. You want somebody to get to get used to unfairness, right? That is not your choice to make. You and I as

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slaves of a lot have been commanded to do something. We've been commanded to stand up for what's right. And that's what's what's being illustrated by the prophets onwards here, similar setup. And so there's two dimensions of that one we are commanded by a lot to this is a show of loyalty for a Muslim to His Messenger, salallahu alaihe salam, it's almost as if you put yourself in those shoes and say, if Rasulullah saw Salam found me in this situation, what would he expect from me? And my love of him, my loyalty to him sallallahu Sallam compels me to act in a certain way. A lot of times people give this example like when when somebody is misbehaving. And they'd say, What would your

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father say if he saw you like this? When was your mother saying this? She saw you like this, right? they invoke the father and the mother because these are people you respect the people that love you that care for you. What the IRS like these do is they invoke our attachment to a pseudo loss of election. What would your messenger say, if you saw if he saw you silent on this, or if he saw you taking the wrong side? This is almost to the Abdullah bin icon. And so beyond that, he says Allah hora, una hora buco and this is again timeless values. He says, Allah is our robe and Europe. So the seems a pretty basic thing to say, right? Allah is our master, Allah is your master. Allah is our

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caretaker, Allah is your caretaker, Allah is the ultimate authority over us. And Allah is the ultimate authority over you, it seems pretty basic. But it's teaching us something pretty heavy in the context of these ions. And what is that? When two people have a disagreement with each other, then they both forget that even though you want something for a wants something from B, B wants something from a, they have the conflict with each other. But actually before they think about what what before I think about what I want from you, or you think about what you want from me, I first have to think what is my loved one from me, like, I'm not free to just fight with you or you're not

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just free to fight with me, there are some restraints on me and on you. And those restraints come from a rub. I'm answerable to him first. So even when I'm seeking justice, even when I'm calling for justice, the way in which I seek it, the things that I demand, the things that I say, they have to surrender first to my robe, I have to check with the higher authority first and then say something. Again, let's let's put this in as simple example as possible. So if this makes sense to you, I don't want to speak philosophically. I want you to understand what this is saying in everyday in everyday sense. You know, sometimes

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Do you have an argument with your coworker? We were joking around about where you're, you're disagreeing about something right. And the conversation is getting a little bit escalated, right? voices are being raised. And the sarcasm is turning into insults or whatever else. And the manager walks in, who's in authority over you and your coworker, he walks in, both of you calm down for a minute, what just happened? You guys were having an argument. But when you recognize the higher authority walked in, you realize, even when I have a disagreement, the right way to go about it is a formal complaint, or I'm going to put this in writing, or I'm going to do this or that this whole

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angry business that's not going to work. Kids fighting with each other in the classroom before the teacher walks in. Right? They're about to punch each other's faces out. A teacher walks in, and they both become model citizens, and sit down. Why? Because the higher authorities walked in, and they know even if they have a disagreement, they have a protocol, they have a set of expectations. If someone does something wrong to you, here's what you're supposed to do. That's not what they're doing. Right? They're taking justice in their own hands, they're doing it their own way. And they know that it's wrong, even the one that's been done wrong, knows that it's wrong. So even they

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settle back, because the victim might turn into the criminal. If they don't follow that protocol.

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Bear that in mind and realize every time you and I have a conflict, when you sit when you remember a lot when I'm when I want buco that ally is actually watching the way in which I speak out for my rights, the way in which I make an argument, he's watching it. And he's watching you, too. So if you and I are having a disagreement, and Allah is watching both of us, even if you don't want to be mindful of that, and you want to say the most horrendous things and do the most horrendous things, I can't, I can't respond to your ignorance with my own ignorance, because everybody says, Oh, yeah, you want to act stupid, I can show you more stupid than that. You don't know who I am, you don't

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know who you're dealing with. Right? Don't step up to me, I will put you in your place. So we have this notion that we can act in any way we can to get our justice. We have a code to which we have to abide. We have to restrain ourselves, we have to hold ourselves back. And that's a lot what I'm when I want to book them. Then comes this powerful phrase, I love this this teaching. Then I'm aluna what Akuma, Monaco, after saying Allah, when

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we say the Prophet is commanded to say we have our deeds, that's what I titled this whole, but today, we have our deeds, you have your deeds. Now, let me tell you what, somebody might hear this we have our deeds, you have your deeds, means I'm going to mind my own business, You mind your own business, right? That's somebody might hear that and say, that's what this means. But we already know that's not what it means. How do we know that? Because already in the IR before, in the same I Allah said, I have been commanded to do justice, between you Why would somebody speak out about what's fair? And what's not fair? If they're going to mind their own business? If you're going to

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mind your own business, then you never speak about justice. You just say they have their deeds, I have my deeds to each his own. Right? So what did Allah do with this phrase, he put it in an IRA where you cannot misuse it. If the I was just when I'm alone,

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right, we have our deeds, you have your deeds, you do whatever you want, I'm going to do whatever I want. You know, you have your way of doing things, I'll have my way of doing things. Let's not that, you know, we can hold each other accountable. That's not the case. So then if that's not the case, I wanted to alleviate from your mind's in mind, what the idea does not mean. So let's focus on what it does mean, what is what is this part of the IO telling us that I'm aluna? Bala Kumar, Malcolm, we have our deeds, you have your deeds, it means several things, and a few of them will become part of this club. But today,

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you probably have heard or come across different kinds of conversations about Dean about anything else, where there is a kind of Comparison, where there's kind of comparison. So let me let me give you an example example of that. If somebody says, Hey, you give somebody advice, hey,

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you're not praying. You're not getting a professor anymore. I noticed father says to son, you're not waking up for pleasure.

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At least I pray the others. You know, there's people who don't pray at all. I'm better than them. Right? So it's, what did you just do? You're missing a prayer. But the way you want it to deal with that is you want to compare it to someone else who does much less than you. Right? somebody goes in, you know, gets caught stealing. And then so at least I didn't commit murder.

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I mean, it's wrong, but there's bigger harms out there. Right? And this comparison thing, it really helps somebody justify that they're not that bad. Right? So you're, you're holding an event, or holding a wedding and affecting the family and the fact that the event has some harm.

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opponents to it. And you say, yeah, we had a little bit of fun. We call it we want to use good words for bad things, right? So it's haram activities, but we want to call it a little bit of fun that makes it lessens the blow. Right? So you use beautiful words for ugly things. This is what Siobhan teaches us. Right? Xena lahoma shaytaan Armada home chef, I'm beautified their deeds for them. So we're just having a little bit of fun. We'll call it a family get together. Let's not describe the fact that there's alcohol being drunk and shamelessness and all this other stuff. Let's not describe that. Let's just say the family is let's call it a family get together. Right? Yeah. Okay, so yeah,

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it's a little bit harder. Um, yeah, you could say that. But you know, there's some other families. You gotta see. That's really how I was kept on with a capital H. Well, that's a bigger font size, her arm takes over the whole page. So ours is bad. But no, seriously, you You didn't seem bad. Let me show you bad. Right? When you compare to them, then you'll realize we're actually angels compared to them. So what I'm giving you now is there's a mentality that seeps into the mind of people. You and me, common people. What's that mentality? Well, I'm what I'm doing is messed up. But there's way more messed up out there. Let me let me Google I can show you there's much worse people out. There's

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people that are doing way worse than I am. What does that do? What What is the reason for which this is done? One of the reasons for which this is done very commonly, is that this way, you get to feel good about yourself, because you get to compare yourself to someone who's doing a lot worse than you are. Right? And so Allah must be really angry, then you have this calculus in your head. Allah must be really angry with them, because they're doing so much more messed up stuff, which means the degree of Allah's anger with me by comparison has to be a lot less. So Allah is upset, but he's not that upset now, Izzy. So now, you start diminishing Allah's displeasure, and you start diminishing

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the fact that you are disobeying the law on judgment day, let's just fast forward Judgment Day. I stand before Allah, and hypothetically, Allah asks me, why did you do this? I'm not gonna say where's that other guy? Yeah, look, before you ask me. Ask him, he did so much more. And when you compare his record to mine, mine is gonna feel like you should just give me VIP to Gemini right now. He's hooked me up right now compared to

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my this won't be as a hobby. You know? So this, this thought process is so dusty. Everybody knows. That's not how Judgement Day works is it doesn't it? Allah is not going to say open up your deeds. And let's do a side by side comparison with the next person and then decide

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that's not that's not how judgment a works. But what does headline feed you shed on feed you comparison in this life?

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Oh, yeah, we're doing that. But so what they're doing so much worse, they're doing so much worse. They're doing so much worse. Right? Now we want to compare yourself to someone better, that you always want to compare yourself to someone worse. Now let's take the flip side that's also another misguidance. So what happens on the flip side shaitaan comes to you and me and says Oh, you think you're praying?

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You are just because you pray five times do you think this counts? You know there are people who pray they pray so long they pray Lord so long, it's almost a third time and you hit and run.

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You're just you know, your Salah is like 10 seconds. You think this counts for anything? Oh, just because you fasted Ramadan, you think you're a good person and the people who recited the people recite Quran, in you know, every three days they finish the entire Quran and you you don't even know how to refer to how properly you think this your your recitation counts for something. Again, your good deeds are worthless, because there are some people who do much better deeds than you. Right? Another kind of comparison, isn't it? And what does that do? That what that does is well, my goodness, I mean, what are they for? I mean, I'm not, I'm no Sahabi I'm no, Chef. I'm no half of I

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don't know this. I don't know that I'm not that good. I'm so messed up. So my good deeds become worthless. So what is shutdown? Do? On the one hand, your bad deeds aren't that bad. And you know what your good deeds. They're not that good.

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Right, compared to others, they're not that good. So you basically he demotivates you from the good

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and he doesn't discourage he removes discouragement from the bad. And the simple solution to that that is declared in the IRA. Is the NA Luna, what Akuma Monaco, we have our deeds. The only thing I will ask answer to Allah for is what? what I did. What I did look to people are arguing. You know why I said that? You know what they said, you know what they did? That's why No, no, they have their deeds. They have their deeds. I have my deeds. they disobeyed a line their own way that's on them. But when I have to respond, I have to see if my response is disobedience to all

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or not, whether it made me feel better, whether they I think they deserved it or not, that's all secondary. The only thing that matters now is that I crossed the line with my robe.

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Without thinking about anybody else, without thinking about any just myself, it's just me and Allah alone. Did I do right? That I do, right? You know, it's like, you know, if you if you've been consuming toxic food, then you have to detox, right? You have to eat healthy food. And sometimes you have bad junk food cravings. And you your body says, Go just drink that soda or go drink that, you know, eat the junk food, just pick up the chocolate again, do whatever, you know, and there's this, like, unease inside you. So eating one of my friends really funny guy, he eats unhealthy all the time. Right? And he was just visiting him and he said the funniest thing he said to me, I was

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telling his wife was telling him You should eat healthier. And he said, he said, Yeah, I'd rather not eat grass and die, die healthy. I'd rather eat what I eat and die happy.

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So in his mind, eating healthy is just a recipe for unhappiness. Right? What I'm getting at is if you have been consuming unhealthy, then switching over to healthy is a very difficult transition. Right? It's a difficult change. Why am I bringing this up now? Because if you and I have been so accustomed to comparison, so accustomed to never even thinking about our actions, in isolation from others, just what am I responsible for? Doesn't matter what somebody else says or thinks and what that what else they're doing. I don't think of my deeds in reaction to somebody else's deeds. I think of my deeds or some things I have to own and I am answerable for them to Allah, not anybody

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else. When I can't, it's hard to think like that. If you've been thinking in comparison your whole life, it takes a detox. It takes a while to get out of that system. And that's why not only did the messenger get told, then I know Allah Kumamoto con, he was told that hood, Jetta Bane and avena calm. There is no case to be made between you and us. In other words, we can argue endlessly there are people that want to hide in comparison, they can make arguments all the time all the time, there's no winning an argument. There's no end to it. There's because if somebody wants to justify their behavior one way or the other, then they can come up with one scenario, another scenario, and

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you can answer each of them but the future will never come to an end.

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And then some people's point becomes their whole purpose becomes proving somebody else wrong.

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If I can just prove them wrong, I'm, you know, I've accomplished something. You don't have to prove anybody wrong. You just have to declare the truth. This is the justice that I've been given. I'm responsible for what I do. And you know what, my job isn't to prove you wrong. We don't have to keep debating endlessly. LaHood Jetta bhaineann avena. co. So even though we're concerned about wrongdoing, and we speak out about injustice, we don't convert that into the need to endlessly debate with those we know there's no point in debating. You make your point known. You make your nice reasons known and then you don't live a life of just constant argumentation. You don't do that.

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That puts you up. I've been on elvina calm, there's no room for a Hojo Joe means an argument that is made that you can't make a counter argument after that. You know, like the final blow. There's no reason for us to struggle to finally pin the other one down with with an argument with a counter attack. Now when yatabe No, no abena come. Then Armando novella Kumar, Malcolm jetavana. Now Urbina, Urbina, Allahu Akbar Albania. Now he must say, Allah will unify Allah will cause a union between us eventually, if we don't come on the same page here. If we don't figure out some way, I recognize my wrong or you recognize you're wrong. And we become more unified in this life. Whether we like it or

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not one day, we're all going to be gathered and unified anyway. We're all going to be physically gathered on judgment day anyway. And to Him alone, we have to return. And in fact, at the end of it, Allah who has never been and it is also, it's kind of some people look at this as in Sha II, and they said, this is maybe a prayer that the Prophet said to them is making a prayer that those that are so adamant in arguing, you find people like that you say, I'll never be on the same page with them. There's no way they'll ever agree with me, they're always going to be antagonistic. They're always going to be a contrarian. Those kinds of people, maybe there's this prayer is enough from

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your end along the edge of our obedience, which can be translated, may Allah be the one to cause union between us because human lead doesn't seem possible. So that can only be by divine intervention. And in the end, we have to go back to him anyway. So that's the that's the mentality that one has to internalize. And this this mindset, I tell you, if we adopted this mindset as an individual, and we adopted this mindset, as a community as a collective, the way we operate in our lives would completely change. It would completely change. I mean, this is a short hook about the end of if 15 of swords are shorter, but when

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Has incited is life transforming stuff, the decisions the choices you make in life and I make in life, the things I say that we react to people, the way we react to situations, the course of actions that we take, all of this gets completely rewired. Because we're not living in comparison. And we're not living being answerable to our own own satisfaction or our own need, but actually Allah first and then whatever else we were going to do, right, we recalibrate ourselves. So I pray that Allah gives us all the strength of will, to detoxify our mindset, and to rebuild the way we're supposed to restructure our personalities in a way that's pleasing to Alonzo. And he alleviates us

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from the kinds of emotional messages spiritual messages, social messages, economic messages that come as a result of not following this purified guidance. Baraka lovely welcome for hockey. When finally what year COVID it was a good game

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hamdulillah vaca salat wa salam O Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Al amin, Bala and he sappy edgebanding Allah azzawajal fifita Karim, but an aqua arrow the villa administrate in Allah Hamada who Saldana and OB Allenby you heard in Armando Salva he was selling Taslima Allahumma salli. ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed from a solid Allah Rahim Allah Anika Haemophilia alameen in Mooji Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamal Baraka Allah for him and only by Haemophilia alameen in Academy the magic about Allah welcome Allah, Allah and Allah a little bit it would have said that it will pop up whenever under pressure you will will cut political cover Allah we are no matters now. Okay Salah in the sollatek

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and mini Nikita makuta

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the hopper Lucha Libre love version line I live in my life and number one

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love allow your Salah your follow up as commerce is allow pass commerce is Allah Allahu Allah hope but La ilaha illa Allah


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