99 Names of Allah #80 Al-Mannaan

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the various names and phrases associated with the Spanish language, including Alma Nan, Elma Nan, Elma's name, and Elma's actions. It also describes the meaning behind some of the phrases and the significance of the words "salaam Thursday" and "salaam Friday".
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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Alma Nan. Allah azza wa jal is elmen. Nan, that's a fun one to say. And Tonight marks 20 days until Ramadan. It's very, very close. Alma Nan means that Allah is the Bestower. It's another way of saying the giver, which was similar to Allah's Name last night. But this name, Alma, Nan, gives just a little bit different idea of how a law gives

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a law not only gives us something when we ask for it, but Allah is constantly giving us things whether we asked for it or not. Did you ask a loss specifically for the breakfast that you had this morning?

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Probably not. Did you ask Allah specifically for the breath of air that you just breathed?

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Probably not. Did you ask Allah to keep your heart beating, so that you could run and play and do all the things that you normally do?

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You probably didn't. But you didn't have to ask for all of those things. Allah subhanaw taala is Elma Nan, he is constantly giving to you giving and giving and giving so much that you don't even realize you can't even count all the things that he's constantly giving you every moment of every day. That's very special. And that makes us want to be thankful to Allah and be grateful to him, and to worship Him with prayer and remember him with liquor and all of these things because he really gives us so so much.

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That is a banana. And that's all for tonight as salaam alaikum