Nouman Ali Khan – The Role Model

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The upcoming generation of Muslims will focus on learning the Arabic language and see a new standard for graduates from high school graduates who have memorized the Quran. They plan to work in the same language and may be able to study political science and get into professional fields. The potential of young people to be role models for humanity is discussed, along with the importance of protecting one's Islam and not speaking up against Islam. The upcoming convention and "medicals and young people's movement" are also highlighted.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala see the MBI even mousseline while he was happy he married.

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I don't know about you, but that was a lot of really awesome talks. And I'm a little dizzy myself, I had all these thoughts that I wanted to share with you, but I'm kind of overwhelmed with what I've heard myself. So first of all, I'd like you to give it up to all of our presenters as well. Okay.

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And it's very intimidating going after heavy hits like that. Not literally. Okay.

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But I do want to share with you, and I don't think I'll take that much time, I really honestly don't think I'll take that much time.

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I do want to share with you some thoughts that I have some convictions that I have some things that I have no doubts about in my mind, that I inshallah Tada, I will see them in my near future. And if not, my children will see them in the United States. In the very, very near future, we're going to see a new standard for the Muslim community. We're going to see the standard being that our high school graduates, it's not out of the ordinary that our boys and girls have already memorized the Quran, by the time they come out of high school. It's not it's going to be a new standard. Oh, wait for the computers Hold on, that's just the start. It's going to be a new standard, that by the time

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our youth are in college, that they are fluent and versed in the Arabic language at the very minimum as a second language, and they're already working their way to a third and a fourth language of their choice. So when they speak with each other and they want to kick it with each other, they kickin it in Arabic, they're kicking it in the language of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in force. Ha, there is no Amir Amir dies in America. The dialectical Arabic dies in America and I was born. And doesn't matter if these children are African American, or they're Indonesian, or they're Pakistani or Bangladeshi, their Arabic is incredible.

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And by the time they come out of high school and college, they will go on to do their education. And by the way, they haven't just memorized the Quran. They've been studying it their entire life too. And by the time they come out of college, their education in the Sierra and in the fundamentals of Islam is rock solid. It is absolutely rock solid. And of course, those of them that are Pakistani are still going to go to med school only.

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And, you know, the vast majority of the Arab kids will still go on to be engineers and child motala because that's the Sunnah. Right?

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But as they will go into those professional fields for the sake of Islam,

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as they do,

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even though they will go into those fields, they will make sure they will make sure that they have a minor in something that actually means something. They will at least have a minor if not a Bachelor's before they go on to higher studies and sociology and political science in history and anthropology. They will study the human sciences, the areas of inquiry that actually influence human thought, because now that they have the guidance of Allah azza wa jal, they will study how far human studies have gone in understanding ourselves. And they will bring those two worlds together, they will understand what it means to they will understand political science, from the parents point of

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view, they will understand psychology from the client's point of view, from the prophetic point of view, they will understand sociology, from the prophetic point of view, from the Quranic point of view, these will be a renaissance generation, they will be incredibly intelligent people. And the people all over the Muslim world are gonna say, one day is gonna come, you know how we used to say back in generations, where did you go to get your end, and people used to say, I went to Baghdad, and somebody went to Medina, and somebody went to this institution and that institution, people are gonna say, I went to Delaware, I went to Dallas, people from all over the world are going to study

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their aim of Islam in America, it is going to happen, it is going to happen. And you ask, and I'm saying these things, I'm not making it up, I am absolutely convinced we are on a trajectory, we are heading towards this destination. And this is just from their point of view. I didn't talk about the character of these youth, because if they've memorized the Quran, and they can speak in Arabic, but they don't know what it means to lower their eyes, and they don't know what it means to not be addicted to the next movie that comes out and they have to go watch it. They, you know, it doesn't mean anything. It's empty, it's hollow. So let's talk about what kind of character these people are

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going to have. These are going to be young young men and women that understand that the use of filthy language as I said in a previous session, in their culture, the use of filthy language

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Which is beneath their intellect. They don't just do it because it's wrong. They don't do it because they respect their intellect. They respect the fact that they are dignified human beings, when other people see them, when non Muslim see them, they want to get their act together and say, how do we how do we be like them? are Muslim girls are going to go to college, they're going to go to high schools and colleges in whatever profession they go into whatever area of academics they go into, and other women are going to be like, how come I don't dress like her? Not the other way around. The Muslim girl is not going to look at those barely dressed girls in high school and say, How can my

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parents don't let me dress like that the standards are going to change, because we are going to become the standard of what it means to be decent human beings, what it means to be role models, this session is about youth searching for role models, I am telling you, folks, you're already here, you didn't even realize that you are role models for humanity, you are Shahada, and

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if you keep hiding behind the idea that I have to find someone that will inspire me, and then hopefully I can change. Listen, the greatest inspiration, as we've already heard, are already here. Or Where's great inspiration is his mother and hearing that story, I'm inspired by my own mother, may Allah protect our parents, you know, I still know I know, every time I write a check to something or give a donation to something, you know what comes immediately in my head, second grade, my dad taking me to Jamaica and saying never be cheap, always give sadaqa. And he wouldn't put the money in the donation box, he'd hand it to me to make sure I go put it there. So it gets in my head

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that it's important. And to this day, to these are already retired, I have kids of my own. But whenever I give sadaqa, my dad, his voice comes in, it comes in my head. That's a role model. These are our role, we already have them, we just haven't looked, we haven't looked. And when this generation comes up, when this generation rises, they're not just going to build an amazing Muslim community, they're not just going to build beautiful, elaborate massages. And it's not enough that these massages are going to be filled at fudger. That's not enough. It's not enough that these people are going to be entrepreneurs that are going to start all kinds of amazing things.

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Alternative rebar fee free banking, they're going to start, they're going to start, you know,

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Muslim hospitals and clinics and medical practices and pharmaceutical companies that are not there to pretend to heal people, but actually suck them dry economically, they're not going to be there to do that they're going to create a new medical economy, they're going to create a new financial economy, they're going to make the world a better place not just for themselves. But for the rest of the world. They're going to save America from itself. That's what they're going to do. They're going to be the pioneers in media. They're going to be the top journalists in America. This is what these people will be. And they're already sitting in this audience. They're already the kids that run

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around and say rather than

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that kid, one day, I'm gonna be getting his autograph. I'm just saying, Sir, I am so proud of you. Thank you for winning the Pulitzer Prize in your journalism, you've made Muslims proud. That's what's gonna happen. And we have to think like this. It does not require millions and billions of dollars to do this. All it requires is a mentality. We have to stop thinking defensively. And this is what I want to conclude this talk with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given one of the most beautiful I find one of the most beautiful ions in the Quran, on a sense of purpose, and a sense of mission. coin, has he sabini tell them this is my path. You know, a path

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always leads to a destination, right? So when the messenger is told to declare to the people, this is my path, it means he's already indicating to the people that this is going somewhere. We're not there yet. You watch.

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And let me tell you, in a lucky I la Sierra 10, I call to Allah with eyes open with clear insight. You know what that means? That he's got, he's a visionary. Allah has given him a vision for grand things. Allah has given him a vision for great things, you know? And so I want to leave you with this idea of, you know, defensive versus offense, you know, in sports, what is a what's the best defense? offense? constantly, we're worried Islam is under attack. Why do you have polygamy in Islam? Why do you have these violent verses in the Quran? Why do you do this and why do you do that? And why do you do the other? You know what, it's time to turn the tables on that conversation? Why

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do you have no purpose in life? Why don't your youth look like are you

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Why don't your families Why don't your families enjoy the harmony that our families enjoy? Why don't you come enjoy the beauty of life that we've come to see

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that we're going to turn the tables on this, we're going to be the ones asking the questions. Why do you live with injustice? And not speak up against it?

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Why do you not build communities that build strong youth, we're gonna be the destruction of the alcohol industry, not because we're gonna pass fatwas, that it's Haram, Allah already did that for us. But because we're going to expose its evils and the evils that gives birth to, we're going to educate the people about the harm things that bring them harm. This is not just something that brings the Muslim harm, it brings society harm, and Islam came to save people from harm. Even the non Muslims, we will be the education, we have to think like that. We have to think like that you and you're going to be driving with your children, many of you, when this convention is over, you're

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going to be taking the highway and you're gonna see a filthy billboard, you're gonna see a billboard for a casino, or you're gonna see a billboard for some beer or something. And you're gonna say, Hey, kids, look over the other this Come on, don't look there, okay? Don't look there.

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But you know what your mentality has changed. You're gonna say to that kids, you know, that thing, we're not looking at our job one day is to take that down and replace it with something better. That's what we're here to do. A lot brought us here, so we can make this a better place. That's what we're gonna do.

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That's what it means to be role models. And you're all going to be the last thing I'm going to share with you guys. And I'm done. I'm absolutely I'm talking to the younger folks here, especially the non married boys and girls. And I'm calling you boys and girls, because you're not acting like men and women yet. Because if you were I would call you men and women. So I'm calling you boys and girls. And I'm hoping by the end of this talk, you leave here men and women, because the young young boys and girls that 10 and 11 year olds look at you in the conferences that where he walks he walks like this, like he's got some, you know, deficiency in his leg. So why can't I? My older brother

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does it. My sister's dressed all weird, why can't I? You know, she's talking to boys. Why can't I they look at you are already role models, whether you accept it or not. And you have to take responsibility for how you carry yourself, how you speak, how you text, how you post, how you troll how you hashtag.

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You have to take responsibility for that.

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You have to because you already are role models. When you go on a search for role models next time. Look in the mirror.

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Look in the mirror. Allies already put you in a position of leadership, you are Muslims, Allah has already put you in a position of responsibilities. You are on the amount of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Lita, kulu, Shahada and a nurse so that you all may be witnesses against humanity. It is God's great gift. Allah has great gift that we get to enjoy these treasures words, these words that you cannot put a price on this La ilaha illa Allah, this Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, these words have no price, and we have the gift of saying those words out of our mouth. The majority of the people that walk this earth do not have this gift. And

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so since we have that gift, we are a gifted people. We are an honored people. And Allah gave us this honor so we could be role models to the rest of humanity. May Allah azza wa jal recognized help us recognize our place in the world. And may Allah help us realize a future that I described for you and even then some so we can show this world The beauty of this religion in a way that it's never ever, ever seen before. barakallahu li walakum Coco, Hakeem. And finally, we're here.

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan implores us to be that role model and teach the same to those around you based on how Allah ordained us to be in this life so as to enjoy the fruits of the Hereafter.

The Ustadh tells us that when we go on a search for role models next time, we should have a brief look in the mirror. Why so? This is because Allah has already put us in the position of leadership and responsibility by making us Muslims. We are the blessed Ummah of Muhammad ﷺ. 

The majority of the people that walked this earth do not have this gift and since we have that gift, we are an honored Ummah and Allah gave us this honor so we could be role models to the rest of humanity. Hence, it is paramount that we recognize our place in the world and realize our future so that we can show this world the beauty of this religion in a way that it’s never, ever, ever seen before.



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