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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We are starting today from the fourth ayah of social field. In our previous couple of weeks ago, actually, we had the discussion up to the third idea, and we didn't have enough time left so we skipped the conclusion of sort of field. So we're beginning with the ayah Tommy him with Jonathan Min Soo Ji.

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The first thing to note here is a large divergence sent upon them which what we learned in the previous ayah he sent birds upon them in another suit on social observed to defend the believers in the Battle of Allah. Allah sent wind, wind against disbelievers so let's head work you know for us and not only him Rehan was you know, that we sent against them winds and armies you couldn't even see. So there are armies of angels birds, in this case wind. So Allah azza wa jal says one may Allah Mojo Da Da Hua no one knows the armies of your master except he, no one knows the armies of Allah except he himself. So Allah is eligible uses whatever he may, whatever he chooses to become his

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army, it can be wind, it can be angels, it can be birds, in this case, so panela the thing there are interesting vocabulary inside this is the first word Tell me him is the present form of the word Rama. Now this is a past tense incident, there's something there's something that happened in the past, but tell me is being used the present tense is being used. When the present the melodic form is used to refer to something in the past tense. The purpose of that is to mention that something happened over and over again. In other words, they didn't just throw it once they kept throwing the pebbles they kept coming down and kept coming down. So if you if used if the word Ramat was used

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around at home via jollity messages, it will just mean once and that's it, they fell, but it seemed like it just keeps on coming like rain, and that is captured in the word mayhem in the present form, then the word Rama yummy, the origin of the word doesn't just mean to throw or to pelt, the first meaning of it is to throw something from a distance. So by using that word, one of the things we're learning is that the words right a very tall height, where they were dropping it from, and you guys know now the higher something is and you drop it, the harder it falls acceleration due to gravity. So these little pebbles are hitting like bullets, by the time they're getting down to the ground.

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The other thing is all my includes, or this this lummi in Arabic includes something that is thrown not just thrown but thrown with a specific target that you're aiming for. And by using this word, Allah azza wa jal is teaching us every single pebble. It's like a laser which I've targeted every single criminal that it's supposed to hit and where it's supposed to hit them. So it's is guided missiles that Allah azza wa jal was sending with the word told me that he sent against them. Then he says, basically, Jonathan, he pebbled them with stone, and stones is a common word, but a lot of qualified it with the words means a gene made of say, Gene now say gene is there's a lot of

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discussion among the children of the origin of the gene. But we'll look at a few commentaries. The first of them is that this is one of the words in Arabic That became Arabic over time. But originally the word is Farsi, it's actually not from Arabic, it's from Persian, and the Persian word, the word is a composite. It's a it's a combination of two words sungei ghin, there are two words, and they became syngene. In Arabic, they fused together. And Sandy again, is referred in Farsi. It refers to pebbles that are formed on the ground, you know how it rains and the mud, it kind of formed these tiny pedals when it dries up. So these are pebbles made of sand really, that

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are baked in the burning sun. So it's really in the end it's nothing it's dust. When you crush it, it's it's there's nothing there. But these rocks, these little pebbles they hardened up and these were the ones that were used by Alonzo gel to destroy these elephants that would which in its origin is something essentially we can powerless dust. That's what it is essentially, but when it comes to it, and we can use that and birds to destroy armies of elephants, so that made him gelatin menziesii no additional commentary about a sigil for barany unison nackawic units. The grammarian tells me this is a pub at LACMA hola he says another angle shadiness one

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This as far as the Arabs are concerned cijena is used for the kind of rock that if it hits you, it gets inside. It penetrates the body that's that's important because we're gonna find what happens to them in the next ayah.

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So Allah azza wa jal said and by the way, this is also mentioned that Archuleta insalata Jr, for every single bird had three rocks in its possession. The jalon finish Leahy's two pebbles in its in its feet and its claws were hedger female, Lee and pebble inside its beak wahala Katara human a sama and it heaped upon them from the sky from absolute Anakin ijarah then he sent upon them these rocks voluntarily asko asko home then their army was not even able to return all of that bullet Rama referred to read some commentary some of the scholars have said to me him be a Java 10 Min Soo Ji. They continuously pebbled them with stones made of 16 a meaning maintaining Mahajan, Mojave or

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muharraq. Rather, that they are made of clay that is that forms pebbles and is baked and burned burned meaning by the sun. I'll be hi Jonathan Majumdar, double MacDougall. Madonna's CG this is interesting commentary. The word said gene with a llama T and according to some scholars has the same meaning as the word say gene with a noon at the end. So there are two different words c gene and two gene. But some scholars argue that originally these are the same word. You know, these are the kinds of letters that in phonetics and pronunciation they can get confused with each other. Which is why when you're spelling your name to someone on the phone and you say n they can confuse

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it with the letter L right. So you have to say N as in Nancy ER and as in whatever an elephant Larry you have to signify it. So in speech, some letters they can be confused with each other. And in Arabic When these kinds of things happen. Sometimes the meanings are similar. Because of the similarity in spelling and phonetics, some alimac considered c gene and the gene domain mean the same thing. And c gene is the book of the record of the criminals. Color in Nikita. Well for Jerry Luffy. C gene mama de la cama c gene, this is the record of the criminals that is with a lot. It is this huge register like a roster like an attendance roster that is being held in the depths of

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Hellfire, and it has the names of the criminals and the punishments they're supposed to suffer. So some of them I looked at that and said that this pebble that this they will be destroyed with this is recorded into gene insurgents. So they parallel it with that record. That is what this is a rare opinion. Nonetheless, I felt I should share it with you because it does occur in the scholarly literature. It is as though to say Allah had recorded the punishment of the kuffaar in this gene in this gene, which is CGI. So they parallel these two things together. Canon hedger is Allah Allah him Neff agenda who Tanaka ignore basadi Allahu taala. And who said Allah says, when the pebble would

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fall upon any one of them, it would swell up their their skin, and that it would burn up in other words, it caused some kind of infection, not only did it hurt them, but it infected their skin and it would burn up and they would you know, it would look like their skin was burning. Second Avantika odd and this is also said that the first time a plague hit the Arabs, especially Arabs of Quraysh This was the first time they had a widespread academic epidemic and it came from this attack and these rotting corpses and the the the virus or whatever it was that Allah had put inside these, you know, these stones It was like a chemical warfare kind of thing going on, you know. So and this is

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recorded, this is one of the worst calamities to ever have hit the Arab world specifically in that region.

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Then in regards to how these pebbles hit in an inner ledger, can I add Hulu Finola See? I mean, see, I had him well, you mean as family that the pebbles, they would enter into the skulls. And this is important because the skull is the hardest part, the hardest bone, it's the toughest bone to break, right? And the only way you can bash somebody's skull really is like a bullet or something, right? It's really, really hard hits it. But the pebbles would go into their skull and come out from behind them, it would go through them. And that's what the that's what the eyewitness accounts are describing. Now we come to the final I By the way, you notice already the language is very, very

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graphic. It's very it's it's full of very strong, sharp, not very pleasant imagery. Right. And I didn't just say he destroyed them. He's giving us really explicit details of how he destroyed them. You know why that's important? Because of the word k find the beginning of the surah Allah didn't just say what he did with them, how he did with them. And when you ask the question how you are at the answer comes with details. When you say what did you do? You could just say I ate lunch. When you say How did you do it? Then you're describing details you're giving details you understand? So the the graphic language in the surah is perfectly situated because of the word K phi instead of the

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word Mazda. What did your master do know? How did your master deal with them?

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How did he destroy them? So the answer is coming into Sora then we find these two words asked him that he made them he transformed them Gianna in Arabic is used when you have something and you turn it into something else. Like you can take wood and turn it into a table gyla now Hanukkah Hanukkah means you created nothing but Java, you took something and you made it something else. Okay? So for example, in Eliza says, Look at vaniqa jalna cometan massada he took you He made you into a nation of balanced nations you're already there but he transformed you so ally saying these people have transformed them so that by the way when Jana is used some someone was something else before and

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there's something else after. So they were a powerful army before. And now when Allah transform them, what did they become now? We'll find out for Jana whom he didn't say fudger Allah Hamas for McCool, he said car

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is used for test B is used to give likeness, he made them like he made them like so low wants us to compare what they look like to something you can see, this is also important. We're not there. We're not in front of these armies. We didn't see what happened. It's not on video. So unless presenting this video by means of his words, he's presenting us the imagery by means of his words. You want to know what they look like, because you're out and I asked you to wonder how did I deal with them? You want to know how they look like, let me tell you they looked like and then asked him cool. So let's look at both of these words, one at a time, as in Arabic analysis, especially is used for winds,

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winds that blow you know, cut off leaves that are you know, these these crumpled up leaves, especially in the fall they're all over the ground. And when wind is blowing, you see them in the air, that kind of wind is called l safer or Rehan Asif Asif literally that which is blowing the leaves and the pebbles in the air, as is the asfa actually is the the leaf of a tree that has been cut off and withered and broken up. That's what that is. asp is also used for straws because when the wind blows, what else grows with these these tiny straws in the ground that are weak, they get plucked out and they're flying all over in the air. Right? So that's what the word is. But he says

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he made them like us, but he added macoun

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chewed up eaten makhoul means that which is eaten and Aspen makhoul was used by the Arabs, you know, these these camels or these other these, these other cattle, they're going around the ground, they're chewing on stuff, and the animal picks up a large chunk to chew on in its mouth, but some of it falls out. Some of it, some of it, it falls out. And the remains on the floor is called Aspen macoun. So let's say that you want to know what they look like they look like those leftovers that the animal has chewed on and it just slipped out of its mouth and fell. That's what they look like. If you want to know how badly they were crushed and destroyed. The idea being when an animal uses

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the full strength of its jaw to chew on it and really crushing grinded and then it comes out in this group on the ground. This is how a lot crushed these armies and how he made them this is one meaning of it. Then McCool also means that which is not just that which is eaten that which is supposed to be eaten. In other words, something that is you know not cool is something that is there and it can't help itself you're going to go eat it like you know, an animal that is about to be eaten can at least run away. But straw or hay or whatever sitting in front of an animal that food is defenseless, its destinies to get destroyed. A lot compares them to a helpless piece of food that

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has no option but to get eaten up by its enemy. It's like they had no escape. So as for food is used for us what was our law says this is the page of it's a piece of cultivation meaning a leaf or anything like that. And lovely Yep, coffin facade. What are our sofa? Who does that sofa? huria fetac Hulu and hell Why not? He says that this is exactly what I was describing that the wind blows and the straws come in the animals eat them. Oh Who

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are these? These are the straws that animals chew on. Then the commentary by Ashoka Nila Hema hula a sandlot Allahu alayhi wa Taala, Anakin pyron that Allah imposed upon them these birds don't meet him with a gelatin that would pebble that would stone them with sharp precise targeting with stones been cleaning him with a hedger from clay that has been turned into stones, facade will be be said to be dannic sora honey honey keen, and because of that, they became completely crushed, chewed up completely destroyed. And Allah describes the state of them feed them as at him, what another food in him the highly rockin ash jar. Allah uses this language to describe them to poke fun at them.

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These people thought they were so powerful and Allah compares them to the weakest thing. Not even a leaf that is connected to a tree, but a leaf that is plucked off of a tree. Completely weak. I mean, it's the symbol of greatest weakness. It doesn't even take

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forced to move it winds can move it. So look compared the strongest army to the weakest imagery possible. Then just a few brief comments in concluding this sort of admit did make a lot of concluding commentary last time. Just a few things just to go over. First of all lm Tara that we have to remember that the surah began speaking to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asking him to wonder and by extension, asking all of us to wonder, this will be important when we get into the next one. All right now. The second is even though this surah is about maca, and it's especially about you know, protecting the garba from Adam IE from its destruction. Allah did not mention that

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He is the Lord of that house of the Kaaba Hill and he mentioned that he's the lord of or the master of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Allah tala Keifa. Allah buka. Nabu, hadden, Beit Babu, God, we were expecting the mention of the house, because Allah protected the house. But Allah mentioned his messenger. And we were expecting the mention of, you know, the house, Allah didn't, but in the next surah he did for the agudo Raja has invade, connecting the two suitors together. And we'll study more of that connection in sha Allah in a little bit. Then also, from a stylistic point of view, a lot as origin mentions a lot of words that have similar, you know, spelling structure, so they rhyme

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with each other, feel the leaves in G about being we studied all of these words, that even phonetically they compose with each other, giving the suit sort of a rhythmic quality. And this is the feature of the Quran that even children appreciate when they memorize a surah. They can sense the rhyme scheme of it even if you don't know any Arabic you hear Quran being recited, and you can appreciate that.

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So now that allows the wizard has exposed his power and whose side he's on by saying aboukir there are two things there, your master has the power to destroy you with the most unexpected weapons and he's on whose side he's on the side of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam so these are the two core side implications of this sorta that lead us into the next. The next level of course with

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James Miller Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, the Isla de Porres, Isla de him, Lata sheeta, he was saved from the Buddha had elbaite and led the atomic bomb in June, in what manner human health there are several things that connect these students to each other. The first of them, of course, is the last I have sort of polish. Allah says Allah de atama, who means you're the one who gave them food despite hunger. And that concept of a love providing food for courage despite hunger is the the central message of solid courage. But then he says what am and a human hope he gave them safety against fear, but which is what I gave them safety against fear. The previous one so little feel

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that's when they were in the state of fear, and Allah still provided them safety. So the two things that concludes what are the two core concepts of these two sources? That's the first thing that binds these pseudos together, Monrovia and what has been narrated is that Under Armour para fslr Muslim cerca de La Hoya team that Omar the Allahu anhu would used to make Muslim in the first locker he used to recite so two teen watin he was a tune. And in the second law, California and Antara when he left the Kurdish man used to recite sootel theme and sort of collage together. Beloved phison O'Hara Firstly, Marina Houma Bismillah, that he wouldn't even put Bismillah in between them, he

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would recite them as one. We know that that is that was also the opinion that must Frodo the Allahu anhu. Note that the Sahaba don't do this because they think it's one surah. They do this to illustrate the connection between the sutras. So this isn't really the Jamaat is that these are two separate Sutras, but they're doing this to illustrate how how intricately connected they are, and we'll see why they say that in a little bit. Also, lm n n. n. Alexis Maine. This is an

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amazing commentary about these two solos and what connects them. He says the gift of allies of two types a huduma to Darwin, well who am I the Coronavirus Littlefield, one kind of gift of Allah is to remove harm. Like a gift of a lies if you're sick, he makes you healthy, that's a gift of Allah gift of allows you're hungry, he provides you food, you've got a problem he gets rid of the problem. So that problem getting rid of a problem is the kind of gift Allah mentioned in social field. But then the second kind of gift genbu mantha to offer you to offer you good to offer you benefit. And that benefit is mentioned in suits Quraysh, where he provides them with a data sheet that he will save,

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they can go and do caravans in the summer in the winter and provide all kinds of merchandise and goods back to him I can make a lot of profit and margins were huge for them in between. That's the benefit side. So removing harm from them in field and adding good for them in suit. Suit koresh. And of course after this is done when when you acknowledge that Allah has done gifts to you, giving gifts to you

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If you have even an ounce of decency, you would worship a lion become more of his slave. Because naturally after you mentioned a last favor, then the natural consequence of that is that you want to be enslaved. By the way this happens all over Koran. The most easiest example to remember certain Fatiha first Allah mentions Alhamdulillah. Right? The first thing he mentioned, he didn't mention Maliki omit the first or last Mandela him first. None of the arrabida I mean, none of that is mentioned first what is mentioned first is Alhamdulillah. What should be what should he be praised for? And what should he be thanked for? As mentioned first, that added that attitude of ours. Once

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you have that attitude, it's easy for you to establish that he is your hub. So Alhamdulillah he and then later on ear canal Moodle. So here Allah mentions his favors, so what's the conclusion for the our Moodle, then they should be slaved in slave themselves willingly and they should worship only the Lord, the master of this house. So it's a conclusion, then alpha. And this is interesting, because, you know, I think we had this discussion before in this series. But just to remind you, there are two schools of thought within Asana about the sequencing of the schools in the Quran. Essentially, one argument is that the sequencing of the sutras is only because of the H ma of the

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Sahaba, that this has nothing to do with revelation. It's just the consensus of the Sahaba. Other scholars say no, it is the schema of the Sahaba. But it is also the proof, it's part of Revelation. And we've had a detailed discussion about that before, but one of the scholars that was staunchly on the side that says no, it has nothing to do with revelation, that there is no benefit in knowing this the sequence of the sutras because that is just an issue. It is not a an issue of Revelation. One such scholar is a show canney Rahim Allah, who is an ad is adamant opponent of the idea of divine sequence. But even in his the seed when it comes to this sutra he caves in and he says Rahim

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Allah has he Surah matassa Ratan bisola Tallulah this surah is connected to the previous one quoting from alpha

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karasev Hannah who Allah maka be aluminio Mati here Allah him female for Allah will habashi because Allah mentions the amazing favorite he did for them in well how he dealt with the people of how Russia, Poland Elijah koresh Island Valley Cabeus Harbin field near Mata Mina la kurush. We will have a detailed discussion about what he just said, well roughly translate for you. He's saying the next surah begins at Lee Laffy koresh, which is easily translated or commonly translated for for the convenience of color age, or for the covenants of correlation. We'll discuss the word elf in a little bit, but the word for implies what for and he says it's connected to the previous slide, we

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destroyed the people of habit shop for the convenience of Quraysh. So he's looking at the conclusion of the previous surah he turned them into chewed up straw so that you could have convenience. So he's saying that the ending of that surah is tied to the beginning of the next era. And this is reported by many a narration intercede history, with alleycat inoculation can attack roofie up majority him that is important because the courageous to go out for their journeys and and the use to head in Yemen's direction all the time. And if this army was to survive, they wouldn't be able to go again. So it was important not only to protect Makkah, but he also destroyed their army, so that

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caravans would be able to continue follow your hardware or they have an janelia and they would never be attacked, and never be there will never be an ambush against them in the days of Jamelia. So now we turn to the beginning of sort of college. This was just a little bit about what connects the two. Of course you remember the other thing that connects these two is the daughter of Rahim, Allah Islam. We already talked about that. Right? So Allah Abraham, Alisha asked a lot better than Amazon was Allah who minister Malati. He asked to make this a peaceful city, that sort of field and provide them from all kinds of fruit take care of their provision. That's this surah. So because of the

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prayer of Ibrahim on insulin, these two are also connected. But now let's begin with the word enough. The word enough. It comes from olfa in Arabic, which means to have affection towards someone to have a soft heart towards someone to be easy with someone or to have your feelings change towards someone for the better. In other words, something that something happens and your feelings towards someone change and you develop an affection a love a devotion or dedication towards them, right that is alpha, that's from which this word, that's the origin of the word, but that's the trilateral form the Magellan form. So that's the Magellan alpha. But then the the moseyed fee form there are two I

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naffaa. From if I'm an LFO, there are two different words LFO is used in South LA and Milan, for example, or says for lF, avena, kulu become leaf. This word means to make to cause love to happen between you two people. So Allah says Allah is the one who caused love to occur between the believers. You know, so they used to be enemies, we're going to Mother, you know, Allah shackleford in Vienna, not in that famous I have

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anacron Allah azza wa jal says he caused love between your hearts uses the word Allah. But here Allah is not used. If I left I was used, instead of finding the lack of courage, we would have found Lita LiFi hodesh, the word would have been different. But the infinitive form here is enough elaphe means to cause love also, but the reason I highlighted the ayah from Milan is you need to know the difference between a laugh and a leaf. That leaf is to make love happen over time

00:25:30--> 00:26:04

in life is to have make love happen between two immediately something happens that's so powerful that softens your heart immediately, you know, you have a rough relationship between two parties, and something good happens and you get a little nicer then something happens then you get a little nicer and over time you become nice to them it doesn't happen overnight. Or another scenario where something so powerful happens that you're completely soft immediately when it happens immediately takes no time the file form enough that's used when it takes time. Then it's that leave and Allah describes that between believers meaning believers didn't become brothers overnight it took it took

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some work there Mahajan there and saw they were enemies tribally from before so just because you said

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Allah, Mohammed Abu rasuluh, it didn't take all of your previous baggage away overnight, it takes time. You're human beings, right? It takes time. So that there unless I was used, but here he laughs, suggesting that the Quraysh have had so many, many things that Allah has gifted to them, that their hearts should become soft, easily. There's it shouldn't be it shouldn't take them any time for their hearts to become soft, Allah miraculously protected them from an enormous army, that enough should make their heart soft, that they should want to pray to Allah. You know, when something really, really overwhelmingly good happens to you, to someone who even has an ounce of

00:26:48--> 00:27:26

faith, even if they're not Muslim, when something amazingly good happens to them, they feel the urge to want to thank Allah. And actually, even if they if they don't go to a church, or a synagogue, or a temple, or even a machine to pray, at the very least the words come out of their mouth, they can't even help it. Thank God, thank you, Lord, thank you, God, these words just come out of your mouth. When something amazingly good happens. Well, these people enjoyed some remarkable favor from Allah. That's why the word elf is used, meaning I did all of this. So your hearts could become soft. So you could soft enough, but when because when the heart softens up towards towards Allah, when your heart

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becomes soft towards a lot, then it will be easy for you to be a less leave. If your heart hasn't become soft, you can't be a Leslie sola mentioned the softening of the hearts in the left first, and then later on failure mudaraba has and by then they should become slaves, to the master of the Lord, the Lord of this house, the master of this house. So the slavery the worship is mentioned later, the softening of the hearts has mentioned first, and we're learning something remarkable, but human psychology, we will turn to Allah when our hearts have become soft. And if you find it's hard for you to turn towards Allah, probably the reason is, your hearts haven't become soft yet, or you

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haven't really acknowledged the favors Allah has done to you, that should cause your hearts to become soft. The other meaning of enough, as I mentioned in the first lesson on this little theme, you know, when we talked about us humble enough to four brothers in the ancestry of Croatia made all those agreements. And they were called the people on the left, because they soften the hearts of these other nations to do business with them, to not look at them as enemies to look at them as business partners, they have to soften them up. By the way, this even happens in the business world today. You don't just go and sign a treaty, you go out to lunch, right, you go and the executives

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have lunch and they shake hands and they you know, they'll go they'll have a budget for entertaining the executive, or to put them in the executives, all of that for what to soften them up a little bit. That's why that that word elf is used there, too. So last thing I did, I destroyed your enemy for you, I destroyed him for you. So your trade agreements from the past could be retained, that all of those trade agreements would not fall into ruin. Because if abre has plan succeeds, then all of those agreements are gone, they're finished. So that's the secondary meaning of the word enough here. Then just about the word the letter lamb in Li ILA, that first letter in the for that there's

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a lot of commentary on this, and yagoona manual column, we're gonna go to the buslee grammarians, there are two schools of grammar. There's the bustle of the school, there's the cufon school, and they both have different conclusions about this land. So we'll look at both of their conclusions. The bus studies first and the akuna, Martin and Kellyanne that the meaning of the speech would be for and be as have been filled, haven't failed. Near metta min, Allah actually had a debate that we did this to the people of the elephant, what we did with them in the previous surah In other words, as a favor to the people who live in the surroundings of this house, what if Santa midnight lay him

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and as a favorite from us towards them in a near Matina him feeling that he that he was safe, in addition to the other favor that they can go and caravans in the summer and the winter in other words, their understanding

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Is that this land is connected to the previous solar as opposed to this by the way, when we look at the the the Griffin school they say in nahata Baraka Allah, Giovanna Yahoo sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam that Allah azza wa jal is making his messenger be and he's amazing His Messenger, the word Li in Arabic can be used to express amazement. So the coup friends are saying you don't have to look at this lamb connected to the previous surah you can look at this lamb is by itself and then the meaning would be how amazing that Allah soften the hearts of Quraysh how amazing it is that these people you know, they do all kind all manner of crime against a law against the people. They bury

00:30:42--> 00:31:22

the baby girl they cheat in business and against the law. They do all forms of shake, especially at the house a lot build for the heat they do ship which is the worst kind of crime and even then Allah wants to soften their hearts. How amazing is that? How amazing is Allah's mercy? So the lamb they look at his look at it in the form of lamb at a job. That's how they look at a lamb to amaze. This is an amazing thing that Allah does. What an amazing extension of mercy Allah is giving these people that's how they look at it. Yeah jabya Mohammed lynnium illa Allah Qureshi, Laffy him left Natasha Ava's life be shocked Oh Muhammad at the favors of Allah upon kadesh in giving them the convenience

00:31:22--> 00:32:04

of traveling in the summer in the winter. Even Zaid explaining this relationship says again, he connects it to the previous lesson we'll skip his commentary. But he says specifically towards the end that Allah thoroughly he says actually the entire Sula Alam taraka Allah bukovina will feel that first I let me upgrade on PETA lien will never be every one of these I are connected to the elf operation. What that means is he they they themselves their hearts became soft, because I will let destroy them, then the plans of the other failed. So their covenants their their treaties should be should remain intact. Every part of the ayah has a benefit to soften the hearts of the corporation.

00:32:04--> 00:32:45

That's what he's been referring to. So this diagram of dodging let's look at some more commentary about it. Yeah, generally enough you should I was safe. What turkey him about the Torah be liberty or be handled by this is amazing commentary. How shocking is it that Allah wants to soften their hearts and does them so many favors? And yet they abandon the worship of the lord of this house, this house that their ancestor built so they could worship the right Lord? How shocking is that? So they use that Lamb of God, you have to express a lot of amazement with these people. How can they do such a thing and live in Atlanta home in your home in house despite the fact that he provides them

00:32:45--> 00:33:26

in their tie in against hunger and gives them safety against fear? Then the third implication, and takuna has the hilum hydrometer Haleakala remarkably, remarkably well, I remember that this lamb could be disconnected with what is before it, and what is what is what is after it. In other words, it's just saying the only purpose we gave the courage, the convenience of traveling is that they should become more grateful and their hearts should become soft. This is a very important lesson. Without getting into the Arabic I'll just share this with you what what is the the essence of the argument is, you see the coloration of the custodians of Allah's house. So they're supposed to and

00:33:26--> 00:34:03

Ibrahim made out to Allah, that the people all over the world, their hearts should be softened towards this house. Okay, that the people, people's hearts should have this affinity towards a law's house. And all believers know that they have that softness towards the last house. And if you've never been there, your heart desires to go there. You want to go there and you want to see a large house. But the people who are custodians of it should have the softest hearts, they should have the softest hearts. But the thing that makes your heart hard is worldly occupation. You're busy making a buck. You're busy trying to provide for your family, things like that. So you're so busy and dunia

00:34:03--> 00:34:38

you don't have time for worshiping alone, your hearts become hard. So Allah makes their life so easy. They don't have to do anything that the other tribes have to do the other tribes barely survive. So if these people were a starving nation, then they would only be worried about food and protecting themselves and they wouldn't have had any time to worship a lot properly. So Allah got rid of their other concerns and gave them economic prosperity. So their minds would not be occupied with that stuff. Now they can concentrate on worshipping Allah. You know, there are two kinds of people that have that amass goodwill, people that have made good money and have good salary. You can

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

do two things. Either. If you have good salary, you can become even more engrossed in dunya. You have good money and you say might as well go all out. Party make the make my entire life a big party, right? And you're constantly looking to add more luxuries in your life and make more money out of the money you already have. Or you could say man I'm doing well.

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

There's food on the on the table, there's a roof over my head, I'm doing well enough. So you know what I need to do now that my time is freed up from having to seek dunya. And Allah has provided me enough, I can take breaks and study allez Deen and worship Him and maybe take 10 days off and make you have to cough and Ramadan. Because if even if I don't make that extra bonus money, there's still enough in the house, we're doing okay, so I can take some extra time out, I can do some extra worship to Allah subhanaw taala. And no one should do that more than the custodians of Allah's house is the central argument. You know, this, this came to mind. I don't mean to knock on physicians or

00:35:35--> 00:36:09

anything. So don't take this personally, if you're a physician, but I have a physician as a friend who works part time. And he's got a couple of kids, he works part and he makes good money, he makes a couple of $100,000 a year decent salary for a part time physician, right? And so somebody asked, Why don't you work full time, man? He goes, Yeah, I could work full time and make 600,000 500,000. But I'm doing okay with 200,000. And I need the rest of the time to memorize Quran and to teach my kids and to spend time with them and to do things with them. So why should I you know, what am I going to make this money for? If Allah has given me enough, and I can do other better things with my

00:36:09--> 00:36:44

time and spend my life in a more meaningful way than Why not? Allah didn't create the to make more money? You know, he created me for another purpose. So if I can survive doing less and do more meaningful things, why not? You know, what a beautiful answer. Because you know what I find people who do make a lot of money, you know, what ends up being sacrificed the family, they don't get any time, you're too busy making the money, you're too busy going out and you know, getting doing the overtime, and then sacrificing the vacation. And you're never only by the time you come home, the kids already asleep. But before you leave for work, they are you know, they're not even they haven't

00:36:44--> 00:37:13

even woken up and you're gone. So you don't see them. And you see them on weekends, but you're too tired, because you've been working all week. So you don't get to play anything with them. Whenever they come to spend time with you say Go to your room, didn't I buy you enough toys already with all that money I made. So go you spend time with those toys, right? And these kids are completely distanced from you. They don't have anything to do with you except your money. And by the time they get older, and they're independent, and then you have a little bit of time you retired or you want to spend some time with them and you say talk to me son for a little bit. They say I gotta go Dad, I

00:37:13--> 00:37:45

don't have time. You know what you did to them when they were little they're doing to you when they get older and you're shocked and then you come to the mall and unless your brother my son doesn't talk to me. I don't know what to do. My daughter doesn't doesn't even look at me. Every time I try to talk to them say I'm on the phone. I'm busy. I can't talk right now. When you bought on the phone, and you bought them the unlimited plan to write so. So who are you blaming, right? But the idea that I'm trying to present that third concept is that Allah soften their hearts because they more than anyone else needs to be economically concerned free so they can devote themselves to the

00:37:45--> 00:38:21

worship of a last house and taking care of that house. That is why Allah gave them all of these luxuries. So Pamela, what an amazing concept. Now next time, somebody enjoys good wealth, they should think about why is it like giving me this wealth? And what am I how am I using it? What am I doing with it? It's panela now the three possibilities of lamb as far actually there are two possibilities we'll just go over them briefly because I don't think there's too much benefit in the the technicalities of the sutra even though there are a lot of subtleties, but we'll gloss over them inshallah tada and get to the juicy part inshallah. So the first thing I want to highlight here is

00:38:22--> 00:38:55

laminar Koba, laminar Koba that Islam has been understood as a noun of consequence. In other words, because Allah soften their hearts failure mudaraba obeyed because of that they should enslave themselves. Allah gave them all of these things and soft in their hearts and made it easy for their hearts to be soft. And and because of that as a consequence, if not, if you're not going to thank Allah for any other of his favors, at least thank you for this one. At least this one and then this enough should be this should be enough for your hearts to be softened towards his worship. Then

00:38:56--> 00:39:31

Allah azza wa jal mentions, you know, actually, we'll go further than he left we'll go to the word Polish now we did enough on the lamb lamb or kuva lamb at our job, we did our job that it's shocking that they did this lemon or Koba, that because Allah did this, they should worship Allah. So the Buddha becomes a lava shell, it connects to that, or this lamb is connected with the previous surah that Allah gave them these things because of an Allah destroyed correlation so that they can have convenience and ease. So there are three implications of that lamp. But now we're coming to the word correlation itself. Why are they called correlation? You know, the word collage comes from Takara

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

bush. Takahashi in Arabic means to gather people from very different distances. This is important because the tribe came together how you remember the history. They came from all over, and they had settled all over Arabia, they had come and then they settled. They were brought together unified together. So one of the reasons they're called correlations because they were a gathering a very dispersed peoples. That's one implication. The second is that the word courage comes from Gosh, gosh, I'll get I'll read the Arabic definition. Who had that button? alima fell back. That'd be too busy.

00:40:01--> 00:40:38

It's a huge beast in the ocean. They call it a huge beast. We call it a whale. Or we'll call an octopus or something right? These legendary creatures that can that can destroy ships that can annihilate ships. Well now to talk in Lebanon, it cannot be overpowered except by fire which is impossible because they're in the water. Right? So they're it's very hard to fight these creatures. And so they're called they're courageous. The basement asleep from courage, meaning courage is the word used for that whale or that that beastly animal in the ocean that can't be fought that is scary. And the other description of it is when when my boss was asked to be masumi at courage, why

00:40:38--> 00:41:17

are they called Quraysh be the button fill Taku Allah token, because it because of the beast in the ocean that eats but is not eaten. It's so powerful it eats but it is not eaten. What Allah tala and it overpowers, but it is not overpowered. And that's what flourish are. They eat but they're not even they or power, but they're not overpowered. That's why they call it so connected with that term. Gosh, well, correlation here, let's eat a spoon. This isn't this is a poem. Well, correlation here, let's eat a spoon, and Robbie masumi. At correlation correlation. The correlation is the one that lives in the ocean, and because of it courageous called koresh, but it's not asleep, which

00:41:17--> 00:41:29

means what that means it's it's a means of making a word smaller, you know, there's the word Hudson, Hudson, and a little Hudson is called the same. So you put a yarn in between. So

00:41:30--> 00:42:07

a little is called or obeyed. Gosh, a little curse is called Cora. So this is the format use the year in between with the type of word that is used for Ismet the speed, but the speed can also be used to magnify to have the opposite effect. This is a feature of Arabic, you can call something small, referring to it as something big. And this is kind of, you know, play on words. We do this with like a really tall person, we say, hey, short stuff, how's it going? Right? Or if you have a really, really skinny kid, and you say, hey, fatty, come over here, you know, you're playing with words is that's the idea. So it's bittersweet is used to magnify them that they are no joke. Oh, you

00:42:07--> 00:42:44

mean little courage. What they mean by that is big, that big beast of a tribe that lives among them. What does the vocal mean and we'll get the final meaning of courage. It comes from Kosh, which means to earn wealth, get some work, work hard, hard and earn and they're called that the unknown can who can Sabina be bt Allah to him, or Barbie him feel Beloved, and they're called that because of their business, their trades, constant trading, and because of their traveling in the land all the time, tying up the concepts of the first idea, let's look at it bit by bit. The first thing I want to share with you the destruction of Abra has army allows for a few things. It allows for the covenant

00:42:44--> 00:43:20

of courage to be retained. And it confirms for the rest of the Arabs the sacred status of the courage if the courage somebody was skeptic Yeah, these people are custodians of Allah's house. But how do we know they're really sacred people that we shouldn't mess with? Well, abre had tried to attack them, and he got owned, so we can confirm that superstition. So everybody really respects them now, because nobody's gonna mess with them after our house was destroyed, trying to attack them. So it set a precedent for them. And then the courage to acknowledge. So the first meaning the first benefit was that the business would continue. The second was, the people around would have a

00:43:20--> 00:43:57

renewed respect for courage. And the third, hopefully, courage themselves, their hearts would be softened. And then it was only for the purpose of getting them to worship Allah, that Allah facilitated their economic conditions. This is the second basic lesson of the ayah. The first is that the only reason Allah gave them these luxuries is that they could facilitate for themselves and others, the worship of Allah, and that the entire hearts of the world would be softened towards this house, that their hearts themselves be softened. The other important lesson here is this surah is in the third person. Allah doesn't say the elf equal Jaco, Rajesh. He didn't speak to them. He spoke

00:43:57--> 00:44:37

about them when you speak about someone third person, when you speak to someone, second person, but notice the previous surah began in the second person and I'm Tara, didn't you see you a second person? So Allah is continuing the conversation with his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and talking about the Quran, but not to the Quran. So who is he talking to? He's talking to his messenger, salallahu alaihe salam, while the chorus can hear him. Now when someone can hear you and you're still not talking to them. This in Arabic is called the lead. In other words, you're ignoring them. You know, they can hear you. So the expected thing is you talk to them. But instead of talking

00:44:37--> 00:44:54

to them, you're talking about them to someone else, while they can still hear you. This is done when you're not happy with someone, you know, if one of my daughters but two of my daughters are sitting in front of me, and we're sitting in front of me, and I'm upset with wassenaar and I'm talking to Willie and I say, you know so hostages doesn't listen, hmm.

00:44:56--> 00:45:00

She can hear me. I could just tell her you don't listen, but I'm looking at with

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

Saying it. So what does that feel? My dad's ignoring me because he's mad, you understand that. So Allah is expressing his displeasure with correlation by not talking to them rather talking about them. That's the benefit of the third person rhetorically in the surah. Again, the concept is called the hate. The next is Isla de *a. He was safe. The second he laughs So there are two word twice the word enough is used. He laughed. He laughed at him again, the word enough comes up. Why this? Why the two he laughs there are two purposes of it. The Some argue that this is bad, but that means that you replace one word with another word that is grammatically incorrect, because you don't

00:45:39--> 00:46:16

replace one word with the same word. But is to replace one word with a separate another kind of word. Okay, so that concept doesn't apply. So I won't even explain to you what Buddle means those of you know, grammar, no one, but it is. Instead the first implication of this, he left a second he left his little kid to emphatically declare. In other words, Allah says, for the convenience and the softening of the hearts and to keep the covenants of course that were made with others. Did you just hear me I said, because of those covenants. Allah said it again, that he left the word love came up again, as though you know how you do singles? Did you hear what I said?

00:46:17--> 00:46:57

You know, you call somebody and you say, the saints won the seeds. You say it again? What does that mean? You're highlighting it? You're making them? Did you just realize what I said, you know, this repetition is done in classical Arabic. Also, sometimes we look at the technical terms, we forget that this is language and language, some parts of language are the same in every language, repeating something that emphasizes something you do in every language, and that's done in classical Arabic also, so Ally's emphasizing Did you just realize what I said he loved him for their convenience for their enough that's one benefit of the repetition. The second is mentally ill has the first

00:46:57--> 00:47:33

softening of the heart some comment that this is all kinds of things allotted for them, you know, the the the convenience that was given to them as far as destruction of the Opera House army, the fact that Allah gave them the house of Allah that should have softened their hearts, the fact that they are from the lineage of Ibrahim, that alone should soften their hearts. The fact that Mohammed Salah Harrison was born in their midst that should soften their hearts, there are several things that should soften their hearts. So the first elaphe is general but the second enough is specific if all of those things that should soften you up are not enough. He laughed at him which one this

00:47:33--> 00:48:13

letter she thought he was safe, then at least this one more than anything else. This one This is the one that lies highlight highlighting the the caravans of the summer and the winter. This letter is nothing for the grammar students here it's in the nossob state. Why because this is my freuen V The word elaphe is a monster acting like a verb if you have no idea what I'm talking about this would be motivation for you to learn some Arabic. Okay, so this if you have no idea what I'm talking about Don't feel bad, just get motivated to learn some Arabic because you really benefit from this stuff. So Allah is saying they're there. The convenience of it or the convenience that they were given so

00:48:13--> 00:48:25

that they can have rest assured that it was safe or or that convenience to have the the caravans of the summer and the winter before I tell you where they travel to in the summer in the winter.

00:48:26--> 00:48:30

We need to know why. Why Allah use the word

00:48:31--> 00:49:13

there's many words for travel in Arabic suffer to end up far away from your residence it's called suffering suffer not just travel to end up really far away. So if I went from here to like Maine or something that would be suffering or Canada or something, right. So how to travel for vacation or to travel for luxury to go to somewhere pleasant that's another different kind of travel Donna to constantly travel from one one spot to another to keep on moving around. Right that started like a tour like a team goes on a tour. Right? That's fine yamatai comm for example, Allah says nefer to go travel the fight somebody then the wrestler wrestler comes from Russian. Russian means merchandise

00:49:13--> 00:49:53

literally means merchandise but specifically merchandise that you have when you baggage when you have when you travel. So that means that travel a journey in which you carry a lot of baggage. You pack a lot of bags that is called specifically that word is used because when they go on their business trips, they pack a lot of bags to sell and they bring a lot of bags to bring back and sell them maca. So these are loaded trips now. The people who load caravans they could spot this guy is this guy and the camel if Robin The only thing we get is a camel, right? That's all he's got. But then you have other caravans that are loaded with bags and you know the camels don't have trunks so

00:49:53--> 00:50:00

the all the merchandise is exposed. Right the car you have something in the trunk, nobody sees right? But when you travel with a

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

lot of baggage in the olden days everybody can see it. So what do you think? What's the bigger target? The one the caravans without baggage of the caravans with loaded baggage. Allah uses that word specifically to highlight. Even though you were carrying tons of bags traveling in the middle of the desert, nobody's robbing you. Nobody's coming after you. This is a convenience of luggage to you. That alone should soften your hearts for carrying either cha cha cha Hello. Whenever they wanted, they would go on this convenient journey either cha cha cha camo and whenever they would want they would stop see every other tribe they had to go to make to go these dangerous caravans

00:50:37--> 00:51:10

because they don't have a choice they're going to starve to death but these guys were doing academically so well. We don't want to go this year. They're just out there just take a break no problem. And whenever they want they go whenever they want to come back they look at their convenience for Canada community law him this was this was certainly a favor of a lot upon them. An agreement or agreement of the law who says cannot crush called alpha Muslim and they used to go towards Musleh and Yemen yesterday funa in a heavy fish eater were in a heavy slave and you should they should switch they used to switch it up going to this one in the winter and that one in the

00:51:10--> 00:51:45

summer fell Yeah, go ahead and wait for amerihome and up maka, some argue that Allah is criticizing them for traveling and saying don't go travel, just take care of Mecca, don't worry about it. But you're you're too worried about worried about getting business from outside. It's coming to you anyway, because people from all over used to come to America anyway. So you need to be more worried about taking care of the house of Allah, Ghana to jaren family, mala Hubba home the Sham, Allah, someone commented that they were business people and Allah expose how he knew their love of traveling to Sham to Syria, because they should talk about that in their poetry all the time.

00:51:46--> 00:52:24

Then this * that was safe, essentially most professional comment. They used to go to Yemen and to Sham to Syria. In the in the winter, they used to go to Yemen because Yemen is very hot. Right? So they would go there in the winter. They don't want to go there in the summer. It's too hot. And Syria was a cooler land. So they used to go there in the summer. Right so they would pick and choose Now, the other thing to note here is the sequence Allah mentioned summer first and he mentioned or actually he mentioned adventure, he mentioned winter first and summer. Second, this is important. Winter is associated with a lack of produce, vegetation cultivation, when does it happen? It happens

00:52:24--> 00:53:03

in the summer, what is the peak time for business summer, and when is downtime, winter, this is the ancient seasoning. This surah is about them being provided for miraculously, then being provided for miraculously. So which provision is more miraculous having provision in the summer or having provision in the winter? The winter so as I mentioned is the winter first panel. And the other commentary that we find on top of the Rocky Mountain line of code to be also commented on the saying that the winter is associated with hunger because there's not enough produce. And the summer is associated with danger because in the summer, all the looting caravans would be out, the Arabs were

00:53:03--> 00:53:27

somewhat accustomed to hot climate, but they were not used to cold climates. So they would stay indoors in the cold climate, but they would come out and try to attack other tribes in the warm climate. So Allah mentions the economic problem first, and the safety problem. Second, because the solar is predominantly not about the safety problem, this is about the economic problems. So the winter is mentioned first, and the summer is mentioned. Second.

00:53:28--> 00:54:03

Then Nadella is in the singular form. The word regular it's not a a*a. To say, there are two caravans right one goes in the summer one goes into winter, so there are two caravans, but Allah mentions the caravan or the traveling of but not the to traveling of instead of making it to he made it one. The reason for that from a rhetorical point of view, is that the travel was continuous. It was like one journey, they bring the merchandise from Syria, they come back home, so little bit of it and move on and sell that they got that merchandise from there, they're gonna take it all the way to Yemen and make a lot of money selling it there. Then they get the goods from Yemen, and they come

00:54:03--> 00:54:23

back home and they immediately head out to Syria. So this is really like one journey. So Allah made it, he combined it together. I mean, it's just it's it's hovering. It's like this. It's continuous travel for them. Then, actually, we did this one already. Let's move on. Why should that first essay first we talked about that.

00:54:24--> 00:54:59

And finally about the caravans here on Suba. Another fear while regular and if they have the other meaning of what the other purpose of Rif lobbying in the NASA form is some argue that it could be in warfare. It could be love McCann, because it's alluding to a location. That's why it's in the nossob state. So we move on to the next if and the Abu Roberton bait. Interestingly, like I mentioned before, first Allah mentioned the softening of the hearts in the word elf. Then he mentions worship in Santiago de Botton bait. The machete commenting just on the fire, Infineon Buddha just under fire, Allah mana

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

looses the meaning and the near term Allahu alayhi Latifah that the favours of Allah upon them cannot be accounted for in them. Yeah, boo hoo, Lisa Idina amici then if they have been they have failed to worship Him and enslave themselves to him for all of his favors failure Buddhahood he had the hill wahida then they should at least worship him for this one favor and let he or near metal wire that is obviously the manifest favor of a lot to them, which helps their economy survive. Now lapena who Amata be macabre who it's also been said that it's associated with what came before a meaningful Jalan costume cool enough that it's connected to you know this that they should worship a

00:55:39--> 00:56:01

law's house because the master of this house because to protect this house, Allah destroyed the army of Abra. That alone should be enough. So two comments, he's making this one they should serve Allah there should be enslavement to an enslavement to Allah, because of the economic prosperity he's given them and two, because he destroyed the army of Abra. Those two reasons are enough for them to be in worship to Allah azza wa jal

00:56:02--> 00:56:24

then a charlatan Illa Allah surah. Again, the same thing among rosy comments that this is this is alluding to the first lawsuit will feel funny amadora battle beta la de casa de who was horrible as cabin feel that they should worship the Lord of this house that destroyed the people of the elephant, and remove that harm from them, and coldness. And now we come to the second

00:56:25--> 00:56:54

that Leila Metallica Nicola Heath and Yabu I did mention this before, but it's important to refer to it again, you know how the sutra began, for the convenience and for the softening of the hearts of others say that that four is connected to fully ambu. In other words, soul that their heart should be soft, they should worship the Lord of this house, or they should worship the Lord or the master of this house, so that their heart should be soft, the two are connected together, and azim and masoom with each other.

00:56:56--> 00:57:31

Now, the final and really interesting, I love the atama human journey. aminomethyl By the way, I mentioned I skipped some things, because I've talked about them before, a lot. So just isn't that sort of malleable doorknob that hasn't been this house, of course referring to which house the cover why I mentioned that house, because Ibraheem alehissalaam inaugurated that house, and it is that house that gives them their superior status in all of kodesh, keeping their covenants intact. It is that house that they were able to go to different regions of the world and tell them you need to give us business because everybody comes to us because that house is located here. It is that house

00:57:31--> 00:58:10

that kept you destroyed the army of aloha by Allah's blessing. It was protecting that house. And it is that house that Ibrahim alayhis salam built and when he was building it, he prayed give them safety and prosperity. Right. So everything you're enjoying is because of that house. Why don't you think and worship and enslave yourself to the master of that house? The other thing here that's really subtle and beautiful, is Allah didn't say find the guru of the hotel, but the he could have said then they should thank the lord of this house. Because when a favor is done in response, what are you supposed to do? You're supposed to think. But Allah is teaching us the only way to thank him

00:58:10--> 00:58:54

is to be his slave. That's how you think him that you enslave yourself to Him and you worship him saying things are feeling thanks is not enough. You have to be his slave. You can have people that say God is so great man. I thank him for so many not enough. Not enough because the favors Allah does to you. The only expecting the first expected response is that you enslave yourself to Him, you become his slave. And even Ambassador the Aloha Allahu alayhi wa Taala Atlanta home and during our bustle the Allahu anhu says in regards to this is an incarnation of course referring to Cornish as the Maccabee devotee Rahim Allah Hassan even he says that you know this Aleph provided them against

00:58:54--> 00:59:36

or give them food despite their hunger is in response to the dawn of Abraham when he said was oh caminata Murat and provide them from all kinds of fruit. The machete commenting on the Nikita form that then when on July July in and whole thing that and when about them, what 10 killfeed you are in we're hoping we should get a Hema that and Kieran both of them the Nikita on both of them is to say that they were protected from Allah give them safety against the worst kinds of hunger and terrible, terrible fear. And he goes on to say atama hunger, attain minzu and chedid that he gave the he gave them food by the two caravans which caravans which two travels, the travel of the summer and the

00:59:36--> 00:59:59

winter Sharman, Yemen, right. Those two kind of fee of lahoma. Because before it they used to be in severe hunger. What am I mean, how often are we him, and he gave them safety against a huge or terrible fear, will who are hopeful as having failed and it's of course the fear, you know, assaulted against them by the people of the elephant that we talked about last last time.

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hoffa Tato feasibility him this is important to or the fear of being snatched kidnapped in their own land when they travel in delta when they travel why because unless is LLM yellow and haram and eminent Didn't they look Didn't they realize that we made this a safe city when you Tata for NASA mean holy him while all around them people get nabbed all around them when people get trapped they travel you go on a you know everywhere every time a person travels, it's known that he gets kidnapped he you know, he actually plans for it. A few days I'm going to spend in you know, being kidnapped and being looted or whatever, they will leave a little bit with him so he can get all the

01:00:42--> 01:01:25

way home, make some money come back so they can rob them again. So they wouldn't kill him the whole way. This almost became like you know, a feature for them Subhan Allah, but this was a norm for them when you talk to foreigners and Allah protected them from both of those fears. The other thing about the word mean here it's very important that Alyssa let the atama home The one who gave them food. mean Juba not allowed you against hunger. No min the word min has several benefits min Kayla Talia, one is it provides the meaning of because of despite, despite hunger, he gave them food. In other words, it is clear that this city has no cultivation, where they live either in it's a valley that

01:01:25--> 01:02:08

has no produce, it cannot produce anything of food for people to survive here. So the normal state of this place is hunger. And so miraculously, despite that hunger, Allah is providing for them is providing for them. And then men with health again, shockingly, this man is have a job also shockingly, this place has no security of its own. These people cannot protect themselves. And that became abundantly clear with abre and nonetheless Allah provided them he gave them safety and a home min coffin against fear that is the normal state they should be in a state of fear. They should be in a state of fear. But Allah azza wa jal kept them from from being lost in that fear. The other

01:02:08--> 01:02:48

word the other desperate the purpose of men is to read to distance, meaning Allah put hunger far away from them, and a lot took fear and put it far away from them. So they are far from even thinking about food and far from even thinking about fear because they have full confidence that Allah will protect them. Some really subtle things before we conclude in sha Allah Allah, Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah Well, I never knew and that can be a mineral Sophie, well jewelry. We will test you from anything that comes from fear and hunger. What did he say first fear or hunger? fear? He said we will test you with fear and then with hunger. But in this little What did he say? Unless the

01:02:48--> 01:03:00

atharva human during a human health and so here he mentioned hunger first and fear second, but in Baccarat he mentions fear first and hunger second sootel Baqarah dealt with the Battle of

01:03:02--> 01:03:07

the Battle of bundle is about to happen. And in battle, what's the bigger concern fear or hunger?

01:03:08--> 01:03:50

fear? Will another one accomplish a mineral healthy while you worry. Fear is the bigger concern. You mentioned that first and of course, one of the consequences of war, his economic deficit. So hunger is also mentioned but mentioned not first. But second, this sutra was not about it was not about war. What was it about? economic conditions, economic and what comes first. Hunger comes first what's associated with economic conditions putting food on the plate, putting food on the table. So here hunger is mentioned First, look at another place in the Koran. Well, a lot of a lot who must have an Korea tin can at a minute and motema in tihar escucha Rotterdam in Colima can. Allah gives

01:03:50--> 01:04:35

an example of a nation a town that used to be in peace, and used to be tranquil and satisfied, and its provision used to come from it freely from every direction for cafaro to be an army law, then it disbelieved in the favours of Allah, further Kahala who lieberson Julie? Then Allah made them taste, the food, the garment of hunger. Then he says, well, coffee and fear and that sort of also this is in sort of Allah azza wa jal mentions hunger first and fear. Second, if you were listening to the translation of the ayah, what was a lot of talking about provision. Allah gave them provision is discussing economy, economic conditions or safety, economic conditions, they're also hunger as

01:04:35--> 01:04:59

mentioned first, so liquidity Kalimantan, sia for every word, there's a place the place to say hunger first Allah mentions hunger first, no place to mention fear first, Allah mentions fear fear first. This is a remarkable feature of the Quran to be so subtle to even the sequencing of words, what should come first and what should come second. The other thing is I mentioned to you which season which season was

01:05:00--> 01:05:46

associated with hunger would not be able to produce. When winter was mentioned first hunger is mentioned first, which season was associated with being looted and robbed and fear. Summer was mentioned second fear as mentioned Second, you know perfectly this little correlates. So how Lola she thought was safe. And here you are and how you earn hopes panela beautiful subtlety in the language of the Quran. Finally, inshallah tada just concluding these comments on this surah Allah azza wa jal mentions these two things, the word you know, Juba literally means hunger. You literally comes from hunger. The one who's extremely hungry is called jajuan. And specifically, this word is

01:05:46--> 01:06:26

used because it correlates to the law of Ibrahim alayhis salam. The wording is perfect, you know, Ibrahim alayhis salam didn't just say provide them money and get them give them lots of money. And the opposite of being runny and wealthy is fattier, to be in need to be near miskeen. So let didn't say under the, you know, at our home, he gave them you know, minalima scanner, mineral Saqqara mineral factory. No, he used you hunger and hunger is associated not with money, but with food, right? hunger is associated with food beautifully. When Ibrahim asked, he said provide them all kinds of fruit.

01:06:27--> 01:07:06

He mentioned food. And Allah mentioned I kept you from being hungry. Even there, there's a correlation and you appreciate here, how beautifully and precisely Allah answers the door of Ibrahim alayhis salam in his words. I love the atama home in Jordan, what am I a human have incredible language. Now the last thing inshallah Allah I said that was the last my microscopic commentary. Just as an overview, these two sewers are intricately connected for several reasons. One of them the favor of Allah, and two kinds of favors of Allah removing harm and adding benefit, removing harmless infield adding benefit was in correct, this is only two kinds of favors either he removes some harm

01:07:06--> 01:07:44

from you, or he gives you some benefit. So covering a less favorite from both angles, then the prayer of Ibrahim alayhis salam, give them safety give them prosperity. So when one sort of offers the safety, the other offers the prosperity, then third we talked about is how these two suitors are connected in that softening the hearts of courage to things were done. Two things were done one destruction of the army to the provision of them that they could travel back and forth. However they pleased. The stage has been set, Allah's favor upon them is complete in these two sutras. Now it is expected of them to become a less lames. Right. That's what's expected of them. What we're going to

01:07:44--> 01:08:21

learn next week in shallow tala is did they meet this expectation? Because the next surah is a commentary on what their reality is, after this favorite has been done to them not before, after this favorite has been done to them. What is their reaction? How are they living their lives? This is going to be a less commentary on how they live their life. Read surah suta on my own on your own next time so you can see a less commentary on them. And you'll already see the connection between these sources. Would that be conclude barakallahu li walakum Hakeem, when I finally was El Camino, it was a kid Hakeem was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh