How To Check If You Are Spiritually Alive or Dead

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Hi, Abby Musa, a luxury a famous companion of your loved one, says the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Had one set method will lead the years Kuru Raba will lead the lion Kuru rapa methyl Highgate will make it. So the one who remembers Allah as opposed to the one who doesn't remember Allah is like somebody who is

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alive or

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dead physically know, spiritually. Give me an example of

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what somebody who is spiritually alive or dead let's start off with with the dead. Somebody who's spiritually dead. How how do they look? How do they behave?

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I'll tell you,

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you wake up Monday morning, breakfast, I should do all of that stuff, go to school, work, come home.

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Eat sleep, do it again the next day. So Monday to Friday, that's your routine. Right?

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Then the next week comes by do it again. And months and years, same routine. What comes after all of that,

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then you die.

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That's your whole life.

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That's when you're spiritually dead.

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Now, to further understand that, that image I've just painted for you look at the opposite that person will the prophesy centum is making reference to that's alive.

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They waked up for Fajr when they woke up for Fudger. They got themselves prepared, they prayed. They didn't do pull who Allahu Allahu Akbar, and just kind of crawled back. They did how Fajr is supposed to be prayed. You read the longest sword as you know, and you lengthen it as much as you can. That's the sin no way of praying. Fajr and and someone even said that you lose reward for shortening the fact that the fetcher intentionally, like if you intentionally just because you're lazy, you actually don't get the complete reward a freedom fighter, because you haven't completed fetcher completely, you get so you fill the cup halfway. You didn't fill it all the way so you get half.

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So the person who was alive now, who's spiritually alive, put their Fajr

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brushed your teeth, eat breakfast, go to work, come home. Then when they have some time, open up the Koran, do a little bit of revision, maybe review some of Muslim Khan's notes because they love his class so much. They couldn't stop thinking about it all day. So they went into that then prayed all the next Solovki got prepared themselves prepared, prayed that Salah then went to Edwin Tiller Asia, after he has spent time with the family did their thing.

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They get a phone call bad news. They Say Subhan Allah in alila what in your life? Not oh my god, are you are you serious? No. Who was crying, calling none of that?

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See the attitude.

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See the routine. See the mindset that somebody who's alive you can't break that person.