What Do You Know About the Islamic Concept of Qawlan Sadeeda

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The speaker discusses the concept of "oceaneaneanean" and how it relates to modern times. They explain that "oceaneanean" is a concept that involves looking at things from the distance and understanding their meaning. The concept is important for modern society as it relates to modern life strategies and strategies to reach a common understanding.

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And Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in his glorious book or you who believe, have the consciousness of Allah and speak a clear, straightforward word.

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He would forgive you of your sins, repair your deeds. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has shown he gained a mighty triumph.

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And so in this spirit of colon sadita,

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which is an extremely important concept, mentioned by the Prophet SAW Salem, constantly in the beginning of his hot buzz,

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it is to speak a clear straightforward word. It is like an arrow hitting the mark,

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that you're able to go through that which is unclear to reach the goal. And that colon sadita in this world that we are living in today

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is extremely important. Because we are living in a world which is surrounded immersed in symbols, and in science. Sounds are coming to us.

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There is even what is called subliminal seduction, and that is when you are watching on your cell phone or your television in the background. There's information being pumped into your mind.

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And so, this requires two important qualities, but siara which is insight, the ability to look through the surface of matters and into the depth of what is happening. And secondly, I'll hikma and that is wisdom

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putting things in the proper place.