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villamagna Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala BA mursaleen Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah, Allah He was abused seldom the Sleeman kathira kathira. From abajo.

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My Neverland sisters

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last time I spoke to you about vision 2021. And this is my promise to tell you about live world planning. So here goes

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reflect on this. At 99 degrees, water is hot.

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At 100 degrees, it boils boiling water produces steam, and steam can power an engine.

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The difference is a matter of one degree more.

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And that's my gift to you the power of one one degree more

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in 2008 in the men's 800 meter race in the Olympics, the difference between the Olympic gold medal and normal not the difference between the gold and silver quote and brass, I'm talking about the gold medal and no medal. The difference in timing was 0.29 seconds.

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Will friend boom guy won the gold medal.

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The one who won no medal. Nobody remembers his name.

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In the same year 2008. In the Indy 500 car race, the difference between

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the first and second place was 1.7 seconds.

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The difference in prize money was $1,714,000.

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I say to you that only one degree separates the good from the great

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between growing up and growing old, there is a short window during which we can make a difference. Once that window shuts,

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then effectively our life is over. Even if we remain alive.

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Because to live is not merely to draw breath.

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Let me ask you, what differentiates the lion from the antelope.

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The same thing we differentiate ordinary light from laser the same thing that differentiates the leaders from the rest and that is focus. Ordinary light at best illuminates laser cuts through steel.

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What is focus? Focus is the art of ignoring fluff.

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If you want to get what you never had, you must do what you never did. If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.

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results come from actions. Actions define us. It's our life. We are responsible for the results. Not anyone is not society, not parents, not government.

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Not the weather,

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not the economy, not COVID.

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All our circumstances, conditions like the wind for us era

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goods errors, use the wind to their advantage. Bad sailors complain about the wind until the sink. That is why they say

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there are no favorable winds. Only good sailors

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you are now aware and you have a target.

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Your target is

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just one degree more

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on the path to success. There are five realities that we must face. Number one,

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we become what we think

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we become how we think

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your mind is like a fertile field. It doesn't care what you plant in it. But it will return to you whatever you plant,

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you plant rice, you get rice, you plant wheat, you get wheat, you plant rice, you want wheat, you know get

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number two, attitude,

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resin circumstances, whatever they are, do not decide if you will succeed or fail.

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They only reside where you need to start.

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You can spend your life trying to achieve or you can spend your life telling people why you couldn't achieve you can spend

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Your life complaining, the results of the tool will not be the same.

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Number three, faith

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in the words of Barbara winters

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when you come to the end of the light of all that, you know, and are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown.

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Faith is knowing not just believing faith is knowing that one of two things will happen.

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There will be something firm to stand on. Or you will be taught how to fly.

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In the words of the creator of Barbara winters, Amaya de la hija Allahu Maharaja, were your local mean how you to lie? See? Well, my the waka La la la He who has

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the father One was that one. And last round that I said he will extract him from his difficulties. And he will provide him from sources that he could not imagine.

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And for the one who has faith and reliance only on his luck della jello

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is Rob jela Jenna, who will become sufficient for him? Amaya debacle, Allah He was

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the one who has taught Quran Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will become sufficient for that person.

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Number four, a goal. What kind of goal and extraordinary goal.

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Why an extraordinary goal, because it is in the nature of extraordinary goals, to inspire extraordinary effort.

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People do not rise to low expectations. They rise to high expectations. Set a goal that scares the daylights out of you. And then proceed to create a plan to achieve it. Forget others and their approval.

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They don't matter. It's your life. Live it.

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And number five,

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perseverance for success is nothing more than this. To rise. Every time you fall, everyone falls. It's not the fall. But what you do there after, which makes the difference. To fall is human to stay down is a decision. And every decision has a price.

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It's not important who you want to be.

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What is important is who wants to be you. And that is why my gift to you is my own motto in life. I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is in my control.

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My brother and sisters goal setting is the key to superior performance. The principle difference between those who stand out and those who don't, is simply whether they have structured goals or not.

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I want you to recall the two questions I asked you last Friday. Number one, what do you want to achieve in life? And number two, what will you give up to get what you want?

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I remind you in myself that we are free to choose. But every choice has a price tag.

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We can have anything we want in life. If we are prepared to pay its price.

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It's very much like going into a store say TJ Maxx or Marshalls or any store.

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You may not have thought about it this way. But you will be faced when you go into a store with two things, choices and options.

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How many choices will you have? as many items as there are in that store? hundreds, maybe 1000s.

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But how many options do you have?

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As many as you can buy?

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If you don't get what you want. It's not because it wasn't there. But because you didn't pay for it.

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You didn't pay the price.

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If you want it, it's still there. You can still get it. Just pay the price. That's exactly how it is in life, in careers, in marriages, in wealth creation, you name it. The choices that a person has are endless, but we only get what we pay for not more, not less. Nothing is free. Absolutely.

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Nothing, everything has a price. And if you paid, you will get it. It's as simple as that.

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Think about this, if you walk out of this place, and as the first person you meet, do you want to be successful in life? What do you think he will say?

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As the second? The 10? The 100,000? Same answer.

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But ask yourself, if the world is full of successful people or not,

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ask why not,

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is not because they don't want success.

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It's because they have not defined the price for it.

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Think about this, if you want a Rolls Royce,

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but you go into the store,

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with a price of a young guy

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in your pocket,

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that also not even a proper Hyundai car, very Hyundai toy car.

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If you go with that price in your pocket into a Rolls Royce showroom and give that price and say I want to buy a Rhodes, what is the dealer going to tell you,

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he will sit you down in front of a nice big screen, a monitor, he will

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give you the mouse in your hand and he will say roll the mouse over the picture of the rolls you can see it turn it opens the doors, everything else.

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And you will look at it and drool over it until the tissue is done.

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That is what you get for the price that you paid me.

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If you really want the car,

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if you want to drive that car if you want to own that car.

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And you have to pay a lot more than

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thank you for your money yourself.

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That's how it is in life. We get what we pay for

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give up something to get something. And those are the questions that I asked you to reflect on last week. The problem in most people is that they don't differentiate between choices and options. They spend their lives, dreaming about choices without thinking about how to increase their options to get those choices. Without options. choices are like clouds in the sky.

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So who is a wealthy person,

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the one who has more things, or the one who has more options.

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Let me give you another example. Someone who has wealth in land,

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owns 1000s of acres of land

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has fewer options than someone whose wealth was exactly the same wealth, but that wealth is involved and negotiable instruments in stocks and bonds for example.

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So though they have the same network in terms of financial standing,

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one is more agile, and therefore more wealthy, and the other one, because he or she can take advantage of new opportunities to enhance their wealth, while the other one who has land, but can liquidate his holdings easily or get the right price for it is stuck.

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It's not the amount of wealth, but its nature that comes wealth can be a burden or an asset, your call

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the same story with respect to our architect to the

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to the life after death. The choices are in our hands. Gemma is ours for the taking what we want in it, we can decide but to get it we must do something. Simply wanting is not good enough. We need to work to create our options. Allah subhanho data call it a trade. He said I will have an agenda regime Yeah, you will levina

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kumala digiarty de comida diving deep. He said oh you believe Shall I guide you to a commerce that will save you from a pain from a painful torment.

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In another place a lot better than that he gave Jenna to the believers

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in exchange for their lives and wealth to be used in his service. You remember that life and wealth also belongs to him. It is his grace and majesty and glory and generosity.

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That he says this is a transaction

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Where is there in the large startup minute mini and Verizon while I'm while we another merger

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He said, Verily Allah has purchased from the believers, their lives and their wealth

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and their properties as the price that there shall be the gem.

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It is up to us to pay up and collect.

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Here are the steps to take if you are serious. At first, ask yourself, if you're serious, there is a difference between doing something seriously as your life goal. And doing it part time, like a hobby like enough.

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expecting the same results from both is unreasonable to sign up on Saturday.

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As I mentioned earlier, the difference between those who start out and leave a legacy and those who don't, is whether they have structured goals or not. structure is the secret of efficiency. And documentation is proof that we have structured in our lives, what you document you understand, can revisit to improve it, your understanding can be improved. And it remains as your legacy after you've got what you don't document is lost to you and everybody else.

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So also the only thing equal and even for everyone is the number of hours.

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The differentiator that gives you a competitive advantage is what you do in those hours.

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The most productive human being on the face of the earth. Rasul Allah sallallahu Sallam also had only 24 hours. So does the least productive person we were that is

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we are given the hours not in our control. But what we want to do in them is completely in our control.

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Let me do this little bit of simple math for you. One hour a day. Just think about what you spend one hour a day on. Then one hour a day see how it translates one hour a day

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multiplied by 365

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is 365 hours. Multiply that by 10 years and believe me time passes very fast. Multiply that by 10 years, that is 3650 hours.

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Divide that by 16 hours is your waking time. The sleep eight hours a day 16 hours making time you end up with 228 days 228 days. Think of the value of that when you are dying.

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If Mama Mama asked you to pay for that 225 extra days you don't die today, you die 228 1028 days from now, what will you pay me What will we pay?

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Today it's free.

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I want to close by reminding myself I knew that on the Day of Judgment. What we did will be recalled weight and we will be rewarded.

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That is the question to reflect on.

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Every one of us is an author. Our books will be published on the Day of Judgment.

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What we want to see in our book is in our hands today. So think and write

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ask Allah subhanaw taala Jenna delallo to give us the wisdom

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to do that which pleases Him and to save us from that which does not reach or Salalah harana will carry while he was happy he advised

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me 100 reliable bit alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa