The 10 MAJOR Signs BEFORE The Day of Judgement

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So let's look at a quick run through the 10 major signs before the day of judgment. So we mentioned last week, the three Phaeton trials that will be will have a huge effect and will affect people until the last one separates people into believers and hypocrites, then the MADI, obviously, we'll come out during that time period. And after people pledge to the mat, and the President says, if you hear of him pledge, even if you have to crawl over snow, if you have to crawl over the snow, make sure you get to him. All right. And when, when that happens, the President said he will rule for seven years. So another Hadith mentioned seven to nine years, he will rule and He will fill the

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earth with justice, and he will distribute wealth. But the gel emerges during this time period, and before that, the gel emerges the porcelain mentioned three years, the year, the first year before the emergence of the journal,

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Allah subhanaw taala will command the sky to withhold 1/3 of its rain and the earth to withhold 1/3 of its vegetation. And the second year, Allah will command this the heavens or the sky to withhold half its rain and the earth half its vegetation. And then in the third year, the poem says Allah will command the sky, the sky or the heaven does cloud Gianni to withhold all of its rain, the problem says it will not rain a single drop on earth, and the vegetation will not grow another single plant will grow all over the earth, and all with vegetation will die and all hoofed animals will die except for what Allah subhanaw taala wills, then the magic emerges when there is this

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famine and starvation. And sorry about the man who did the job. Initially, he tells people he claims to be a prophet. And then he tells people that I am your Lord, the One who created you. And then the Prophet Salam said describes him a lot. And we as we said last year, last week, even said, if no cotton is the one who looks like he's got the same figure and everything, he is a human being he has two eyes, not one, he is not a Cyclops, human beings have two eyes in their head. And if one of them is nonfunctional, you say you have one eye, it doesn't mean you're a cyclops. Now you've seen that video on on YouTube. This Turkish baby was born and has one eye henna. And the quickness is they put

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this Ahana sheet in the background. And they wrote is this to that child. But it's bad enough for these two parents that their baby was born with one eye. And now they have to find a video of him on YouTube being accused of being the judge so that the judge has two eyes, one of them being bad. And he has curly hair, and he has his widest complexion. And he is of law towards the shorter end of being height of his height but not is like not short, short, but he's not tall either. And then he travels the Earth. He's the problem said when he first emerges the first day will be the length of a year. How many hours are in a year, that's how many hours and the length of that day? Some scholars

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said it because it's a very difficult day it will seem like a long day like a year. Others said no, it will be exactly as long as a year as long. Because the Companions their first question was, how will we pray. And he said you will estimate it and you pray Fudger then after six or seven hours, there's door you will wait six, seven hours and you pray Lord, when you pray us just like that, then the second day will be as long as a month. And then the second the third day will be as long as a week. And then the fourth day will be as long as the rest of your days and the scholars say it gets shorter because the falsehood by its nature is that it gets weaker, so he's getting weaker and

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weaker. He will traveled the earth in 40 days and he will not be a village except that or city except that he will enter that city except Mecca and Medina. He cannot enter the two he cannot enter the city of Mecca and Medina. He cannot he can enter the other cities but he cannot enter a Masjid Al Aqsa. So he can enter the city with not have missed your Luxor. Then the President says he will come to Medina and he will stand at the top of one of the mountains and he will point to his followers and he will say Do you see that palace? That that sorry. Do you see that white palace? That is the masjid of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. It's amazing that when the apostle him spoke this

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his Masjid was brown and earthtone colors. And how would he know that his machine is going to become white? Look at satellite images of the masjid the nebo we know and it's white and from what from space, it's white. And across them said he will say Do you see that white Palestine is the masjid of Ahmed and because he can enter Medina then there will be three tremors and every hypocrite male or female will leave Medina and they will join the army after the jug processes

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If you hear of him, run away,

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don't do anything else run away. You can't kill him because you already know only recited Salam can kill him. All right, you can't convince him to change his mind. Because you took a class on persuasion method as like as useless and is trying to convince your Corinne your non Muslim genders with either old thought. It says useless trying to convince him to become Muslim. And you sit in the room by herself talking now.

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We pray together will and it's useless. So what happens?

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The president said if you hear of him run, and as I mentioned last week, people will tie their family members to their home so they don't go and join the job. The Prophet SAW Selim said a man will will hear of the job and he will be confident in his Eema makan, there's no way I'm gonna believe a man is Allah Azza. And he will go there and he will be convinced and he will follow him. That's why he said run away. You don't know believers will follow nonbelievers will follow Him and He will produce things he will he will first of all, it will command an area of the of the earth any land. And every precious gem metal underground will come up the problem said like a swarm of bees

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will follow him, he will command the terrain, it will rain instantly, vegetation will grow instantly, and the animals will eat from it and their others will fill instantly. And so the people of the village will believe in him. They will go to another village. And he will show them the rivers and the rain and all that and they will refuse to believe in Him. And He will leave them in a more difficult situation more drought more famine, than the problem said he will come with a river of fire and a river of water at a time when you need water. And you will say if you believe with me in me you can drink from this water if you don't believe in me, this fire and apostle him says his

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advice to us he said close your eyes and drink from the fire. It will be water. It looks like fire. The scholar said what is a close your eyes because you can't put your face in fire as you're staring at it to close your eyes so you don't see it and put your face in that it will be actual cool water. And those are the believers. And then of course we're moving quickly. Then he gets aggressive and he first he is not killing anyone. He is just testing people in the shayateen will assist him. By the way in the store of the jam. You don't hear about the Illuminati or anything else. Okay, so that they will they will pave the way what paved the way do you see pave the way in the story. So the

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shayateen will assist him. So he will tell a person if I bring your mother and father back to life? Will you believe that I'm your Lord. And the man says if he could do that, I'll believe and then to Shayateen the Hadith says will take the form of his parents. So you will see your mother who died 25 years ago. Exactly her in the flesh and seeing sound and she'll say My Son, listen, I've died I know where I'm finally I've been there he is your lord believe in him and the person will believe in heaven. And then he cut then there's the incident of the one of the greatest martyrs in the sight of Allah prosom describes a young man brimming with youth, and he will come and the people that the

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judge will capture him to say, Do you believe that the judges are Lord? And He will say no. So they will take him to the journal? And the journal will say Do you believe that I'm your Lord? He said he will say no. So then he will cut him in half. And he will cut them in two separate halves and walk between the two halves then it will call him back to life. So he will come back together and come back to life. And then the Hadith describes a he'll be smiling. And he will say now I am even more sure that you are the Dogen and the scholars say How does he know? He was even more sure. Because he knew the Hadith that was important to understand this. He's like Oh my god. I heard about this at

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Friday Night Lights. And I didn't know I was like that I am that guy that's why he smiles like oh, hi read about myself. So then did the John now

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tries to to kill him tries to cut his neck, but it will become a brass. Now there's something interesting here but what and so he can't cut his neck that the gel can't cut his neck. This is very embarrassing for him because his believer stick He is Allah stuff for Allah. He is God who created this guy now he can't kill him. very embarrassing. But what's interesting always think about why. Why is it that his knife just wouldn't work? Why does his neck change to brass? Because that's visible everyone can see the his neck change to an actual metal and now nothing works. So now this is embarrassing for the judge. He takes him and throws him into a fire. But the rostrum said he will

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actually be throwing him into a Jana

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And he will be of the greatest martyrs in the sight of Allah. So now that the John has an army so the man even though he knows he cannot kill the job, he prepares an army to resist it the Juc. And that's why I always say there's a lesson in that the man he knows he can't kill it the job, but he still does his part. You know. So same thing for us. We'll sit and wait for the math. That's paralyzing. You sit and wait for the man, he's gonna do the work. You do your work. Even if it's something that Maddie can do, you do your part you resist. So the Maddy puts together an army and there will be a battle between the believers in the forces of the dead jug in the battle will be so

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severe that if a bird flies over the battlefield, from the heat, and from all the projectiles that would drop dead, and 1/3 of the army will be martyred. And the problem said they will be of the greatest martyrs in the sight of Allah and 1/3 of the army will run away. And the Hadith says Allah will never forgive them. And 1/3 lives to fight the next day. So the next day they fight, and they break into that martyrs, those who run away those who remain. You see the group is getting cleaner and cleaner also, then on the fourth fetcher. So like or maybe it's a third day of battle. By the way, how much have we done an hour yet? When it's closer by well let me know and shallow and try to

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finish all so basically what happens then, like I described earlier, they make the the comma there about the free pray Fajr. And then they see the sky open up and the problem described there, we'll see it he saw his Salam descending, where the hand on the wing of each angel is with two angels hand on this wing hand on this wing, and he's descending porcelain describes his hair. And every time he describes him, he describes his hair and want to describe it the God describes his hair so that people don't be confused between a mercy, a submarine and then mercy at the job. This guy has curly hair, this guy has long soft hair can know how to jam in the masses as if he just came out of a

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shower basically, or a bath, where your hairs to limp and wet always describe his hair like that long and limp. And then even describe the color of the garment. He's wearing lightening yellow and the light yellow on it. And he comes down like this. When he descends down. Imagine seeing though amazing, seeing two angels with their own eyes and seeing a sighted setup. So when he lands, the believers, they leave the prayer lines, they rushed to him. And the Prophet Salam said he will wipe on people's faces and tell them their place in Elgin wipe on your face. Tell him you're placing a jinn wipe on your face. I always say imagine missing that feature.

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You come back your roommate is still sleeping. He's like, Hey, you missed the budget. Like yeah, I'll make it up. Linda, have you been you? We saw angels. Yeah. He told us our place and agenda. So then, and Maddie will say to cut them your Ruhollah and he will push them like from the shoulder Hill to that he'd say the prayer was the comment was made for you. And the scholars say a number of things. Number one, a side is Salam praise behind the mahadi to indicate I am not coming as a prophet, but I as come I'm coming as a follower of your Prophet sallallahu CENla to the scholar said something interesting. That Eastside is Salam is a prophet and the sahabi.

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Yes, he qualifies. Sahaba is someone who met the Prophet said them while he was alive. He met him during the his son Mara journey and believed in Him. And when the problem died, he was still a believer in him. So he's just a hobby. Unless someone asked me once do the people who saw he said become Debian heavy long. They don't become tab any. So

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that's 122 just because the scholar said

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And Maddie has a Quran and a Satish Salam has the Injeel and which one is superior? No doubt. So he praised behind the MACD, then we don't hear anything else about the MACD. But he comes as a warrior, not turn the other cheek or all these others. He comes as a warrior to process them said he can kill the judge just by looking at him.

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He said if he looks at him that camo do will melt off in the loop will melt off. If he looks at him, he will dissolve just like salt dissolves in water so he can kill him just by looking at him. But he doesn't kill him by looking at him. He takes a spear and he chases him. And there's so many interesting things like where a side hustle comes down. Is that very interesting story comes down near Should we go into this too so little thought he comes down near the white minaret in the eastern side of Damascus in the year 741 After the Hijrah even cathedra mo Allah says the Christians in Damascus would know right, destroy the minaret for the masjid in them.

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Ask Us. So the ruler as a punishment made them rebuild it from their own money. So they rebuilt it from a white stone or white marble, and even cathedra and others were alive when they saw that

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a white minaret on the eastern side of Damascus, Google white minaret, you'll see it today still standing. So it's so the irony is beautiful, like a side is Salam that the Christians claim to follow will come down on the side of the Muslims at the site that you paid for from your own pocket.

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It's so in your face. I don't know that. So basically, then, but let's skip let's go to where he started. Sam takes a spear and he chases the the John. And he catches up to him near the eastern door of Lloyd and Philistine. And then he stabs him with the spear. And he raises the spear and he shows the blood to everybody.

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Why? Because if he just looks at him until he dissolves, his followers are gonna say, nonsense. Oh, our Lord left the worldly, big body and he ascended and went back to the heaven, right? But if they see blood, we're gonna say, Oh, that wasn't God.

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But God can be killed by a spear. And they will realize that when he lifts that blood up in the spear, they will scatter everywhere the army did the gel scatters everywhere, and that's when the Muslims go after them, and they finish them off. And then the people then the Hadith says Fabian, Mr. Han Gallic. While they're in that situation, Allah announces to them that I have let loose servants of mine that nobody can withstand. Because recited Salam, he comes as a warrior before killing the the jungle, he killed with his breath. He comes as a warrior. And it's the next day of battle, right? So in the battle starts, from his breath, everything until the horizon, every soldier

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until the horizon dies, he just imagined, like dominance or he looks this way. And just like dominance,

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until as far as I can see people drop. Imagine a soldier like that in your army. You know, he's blowing this we're blowing this way. They're getting close from this side, you're like,

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that'll happen. Just look this way. He looks this way that the people droplet. So look at the power that he has here. Then he kills it the job better even though he could kill people with his breath until the horizon, Allah tells him nobody can handle them. Which is beautiful, because it's, it's still saying he's not God. He's not divided. Because even though he can kill people in this magnificent way, a few moments later, or a little while later, he's told nobody can handle them, which indicates he's not divine. Because now you have to hide for ESRI ba ba de la Torre. So he takes a few believers who are with him and they go hide into the mount of a tour. The scholar said,

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how will the mount of a total fit everybody two opinions, one says Allah will make it fit everyone. The second opinion says it might be another mountain at that time that is called the thought and they will hide their God and God will come out. They will come out and they will break through the physical barrier, not a figurative barrier. You all read turtle calf every Friday. Is that barrier actual or physical? Any figurative. It's Is it physical or figurative? If you told me it's figurative, but why is Allah describing the materials and the process of building something figurative?

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A 20 Zuber al Hadid, zoo biryani clumps, Kedah of iron, so we've got iron and then ofor Allah hit the Torah which is more which is copper, which people used to mix the two because copper oxidizes I mean and it saves the iron from rusting. And by What does copper mean figuratively what is called on fuku blow what is that what is blowing figuratively what is iron chunks of iron figuratively? What is this said physic figuratively it's an actual barrier they break through. And they come out angry because you are the ones who trapped us. So they begin to kill everybody on Earth. I'm going to go super fast. Now, as I said in the believers, they wait until they're hungry and they're poor, the

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porcelain says until the head of an ox to one of them is more beloved to them than 1000 dinars for one of you. That's how poor they are. Then finally, and they're just making dua making dua to Allah, that's all they can do. And even though Dujuan modules scour the earth, they will never find them. And the scholar said, just like you believed in he didn't do it without being able to see them. Your reward is that they will not be able to see you. So then

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they, a young man volunteers to go see what's going on. If they're gone or not. And they all bid him farewell. They expect him to die. And he goes out and yet George and George are dead.

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And everywhere because when they were making dua, Allah sent another of the small worms that enter into their bodies in the go into their brain for your move to

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the problem said they die the death of one man. Anyone you have billions of people or millions of people, everyone has a different immune system. So today this guy, his throat itches, and he coughs.

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Tomorrow he does. Then tomorrow, the next guy starts painting I think I'm coming down with something than he does. But the problem said the old die the death of one man, so these millions, how does one man die like this? All these millions die the same instant all of them just drop ship like that. So he goes out and finds all the dead bodies. Then he looks at he said the believers and he said among the believers know that they're all dead, then they come out and then but they're dead bodies everywhere. And the whole world reeks. So they make dua to Allah azza wa jal again, and the salam says Allah will send birds would that have necks like camels long necks, and they will carry the

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bodies of the Judean modules to where Allah wherever Allah decrees others other scholars said, or a narration is mentioned, they will throw them out in the ocean, and then Allah Spadina will send a thick heavy rain that will clean the cleansed the earth for two superhawk itself. So it looks like a mirror shining and bright and it will be set to the earth Route de Oh

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It will be said return your thermadata Mahratta key word de Baba Ketaki you only return your fruit and return your original blessings. And the problem described that a group of men can eat one pomegranate and they can even get shelter under its skin, that one cow will produce enough milk for the entire village and one sheep for the whole family. And this is true peace on earth. There is not a single lawyer not a disbeliever eSATA salaam broke the cross symbolically and he killed the pig simp symbolically, some scholars said not a single pig will remain on earth. Finally, they'll have to say is it put on the same grill as pork none of that stuff. Okay. Other said symbolically who

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will kill the pig. And

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the people only see true dreams and the child will put his hand in the burrow of the snake and it will not bite him and predatory animals will not attack the cows and the sheep. It just the best time to ever be alive. And the President said as such there will be better than the whole world and everything in it. And he just imagine that you mix the juice, you're not in a rush to get out of it to run to the market or to do this. That's it. Only the best of people are live. And then a side hustle and remains for a number of years and he makes hudge and he visits the province elm and he gives him Salaam and the problem responds to Salam. Then he is some scholar said he will probably

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get married we don't know. And it's acceptable to make dua to be as why scholars actually mentioned that. Because people say Can I ask Allah to be the wife of Asa, when he returns? They said it's not from the adverb of dua to ask your Allah I want an orange house in addition, but if you get a purple one, you're like, I don't want it. It's not good either. So he will be buried this, the scholars had this thing and they let's go with a theory or an idea for a long time. There's no clear evidence for it. But they believe that he will be buried possibly with the Proffesor lemon obika Norma or Milan, because there's a space for one body there. And they said most likely people will think let's bury

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him with the Prophets Rasul Allah azza wa jal knows best and then so when he dies, the Muslims will pray over him and bury him then we've got generations and we start to see evil come again and wickedness come again and the shape on influence rise up again and killing and lying and cheating to see people forget the timeline. There's going to be another timer their generations and the Beast emerges and marks people and then generations come and then the smoke and then so when Islam then disappears and there is no The Quran does not a must have on Earth, it will be lifted all this is very end of times the Kaaba will be destroyed very end of times problem said You horrible car but

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the soil titanium and Habesha a man by the name of the sweat and by the description of having to bow legs, and the person described him with small ears and physically deformed body and he will destroy the Kaaba. The problem says, Can a knee be he says if I'm looking at him right now your claro her Hassan Hassan is taking it apart, stone by stone, brick by brick, nobody stops him. Yes, because nobody knows what the Kaaba is. This is very end of times, no one has a clue. So it destroys the cabin. Nobody stops him. And Allah doesn't stop him because what's

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They used to stopping him.

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Allah stopped O'Brien is elephants, because if they destroyed the Kaaba, they would have threatened its existence, who would have switched it to the one in Yemen. But here, Allah is not going to protect the cup, there's no need for it. Nobody knows what it is. This is very end of time. So sometimes people get confused. That's because they don't pay attention to the timeline. But basically,

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after that, we've got three signs so far that the judge ASA, you didn't use these three happen in order. There's no dispute about the order. You saw how this, they were attached to each other this, right. That's why when somebody says you didn't look good, you're out there happy and less worried. You didn't merge? They're not out. Okay.

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Then there'll be a landslide, no detail here, a landslide in the east, a landslide in the West, and a landslide in the Arabian Peninsula. We all know what a landslide is, is are we talking about a little sinkhole in a neighborhood in Guatemala? No, it's so major that everybody recognizes it, because one of the major signs so that now we're up to six landslide, East West Arabian Peninsula. And the first three, then the sunrises from the West that we talked about, and the beast that that emerges from the earth. And the problems that whichever one comes first, the other one will come right after, then the smoke. And the smoke is the actual physical, thick, heavy smoke that fills

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everything. The roads, every room, every house everywhere, and when you inhale the smoke, the believer gets the sniffles. But the disbeliever becomes blackened and it becomes bloated. And so it will label them like that. And then after that is the great fire that gathers all the people to the land of resurrection. So it's a fire that's bringing people Some scholars say from all around the Earth, others say just from like,

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I don't know maybe like like the Middle East parts of Asia will be pushing people it's like imagine it like love almost it's traveling with people problem said, Doctor you hate Soekarno, Yanni, wherever they stop the taken up, the fire stops moving. When they spend the night the fire stops moving. When they get up next day and start moving. It moves with them. What if a guy says I noticed when we stop it stops I'm not going anywhere. That's what you're thinking of Kaeleen right promiseland sediment, the Khalifa and her Akella to whoever stays behind it eats him up consumes them, so he got to keep moving. And then until we get to the hornbill being blown into and the

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poster limb of course many Hadith describing what happens when the angel blows into the horn. First one, everyone on Earth dies. And then the angels, their soul is taken and then the angel of death and then Allah subhanaw taala is the only one anywhere in the universe. And he says limonene MacWilliam to whom is the Dominion today? To whom is the Dominion today. And then he answers himself by himself subhanaw taala because there's nobody else the law here of Bill Alameen then he brings the Angel of Death back to life than the angels back to life through menoufia Fluffy okra for either one young bottle, then the horn is blown into the second time. And people are standing called yomo

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Tamarack as people are standing and they're looking around completely back to to life conscious, this is me my same body and they're standing there waiting for the judgment to begin that part is another story another description. But for the most part, these are the major signs before the day of judgment. The minor signs are many some of them have happened some are happening some are going to happen. But

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are the Are we at the end of times one more time. We said if we look at where we are in the age of the Earth where towards the end of the age of the Earth

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the description of our world today is it the description of the world where all of these things happen? No not at this moment could it change within a few years absolutely anything major even what's happening in Philistine now can be part of the beginning of that world where the magic comes out or we're leading to the healer for that will happen and then the Civil War then the mad all these things. But the point is, these are all in the the the unseen. So we can just look at what's going on and we can say this is possible this is plausible, but we can't fill in the blanks as we please and we you know, all the other games that are played online will stop here inshallah I

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apologize for going so long but thank you for listening attentively and being patients all the home Baraka, Muhammad Allah, Allah Allah He was being made, but Solomonic mark to Allah what a cup