Waleed Basyouni – Taking Advantage of Ramadan

Waleed Basyouni
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head on. No more

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mega Rasulullah

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no more from Madonna Rasool Allah wa.

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Hi Yano. swana

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Now hamdulillah Hina Himeji who want to stay in who want to study he want to start Pharaoh when I was a villa him in Serie amphis genomen sejati Anna Lena Maja de la hora de la la mejor lil Farah her de Allahu wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika Keller wash cadorna Mohammed Abu arasu Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, Allahu Mehta, Sleeman kathira a mvat all praise you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, first I would like to congratulate all of you with the beginning of Ramadan. And may Allah Subhana Allah Allah made it a blessed month for all of us and accept from all of us our deeds. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala as he allowed us to witness the beginning of this month, is also to witness the end of this month with our sins forgiven. And our our requests are given a lahoma I mean,

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you know how many times I remember my father Rahim Allah telling me when we pass by a property or a neighborhood and he said, what he, you know, this neighborhood is to be just an empty land has nothing but sand or nothing, but yeah, no trees, and it was for dirt cheap. They were looking for anyone to buy.

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Usually, you see this building, it was for sale? And you know, what, at the core looking for someone, and they offered me but I said no, maybe it's not a good investment.

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And many times, you know, we think about myth missing an opportunities for many businesses. You know, what, and my friend told me to invest in the Bitcoin. And you know, I have a shed dead, you know, you know, what, few years back I sold all my Google shares, you know, or this or that, you know, when the market crash, I was supposed to be doing this. No, you know, somebody offered me that business. You know, somebody was telling me that they should do you know, that I was offered, you know, regardless of Hello, Ron, but he was telling me I was offered McDonald's, the one next to the University of Austin, you know, the one right at the university for maybe $150,000. He said, I was

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giving the offer and I turned it down. I thought it's too much, or something like that. So it just crazy when you hear all these like I'm sure every one of us has a story, a story. And now you ask yourself, maybe, hey, do you think this line that I see today for a half a million

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dollars of this house 10 years from now will be the same ratio, the same idea like my father, my, the elders are the thing that is 10 years ago, I feel so sorry that I didn't take advantage of it. Do you think this one will be also more valuable in the future? Isn't that a question that each and every one of us, maybe at one point, or many of us had that questions in their heads, we that we regret, we did not take advantage of these opportunities. I'll tell you, I do have also my regrets for things that I missed out, and I could have made a fortune out of it. But what is more important than that, in my opinion, to understand that the real regret is not in the dunya.

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The real regret when you're about to die,

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the real regret when you are in your grave.

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The real regret when you're standing in the day of detriment before Allah the real regret

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when Allah subhanaw taala passed to you the records of your deeds,

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the real regret,

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when you see your deeds waited in front of you in the skill.

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The real regret will be when you see people go on to paradise and is still waiting.

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The real regrets when you see people going very very high up and even know where you're going to go yet.

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You regret that there is so many things I could have done. That would save me

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would have raised my level and done would have made a big difference in my aka

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as really the regrets

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not missing, you know, because in the after the day you die, you will never regret anything from this dunya you will never say in your grave. I wish I bought this property or wish this upon death. People never look back to the to the dunya. They just look forward. That's that's the human being nature.

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But the thing is, what is next what I had a few is not the dunya it's the AHA it's the last panel, Donna, it's the good deeds that it will be that's the real investment for you in the next life.

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So what if I miss an opportunity to increase my wealth, but I never let an opportunity for my assets to grow for my reward accounts to be much, much bigger and multiplied.

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This is something I'm sure many of us experienced that kind of regrets in regard to the dunion.

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But I want you to multiply that how many times you want when it comes to the author when it comes to the Day of Judgment had either

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had a woman in my moto panara

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on the death comes to one of them, they will say yeah, oh Lord, my Lord, give me a chance to go back to go back to what

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to kiss my son or to hug my children or to you know, invest in this or to buy this or to sell that

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which I give the example of the family but to tell you is not isn't doesn't mean it's a bad thing to invest to have money to know. But then the asset or the reality is when people are upon their death. They want to go back for what lanie Armand Assante v dog, so I will do good deeds.

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And Allah Subhana Allah said, Yeah, you had levina man hula

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hula Dooku come

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over you believe. Don't let your dunya you're live here.

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This worthy life distract you. And he give two examples of the most important thing in this warrior life, family and wealth.

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Lottery comm Mr. Lucas?

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The karela will even knock them in Amman, I will add another kindness. What's interesting Allah mentioned wealth before children family because unfortunately, us as humans, we can be more occupied by wealth over family and you see a lot of parents and a lot of fathers and a lot of people neglect their family members and what's the excuse on making money

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and they never get a chance to spend time with their family. Anyway, he said Don't let them distract you from the remembrance of Allah.

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All my friend Danny canfor una eco moo moo ha see rune whoever does such thing he is or she is among the great losers. Well I'm

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call me a deer

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fire owner of Bella Luna Tawny Isla adjourning Cory for our son

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Manos Sanei Nishi y de la munaf son either

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one long hobby

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Allah Spanish Allah said give and spend from what we have given you a reminder that every donate you give it is something I love giving you

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before the death or before death comes to you and upon death you will say Oh Allah Just give me a chance delayed just a little bit actually just a little extra maybe they are our just a lot of extra time

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for our son duck so I can donate. So I can give

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and I will be among the righteous

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unfortunately very, very, very, very, very, I can say very until next to mA

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few people after their die, their inheritors, really think about their good deeds and how to increase their good deeds.

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People get distracted.

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Tell me about it. I deal with a lot of inheritance dividing the wealth after the person died. Everybody fighting over how much I'm going to get how much I'm going to do what's going to do with this how they're going to do with that. So think about themselves think about the future. And that's human nature. I don't know I understand that. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but that's human nature.

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You remember the story of a man that I think I told you before? Who left behind him a wealth and no inheritors and the judge was telling the story you know,

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said a chef. I call three of his distance cousins three distance cousin

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after investigator couldn't find anyone to inherit this man except these three distance cousin they didn't meet this guy for years. I don't I told them he died the first reaction one of them said I don't have anything to do with this debt do I? He said no it's not about his debt. He's actually left money and if you guys have a share with us okay you book brought us all the way from our city to here to tell us that they didn't know yet. And he gave each one of them a 33 million rails

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like over 15 or so million dollars

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the shares

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out of the blue they never expected the money the judge said I felt bad for the guy who died no children no family nothing.

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And I suggested for them I said would you please Would you agree each one of you give a million rails 33 each one of them God just give 1 million so we can 3 million rails I can build for this man who died a mustard or something any

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on the first one since yeah well I have a lot of family members I have kids and I have

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on the second such a shallow when I go back to my city I'll think about it.

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As like when I said hey, can you donate for the mustard? Shall I shall Just give me that.

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The pledge

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and the third one said hello. straightforward.

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Yes, Yes, hello, EBM, fair enough. Fair enough Sangha will be moved.

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He said the shares of this person care about benefiting himself. He would have done it before he died.

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He had to give something for the sake of Allah before he died

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and they refused to give anything.

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It is your opportunity

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to give it is your opportunity to pray.

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It is your opportunity to say what is right. It is your opportunity to support it is your opportunity now to make the Quran to read Quran.

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Jaco liberal Josie Willa Hill op Liliana Pawar Mata Tam unknown.

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If the people on the grave would have been asked today, what would you wish they would say? One day and Ramadan

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terminalia woman yamamah just one day and

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they said could you hear from him can antiterrorism in her lack of rotten pepper.

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You can save yourself from falling in any holes except one hole, you will fall in it, you like it, you don't like it.

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And you will go headfirst

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which is your grave.

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So that's why my brothers and sisters, this is a great opportunity for us in this month, just take that, take that, you know, adopt this attitude and romane take every advantage of every moment of every opportunity that comes in front of you make sure that you take advantage of it.

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Is it a free times to make the call to record and do it it's a pre you have a few minutes to listen to something good do it. You have a few minutes to pray to a rocker extra dude hamdulillah you're fasting and if you cannot fast because of the sickness or illness or whatever, you know, situation that you've gone through hamdulillah you know what you have enough other about that to do. Just make sure that you pay the Vidya, which is feeding a poor person. You know what there is an opportunity to help poor family do there is an opportunity to sponsor a student of knowledge do there is an opportunity to donate to the Mestre do,

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which is a lot of opportunity to donate to the master by the way. hamdulillah. So, because hamdullah one thing we do every year when we collect the funds for the master, and I add, I don't want to connected only to the mustard or Kleenex. This is an open for every good deed. But it's speaking what we talking about in regard to the message and hamdulillah one of the things if you're going to notice the sermon we did what we implemented three years ago, which is a lot of organization want to come fundraise and we told them, we take the names, we list down our organization in many different areas and field and in many different areas like people who are active in Islamic education, and

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general education, and also people who are active in civil rights to protect the rights of the Muslims organization who are active in helping the sponsoring orphans, helping women single mothers, shelters, organization who works for example of providing waters. And so and we make a whole package out of that. And we said we will give from our masjids funds and Ramadan. So everyone donate to the masjid will have a share in that here. So that $100 or the 1000 doors are the $100,000 they donate, it will go to all these areas beside the masters and what all good deeds haven't and I think that's an a brilliant idea to invest in your setup is for you set up to go that wide and to give that large

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impact as sort of this organization traveling and make varying all the costs during the month of Ramadan. Also, we would like Ramadan to go smooth and fast every Juma and every day in the taraweeh.

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my point is, this is an opportunity for all of us to make sure that we take advantage of it. You know, make sure that in the Ramadan that you repent, from the sense and from the mistakes yesterday.

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Dr. Where is he? And he asked me beautiful question. He said chef,

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wireless 1000 in the Koran, whoever the hanapin motor will hire.

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He said the one who created death and created life. Why started with death

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before life and in verse 13, sir, and only if I answer him and he went and I checked my answer handler checked. So one of the things that I told him yesterday, I said to him that Allah gonna mention death before life to wake us up

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to make us think

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because even though we have no doubt about that, no one in this gathering doubt death, but every one of us doubt it will happen to him.

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That should not be a scary shadow. But it should be a force that push you

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nuts. We we don't wish for death. But we should be ready for it.

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Becca Mohammed of New Moon kegel and our fatty

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30 Lemma you kick

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on our Lima akili. Then bill potato,

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ham together upon his death, he was in tears. They said Why are you crying is such a righteous person, but he worried about sins that you committed.

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He said will lie I'm not worried about any sin that I committed any shortcoming that I did I'm aware of these things I'm not worried about because I know Allah so merciful so forgiving so what is terrifying you at this point what's make you in tears? Carla kidney hafele any attorney to Shay and has has said to her you know

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what I'm worried the most that I have committed a sin or I have

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have committed a sin or shortcoming that I didn't pay attention to it I think maybe it's nothing

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but it was something great and Allah's eyes

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that's what I'm worried about.

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Oh by the human Allah he mad and Qunu

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appear to them in the day of judgment with Demeter law, things that they never thought it will be a big thing. They never thought that this is an issue.

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It's a joke. Maybe it's a comment. Maybe it's an action. It's a few dollars.

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Maybe something that you missed it and you didn't think it's a big deal.

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So I hope that this message comes a lot and clear today that take advantage from our bond. May Allah Subhana Allah usili Milena welcome Heather Shara. mobarak, when find out ya can be my female favourite. Hold on Mr. Michael Musto. Pero la de la COVID

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena Viva who have at my dear brothers and sisters, one of the greatest blessings of Allah subhanaw taala.

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The blessings that we still have our souls in our body

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will lie It's a great blessing that you're still alive.

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And you have the opportunity to grow to be better person to be able to help others.

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You know, how many times Allah subhana wa tada how many days a lot of giving you this nightmare so far? How old are you?

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How many times that every time when you wake up said hamdulillah the ohana badam, I'm not really sure how many times you have returned your soul back to your body after you wake up.

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We have this blessings. So let's take full advantage of it. Let's remember what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it will turn him handsome couple of hands take advantage of five before five.

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Shabaab capable of harming your youth before attaining old age. So had to capable of self harming your health before your sickness. Ask people who became sick. Ask people who can't now do many things in the event that that they used to do before. And they will tell you the wish that they have done much more before

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rynok Ebola factoring your wealth before poverty

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and no one immune we have seen how things turn around just a virus made hundreds and hundreds and 1000s of business closed down.

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I know people came to me last year in the mustard in tears. This is Yahoo Allah we used to donate way more to the mast. But my business is about to shut down.

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And I know they are genuine. They wish to get but he can. They don't have

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your you're free time before you be occupied. And especially for my young brothers and sisters

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for having a family and responsibilities and you know, boss that he will drive you crazy in business, you know, and a big responsibility with the family that you occupied. Yes, it's another opportunity for you to grow. But you have a great opportunity as a young man and young woman today to take advantage of it.

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We're here to calculate your life before your death

00:24:28 --> 00:24:31

or hereditary basophil hachimura in the hacking away.

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My brother and sisters.

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I will end by saying one of the thing that I would like to announce and I'm making this because I'm very happy. I'm proud of one of our brother here who taking the lead and the master that hamdulillah and building something it is way overdue for the mustard, which is building an endowment for the must

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an endowment that will help the message to continue not only

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To continue supports itself regardless because last year was that was ahead

00:25:05 --> 00:25:07

for me last year was a lesson

00:25:08 --> 00:25:28

This is can be interrupted any donations base it's a very alarming and also anytime that you think about expanding that the business or model of the clearing center what can tribute what can give it can be problematic because of the ink so on hamdulillah we any one of the brothers

00:25:31 --> 00:25:35

yeah and he had them shipped Lumina can acid Mashallah brother Muhammad,

00:25:36 --> 00:26:24

he basically committed to lead that the effort to ensure that we have an endowment, like many, many Muslim there's no new invention and this was just a matter of timing and handler we put the stone and the stepping stone to this putting the paperwork, the requirements to have an money that is will be an endowment for the mustard, never touch it just to generate money to bring back to, to the masjid and hamdulillah one of our brothers also was when he heard that he said, I would like to be the first person to lead the effort, hopefully, when you announced that people will come forward and we'll do that. And then he put $25,000 actually, for that not money will be kept to generate money

00:26:24 --> 00:27:06

to the mustard. Hopefully that any any investment you start with, and this time and endowments require at least 100,000 I think shala from what we collected the message every year, we will make sure to reach that goal 100 Plus, to put that and monthly we can keep growing that amount. So over two years or so we can have a million dollars to the mustard, you know, you just make it you make the math 10% or something like that, or eight to 10% of return that will help a lot through domestic to be more stable to invest its donations and other areas because the areas have so many and the need is great.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:58

And so I'm very happy to announce that and hamdulillah the journey to the community and I hope that you guys support the semester this year, as you've been all supporting and hamdulillah after Salah I don't want to make any announcement but after Salah you know please you will have brothers with the blood cards, donations, donate generously to the mustard. I hope that this weekend we can raise 100,000 inshallah, Ghana, as a starting point you can divide your setup are over the time if you want now and later. But it will be a great help to keep this mustard going. Every year hamdulillah we raised about 350 and that's the only time we really do

00:27:59 --> 00:28:21

any fundraising to 400 for for domestic and that include dedicating like last year we dedicate over 100,000 The year before you know 150,000 to help other organizations and and the people who usually come to fundraise in the mustard. So your setup is a very, very diverse insha Allah to Allah to the master.

00:28:22 --> 00:29:07

And again that just an another door Allah subhanaw taala open for us to help ourselves and to do an investment for the author. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of us may Allah Subhana Allah help us to continue to give and to continue to contribute and to make all of us contribute or to what is good this is a very blessed I are blessed this community bless this gathering plus this mustard bless our community and in Houston and always protect us and always blessed us with all the blessings that you have. Yeah ALLAH forgive our sins you ALLAH forgive our sins bless our parents and forgive them your lawn we ask you you know your names and attributes to accept from all of us

00:29:07 --> 00:29:49

our good deeds and Ramadan and to help to do our best during this month. Allah Hama felon our ham now half an hour for unknown criminals Elena Wotton, bizarrely hottie Amanda Anna Robin attina dounia Hassan, Hassan Okinawa, but not la homea here for you, Asante Domine Asante dominar in beside the hearty our man and our Hydra Yamuna Helmand and park one turabian and Allah homophone louella Dena overly wordy in our karate now whether we have hermina alarm of a limo Tana washroom albana Rafi mu Telangana, Allah who may occur on hada minca la que la ilaha illa and local fog Allah can near mFl all our AP euro Allah

00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

in the cantus simulium were to gardena in the cantata wahba Rahim Allah Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa Kumari salatu salam

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