How to celebrate Eid in lockdown

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Hello kafele salatu salam ala rasulillah Mustafa while earlier he was talking about the last thing that I mentioned as it relates to the cattle futsal is that at the time that it has to be given out is before salicylate needs to be given out before selectively so you can start giving it out from today you can give it out yesterday that's fine but it needs to be done before salicylate hasn't been I basketball the Allahu tada and whom I said that whoever gives it out before slaughter eat then it is a canceled fitted and whoever gives it out after selectively than it is a sadhaka from the southern Kaka. It's just a general charity and it doesn't count as salata Lee. The

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next thing inshallah tada as it relates to rulings is that tomorrow night, Saturday night, as soon as Margaret enters it is legislative for us to begin to Technorati. A lot of people don't start saying Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah. Allah. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Ali Langham. Until, until the eat itself I need the day of the eat until they hear somebody else saying it when it gets to the masala and the reality is, is that those tech neurons, Allah Subhana, Allah says,

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willing to kept below la Hana menghadirkan will Allah come to school, it took me a day or so to complete the debt to capital line and so that you will magnify a loss of tenants out to declare his greatness for having guided you and so that you may be thankful. Right? So those tend to be right, they are the open display of our gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah for what he has guided us to have the Quran for what he has guided us to completing the month of fasting, right. And this is something that we should, we should encourage our entire households to do in fact, is narrated. In some of the Hadith that Medina, the city of the prophet Isaiah Salatu was Salam Canon tetricus bit tech bit, and

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it was like it was shake from the tech beers, right? So this is something that we should be very proud of. I mean, so what if the neighbors they say, Man, what are you guys doing over there? Well, lo eqavet. Allahu Akbar Jani the house should just be it's a festive occasion. We're praising Illustrator. And this is another point. A lot of you see this stuff go around on social media. You know what they're in the Ramadan? You know, and people are very sad that Ramadan has gone away. I mean, yeah, we have mixed emotions. The fact that Yeah, we're not able to, you know, do the same exact things that we were doing around with Apple, we were happy that Allah Subhana Allah has given

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us all the products I set up said, let me fall

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for the one who is fasting has two times when he's happy. The one is ill fitted that's the daily fitted and it's either fitted so far, the last time to be festive. Something that and we should show that we're that we're happy for the so those tech rewrites are important and there is no one way to do the tech rewrite. In fact, there are at least five different ways from the companions of the Prophet it starts with saying nothing nothing specific from the Prophet is a lot to say to him about how those Technorati are done. So if a person says hello, Ecuador, Kabira Welcome to like the you know, yeah, that goes. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, just saying Allahu

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Akbar twice or Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will lead him in other different ways. And the point is, that it's it's open in terms of what a person or how exactly the person which form they choose, in terms of the technical right, now we move on to selected eight. And the big question for a lot of people that is what are we doing this year, for selected eight.

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Due to the circumstances, first thing we have to realize is what is the ruling of the eat itself was the ruling of praying selectively. And there are three different opinions about the ruling of silicon eat and the one that we choose is that from the from the statements of the scholars is that it is a fork keyfile meaning that it is a communal obligation, not that it is simply an emphasize soon, but not that it is an obligation upon each and every single Muslim. And there is enough evidence to to point to the fact that it is an obligation, but that it isn't an obligation on every single Muslim, but every single Muslim should try their best to do so. However, it is closer to the

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celestial janessa, meaning that as long as some of the Muslims pray, then the obligation is lifted on the other Muslims in that particular locality. However, again, we are encouraging the Muslims to pray, encouraging the Muslims to pray and it is an obligation. It isn't a communal obligation. So in those areas, for example, we're in southeast Pennsylvania, right below us. You just go over the bridge 20 minutes into Delaware. And they allowed to have to selectively because all the houses of worship and Delaware right now are allowed to function at a 30% capacity.

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means what means that if they normally could have 100 people in a building, then they can have 30 people, they could have 1000 people, then they can have 300 people, it's fine for them to congregate. Right? But we're here, we're where we are, and we don't have the same situation that they have. So that being the case, that being the case, the question that a lot of people have asked is, can we pray the eat in our homes? And the answer is that it has been established on several of the campaigns in the tiberi that it is permissible to pray the eat in the home for those who have a legitimate excuse. So for example, during the time of ID or the Allahu China and who there was some

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who couldn't make it out to where the masala was, they had disabilities. And so I did have the low titer and home rather low China and who appointed for them somebody who would pray closest they weren't with the main body of of the Muslims, and it's a medical the alongside and who if he would miss the he then he would pray in his home and at the hack and others. So the The point is that praying in one's home, where there is a legitimate excuse, and we have a very legitimate excuse because we are legally not able to congregate

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in a manner that will facilitate an eighth, then it is permissible to pray, select to eat in the home. And what we recommend in this way is to prepare like you would for the eat itself. So take a hustle, wear your best clothes, perfume yourself, and you do those things that make it feel festive, and then pray and then pray with your family. Then pray with your family and you pray it the exact same way that is prayed in congregation meaning that is to rakaat similar to Salatu. Juma or you pray to rock as you recite out loud, the only differences is that you're going to add on tech be right. So in the first rack that instead of it just being one tech below the seven tech Pirata

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar seven times before you start recite before you start reciting fatsia, and then the soda after. And then in the second record after tech beautiful instacart, which is the tech bureau that takes you from sujood until pm after that one, then you do tech rewrite five times and then recite sort of welfare to her and another sort of after. So is is very similar. Anybody who knows how to pray, can pray slightly. And even if they forget the tech Raj and I forget how many this slide is still valid without a doubt, we need a child. So we're encouraging and recommending that people pray salicylate in their homes and make it as festive as possible. It is a day when we

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are praising glorifying the loss of hair which Allah and showing our thanks to him subhanho wa Taala for having for having guided us. And the time for the salon to lead in the home is the same as it is outside of the home. So is any time 15 minutes after sunrise, approximately. And it lasts up until before so lots of thoughts. So if a person doesn't want to pray, and until a little later nine or 10 o'clock, that's fine as well. That's fine as well, inshallah,

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that being that being said, the last thing that I'd like to conclude with is that we are still asking, Well, how can we learn, we passed,

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you know, the $30,000 mark for our fundraiser will lead him

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which is beyond, honestly, which is beyond what we could imagine, under the circumstances. And, and that's because there hasn't been any badgering or shaming and forcing people. Because that's not what we believe is the correct way to do. And we believe that our giving is a means of purification for our souls. And that's what we encourage other people to do, or not to cut the movie and fusi come in hiding, to do who in the law, who are hired on our album as you know, whatever you get, whatever you put forth for yourself from good that you will find it with the law multiplied and reward more than you could tell you do when the light who are hired on the album as you know it is

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better and more reward than you would have then you would have imagined. And so Allah Subhana Allah rewards us for for putting forth the effort to please Him subhanho wa Taala Adam and Yoko Hanafi bola, whoever saved from his own greed, whoever saved from his own greed, then he is from the successful and I mentioned in this now because I do you know, genuinely encourage you to continue to be generous and to support and to support the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala support this message. But on another note is that many of us as our Prophet salario some of the increase our generosity and Ramadan and that's very important.

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But then after Ramadan, we we go to a state where we get really tight fisted. And so it's important that that we remember that the most beloved actions to Allah Subhana Allah

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Those that are most consistent, even if they're a few, right? So given that $5 here and that $10 then at $20 a day that's important for us just to get in the concept of just giving. Let me get Lenten Allah bidra heterotrophic condimento Hippo you won't attain piety until you give away that what you love and I love for wealth it should eat, our allies would have told us that no crime No, they wouldn't know who they have been highly sad, that our love the mankind's man's love for wealth is is intense, right? And so we have to, we have to give frequently, so that for our own souls and we should give to causes that, that we believe are good causes. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept

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our fasting and to accept our standing in this month of Ramadan. A llama this fellow can touch it in a min Wolfie kaliki emulated sulcata de Manawatu seven We ask Allah Subhana Allah to be for most those who were guided to standing Laila Takata, Eman and YT sobre la pena fildena rihani Latina selaku Nabeel Eman childfree kulu Vina de la Latina Amman robina in Nakuru