When Should You Say QaddarAllah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not giving up too much optimism when faced with overwhelming events. They suggest that even small things like accidents or disaster should be considered small events and not just a result of them. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of framing oneself as the fullest opposites and not just the fullest version of oneself.
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When you see tragedy or you see problems and terrible things happening, your response is only Allah knows best.

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When something is out of your control, what do we say? Caught dot Allah, masha Theron, you don't say that Allah when you have control that that's not how it works. So when you can't wake up for Federer you don't say I've caught that Allah it's been six months What Can I Do I

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You've been binging till like 2am can on your phone to one, you've been doing this, you went to sleep on a full stomach. And you know, that ain't good for you like it, it'll affect you waking up early, you didn't set your alarm or you put it on silent and and and and it's your fault.

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When you get outside, like I'm gonna go for a nice long drive. But just earlier that day, you heard on the news that there was a hurricane warning. And then you get stuck in disaster cloud little or can I do Allah sent this hurricane?

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No, it's your fault. You can take precaution.

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You don't have to depend on what you see on the news. I'm not saying I'm just saying it's about the whole responsibility, do your part, then leave the rest. So

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the point here is that when you make dua, and when you see things happening around you, we don't know why those things happen. But the believer is always optimistic with Allah, or however they view Allah. Our Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam says, I am how my servant thinks of me. Listen to it again.

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I am how my servant thinks of me.

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So you have two persons. One of them is saying Allah is punishing them for what they did or how they are. So to Allah, who's this person? Who is Allah to this person now?

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You can mess around with Allah man. You know, if you're walking on eggshells, 24 hours you mess up, it's over for you. Then the person beside him says, Man insha Allah you know, this is Allah's will.

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Those who pass away will die as Shaheed it was their conduct, they couldn't stop the floods they couldn't stop the waves. It was their time you know on May Allah give them Jana May Allah give them ease and who is a lot of this person now.

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Merciful, complete opposites. Same Rob.

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Allah is to you how you think of him.

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Really amazing Hadith changes. Yeah, it clicks into your mind immediately. And what it should start doing now is to start framing in your mind as much optimism with Allah through all of the tragedy