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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of grabbing the edge of Hajj and Um admit in a situation where someone has already made it for themselves. They also mention that some people take the idea of helping others to achieve their goals, even if they have already made it. The speaker encourages viewers to share their own experiences and use the videos space IQ to continue to make changes.
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If I do Hajj or Umrah on behalf of someone else, do still get the full reward of that act of worship myself.

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So if someone make had or on behalf of someone else, that person still get the edge of Hajj and Umrah or not.

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So first of all, let me make this crystal clear. If you have not made Hajj or Umrah yet you're not allowed to do Hajj and on behalf of someone else, you make it for yourself and making behalf someone else will not fulfill the obligations is upon you to do Hajj and oma that's number one. Number two, if you already made Hajj before, because it nobody saw saddam when a man said the big alarm he had. He said Who's that shriveled up? I said, some a brother of mine or someone? He said, Did you make Huntsville yourself? First? He said yes. So it nevison made sure that the person made height for himself first before making it for someone else. So if that's the case, and then I'm out of her life

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to position some scuttle said yes, you will take the edge of Hudson armor. So the Agile have had the Umrah exploit all the sins in between the two ominous you get that the had you come back from your sins like a free like a newborn, you get that you know, the abroad bit of headroom abroad is nothing but gender, you get all this reward, as well as the person that you met had on his or her behalf. And obviously that person you may catch him that we have can't come due to them passed away, or they are sick and can't come in the future, say them and say about him, Allah was asked about this, when I make hydrograph someone else do he gets the idea or I get the agile. And same says Allah subhanaw

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taala so generous, both of you will get the idea and even hasn't said was set aside, he said the truth, individual Salam said if you show somebody or you guide someone to do something good, you both take the same action. So what about, you know, doing it on that person's behalf. So that's why I haven't lost that some skill set that you're both take the edge of for that. The other opinion, which is the majority of them, actually take that position. Many of the scholars said that. He said, No, the Agile for the hunt only goes to the one that you make it on his behalf. Okay, and it goes to the person that you made in their behalf, but that of the hedge itself and the camera itself, but

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you get a job for helping your Muslim brother or sister or fulfilling the right of your relatives like a father or, or a neighbor or, or a cousin or brother or sisters, you know, or a friend. This is a good deeds in itself, you know, to help someone.

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So you take the idea and the reward for that.

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And also you take the agenda and the reward for the extra things that happen in the head, like for instance, an alpha, that's your agenda. So the person had but the actual rituals that incite the time of Hajj and Umrah got off and they are and ridiculous Allah, the multiplication of the Salah there, it's yours, not the person that you make it on his behalf. And I think that's a very safe position and that's the photo of Chevron Chevron email him a lot of the photo of the senior the committee of the senior scholars in Saudi Arabia and many other scholars in law Tata as well. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us and forgive those who passed away and help everyone to

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fulfill their duty of doing Hajj and Umrah Salah last

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni explains

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