Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Nouman Ali Khan


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Human beings seemed like a bad choice. But there's a better alternative. We're presenting ourselves as an alternative. You get it? That's what the angel said. And when they said this, who was listening,

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at least was listening. And did he say anything? No. He said, interesting. This guy is watching this entire conversation. Allah hasn't even created other rallies time yet. And he's feeling something. But he's not saying it.

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The first thing you will, I will, I want you to know, we're going to have a few sessions tonight. What I want you to know is everything you learn about the devil tonight. Everything you learned about shaitan tonight, is something he wants you to do.

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Everything he feels, he wants you to feel everything he did. He wants you to do. And the first thing he did is he felt something. He felt something was bothering him. But instead of talking about it openly to Allah, and clarifying it, he kept it to himself. He kept a feeling to himself, the angels felt something they did. What did they do?

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They said it. Yeah, Allah. We don't think this doesn't seem to make sense to us. You know, you know, everything. But I'm saying we don't get it. They said it right away. He didn't say it. Now, why is that important? Because sometimes,

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you know, let me just tell you how the devil works. You know, to have you meet. Let's say somebody says, somebody can say, well, you can sit down, and you don't make eye contact when you say when it comes to them.

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Right? And you're like, why didn't they make eye contact?

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Are they mad at me?

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Is that finger one time I sent him that email? And they didn't answer back? And is that why they didn't make eye contact? But you don't say anything. It's going on where? And your head. And now it's like, a time and you're inviting people and you're like, I don't think I'm gonna invite this person. Remember that eye contact thing.

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And it eventually snowballs into? I don't want to see this person. You don't know they hate me so much. I don't even know what I did to them. But you don't know how they think about oh my god, you create an entire reality in your head. Because you didn't what? Hey, is everything okay? Yeah, it's fine. Oh, no, I have allergies.

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You didn't know I have a lazy eye. I'm looking this way. But I was looking at you like,

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once you clarify, it's something else entirely, isn't it? That happens. Like I tell you one time, there was a scholar I really look up to I ran into him at a conference. I was so excited to meet him. I don't ask for selfies. So I, you know, got to meet him and say some article. And he keeps on doing his thing at the stall. And he's not even looking up as a summer article.

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There are three times as a somebody come and nothing no reaction, oh, I used to look up to this person.

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And then I'm walking away and somebody else came in said Somalia come from the other side.

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How are you? What's your name?

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I'm gonna try that again. So I go from the other side says, and he says he's deaf on the other side.

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If you don't clarify, you're gonna create an alternative reality in your head, isn't it? The devil, it please obey the law and obeyed Allah and obey the law and obey the law and obey the law. And he proved himself better than all the other gyms. And he proved themselves so worthy that he got invited to meetings that are being held with who? The angels and Allah says I'm creating a new creation, new creation.

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Why do you need a new creation? And what's so great about this creation? Well, he's gonna have my rule. So when he has the choice to do right and wrong, he's gonna make the right choice. That's why I'm going to leave them on the earth to make his own choices. He's going to be in charge of the earth. But wait, I've been making the wrong choice, the right choices all this time. We better than even these angels. These guys don't even make wrong choices. I've been doing well. And like, I'm not You're not thinking about me. Did he say any of this? No, he's thinking it. He's thinking. So the first thing is when you feel something negative, you don't say it. You let it grow inside and let

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the infection get worse.

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Let the infection go or that's the first problem. The second problem is how come you didn't pick me the thought? Why him why not? Me? Now the thing is, was a bliss given a high rank? The simple question, was he given a high rank? Yes. By giving Adam a responsibility on the earth. Does it take anything away from your bliss? No. It least still has a high rank. He's still ranked among the angels. It's actually great. He lives

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is nothing. But the problem of bliss is, I don't feel like what I have is worth anything. When I see someone else having something

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I need I, you know, I only feel like I should be the one that should get everything. Everything that that every appreciation, every acknowledgment, every recognition should come my way. And if somebody else got that appreciation or that acknowledgement, then I feel like it was taken from me even though in reality it wasn't taken from you at all. It wasn't taken from you at all. I'll give you another example how the devil this is, this is what he felt. Does he want you to feel this by the way? Yeah, totally. Sometimes they have Masjid fundraisers, the most fun thing you can ever go to as a masjid fundraiser, right?

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Eat before you go to a masjid fundraiser, because they won't give you food until they get your money, right. That's what they do.

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But anyway, at the end of the machine fundraiser, they want to thank all the board and the volunteers. Right? I'd like to thank AbdulKareem and sister Fatima and Yahia and Abdullah and Xena and, and there was somebody I'm waiting for her name to be called.

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You know, she's a secretary of humility.

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He's waiting for an NDA, call all these people's names. And she forgot to mention whose name

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all this work, couldn't see my name.

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I'm the one who made the handout. I made my name, font size 18 on purpose and bold. I know you missed it on purpose.

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He wants you to feel like somebody else getting recognized is taking something away from you.

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It's taking something away from you. This starts in the family. When mom gives one of you a hug. Your eyes burn.

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I'm gonna put my sock in your mouth when you're sleeping tonight.

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Why didn't I get that same look? Why didn't I get it? No. I'll give you a real example. One of your kids has been telling you he's doing he's done his homework. He's done his homework. He's done his homework. He didn't do any homework for the whole week. Teacher sent you a note. He hasn't done any homework and you've been lying to you the whole week. The other kid got an 890 on their math test. They both come to you. One of them comes to you. He says Can I have some ice cream? Yeah, you earned it. Give me a hug get some ice cream. The other one says Can I have some ice cream? No, you need to think about what you just did.

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And how about you do these? You know these extra homework math problems. And you never let my your teacher hear disappointment again, because that was pretty bad. And you lied to me on top of that. And this kid who got a little bit of a scolding says, wow, they get ice cream and I get this. Mom loves them doesn't love me. Dad loves them doesn't love me. But actually, both of those are acts of love, aren't they?

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Because you can't just give ice cream to kids that are lying.

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You can't just encourage them when they're doing the wrong thing. They need tough love, isn't it so you can't treat everybody the same way. This is exactly what the devil did in the story of Jaco van de Salaam and Yusuf. The dad showing one kid love and one of the other brothers say no, I'm gonna kill him.

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But he just gotta get rid of him. You know? So this is the second feeling that the devil has again, he hasn't said anything yet, but him not saying anything is saying a lot, isn't it? So he says Allah says I'm gonna put him on the earth as a qualified the angels say, we think he's gonna kill and the devil is probably like, Yeah.

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Listen to them.

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He's not going to make himself look bad. He let other people speak on his behalf. Allah says to the angels in the moon, I know something you don't know. I know what you don't. Now the story opens up. We were all created at the same time. All of us. And we were not placed in some kind of spiritual ICU, we were actually awake. All of us were awake, conscious. We used to have direct conversations with Allah. All of us used to have direct conversations with Allah.

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In a sense, the body that we're in is a shell. It's a temporary home that we've been given. But the real us was created a long time ago, when Allah made that announcement. He created the rule. And the rule Hall coexisted all of us at the same time. And what's really interesting about that, on a side note, is that not it's not necessary that you were sitting standing next to your brother, or your mom or your dad or your cousin. But Allah bunch different rules together. The prophet describes a wacko Judo agenda. There are groups that are bunched together and ever happened to you. Sometimes you meet somebody you've never met before. They barely speak the same language as you

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But you find yourself really attached to them and familiar, like, I feel like I know you. Why do I feel so connected to you? And then there are people in your own family, you look at them, how are you relative?

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I don't understand how

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you know.

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So there are some soul some rule that were actually brought close to each other, they were given a connection to each other. And when they find each other in this world, they find themselves drawn to each other, they become best friends with each other, they find themselves understanding each other sometimes without even saying words. And then there are some rules that are very far from each other. And those are the kinds of people they could both be good people, but they are annoyed with each other. They cannot stand each other's company, because it's like the wrong sides of the magnet they pull apart. Right? So now anyway, Allah has created all the rules. The angel asked this

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question. Allah said, I know something you don't know. Now then Allah azza wa jal, then took the first body which is the body of who?

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Emerson, he made it from clay, he made it balanced, poured the first rule in the first of many rules. This is why Allah says in Allah Stafa, Adam, Allah chose Adam chose why choosing means use it, there's a choice. There's a choice. So of all the rules that were there, which was chosen, didn't really sit down, and it was put inside this body and then he was showing his children. He was showing all of us. And Allah then says, what Allah, Allah melasma Allah, this is the part that a lot of people don't get. Allah brought Adam in front of all of us, every single one of us, Donald Trump included, everybody was there.

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And then Allah taught Adam, every one of our names, and every one of our qualities.

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This one very creative. This one very short tempered, this one really mathematical, this one extremely patient, etc, etc, etc. Like a full Facebook profile. On every single person was given to Adam Armstrong. Like, this is your child, this is your child, this is your and he got to know each one of our names, each one of our names, and each one of our qualities, because the word isn't means name and quality. Yeah. And so now Adam has been introduced to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he's been introduced the Tao Darnay salaam, he's been introduced to fit our own. We don't know if they're going to be good or bad at that time, they're all good. And the potential good that

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they have inside them. So Adam sees all of them and what they've been created with, Okay, now, then he brings the angels remember the angels had a problem? What was their problem?

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He's gonna make the wrong choice. He's gonna spill blood remember?

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In front of them, the angels, these human beings that are there? Are they in the form of their body? Or are they in the form of the rule?

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And Allah said, what makes the most what makes the human being so special that eventually you will even do such that is the word though.

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Allah asked these angels, can you describe these rules to me?

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Can you name them and describe them to me? This Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, we don't know anything. We don't know anything except what you taught us. He calls Adam. He says, I'm the only Smarty him tell them their names. Describe each one of them to my angels. Why don't you tell them and by the way, when the angels are being given this demonstration, who's listening and watching it, please, so quiet, listening and watching? So we're being we're being described, and every single one of us is being introduced. And every single one of us has light because blue has light, is the kind of light that's inside of us. And even the Pharaoh, for example, the worst human being described in

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the Quran is the Pharaoh. Right? And that human being even him, Musa was told, give him a reminder, maybe he'll benefit from it because there's the light inside him. There's room inside him too. So the pure goodness of everyone is in the room. And Allah introduced, Adam introduced every human beings, goodness to the angels, every single human beings, goodness that's inside them, whether they when they come to this earth, and they bury it or whatever. We'll see that in another episode soon, in a few minutes. But for now, I want you to know, Adam is introducing all of humanity to who the angel and the angel see this kind of goodness and this kind of goodness and Earth Kind of goodness.

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And this he do have Muhammad Rasool Allah Azza wa sallam, Ibrahim alayhi salam, you see all these people, and you know the great people of the world. And at the end of that long introduction,

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this is Subhanak, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Lempira. You, you know, and you, you know, we don't know and Allah, Allah says, didn't they tell you?

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Because he said, Remember, he said, I know something you don't know, when I'm sending them on this earth to make good choices. It's not just that they have a brain and they have balance. They can balance between right and wrong, not just that I'm giving them a superpower that will make them choose

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Children make the choice that will increase the light inside them. What's that thing? What's that superpower? That I'm giving them? This rule that I just introduced you to?

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Then they realize okay, yeah, you're up what a choice you made. What an amazing creation you made. We get it. We get why we should be doing such though. I can imagine this is one of those things you know, weird requests. Allah I pray Allah enters all of us into Jannah my weird request agenda is gonna be Allah can I see the scene?

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Okay, can I What can I watch a replay with the camera on Iblees?

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Because I imagine the angel next to him, would it be like, aren't they great?

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Wow, they're pretty amazing, right? Right.

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And he's still not saying anything. He's still quiet. But now comes time to do what?

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Now it's time to do such that the first of the human beings has been created the body standing. He's demonstrated to you the power of his knowledge and this remarkable quality of the rule. Now you are in awe of Allah fall into such depth. So that's where we begin.