The Art of Quran Recitation #04 Maqam Ajam

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For even if you decide to Quran with this maqam and there is a non Muslim brother or a non Muslim sister is listening to you, they're gonna embrace Islam right away. And this is having even with my, you know, closest person to me now it's my wife. She loves Islam through the voices and especially through common logic. Wow, that's become like That's the miracle of Macau of this mclubbe was Shamsi. Well, Doha

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was Shamsi, while Doha why no limit of the thing ya know little more of Fifi

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this is your makan by the way.

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waker powered by Ma Mirta Institute.

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Rahim Salam aleikum what I have to light our level of cattle here we are again and we are ready for our next MACOM Sunni Shia

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Sunni obviously we did Saba we did not want and now we're doing

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okay. So yeah, we're gonna do our Jim tell us the story about it. Yeah, my common agenda we talk about now under that which is in one city and Eastern people I love it so much is right right i Then it comes from Roma. Hmm. With the Romanian and Western people love it so much. And let me surprise you. There is no you know, in churches and synagogues, the art of singing is that right? Right. There is nothing there except with Muhammad Adam. Really? Yep. All of it. All of it. Even singers they are singing with Muhammad Adam.

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For even if you recite the Quran with this MACOM and there is a non Muslim brother or a non Muslim sister is listening to you began to embrace Islam right away. And this is having even with my you know, closest person to me now it's my wife. She loves Islam through the voices and especially through McCollum, Elijah. Wow, that's my comrades. The miracle of Morocco of this makan Famicom and Agim Western people love it so much especially Italian and any country you need Italia Yeah, and even though an American because they came from there, right? That's the most interesting when we took something in East is the country's the west now MACOM Allah so high it's kind of like it's

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almost a beautiful indication of how global Islam is. And wherever it's it went the Quran beauty was captured in the people's voices and their cultures right and it just Subhanallah something shift even our brothers and sisters from Pakistan originally but the rest here Yeah, colder in the West. Yeah, we love them so much and also the love now and if you ask any anybody any Muslim brother he's originally from Pakistan or India Yeah. And he lives here in the in the West Country Yeah. And you ask him what is the most the beloved McCombs for you he gonna say either now and or Adam or both, I'm telling or if they don't know what the maca matar they'll say this recite or that recite or

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probably reciters

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Yep, yeah, well, very everyone now loves math and for example, Sheikh Mishary dissertations right now and the majority of history citation mokopuna one, I see, you know, subhanAllah now, first let us go by this is the story of Malcolm, Elijah. Okay, the humming of Malcolm and Adam, it's easier than one. It looks like Well, that makes me okay.

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Oh, ah. Oh, ah. Oh,

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boy, there is shaking in the tune itself. I'm not focusing about the shaking. Oh, I'm not focusing about this one. Okay. I'm focusing on what the tune itself okay. All Oh, you will have it right away. You will have it right away because you raised here. Then this student it's like in your mind, it stood here. You know, I know that you gotta have it so quickly again. Oh, oh, yes, sir. Okay, that's the humming of them. Okay. So is is the right time, however to decide by this tune? When we decided we have to fix these rules, like we said, Yeah. Alhamdulillah be learning Alhamdulillah y'all have been learning Alhamdulillah learn y'all have been

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Alhamdulillah learn y'all have been learning Alhamdulillah here, DeLisle me in Masha, Masha, masha Allah, raise your voice and Hamdulillah he rob Bilal me

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Hola. Hola everyone, by the way, this is the distal MACOM that now you perform.

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Okay, let me hear it again. I'm here again. Oh

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Hamdani learn your beloved I mean Al Hamdulillah he benign me in Malaysia Allah she was shum coo going haha was Shamcey you are Doha Waylon little most of the thing, ya know little more of Fifi, isn't it?

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Okay, this is your makan by the way.

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Now every quarry when he learned his mahkumat Yeah, he has one or two. Yeah, and he this is his McCombs, he can learn. The rest of them are cons but there is one or two that he should sail you know? Right right right. Okay, that's one from you. Now I don't know the rest we're gonna see okay, but this one one from your favorite makan? Okay. You learn it quickly and you recite with it. Marshall. Okay. Okay, this is Mohammed legem Let us go now to the other end points. Bismillah Allah O Akbar. Oh, Lord. work way harder. Okay. A long. Bone. On bone. Along with bone on bone. along what else? Long?

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Long Walk bone. Allah Akbar. Law Akbar. Allah Akbar law who ECMO listen I'm gonna give you flexibility late Okay, the community has many ways okay how long way it's ages. All right, but either way which is the most the rest of the world the listen to it. Yeah. Daniel haram it's Adam way. Okay. How long will Akbar will caveat all while Hamdulillah

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he can feel at all whatsoever how

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long he won't be Hamdi Booker Alton.

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I'll see.

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Along will act Bowtell law who? Law who?

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You remember this too? Yeah, everyone knows

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as well. Along workboat law who Akbar

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who Akbar

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Allah Akbar

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Allahu Akbar while

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he hum Do you know that? Yeah, yeah, that's my imagined to. So it seems it rises at the end. Yes. Yeah, right. It's unique to I love it. I just I love that. Subhanallah MACOM Elijah. That's

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it Yeah, I feel better about myself a little bit.

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Okay, exactly. Well, I will see you on the next slide.

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Here's what's coming up and the next episode and this maklumat series

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for all the time you decided at some solid pm or you decided with solid will finish which is people are calm. Then you give them accounts. When you decide that there is a communist. Hack them or Musa what Quran they started the presentation like this Bismillah learn your myrn you are happy. Yes, that's about

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him, man. What he that's great.

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Now I just cannot imagine receiving was

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a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope that you enjoy watching this video. For those who want to learn different methods of citation for those who want to improve their voice and bring it to a higher level. For those who want to enjoy and delight both prayers and listeners with their voice. For those who want to practice in sha Allah the whole maklumat practically one on one with me, sign up here.