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Grammatical Analysis

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The speakers discuss various topics in Arabic literature, including the concept of a doula Halia, the use of "will" in Arabic literature, and the meaning behind "Groplas" in various context. They also touch on the use of "will" in English and the concept of "helpful people" in Arabic literature. The transcript is difficult to summarize as it appears to be a jumbled mix of disconnected sentences and phrases.

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spiller salatu salam ala Rasulillah. The only he'll sacrifice right? I just want to make sure that this actually

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No, see, it's still zero views. Others of you.

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I just want to know if we're having technical difficulties where this is actually broadcasting

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Yep, let's cut us. Okay. So we normally have this class internally on Venus platform, but we're having some technical difficulties, and I didn't want to waste the day. So I'm just using the open social media platforms to have our session today. We're doing grammatical analysis of source look. And we're on item number nine now is it? Yeah, yeah, we're on number nine. No, but there were some technical questions about the previous hire. So I want to start with that. Hopefully, our students from around the world can see that I'm online. And the 20 minutes or 18 minutes that we have left, we can make use of them in sha Allah. So I'm going to pull up the ayat again.

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And just show you guys one thing that I didn't show before.

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You can see the screen Yeah.

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They can see the screen. Okay. So let me do that.

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there, see Naga tiny, and there's the whole screen. Okay. Very nice. So we were looking at the Kadota, menu swimming alive. And we talked yesterday about how this is a Joomla is Mia, because this is from the family of Ghana, right? And I'm assuming is the hub of data. We talked about that before. Some students read some other grammar books where the code was called the Joomla Halia. And yesterday I said no, it's not. It actually is and here's why the it can be even though it's not a very convincing read of the of the IR. So I'm gonna explain that to you what what a doula Halia is again, and some of its not all of its forms, but some of its forms. So in English, let's start with

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that. So if I say I ate ice cream while walking,

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okay, now, the wild walking part would be a Joomla Halia. Okay. You can also say I ate ice cream.

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Walking. This is also hard

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because it's happening at the same time. So when two things are concurrently happening, that second part is a hunt. Now, if it's a whole sentence, and it can be more elaborate, right, I ate ice cream

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while I was walking

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Okay, so this is more wording. It's it's more verbose, but it's still the same essential idea. These are all and by the way, there are others. Tired of writing ice cream.

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It's making me hungry for no reason. I scream as I walked.

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Right? Yeah.

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And there's another one one last one after this.

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I ate ice cream.

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Okay, ice cream. And I was walking.

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Okay, now for for someone who understands English. All of these essentially mean the same thing. Same idea has been communicated which is what? That I was eating ice cream. And at the same time, what was I doing? Walking? Those two things were happening concurrently. Right? They were they were happening at the same time.

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weird, like weird. Okay, let's do it. Okay, so, these are these are different kinds of your MLA Hadia. Okay. Now the Arabic so this is before we talk about the Arabic rule. I just want you to know what Hol is doing. Like one of the things the hull is doing is two things are happening at the same time. Right. So, you know, I'm talking to you sitting the sitting part would be high. Or, you know, I was listening to me crying on the inside. That would be the crying on the inside would be is high laughter masked with tears. masking the tears of the soul. Okay, so

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know your hands. Yeah. Okay. So now coming to the Arabic so if I say for example,

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comma, or, or let's say Cara

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or he will be read.

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Wha Hua Janus. He read, literally says and he is sitting, but this actually means he read while you

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We're sitting. So the Wahoo Angeles is Joomla Halia. What was your listen? Okay? Oops.

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Okay, so now you can also say Cara

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Jellison he read something. That's a while. It's not a whole Joomla idea, but it's a similar idea. Okay. You could also say

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yes, at least

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without it, the Medallia note the two fields are together the Quran is Moby and the jutsu is Medallia that Medallia can serve as a hunt. Right? So this can also mean he said he read as he was sitting, or he read while seated, seated sitting, right, his word sitting hard to pronounce today, okay. And then Cara.

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Well, who are well who are jealous? Well, actually, Sue? is also okay. He read while you're sitting, these all have in the world of Bulaga. They have different implications, but essentially, they're communicating the same idea. Two things are happening at the same time. Okay. Now, you can also say your crew, which is mobile operator, right. So what does that mean? Oh, he reads, He reads or he's reading your crew, you actually sue.

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him he's reading well said. So you can have two more daughters together. Right? And with two more daughters are together. And the second one might be the height of the first one, you get it? Okay. Now with this in mind, some grammarians looked at the word tocado.

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Which means to almost be right. And the food when the last fire, the photo is also malaria. So they're looking at the flu tocado. Like I was looking at your crew yesterday. So Right. Yeah. So he's sitting while you know reading or he's he's reading while sitting

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there looking at the photo and Takada together and saying, Oh, this is a highlight of the photo. Okay. That's that's where that's coming from. The fact that there's a natural pause here. And the fact that this is a Joomla Halia already feels to me like even though that may be a way to look at it. The fact that this is enough, which has also been suggested, meaning a new statement makes more sense. But at least this answers the question for some of you that we're talking about, what is this is this 100? Well, if it was a while, then this one as it erupts as it's almost so there's another as an as or while in while, right.

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But it seems also from a subject point of view that this is talking about a different episode, like the hellfire, may Allah protect us from it has been described. And as people are about to be thrown in it, they hear it's outcry. That's something rather harsh, right? So here's one.

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And then it's about to leap over and catch them. Right, or it's enraged, whether it's inflamed, the heretofore it's enraged, or it gets aggressive. And then there's the other part of it, that it almost leaps out of its place to catch them that God would never use them in their life. The other issue here is been alive. So grammarians have correctly pointed out that this can be a, what's called a temiz. It's interesting that the word double uses here, and grammar wise, I mean, a lathe could be me. So let's go over a little bit what the knees means. So if I said,

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I'm, I'm better than you.

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Which would be a really humble thing for me to say.

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So I'm better than you in but embedded in you what, you know, you know, like scalp wise. To show people your skill? Yeah.

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Yes, you'll see what's happening. Yeah. Anyway, so in terms of why I'm definitely not better than shelflife.

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So if I said I'm more than you,

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right, I'm more than you are what? Like depression wise, like you know, internal sadness wise, weight wise, knowledge wise, what they have to be some in terms of what so sometimes they are phrases in which there is an in terms of missing, right? Because you can't just come up to and say I'm more than you. And you're like yes, in fatty tissue. Like you out a qualifier. That qualifier in terms of what that's called a Tamizh the word for that instance okay. Now

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to you know, it became the fire

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is almost broken up.

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Okay, broken up, and some looked at the word been a rave and said, Oh, this could be dummies, meaning the middle rate is actually Raven. Like it's nothing. Custom use comes as singular and massive. So, you know, rage wise.

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Which I think is kind of

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Oh, it seems to me that it's more like a sub, like because of the rage. But but this is why the word I'm use was used. Okay?

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So it's like the handle like because some people say or like they say it's like a like an animal or like a piece that so so yeah there are so there are people that look at the Quran literally and there are people that look into Quran and some savings in the Quran by the lens of a science called a MOBA so literally okay the Hellfire has a roar it asks for more you know human apologia hands

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dirty water cooler hummingbirds limousine will say to jahannam Are you filled and it will say is there any more so there's even a conversation happening between you know, Allah and the Hellfire etc. And there may be some reality to that for sure. There Allah is saying it so there's a conversation happening but there are other things there are other matters in the Quran were definitely Allah has used language of astera language of

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what's called quinoa, right? It's out on McNeil. These are concepts that are very important in Arabic literature, they always existed. It's not like the Quran came and eliminated all of these concepts. The Quran employs what the Arabs already understood in the literature, and they exist in every language. So we say for example, the fire was raging nowadays in the news, a raging fire has erupted in Northern California, right? Well, you'll hear news like that, right? But the fire is not it's not like oh, I'm so mad. Like it's not raging. But we're using that word because we're borrowing the word rage that is used for someone out of control. And we're now using it as an

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expression to understand how out of the out of control and how destructive the fire is. So technically rage is associated with a living breathing intelligent being or an animal even that is that is rageful right? But now we're using it for an inanimate fire that has no life but yet we're calling it a raging fire right so this borrowing of words like it's it's technically used in a completely other way but now it's used for hear like for example last night you know the Warriors crushed the Celtics in the last three minutes of the game they cry but they didn't crush them there was no bulldozer there was but we use the word crush as in completely annihilated overwhelmed

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destroyed and now we're using that in the borrowed sense for you know, the warriors crushed the Celtics

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should make for an interesting game six. But anyway, so that's the idea. Right? So some look at other places in the Quran, like this one mean unreal, like out of rage. Well, what is this how to reach like for example, let's look at this era. Look, I was just reading this

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Was it this one?

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No, it was I think it was a thorough ad. So let's open that up. And I'll show it to you

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he writes a nice

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you can't find it when you're live on the internet. If you're if I was alive, I'd find it in a second. You know, yeah, there it is.

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It's like Islamic and stuff.

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Like so many words.

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You know, it's like Arabic and stuff. You know that right? Isn't that the muscle language? Yeah, it's like a Muslim thing. Okay. It's the out I'm Iconia definitely yeah. This is the technical concept for this is a figurative expression that is borrowing a term from somewhere else and shall be had your hand and Bill mo Dalva. Are they English that Ileana became the Hellfire is being alluded to with, you know, with the concept of someone who's filled with rage because of how you know, because of how you know it responds to them. Hopefully, we'll have full motion by Viva Utkarsh cache and Mila Wassim heliodor Matata de tomate years what are the costs of bloglovin when Academy

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and fasulo Barbuda and bug the * that he obtained we have because of its intense rage against them, it's about to explode and fall apart the fires being described in this is something that's falling apart, not protect us from it when you're kulula fala Antonia Tamiya zuvor Ukraine one. So they say in Arabic before this meaning in Arabic, you know, literary tradition and the way they spoke Arabic back then they say someone is falling apart like they're ripping us apart out of Rage is that was a fool who built a frothy Philidor when they will describe someone that is going out like into extreme bouts of rage. So this was this expression that may or may not raise according to

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Farahi is already an existing phrase in Arabic used to describe someone who is you know, like their I'm about to explode in rage. Like they will say I'm about to you know, explode into pieces with rage. And then Allah use that expression that was used to describe people and he's using it to describe hellfire. Well, if he had the hill is 814

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Known hosts from the hostility bar *a Jana Shuara and energy ha for well low bill is not a fireman Jakob de la mala Achill so they this is the kind of thing that poets have done and it's inspiring that they will use words that are for the intelligent beings and they'll use it for things that don't have intelligence, but work on odometer law who I'm still having coffee with for con projected behalf for DWI.

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So we have given examples of this sort of foregone so to cut off etc So what he's talking about here is essentially the idea that what you were asking about is Hellfire literally angry now you could literally look at this and some have and say yes, it's actually living being and it's angry. Other said no, this is actually to describe the intensity of it. The the the phrase is being borrowed as something that exists in the Arabic language right? So this is the language of the standard and both can be both can hold true.

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We were meant to do this. We weren't but they were outstanding questions

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about the science so I had to cover that

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Okay, so now we can come back to the I we were supposed to be a little bit

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so we were at Paolo, Bella Caja Anna Madeira and we can double down

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on Shane and Camilla he was coming. Okay. So, Carlos easy.

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Right family home great. So they said or they will you could even say here they will say because Coloma is being used. So everything is pushed into the future tense. So you can say they will say by means of course. Or literally means why not? Why not? Of course. Why wouldn't it be so? Okay? This would be wouldn't it be a job?

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they're already there. So this would be the Mikado code. So what did they say? Right so everything so here

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this whole thing this entire rest of the I would be the Maputo code, what is it that was said? Okay, so Khadija and

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he came to us right Methuen a wonder Kansas a warner there's a fire outside right? Yeah. And we'll call this a fireman fossil yesterday. So this is a response to LMU tikanga V. Ron did no wonder come to you have the job and another Iran? Yeah, so Werner certainly did come to us. The other is adding the meaning of certainly. Okay. It can also mean that deep in the sense that it it can mean already. So a warner already came to us for can Sabina Oh, but we denied Yeah, so and so not but so far. Then because Domina we you know, easy transition will be denied. But let's dig a little bit deeper into cassava cassava you can remove even our country right so Canada to call someone a liar or to call

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something alive. Now you could have you would have expected here for Canada Munna who forgets Domina. Who, meaning a warner came and we call Him a liar.

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Or forget them now merger, a B, he, we call it whatever he came with a lie. Okay, or forget them now B reality work for Canada B in theory. So we we called his warnings a lie. But none of that is here. It's just because Lebanon, which actually means we everything he tried to say we found a way of calling it a lie. We called him a liar, his message a lie, we Pip, we need picked on everything he was saying everything he was doing, we turned we tried to dismantle and, you know, invalidate him in every possible way that we could. And our invalidations were so vast. And so, you know, it's so so so far reaching with so many different branches, that the only thing that can be said is guns have

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not without them, or we behave the majority, he would limit it to one kind of technique, but they're doing all manner of techniques. So we see faculties of law, right? So on Bella Khadija and under the Iran *heads Abner so this is an important

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feature of the Quran that when we when you see a file being used, or words being used, where you were expecting more details, or you were expecting at least some of Ruby so and it's gone all of a sudden, you're like, why is that it sounds strange, but it's meant to sound strange because these are rhetorical devices used to open up and the scope of the meaning. We're gonna that's easy. Oh,

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and we said, we said manners Allah Allahu minchie in manners Allah Allah, Allah did not send down mindshare in this, this comienza ADA. Right. So this would be the same as mine as well. Allahu che and miners, Allahu Allah is mafia so Allah did not send down at all any

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Hey Shane. And min Shane is like anything come on there's God sent something please could you There's nothing that God sent down okay? You always have

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a lot Dinesh and

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Allah did not send anything or did not reveal anything. I wouldn't use the word revealed for Mozilla even though it's implied it would be sent down like oh from the sky is coming down this is part of kind of their their mockery of of revelation right how can this happen? Yep, seriously from the skies. God sent them no, nothing came down. Get Real Okay? In I'm Tom laffy Waddell in KB in and Tommy lafrieda And this is a little bit tough we did a while ago, but I'm going to try to walk you through it. So if

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we were to just do this and we'll call it a day today and Tom

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fee Berlin cabbie.

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Adobe the motor vehicle I didn't compete with Vito Mutanda that's easy. You are in a big misguidance okay, you are in great confusion. Great. misguidance Okay, that would be the sentence. Okay, now, if I say ma anthem

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so I added more to the Moqtada Allah Tala Hubbard automata level, right? If I do that, that means

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this adds the meaning of nothing but

00:21:33--> 00:21:39

okay, now there can be a clunky translation but let's see if we can put that together. Y'all

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00:21:45--> 00:21:51

in nothing but myths are a great, great great misguidance

00:21:53--> 00:21:54

great misguidance

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You also is the official translation of we're gonna publish that

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y'all ain't nothing but a great misguidance Yeah.

00:22:09--> 00:22:09

is good.

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So Martin told me Luffy von COVID will be there now mA which is you're not at all you know nothing but there's another variation of Mao which is in this is not the end of shaft this is the interfere which means you're you're nothing but a greatness kind of it has the same meaning as mine.

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so we used to say to Warner's nothing came down at all you people are just so so colossally law, you're in nothing but confusion. You're nothing but misguidance This is how we used to talk down to this is how we were condescending to those who used to give a warning. Okay, so this is the entire the entire thing is a McMullen call. I know I'm on YouTube right now and on Facebook so if I'll take any questions if you guys have any on this I will see if I can keep an eye on the comments.

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Somali come master

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Okay, Jedi.

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Okay, good. Okay. Now sad. You told us this concept. Okay, good. I did tell you this concept. Now. Is that the question? Everybody's good? Yeah. This is the whole conversation after Coloma

00:23:34--> 00:23:39

is monopoly no cola would be the mother of the MA will be the mobile Cray technically

00:23:44--> 00:23:59

LEARN TO ME Laffy galarian kabhi large. Yeah, rarely but love. We don't use it like that for July's me we use MA or laser or in. So you can use law but it's rare usage. It's not typical for the Arabs.

00:24:04--> 00:24:33

is the main there's Zidar? Yes, the main there is because remember, what's the rule for understanding a Menza? If you didn't have it, you could say the same word without it. And it would still make sense. So if you say mandocello Allahu Shaden. It makes sense. And as Allahu Minh che in a sense, so the mean is it does it that does not mean that it's superfluous, or it's unnecessary, but it means grammatically, it's not a fundamental to the meaning. So means it has rhetorical benefit, not not not grammatical benefit.

00:24:35--> 00:24:39

I missed the last six months of style. Okay, thank you for that confession.

00:24:41--> 00:24:45

by first saying that a single thing has come down from the sky.

00:24:46--> 00:24:48

Yeah, not a single thing has come down. Yeah, I like that.

00:24:50--> 00:24:55

All from the sky wouldn't it's by implication right. And then describing their misguidance as COVID.

00:24:57--> 00:24:59

It seems to imply that the kuffaar were acknowledging how

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

million Muslims of the time were like how are you guys following him so vehemently and not a single thing has come down to him from from the heavens. Just an observation that's a good observation Jeremy

00:25:11--> 00:25:13

enlarge the screen please. Okay fine

00:25:18--> 00:25:18


00:25:19--> 00:25:20

this one

00:25:24--> 00:25:36

isn't Columbia come combined? Well technically it's cola and Mar together but that doesn't mean that that becomes a Mullah elaphite is still in scientific cola and then the MA might be a mystery and then the rest of the sentence is attached to it

00:25:39--> 00:25:42

will start Did you want it to connect with have sub channel

00:25:44--> 00:25:45

have sub I'll answer that later

00:25:50--> 00:25:51


00:25:56--> 00:25:59

no mean by and yeah that's not what mean by any is

00:26:00--> 00:26:05

mean by any is something else mean by any is actually elaborating something that's already been said.

00:26:06--> 00:26:12

Why it's why it's using in not much so in a stronger than that in negation. So that's it's a stronger form.

00:26:13--> 00:26:25

Yeah, so why why do we have to translate the fat I saw but not as what because when it makes sense more what like if we translated because I'm gonna but we denied instead of so we denied

00:26:26--> 00:26:29

because it says no I would say then we denied

00:26:30--> 00:26:41

you weren't already came. Then we denied Yeah. But you know, you know in English in the English sensibility I wouldn't disagree with you, but we denied Yeah.

00:26:42--> 00:26:45

Would be okay. I wouldn't mind that actually.

00:26:54--> 00:26:55

Okay, that's it. I think

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that's pretty good. Okay, so let's see. Yeah, we're not going to do this one yet. That's heavy.

00:27:07--> 00:27:14

Low bananas. Cannot be as hard to say the hard thing. We have to get into low

00:27:15--> 00:27:22

low that subject. No, it's so much. Yeah, yeah. Your level is too low for this right now.

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00:27:29--> 00:27:35

I think enough for enough dad jokes for Yeah, sounds good. I got my film. I got my film. about a kilometer welcome. Somebody's gonna

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remember do your best while we do the rest.