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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan begins his lecture with an explicit elaboration on Ayats 103 and 104 of the magnificent Surah Al Baqarah.

Regarding Ayat 103, the Ustadh explains that If the jews had followed the principles of Islam, instead of following Shaytan and practising sorcery, they would have got its reward from Allah.

The Jews had believed in the Deen without a doubt, but they did not guard themselves against evil and did not take a detour from the things forbidden by Allah. Henceforth, Allah did not attach any importance to their belief and they were called the disbelievers and were abstained from the rewards and profits that Allah would have given them rather than what they tried to seek through sorcery.

Elucidating about Ayat number 104 of Surah Al Baqarah, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan says that during the time of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, some of the Bani Israel invented a new way to make fun of the Prophet ﷺ as is said in the Ayat,

“O you who believe, do not say Ra’ina, but say Unzurna, and listen. And for the unbelievers, there is a grievous punishment.”

“Ra’ina” in Arabic means “be mindful of us”, but in Hebrew, the word is a curse. The Arabs and Muslims, not knowing the double intention of the Bani Israel, also began to address the Prophet ﷺ with this word, much to the great glee of the Bani Israelis. Therefore, Allah (SWT) commands Muslims to address the Prophet ﷺ by using the word Unzurna. What did the word mean? Listen intently to find out.

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah.

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An extended vicinity he laomi de Allahumma

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salli hardwater Saville, Huck, whatever so many urban alameen

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wa taco, la masumoto Mandela high low can we alone? Rubbish actually sorry, we are silly Emily. Data Melissa de Cali amenia. Robben Island means Amanda, once again, everybody, Santa Monica.

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This is actually a series of lectures on certain Baqara I started them in Ramadan. And because certain dakara will probably take me the rest of the year until next Ramadan to finish, I've decided not to take a break. So even when I'm traveling, I continue to do loose wherever I am. So I didn't announce it until late yesterday. But this this is here now. And next week in shall Delta in England. And whenever I come back, we continue with the loose and because the recordings need to get done, and I don't want to wait. And I don't know how long life is left, that's in the hands of a large origin. So I want to be as productive as I can be. Those of you that would like to follow the

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series along, you can go to vienna.org. And all the lectures are available for free, they're there, they're just you can view the videos from the beginning of karate here. We're starting today from number 103. Just a little bit of context for all of you, the previous Iowa's about how the Jewish people, the Israelites used to abandon their own turret, and they got involved in the practice of magic and spell casting and doing what they call an order doing Tommy's on people and doing nuzzled on people and doing this this stuff, you know, and putting it in on them in Arabic, you know, and I thought, I thought it was funny. So help is got sailed on him, his magic on him and this kind of

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stuff, or, you know, calling gins on people and this kind of thing, right? And they got into the superstitious nonsense that took away, people got so obsessed with that stuff. And then, you know, the rest of the Muslims of the time, which were the Jews of that time, they were the Muslims of that time, they got so scared about oh my god, this person has a jinn on them. Or this person, somebody's done some magic, that's why they're failing all their exams, or this one, they're having this trouble because it must be somebody put, you know, some some kind of spell on them or something. And they're constantly just like, when you get sick, you go to the pharmacy, and you need a

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prescription. They constantly kept going back to people to get what can I recite, because I want to undo this magic, or what can I decide. And I can undo this, this another and you know, and everybody's got like things tied to their arm or their neck or around their ear or an eyepatch. I don't know, like, they just get into this stuff. And then eventually what happens is, the Islam itself is gone. It's just these silly prescriptions. That's all this time is left, a lot did not give us this book to write it up and fold them up and wrap them around your arm like a nicotine patch. That's not why this religion came along, didn't send you the item kursi so it can hang in

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your rearview mirror. So you don't get into a car accident, you want to avoid a car accident Drive carefully, like this, you know, but you're not, you're not gonna save your it's not gonna save your life that you have a copy of the must have in your dashboard, that's not gonna that's not dual side airbags, that's a piece of paper, you know, and to for you to think that these things, you know, they're going to somehow protect you what protects the believer is what they have in their heart. When they have the word of a lie in their heart, it protects them. Then people come and say, you know, what, can you tell? What can I recite that will undo the another or the magic or this or that

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the other? Let me tell you, the Quran, Allah keep saying that, I love that. So you can understand, when you recite the Quran without understanding that's actually not recommended.

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Even if you don't know Arabic, study the meanings of the surah study that have seen of the surah, study some others listen to some of this word, then recite that surah and then it will protect you, then it will protect you. If you're just reciting for the sake of reciting with no comprehension, you're doing something that was never done. Which Sahabi reciting the Quran and they didn't know what it means. You tell me. So we're actually saying oh, we should recite this or recite that and we have this like, think of it like a superficial relationship with the book of Allah. You want to you want to gain the protection from the book of Allah, you have to have a genuine relationship with the

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book of Allah a meaningful relationship with the book of Allah. So this was in a nutshell what the ayah previously was about. In this ayah Allah azza wa jal says, well in the home MANOVA taco, have those people only believed and have they only had taqwa meaning had they only protected themselves? two phrases are used as far on the one hand amanu and then the second the second hand what taco. Let's talk about the word low first. The word low is used this in Arabic kennametal Hassan is used when you regret something. So Allah is saying the second

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regret that these people had the book have a lot of rot like we have gone, they had thought, and they left the look of Allah and they got into this nonsense, which is actually disbelief, gopher denial. And that's why lessons will open now amanu in the previous ayah getting involved in magic and getting affected or getting impressed with magic and thinking that some words will protect you and you don't have to turn back to a law first and foremost. When when you start thinking this way, then that becomes the kind of cover. So he says if the only if they had only believed. And then he says what taco which is very powerful. He said if they had only had taqwa taqwa and Arabic means to

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protect yourself when it comes from the word we acquire, which means protection in the car or tarpaulins to protect yourself. The question is protect yourself from what? Why do people do magic? Or undescribed people did magic so they can make a husband and wife hate each other because the guy likes to marry this woman, but she's already married. So he says, I'm gonna do this thing and they're gonna cause a fight between them and she'll get separated, then I can marry her and this kind of thing, right? It's used to drive people crazy or give do this do some harm to them or bring good their way. Every time people get involved in these things. Their intention is to bring

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themselves some kind of worldly benefit. And not just some kind of worldly benefit, usually some kind of thing. You want it for yourself even though you don't deserve it and it's not right for you. You want to take somebody else's right and get it for yourself. The word with what the goal here is telling you something very powerful. Had you only stayed within your means. Protect yourself from becoming too too greedy, wanting things that are not for you. You stay within your means and stay within what is permissible that stuck while you don't cross the line with a line get in trouble with a law. You don't do Islam and as a matter of fact, later on in the Quran, in this same surah Allah

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will describe this concept. z Latina kephale Hayato dounia Well, yes, Harun Amina Latina Armando on the contrast when Latina taco Franconia will kiama La Jolla zuku Manisha Hassan. He says on the on the disbelievers end, worldly life is beautify it whatever they they find beautiful they want it they will get it or try to get it. They have no breaks. But people have Taqwa. On the other hand, see, he contrasts the disbelievers with the people of taqwa. But he didn't just contrast any disbelievers. This believers were obsessed with worldly things. The opposite of them are the people of taqwa in this ayah Allah says if you only have Taqwa, you would not even have been interested in

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this stuff. Neither this magic or you know, this kind of sit here or going and calling Jin and all this kind of nonsense, nor the prescription business. You know, because then people come and say, Well, what can I make? Because I'm applying for med school? And what door can I make? Because I'm not getting married? And what door can I make? That gets my husband to always listen to what I ever have to say. And the brother doesn't say what the hell can I make he just has moved off from me.

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I'm done. You know this is done.

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So we're just looking for special words. You know any word you say that is with sincerity to Allah. It counts before Allah.

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And we keep looking for some special kind of, you know, potion.

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You know, call me this ayah and recited this many times and then do a 360 and then touch the ceiling. And then that's it. Your allergies are clean done. No more no more sneezing for you.

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You just make up stuff about the knee. This is this is not my foreign key. This is not why some that came. You know, there are a scar. There are things that benefit us there are there are things that protect us we recite the Islam we can recite the more I will attain the hula, hula, hula, hula dance you spill in your hands. The times that you go to sleep alone protects you. When you recite the words of Allah even we say I said in the last lecture but our Ruby Kelly Mattila Tama, I seek refuge in the words of Allah, the complete words of Allah. But we don't say that first we say we laugh first. Then we say I will be calling matenda uttama meaning the words of Allah will only protect us

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at first and foremost. It is only because of the law that we turn to the words of Allah. Without the connection with Allah, the words of Allah are no benefit to someone. Gomez, ll hamari. Amin was fara. Then they're just like a donkey carrying books on their back May Allah make us of them. He says lamassu bottlemen en de la he had they only become people of color. Then the incredible return on investment I translate that purposely for the for the word mitsuba. So a lot of translations use the word reward because it's related to the word Philip and Philip is commonly known even among Moodle speakers here but I saw obvious comco right. Somebody who you might manual Raja, it actually

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comes in the meaning of coming bringing something back. So when you do something and it brings you some benefit back like when you do work, and the paycheck comes back to you. Right or you may

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investment and the return on investment comes back to you. Allah says if you had only had human and taqwa that investment would have brought back a lot more good for you. The word swab actually also for our method, not just not only does it mean something that comes back to you, it actually also means something that keeps on coming back to you. Which is why from the same letters, you get the word phobe, and phobias the clothing you wear over and over again, and the plural of it is Thea, like in certain new hayneedle, that Runa theacrine may not worry about it when you take your regular clothes off in the middle of the afternoon. So this is the meaning here is if you only had the mind

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and taqwa the benefit of your email into what would have kept coming back and coming back and coming back and coming back for you, and Allah didn't even mention here that it would come back to you in the next life. Which is a lovely way of saying it will happen in this life and in the next life. The people of taqwa the people of human May Allah make us of them the benefit of it in this life and in the next life. lamassu bottlemen Angela hide, that special return on investment that keeps on coming, that is only from a line can only come from Allah is better. Now here I want to give you a contrast in the previous ayah Thank you so much. That's very kind of you. And the previous ayah

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Allah azza wa jal describe the people who got involved in magic, we're not afraid of the fact that they will be burning in hell. Milo phylloxera demon holla. He's not gonna get anything in the afterlife. So they got involved in this stuff with no fear of consequences. In the next day of the ayah. We just did, or we're going through a lot actually claims these people have no fear of the afterlife, and they have no hopes either. Again, not even hoping that they'll get some reward from Allah. They're not interested. Have they only had the mind and taqwa then the reward, waiting for them with Allah is way better. From an Arabic point of view, from a linguistics point of view. It's

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very interesting that the words that llama through bottlemen Angela Hyde is what's called a Joomla is smear. It's a nominal sentence. And that's not normal to do as Joe Blow when you say, had I done this, this would have happened. That's how you talk in English, right? Had I done it, this would have happened had I left early, I would have been here earlier. Right? Like something like that, right? But Allah did not use the word would for the second part of the sentence, he used a statement of fact, had, they only had taqwa Allah reward is better anyway, not unless reward would have been better. But it was reward is better. Allows return is better like a statement of fact. And to help

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you understand this, I want to kind of help you imagine a scene. Imagine you're standing there and there are two doors in front of you one of them is open and one of them is closed. The one that's open has enormous amounts of treasure inside, you can see it you can see piles of money inside, the one that's closed, you don't know what's inside.

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And allies telling you,

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the one that's open is better for you.

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The one that's closed, it has nothing good in it for you.

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Now who's telling you this alliances guarantees already opened it and told you this is better. Not this would be better, this might be better. If you open it might you might find it less as no you can see it, it's better.

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Now the these people had a choice, they will go with the word of Allah or they'll go with the magic that may or may not work for them.

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It might work out it might not work out. And Allah says in the previous IRA, a little Roma and Federal Home, you know this, it couldn't benefit them. It could only harm the adult Roma and feral home. It can only harm them and not benefit them. And yet they still chose the wrong door. And that's why Allah says What a tragedy Lowe had the only handyman and taqwa the door open right? There was so much better for them. And that door is actually the thoughts for the Jews. It wasn't thought out for us. It's the Quran. That's that's what it is. No, can we are in the moon? If they only knew had they only known? No can we are in the moon. And this is a very interesting phrasing of the Quran

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about true knowledge. The knowledge of this game is that levels, you know, even people who are not basic, barely Muslim, they know about the afterlife. They know about the Quran. I actually just recently talked to somebody this they got into some family argument. There was some divorce in a family. And, you know, the the woman that was divorced, she came to complain about the wrong that was done to her. And she spoke to her former father in law. And she says, All this time I've been just trying to read the Quran and understand. And I read this translation, and I'd like you to look at it. Because what you guys are doing is against Iran. And the father in law just stared at her and

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said, I don't know what's in the Koran, but this is how we do things in our family.

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Just straight like, I mean, he knows that's called on he's a Muslim. But when it comes to our pride and our arrogance, then we don't care. So there's knowing and then there's knowing.

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And this guy, you know, you have to say about a person like that if they only knew. In other words, if they only knew the weight

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The crime that they've committed by talking like this, that the angels are recording this about the word of Allah that's coming out of their mouths May Allah protect us from being that way. You know, Allah describes real knowledge as a man who upon eaten and laylee surgeon will call him and ask him over your dura mater be equal. Yesterday Latina, Latina, Allah, Allah mon.

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He says, As for the one on the one hand, who stands in the middle of the night makes such dust is afraid of the afterlife. He stands in the stage that he hopes that Allah will show him mercy. Can you see that? Is it possible that the people who know and the people who don't know can be equal

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in this ayah what is knowledge, knowledge is fearing Allah making standing in front of Allah doing such the end up being afraid of that one day that you're going to stand before Him? That's knowledge,

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information, you can have a lot of information. You could study that we then know like every Coachella and Honda and Islam and you'd be perfect at it. That's a lot of information. But when that same person who's got the perfect recitation of Quran has no concept of the al Qaeda left in their heart, they don't have any knowledge. That's not knowledge at all. And that's how the Quran describes this phenomenon. And that's why other places in the Quran, people who become completely worldly and they only think about what matters to their family right now, or their business right now. Or they their interests right now their greed right now, Allah says about them, Valley karma

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homina in

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dunya Valley karma bloemen la, they didn't want anything but this life, that's the extent of their knowledge. That's as far as their knowledge goes. You know, they don't care to think about anything beyond that. May Allah not make us from those people. Now, this was just a long way of saying The tragedy is when Allah gives you his book, and you leave that book, you end up losing two valuable things Iman and taqwa and when someone and that by contrast is telling us that when you hold on to the book of Allah, the two things then you're holding on to our Iman and that's what you're holding on to when you hold on to Allah's book, may Allah make us of those who hold on to his book. Now the

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next is seems like a completely different subject. But it is actually connected I'll roughly translated for you first. Yeah, you hadn't Alina Amanullah takamura Nina wakulla. Mona was Mel will cafe de nada, Mona Lim, those of you who believe, don't say Raveena. The Arabic word is arena. Let me translate that for you don't say please extend us some courtesy. Kindly show us some courtesy. instead say wait for us or could you look towards us instead? And then he says What smell and listen. When in Katharina azabu Aleem and for disbelievers there's painful punishment. What is this ayah talking about? Let me paint a simple scene for you. So you appreciate what's being said. The

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prophet SAW Selim is giving a reminder,

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there is no microphones back then.

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So people further back, can they hear clearly or no, not as clearly as the people in the front. Also, you and I know that when we're listening to something we tend to zone out, especially nowadays, with the robotic phones that you have in your hand, you zone into a different universe, and then you come back and then you travel spiritually. And then you come back again, right? So paying attention becomes difficult, you skip sentences, like literally when I am listening to a lecture or even in the car, or I'm listening to a lecture in the car, and I get a text message. When I get that text message, the audio is still playing. And I pull over and check my text messages, by

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the way, okay, so

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while I'm checking the text message, and I'm paying attention to the lecture or no. So I missed like three or four sentences. So you know what I normally do, I rewind, and go back and listen to it again, because I know I missed something. I can't afford to miss it. But the problem is, when you're standing in the when you're sitting in the company of those who have lost them, there's no rewind button. There's no recordings, no podcasts later on. There's not going to be on YouTube. You got to pay attention right then and there. So sometimes that's a hobby or listening carefully and he kind of missed something, or they didn't get it. So they say Could you be a little courteous? Could you

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kind of repeat that for me? their way of saying it was rocky now show us some courtesy? Could you extend this an additional courtesy? Allah says, Don't use that word. Don't say extend this courtesy. Instead, say on Varna, instead say look towards us or wait for us. Could you slow down a little bit? Can you slow down a little bit? Say that instead now it seems like it's almost the same thing? What's the big deal? Why even like make a distinction between those two things. Later on in the Quran, you'll find the following mean Allah Dena, how do you have the full and Kelly Mondavi among the Jewish people? There are those who change the word from its original place and its original

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intent, meaning they say a word, but they change the intention behind it and they change the pronunciation of it sometimes too. Yep, una una semana la cena, and they say we hear and we just obey, even though you're supposed to say what we hear and we

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Okay, so we say we here we did obey.

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Here we again we hear and we obey.

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You see a signer. And then they say, What's Maha Ramos ma? And they say, Please listen, I hope you lose the ability to get any audience was finally on the SMA. Please listen to us and I hope nobody ever listens to you again.

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They murmur that underneath.

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You know, like sometimes your children murmur back to you, Fatima, come over here coming Mama.

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Like that,

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you know, the undertone. And so Willow and the honkala summit in Atlanta was my one vote and I had the only said, we hear and we obey. And listen, please, please listen and look towards this mechanic. I don't know. It would have been better for them. Ally's here describing that they change and twist the pronunciations of words. The word that Allah told his prophet, or the Muslims not to say to the Prophet was Latina. That's the word Okay. Now the thing about Latina is it can be looked at a number of ways. The word right, you know, could actually come from the word or Anna. And Latina in Arabic means stupid.

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Or Ana means stupid. So if you meet it in the if you intend are in and

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then actually, you're calling the prophets. I said, I'm a bad word.

00:21:22--> 00:21:35

You understand? And when they run out what I told you originally, what does it mean? Please show us some courtesy. But you change sometimes happens in English too, right? You change one letter in the spelling or make something a little longer, a little short, totally different word.

00:21:37--> 00:21:38

Ah, sugar.

00:21:39--> 00:21:40

You know?

00:21:41--> 00:21:47

And so and you sometimes you just say the first few letters and you're like, excuse me? No, no, no, I was just gonna say sugar.

00:21:48--> 00:21:52

me talking about, you know, I have a sweet tooth. That's what I was referring to.

00:21:53--> 00:22:08

So now, they see Aurora in and possibly some of the Jews came in when African came in, and they use the same word, but they use it and what meaning the bad word I can't even say it because it's referring to our prophesies. Then there's another way to pronounce ra ina

00:22:09--> 00:22:12

and RA, he is actually the guy who herds the goats.

00:22:13--> 00:22:32

So when you say he now you're seeing our goat herder, which is we don't have goats nowadays. So it's hard to relate to, when you can see our janitor, our servicemen, our garbage truck driver, or like the art nobody, or nobody, even though the original meaning was Please show us some courtesy. So they will twist these words and change them then.

00:22:34--> 00:22:44

In Hebrew, this era, a new that's an actually Hebrew word, and it actually means our Chicago tonight, you are the cause of our ultimate pain.

00:22:45--> 00:22:50

Our pain, you know, our nuisance our our problem, hey, our problem.

00:22:52--> 00:23:09

Would you say no, no, I just said please show some courtesy. I didn't say that I just said, I said it now, instead of raw. In other words, the companions are using this word as a gesture of respect, but a little bit of a change. And it can be used as a very bad word.

00:23:10--> 00:23:32

Yes, and a little bit of a change. It can be used as a very bad word. And so avoid using that word because it can be misused. Even if that word in and of itself is harmless. I'll end this by telling you just a little bit more. The word rot in Hebrew means evil. So that it also means our evil one. Like they could call the problem of evil by using this word. And finally, arena,

00:23:33--> 00:24:09

in its actual meaning is also not good enough. Because when you say to the province of Shalom, show us courtesy, what does that imply? Then? Maybe he doesn't give them courtesy. Way to say the Prophet sighs I'm not give courtesy. You can't even imply that also, last night, someone wouldn't be courteous. So don't say please be courteous because that sounds like you're not being courteous. The problem isn't with the profit. The problem is with you not listening carefully. take the blame on yourself, show some more respect to the Messenger of Allah. And then when you say to someone, hey, treat me with respect, give me some courtesy. It's like you're saying you're my equal. And he kinda

00:24:09--> 00:24:17

has a left mu human, Lil musawah, t Badal mohabbatein. This word indicates that the two people talking are equals like, Hey, man, show me some courtesy.

00:24:19--> 00:24:49

You know, I need a we need to have mutual respect. It's almost like we me and the Prophet on the same level. You can't talk like that. Instead, use an alternative word after the Salah. I'll tell you what the alternative word was that allows me to recommend that we use instead and then we'll step back and say, well, we don't have this problem. We don't say like, we don't say oh, no, because we're not sitting in front of the province. We're not so what does this mean for us? So we'll come back to that inshallah tada after the prayer barakallahu li walakum. Our mission is to spread awareness of the message and divine beauty of Quran across the world. Support our

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