Mufti Menk – Learn from those before us – Mistakes and Sins

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © In a video, a speaker discusses the importance of forgiveness in bringing people back from sin. The speaker explains that shaytan is a deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly deadly. The speaker encourages people to promise forgiveness and keep their promises intact.
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We have wronged ourselves. Look at how that verse of mercy, it says alladhina Astra for Allah and Hussein those who have transgressed against themselves here he is saying, well I'm gonna undo Santa we run ourselves. It goes to show you when you commit a sin, Allah is not harmed you are harmed. So Adam alayhis salaam is saying, Oh Allah, we have wronged ourselves vellum and Susannah and you know what? In Lem Davila, what a hammer if you don't forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be from the losers. Allah says, no problem, Adam, we have forgiven you Subhana Allah, we have forgiven you. Why? Because we heard these words from you. You sought forgiveness you are forgiven.

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Adam alayhis salam was chosen by Allah to be the first of the species in a certain way Allah created him. He was not born, he was created difference.

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So Allah forgave him. And Allah is telling all of us no matter what you do, even if Allah told you do not do this, don't do it.

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Learn from the example of your forefathers, Adam. You know what Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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Yeah, Bonnie, dam Allah if tienen como shangyu panaca ma, Raja Abba eco.

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journey. Allahu Akbar, all children of Adam, that's you and I, we are all the children of Adam. We're all brothers and sisters. We are all connected to each other somehow we are related. Somehow, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Oh Children of Adam, don't let shaytan trap you and test you the same way he did to your father Adam, and he made them come out of Jannah he was jealous. So he harmed them, he trapped them. And when they got trapped, they did something Allah told them not to do. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We forgave them because they sought forgiveness. So Allah is telling us you seek forgiveness, I will forgive you. That's what Allah is saying. Ask for forgiveness. Allah

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forgive you. You did the sin once forgive, seek forgiveness, Allah will forgive. You committed it again. seek forgiveness, Allah will forgive. You committed it a third time, seek forgiveness, Allah will forgive you committed a fourth time seek forgiveness, Allah will forgive and so on. Each time you seek forgiveness, you must promise Allah I'm not going to do this again. But if shaytan comes to you after that, and you fell again, seek forgiveness. The idea is never to lose hope in the mercy of Allah, no matter where shaitan took you. Come back, no matter where he took you. He took you to the pubs and clubs and the casinos and adultery and whatever else and anything that gambling and the

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drugs and what ever it may have been. Come back please my brothers and sisters, no matter how many times you did, what you did, come back. That's what Allah is telling you. Don't lose hope.

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