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Murtaza Khan
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We've already mentioned these two sorters are similar solos to one another.

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A slight variance inside their themes but however we find the content is identical at times.

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Even prior to that we find SOTL Fatiha gives us a Shara towards sorted Bokaro early Imran

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Hierin Muhammadu Buhari mana Bardeen

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don't make us go up on the path for those individuals who have earned the Wrath of Allah or those who have been misguided by Allah Subhana Allah Allah in a hadith and Sunnah sunnah Imam Timothy, the prophet Isaiah describes those individuals who have earned the Wrath of Allah is Elijah hood, what body of balloon human NESARA those who have gone astray and ishara to what will come after it. Then predominantly most of suited Bukhari speaking about Bani Israel. And predominantly most of Ali Imran, some, as you mentioned, Psalm 95 verses speak about money or the wealth of Nigeria and

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the Bedouin, Arabs or the Christians who came there.

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So the Quran is give this a shot so many renowned major SOTL Fatiha is a summary of the Quran. The seven is just summarizes the whole of the Quran. Does whoever understand SOTL fatty I remember he wrote a whole volume as work one whole volume in itself just speaking about the seerah sootel Fatiha because everything just stems from this surah and as Allah kind of spends 286 verses are sorted Bukhara addressing Bani Israel. Yeah, Bani Israel, the story of Al Baqarah, the Haifa the cow, the story of Musa and other discussions that take place on speak about Bani Israel. And an early Imran begins to speak about Al Kitab.

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But a key element about these two sorters because many of us we think that these two sewers coupled together 286 versus sort of Bacara 200 verses of Ali Imran making 486 verses predominantly Gam rules and regulations is partially true, by the deeper meaning of the Quran that many of us fail to understand. Because many of us the Quran has just become a book of the seeing things of Occam rules and regulations and trying to apply them upon people we don't seem to understand the message of spirituality. Many of us are studying Islam just for some other reason, rather than to try to benefit as often extract the spirituality, the existence of the Quran. And that's what I journey is

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about extracting the supplications of how to come close to Allah Subhana Allah. For example, Allah mentioned sort of Baqarah just to help us to understand the context, the nature of the Quran, or spirituality. Allah mentioned how federal law Salatu was Salam ala Gustavo como lillahi carnitine God, your prayers. And God the middle prayer will call Rajesh, the most accurate view regarding the middle prayer is sloth Yasser.

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Allah says preserve your prayers and God the middle prayer, were cool Allah He called it in Stan observant in front of Allah subhanaw taala. Obviously meaning this verse is quite clear.

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But what is the context? What's the SIOP the context of this idea inside sort of Bukhara, the context is a Tanakh is divorce. That's the context of this iron cobbler who were Bergdahl or the before it after the context is speaking about divorce. So what is the

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what is the relationship that Allah is speaking about divorce prior to this an artist and I mentioned this how federal law salotti was selected Gustavo who lay on it in this way spirituality comes into the Quran and many of us fail to understand what Ron is you have to be nervous about reality of how we live life is an abstract issue is about life, living life amongst us that certain things that we face, inside our lives, even the most despised things that we find that hated by Allah is divorce, you know, some random I make a critique of this hadith, but the meaning is there. This is a break society, it breaks a family breaks children, it causes destruction. So why is Allah

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had mentioned inside these iron?

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Because that time of weakness? We don't assess ourself. What is my relationship with the prayer towards Allah Subhana Allah,

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that during difficulties healthy do Allah Salawat he was Salat in Wooster and difficulties Am I coming more to the prayer or my breaking down in my life? trials and tribulation happen to every single individual was stirring up somebody was Salah Inanna Kabira to kneel down and harsher in Alice Tirana Bisola. Tea was sober. The more difficult the trial the tribulation the more a person is observant

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person doesn't weaken I think all these difficulties getting

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inside my life, maybe I shouldn't come to the machine shouldn't come to the gym I shouldn't read extra praise this hardship in my life as it as if you're the only one I'm the only one that is hardship is going through my life.

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It's been millions who went through hardships inside their life and what did they do inside their life they see the symbols of Allah. God yourself that time of weakness inside a person's life to turn to Allah subhanaw taala

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so when we we can we born with Allah Subhana Allah we don't turn away. That's what the secular materialistic society preaches. When difficulties come we we complain what what did God do for me?

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Was God done for me?

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Just an excuse.

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And as some Muslims know, that's what happens or their life, they weaken and they think that what is Allah done for me?

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Look at how much Allah has done for us and will do for us and continuously do for us. That's what we should look at. Small elements of things that happen inside our life as their for our own betterment. Doesn't really matter speaker even fitted and trials come upon a person individual, if it makes you come closer to Allah is no longer trial is no longer tribulation is something to bring you close to Allah. Because Allah you hidden away bamboo and Allah is the servants. So sometimes we need to be sure. We need to be awoken, we need to be reminded that what is our purpose upon this earth, Allah loves us, He wants to show us drags us at moments in times inside alive. Because all of

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us we can get distracted. That's the nature of the human being. We will get distracted a world in the dunya around us. But Allah loves the believers and wants to give them the opportunity to return back to him. Another passage inside the Quran to help us to understand moments of spirituality in such Surah Al Imran because Don't think that just it's just us, even the companions that time they lost faith be man that they we could in certain things that they lost hope at times. But Allah reminds them why Muhammad and Allah rasool Allah wa Rasul Allah as a matter of Butina in color to Morocco become Romanian column of TV for linear total Allah Shia was a Yahtzee lo Shakira in was the

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context is

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that they shout claim came out the Prophet Ramadan has been killed

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women Mohammed and in LA sulam colop mean koplayer Rowsell

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look at the praise of the Prophet Allah is not so he's just another messenger Don't overpraise him in that degree he asked to finish his life and he's doing here in the company you were in no may you tune he probably in the beat and he says are in the coma you're going to die.

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Ya know, may you tune in all of us are going to die. So now you companions at a moment in the battlefield. What happened to some companions. Somebody said that the message has been killed. They just put down their weapons. There is no point carrying on. There is no point carrying on in warfare because a lien at the Supreme Leader has died. So they put their weapons down, others carried on they persevered.

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And Allah reminds that the messenger email you have to leave this dunya and if you turn back on your heels, don't turn back on your hands, persevere carry on that journey. And then they are yet this year, they continue this deliverance of the believers. Till eventually the believers are filled in as the New Bern our Serafina was a bit sooner I'll call me Catherine, that make these dua Allah forgive us our sins. Meaning that this weakness that we had of having this thought inside our lives of not persevering inside our lives, and our excessive nature inside this dunya, Umbria and the things is through what is Israel of

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Anything that doesn't bring you manual carry because Allah is thrown off. Anything that doesn't bring you close to Allah is a waste of time.

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It's a waste of time.

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Even Even if you eat and drink if you're remembering Allah subhanaw taala it's not wasting time anymore, to play with your family to play with your children to take care of them not wasting time. If your intention is this is to strengthen your relationship with Allah subhana and strengthen your family members doesn't become a waste of time. That's for someone to rent them out somebody who just sit there used to eat and a person asked the question come Marva dama de la how many times you praising Allah, every look my everybody Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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they asked him what why?

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He said near term the blessing of food.

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That is food that we eat and drink on a daily basis. How much are we praising Allah Subhana Allah thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala and if you find that the, the context of this ayat of today this dua of Allah Subhana Allah that we make to him. What is the context?

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The best example is the prophet Isaiah is a person full of so much spirituality.

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That we always make these excuses that we

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Busy, we don't have time for this, we can't do this. We can't do that.

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Look at all the different forms of the Prophet alayhi salam in his life.

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All of the different forms whatever role that you play him inside he's live you find him to be the unique the ideal person Nocturne in a computer suited late on Hasina ideal in every single thing that he done.

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So the context is that we find it's been established that the provenance of during the night he would get up and recite these final 10 verses of Surah early Imran.

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He was at the end of solar and Rhonda we find

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in the night prayer when the ratio mentioned the Ibn Abbas came to his his to the house of Maimunah the wife of the Prophet so Maimunah there'll be an Anna was his aunt, that that's what you entered into the house because he wants you to see how the prophets of offers the night prayer

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so you rested there they were they came to last night the professor he he got up he stood up

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and he looked up to the skies the heavens because they don't have homes and places that we have today.

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They hadn't bowed the or they leave the bed he had eliminated the Sahara Desert they can see the stars and everything around them.

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He looks to the heavens and what is he resigned in nothing hot this summer what he will walk the laughing lady wouldn't her now Yeah, to noodle above

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the alternation and night and the day, the heavens and earth. Aside from men of understanding the visuals you think about this way to live on camera, what am your car fear? And you say whoa that person who recites these messages that ponder with these lists of Allah, the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala that's the problem. I thought I understood the context of this is how we just read the Quran is the academic reading of the Quran. We don't see the spiritual version of the Quran. In the face of it somewhat, you know Devaki laughing lately, lately all in Al Bab in the creation of heavens in the earth the night and the day. The Yeti noon and bam as Hubble are cool as me because

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he'd mentioned people who have a deep intellect a mind

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that they see everything around them and it makes them reflect and think about Allah subhanaw taala they're not deaf and dumb blind individual but they have a code of intellect. That's what the world around us is dumbing people is dumbing the mind not to recognize Allah Subhana Allah and Allah wounds those people okay even if you somehow work with your maroon and hammer or you don't have the aid of Allah shows us

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and we just designed just go past as well. Not only do we just turn away from them, we don't seem to recognize the signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala and these individuals when you see these signs, and Medina yet Karuna Allah pm Anwar Quran where Allah you know, beam Waetford Karuna fearful sama where it will abduct Bernama selector heard about

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when he seen the signs, look at the responses the believers

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will use crude unlock the M and they remember ALLAH standing

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or bowing or prostrating and it makes his way out of Bernama. halacha bow pillar. You haven't created a set of vanity without any purpose. Does that mean because he mentions that a hadith of Bokhari mentioned for Sunday pa Eman pray standing by lamp tested for car hidden. If you can't pray standing, then pray sitting down. If you can't pray sitting down for Allah Jambi then lie down and pray. Why is it makes us Hadith in this context that there is no excuse

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for you to miss the prayer for you to forget Allah Subhana Allah. If you can't perform we do perform to young mum. Yes, we began with her funeral silhouetted no excuse that always remember Allah subhanho wa Taala were tougher Karuna if you have to somehow work you will earn

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they make this difficult they pondering over the heavens and the earth.

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in Nicosia, we mentioned a year for moon mafia Mina Hickey Madonna, or other metal Harlequin Cobra TV, these individuals see the greatness of Allah Subhan they see the wisdom in this creation, the heavens in the earth and the stars, the sun, the moon, the oceans, everything around them. They see the wisdom behind the start to decipher that wisdom that was placed is for them to remember Allah subhanaw taala Anna and then he because he really writes so many different narrations about what is difficult what is pondering what is reflecting. He mentioned mount has a budget register for cancer Haven pm Laila

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to ponder just for a short time is better than spend all night in prayer. Tahajjud prayer mean that you're just standing in prayer you don't really know what you're doing is better than small moments in the day when the night

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Just to ponder and to reflect, will be more powerful than the supererogatory prayer. So if you only be again I mentioned alpha cranmore, yet hold funbook flicker a thought is a light that enters into your heart

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because it begins to ignite something in the heart of the mind of the individual that immediately generates some lines of poetry either not organic, no flicker, when a person has these sorts of equilibria in low Ebro. When a person has this thought this pondering in every single thing is in April, there's a lesson, there is a sign, when a person becomes a person of pondering and reflecting regarding the signs of Allah subhanaw taala, where have you been, will not be mentioned, the person who has excessive thinking, is a person who begins to understand, but doesn't begin to understand that begin that they have to have some concept of, of knowledge they want to pursue that, when to

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pursue the path of knowledge led to an Ironman, it leads to action. That's what leads to thinking and pondering leads to one to eventually a path of implementing that knowledge inside the life towards Allah. subhanaw taala OpenNebula as easy as to mention cannot be secretly, Virgil Huson to make vicar of Allah Tada is something which is good, while fake Ruffini Malay Afghan a bed, but to ponder over the blessing of Allah is a virtuous EBA is a form of ABA that manifests that we could do. Be sure and have you mentioned not the soccer nurse the other Mattila Ma So who, if a person thought about pondered over the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah, a person will never disobey Allah.

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Thus the impact will have upon the person's life in the yard Iman or Nurul Iman at difficult. The light of the radiance of Eman is difficult is to ponder and to reflect regarding the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah and then easy believers they mentioned a banner masala heard about pillar

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and the strange thing about these contexts is as we've mentioned, sort of Bukhara, the end of certain Bukhara is always accepting one's mistakes and turning to Allah Subhana Allah and the salah Imran is exactly the same, but this is one of those rare occasions that Robin has mentioned five times continuously. As a mom subunits editor CD major, there's no woman to dull roar. I'm continuously asking Allah Subhana Allah to pardon to forgive us and to overlook us is what the believer is asking masala colada habitant masala Taha the ibis and you will never created this in Vanity. Just like Allah made use of the Quran as a high symptom a nama Falaknuma Herbertson were

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unknown Elena Allah to Jeroen fertile alone money could help

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as far as him to Manama Falaknuma Herbertson you think we created without any purpose? What do you think the purpose of the human being is?

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A thermometer just to enjoy themselves, just have a good life. Either know me that dunya This is a partial element of the dunya there's a greater purpose of the human being on the face of this earth. That's what these cliches around is that Muslims are sucked into this. Just to have a good life.

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You can have a good life. But that is not the old end of the purpose on the face of this dunya just to have a good life.

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There's a deeper good life in the heart and the mind of the believer. That's what the Quran is pushing the believers towards not just keep it upon this dunya search we're inside and after that we find some Hannukah glorified you I mean a tux with a Knucks we have any deficiency perfect is Allah Subhana Allah fucking. gov and save us from the punishment of the Hellfire. This is a lamenting again instead to go to the aerosol Emraan from zero and in Neri world you feel agenda the bucket first woman higher to dunya Illa Mattel horror, elementary Bermondsey, her an inner Weaver is rescued from the fire. That's what we tried to do in this dunya is to save ourselves on the

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punishment. He said an Acura Faqad further, that's the ultimate success success. Then Allah dimension woman higher to dunya Elana Terrell Hall roll this world is going to be a deception is going to derail us away from Allah subhanaw taala and the believers continue this do Arabella in the command to the killing Naira for God Osito.

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Our Lord whoever you throw down into the Hellfire forgot us zeta who you've degraded into a disgrace the individual

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that's just we call disgrace

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that some of us would come on the day of judgment. And it could be people are close to around us. They could be punishing. So the Hellfire

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Malcolm setup in soccer, why you inside soccer inside the Jahannam why you then call them Nakamura and mousseline. We never used to pray. Well, I'm not gonna knock him when we Steen whenever we used to feed the poor people

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and well we're not who know we used to waste our time Malhar even what could not look at they will be yo me didn't turn on your cane.

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Just why

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single time

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that's it is that we find this one in wasting your time What is dunya these are all things that may Allah forbid that leads a person towards Jahannam make the end up going into Jahannam and their personal disgrace in a day genuine is an ultimate disgrace woman is Bali Mina, when unsought and those individuals Valley mean they have no helpers and even our best venture with Bali mean whatever is normally mentioned the Quran is Cofer is disbelieving individuals, and Allah many just before so I could see what Kathy Runa who move on the moon. The biggest oppressors are the disbelievers because why

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Joe the near term, they reject the blessing of Allah the ultimate blessing of Allah is incurred would you delay subhanaw taala is rejecting the essence the Presence of Allah Subhana Allah. That's the ultimate gopher. The path of atheism that we find rejection is there's no creator there's no God. There is no life on this world but just to enjoy yourself. There you will see about this concept of is there a god is an earth Hara a selfie will a will in many of us muslims have the same power we'll see. We'll see what happens inside an Astra but it's all around us. The Quran is awakening us then you have to return back to Allah and so inside the Quran we mentioned the most

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Pinnacle verse inside total Baqarah verse to an 81 What Taku Yeoman to Girona fee Allah foot Matoba Kulu NOPSEMA cassava dome La La Moon what Taku Yeoman to Jeru nephila fear that they are going to return back to Allah wakad fusina. But they'll move for seeing what Taku Yeoman isn't speaking about the last day. Someone said what Taku Yeoman Yeoman komoot The day you die

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fear that day because maybe even then it's Shara. You may think the last day is far away from you. So they said what Taku Yeoman fear that uh, you know, there's no duck no two people on the face of this earth.

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No two people ever defer that everything will perish. We'll come to an end.

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With a careful Muslim, everybody knows we're going to die that's it finish does now down to the individual to make that rationalistic decision.

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Either temporary pleasure this dunya or eternal bliss inside an earth era.

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The choice is ours.

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Allah given has given us all of us that choice have been forced upon has given us that choice. And I'm gonna name what he said and worship attain what they know Nadine. I would have given you two eyes to perceive two gods to see to look. I would have given you two lips to speak. To express yourself. I will have given you a ton to taste and choke.

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And I like what we showed you the two puffs.

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We showed you these two paths the choices now yours as a human being to follow the right path or the evil path. What malice volumen mean and saw Rabbana Inanna submitted pneumonia D and you Natalie Iman and me Nubira beacons. Munna look at the cool of the believers. Believers Surabaya, Indonesia Submariner Munna de and you nadie, the Eman we had a cooler cooling to Iman. Who is the cooler the cooler is the Rasul is the messenger is our messenger. That's what the three questions us inside the grave was one of the questions Who is this person sent to you?

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Who is this person? Who's a message sent to you?

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Some Muslim mela for basically say I don't know

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that Andrea agree Mandra Blanca I don't know. I don't know who might know this.

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Voodoo Iceman used to have people say hola from a distance.

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Because after you lied,

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you lied. It's been indoctrinated within you.

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But you fail to ignite that within yourself to recognize Allah will not be what should be. What's your way of life? If he trained living to say yes, my way of life is Islam.

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We're in the gray we'll find out when it really wasn't my life. There are parts inside my life.

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Allahu Allah de familia man is on the religion of his friends.

00:24:17 --> 00:24:35

The everyman look at who is Comrade his friends are your friends or don't remember Allah remind you of Allah, Dan Fishman, you sit with them. They remind you of Allah remind you that Salah these are good friends. These are good companions, good individuals would hate for you.

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That's what you find that on that day there will be a separation between good and evil people that we find the messages that don't hurt the message.

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And we respond to that call. Ramona in the nurse summit in a monad in United men and airmen, we're a beacon for Armineh respond to the call of the messengers is what as Muslims that we should be doing inside our lives. And as we find out last Friday, I mentioned we make use out of band

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efac fildena Zulu bonacasa Anna Tina what our phenomenal abroad

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this remainder after all that beginning introduction now it comes to the main Euro oh I know the burner funk fildena de Luna Rockefeller Tina what our phenomenal abroad

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me i bassy met Jason Dead Sea this is where the person makes his film then as the new one I'll cover the major sins

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and take away our sins hence his means the minor sins

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that's even a bassy translates just to see this is the wipe out whether it be the major sins inside alive or minor sins What the worst financial uproar make a die with a righteous people use of a someone hit me we saw the

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use of makes that don't make me go back to be with the righteous people and actually if you do not have to a funny Muslim and will hate me be solid in

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you just say yeah hola Yo my lord, Jamar protector. There were funny Muslim and make me die when submission

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submission to you and make me go back to be amongst the pious and the righteous individual. Roberto attina Tina Turner Allah rasool Allah Allah to Cristina Yama, Yama in Nicola took me for me add.

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Then again the DUA, Roberto, Tina Turner, Allah Rousseau Lika Oh Allah give us what You promised your messenger because the messenger whatever he says is the truth.

00:26:33 --> 00:26:38

Why are young people and how are you gave us a promise, he told us, the prophet has to be so paradise.

00:26:39 --> 00:26:59

He physically saw paradise, not just inside paradise when he made that journey. He physically saw it inside this dunya when the grapes of paradise are shown to him, he saw Jahannam in a strand of fires both close to him. And he visualizes it. That's a Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So that's why He gave us all these examples

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to warn us to remind us to respond to the call of Allah subhanaw taala. So there I conclude by mentioning Tina Turner Allahu Sonica wala Zina Yeoman piano in Nicola to Holifield me add

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that Allah subhanaw taala don't disgrace us on that day.

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And did you never go against your promise?

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That we find that you mentioned that in looking at the spirituality of the Quran and the signs of the Quran,

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that if ALLAH SubhanA conceives the person sins inside this inside this dunya person should be happy contented with obviously should be worried about their life. But a person has Allah has concealed it for them. Because exposure on the on the Day of Judgment is a far greater exposure inside this dunya. And likewise, man Murthy Allah Schaefer cut bourita ally with a dies upon his an action will be resurrected upon the action. And as should be something to make us to think about alive that if I die, disobeying Allah, in a state of disobedience, I'll be resurrected in that nature.

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And it could be in an element of privacy and secrecy, but now you're gonna be resurrected in front of everyone to show that this is how this person they died in a disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala and then we find out after making this application we're not left without a response just like inside circle Bacara the end of February we find, Allah is trying to measure cut for and indeed have responded. So once again here Allah is trying to when you make these five applications have been asking Allah Subhana Allah then responds, this Allah mentioned first the jab Allah whom

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Allah then federal tax lead for folder and straight away the result that Allah does what you make these continuous application of foster javelin, Allah responds to them and immediately he makes his relationship just like another verse inside inside social Bacara to show that he's one of rare occasion inside the Quran that Allah is responding immediately given his response, whereas it inside suited Bacara wider Sir Look at the body only for any hurried or geodata dairy either the unfurl yesterday bully the fire attack TV again, why that's allocated by the army for in the free you asked me um, what's the response?

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The response isn't that later on that we'll see. What is the criteria are you to fulfill this? Allah says in the Corrib like I said, you make the earth almost come to Allah first to jab Allah whom Allah will respond to these individuals and Nila OBO, Amanda Eminem, incoming Zachary Newcomen Bob, that whoever amongst you carries out these actions, whether male or female, you will be duly rewarded by Allah Subhana Allah then somebody at random at the facility mentioned these amongst those verses, which are specific for for the women folk. Because remember, most of the Quran is addressed to you let in Manu even aroma of lager dementia will lead into amateur means both male and

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But then when we mentioned the psyche of human beings, even the Companions, the wives of the prophet Elijah, they asked his question, Selim asked his question why doesn't the Quran speak directly to women? This is one of those occasions or the Quran, where highlights these actions are specifically for men and for women and both will be rewarded accordingly. Or in the Muslim in our Muslim market, meaning Amina these eight or nine are tight heuristics which are mentioned Allah deciphers them specifically mentioned men and women giving them the due reward inside the Quran. And then on top of you begin to generate insights to see it but no coming back. You are one to another.

00:30:37 --> 00:30:56

You complement one another. The male the female upon this dunya for Latina had you were awkward. You mean Dr. Him? woofie Sabina Eva cotton were Cuttino now. kufra nenhum sejati him this reward for those individuals who've been expelled from their homes. Driven out there homes is striving is struggling.

00:30:57 --> 00:31:24

Just as we began with life is a struggle isn't isn't a companion he went through his hardships. Allah doesn't let that hardship go to waste responses in will give you reward to these individuals. No Kofi Annan and his team will only see the num Jonathan, who wipe out their sins and enter them into paradise. Where you find underneath our rivers are flowing Fila Berman in dilla. Walla we're in the personal farewell and we love how the belongs the best return or the best reward is given to this individual.

00:31:26 --> 00:31:41

And just like in the beginning of Surah Ali and bananas we find that the Quran will do a strange this relationship from one server to another sort of the beginning of sort of the end of the surah the beginning of Surah Al Imran Allah mentioned about those individual Allah Endo, whose Nullah AB

00:31:42 --> 00:32:21

speak about the believers at this occasion of beginning Salah Imran for these individuals your best return for the believing individuals under the cooloola Banner in an Amana foxy learner the newborn are working on other banana same Dora similar during the beginning of Ali Imran And the end of it Imran and then Allah they mentioned the characteristics as Sabri was saw the team work on it in wollmann 15, while Musoke theory as her these are characteristic believing individuals who believe in Allah trying to spend their wealth repenting back to Allah Subhana Allah and then comes the ultimate level of the believer. Shade Allah No, no, no one man are eager to earn me call him humble

00:32:21 --> 00:32:29

fistula Illa Illa who and as these will Hakeem, the greatest science that a person can use linguistically master inside their life

00:32:30 --> 00:32:55

is recognition of Allah subhanaw taala to declare the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and as we find in conclusion, there's some of the lessons some of these is that we find the end of Surah Alamanda we can go back and read these final 10 verses of Surah anima and read the end of sudo Docker we mentioned previously, is all about pondering AlFalah yet the Quran Why don't we ponder over the Quran?

00:32:56 --> 00:33:34

Why don't we reflect upon the Quran and Upolu with Aqua Lua? Are their shackles chains attached to a horse that we can't seem to decipher understand the book of ALLAH SubhanA Dyana the second extraction is continuously asking, seeking and begging from Allah subhanaw taala a man has a buzzer he mentioned that he kept on saying grab donnera burners I'm going to be manually to see what I'm gonna rub bernera rabanne until eventually responded by Allah subhanaw taala. So continuously calling to Allah doesn't take anything away from the individual is a response that will be given to the believing individuals. And then we find this concept equality between male and female that we

00:33:34 --> 00:34:16

find that there is no concept equality is a contract that each one is a person that complements one another. Each individual each gender has its own roles. It's not a challenge. Isn't a competition between a male and a female gender doesn't have the Quran describes it. Each one complements the other. That's how the Quran describes it. No, not the world Iran is trying to portray that we need to compete and rival one another. That's why inside the theater Jenna Lane, the two Imams so UT is that we find a mansion for either continuously cool Phil Olson. If you're equally the same in your beginning, Funkadelic and Tomaselli couldn't fit other of your essence is the same whether it be

00:34:16 --> 00:34:39

male or female. So like what you're going to share in the reward is going to be equal except for certain elements that could be more of a greater reward for a man over the woman that may exist. But a key element as we began to East Africa is pondering and reflecting over the verses of Allah's prompt Allah, may Allah grant us all the Tofik inability to use the supplication side the Quran Rabbana to employ and to ask Allah Subhana Allah

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