Islam And Why Muslim Men And Women Can’t Be Just Friends

Nouman Ali Khan


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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan answers the pertinent and the most oft-asked question – Can boys and girls be just friends?

Islam that is based on complete adherence to what God Almighty the Creator wants us to do is the best of defense from many of these evil vices. The interaction between boys and girls must have some guidelines that should be healthy as opposed to unhealthy. There should be guided interactions between brothers and sisters especially young boys and young girls as they are coming up guided by the elders so they would know how to respectfully interact with one another also.

The boys should be trained where to keep their gaze and how to keep the conversation business only and how to ensure that they recognize when they are crossing the line and the elders are supposed to be there to guide those conversations. The interactions between boys and girls gives Shaytan an opportunity who may not convince us the first time but does hammer away until it adds up until it becomes a very big problem. 

What young people especially need is to surround themselves with other people that are trying to protect themselves too. They must try to guard their chastity, their dignity, their shame, their religion at the same time. We must pick our friends carefully and picking friends that will safeguard our own Islam.


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of knowing the purpose of life and the importance of procrastination in life, as it can lead to negative consequences and negative outcomes. They stress the need for patience and desire for success, as it is necessary to achieve goals. The speakers also emphasize the importance of avoiding negative consequences and procrastination in life, as it is necessary to achieve goals. They stress the importance of regular interactions between men and women, as it is essential to avoid unnecessary interactions. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of social interaction on women, including mental health and mental health of their partner. They stress the importance of fulfilling people's desires and values, being aware of one's own culture, and not letting others determine one's views.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you greetings of peace to everybody all around the globe is tuning into the deen show your friend might have told you about the deen show your family member, your cousin, your neighbor, and you've tuned in because you've heard that we're talking about serious issues purpose of life, where you come from where you go when you die, is the crucial question that all of us should be asking. Because death is a reality. And we don't want to take this life as a joke because it's not a joke. So we have our next special guests who has been with us before nomen Ali Khan and the deen show to discuss some very serious issues on the minds of

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all the people. You got baseball, football clubs, nightclubs, dancing, all these other things is distracting us. But is that the way to go? Is that the way to have peace and happiness in life? Or is there more to life? Find out the answers to all these questions and more when we come back here and we'll be right back.

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He's been to a salaam aleikum. wa salam he's been to you as well. It's good to have you back here again, on the deen show to be here. You're actually here, Al Hamdulillah. With the baina. Institute. We talked about it in our first shows about the incident that you have teaching people the Arabic link, are you teaching people how to be an Arab? or Why are you teaching them Arabic?

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Well, yeah, people should be Arabs, all of them. No, no.

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We're trying to learn the Arabic language as best we can here to be able to study the Quran. And actually even beyond that study Islam, we're in depth. Okay, before we get into that, we want to scare some people off because some people when they hear Islam, Muslims, they get turned out to get turned away. So we want to start off with some baby steps. And people when they hear about Brad Pitt, they want to know if he bought that goldfish, what JLo is doing, you know, Facebook, 50 cents like Brad Pitt a lot of goldfish? No, I'm just saying if it was, they'd want to know that. So. Okay.

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purpose of life? This is the crucial question. And we should be asking this question, why is it important to ask the question, or reflect about the purpose of life and where you go when you die? Why is it so important? You know, it's, most people don't ask themselves that question. And I'm very happy at the institute that we have people that have made such a big sacrifice in life to try and study here and leave careers and studies, put them on hold and, you know, convince their families of making this sacrifice, which actually, in and of itself is proof that they have a very clear picture of what their purpose in life is, and will accept these kinds of efforts from especially the youth

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that are here.

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But you know, this question is not something everybody cares to ask about, because the answer is difficult. And the answer requires a lot of change in one's lifestyle, right? So it's something that really on one's own time, if Allah blesses somebody, if God blesses somebody to have the conscious mind to think, and to put the brakes on everything else in life, and just stop and think this question will, you know, lead to some very serious consequences and some very serious changes in life? But as important as this question is, it is probably the most ignored question in most people's lives. Why does everything else seem more important than the creator? what he wants us to

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do? You know, these things are just like, for some people, just fairy tales, you know, that their parents told them, you know, for some people, for many people, baseball is more important football, you know, who won the Super Bowl, what that girl is wearing, what that boy is saying all these things that really at the end of the day, it's like a false reality that people have created that is really is a false perception of life is why do people are more entertained by that instead of these more topics that we're talking about? I think, to some extent, all of us are like that, to some extent. And it's hard to avoid things that are happening around us in the world. The basic thing you

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know, the basic matter boils down to what you can see and what you can't, right. When we talk about God, the Creator, the Sustainer, the provider, we talk about the afterlife, we talk about one's purpose in life, and where they're going after they go into the ground and all of these sorts of things. These are all matters of not the scene, but the unseen. And these are not matters what people see their actions, they don't see the consequences of things like not praying, or things like eating whatever they want, or seeing whatever they want. They don't see those consequences right away. Right. And even people who warned them about these things say the real consequences of these

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are coming much later. Right. So somebody lies right now their tongue doesn't get cut off. Somebody does not

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Wrong, they don't see the impact of their action right away unless they're like robbing a bank and the cop show up or something, you know, so you don't see the consequences of your actions in this life immediately. And that's another reason to easily procrastinate, to pull it off. And this is part of human nature. In some sense. We love to work on things that have immediate rewards. And we like to put things off that have long term rewards. I mean, I'll give you a simpler example, not just religion.

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You know, you have a workout program, you have a diet program, and you if you stay on this program for 60 days, or 90 days or six months, then you lose these many pounds, and you'll feel much better about yourself and etc, etc, etc. you work out the first day, second day, you see results are no, you know, you work out for a week you see results, not really, you go for a month, you barely see any results, what most people do. And the goal is way too far out there. I mean, people have become so accustomed, most people, including ourselves, to some extent, have become so accustomed to results right away. Anything that's even a little bit long term, we say, That's not for me, give me

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a shortcut. Give me something else, right. The things you make reference to often, you know, entertainment, you know, different kinds of company and partying and all this kind of stuff. What is it, it's instant gratification, is I need, I want something to happen for me, it's happening right away. I don't want to wait for it to happen. And this is at the heart of the problem, you know, the, the the human problem of not having enough patience, and wanting to go, just just thinking that now live in the moment. And these are actually advertising taglines that millions of dollars are spent on live in the moment you only live once, you know, obey your thirst or whatever, right? These are

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people that get PhDs in marketing and come up with these small taglines, which actually become philosophies for people to live. You can I have friends who's probably your whole their whole life, you can summarize as they obey their thirst. That's all they're just a sprite walking around. You know, that's what they are. So what we have to instill into ourselves into the company around us and slowly our friends, people that we know, is this idea that there's more to life than just these immediate pleasures that you're pursuing, that leave you empty anyway,

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we're gonna try to just jump around because time is short. And hopefully, one of the things that we discussed will resonate with some people, some people be able to relate to one thing rather than another, like the letter that we got that we discussed on the show from the sister who got caught off guard or on guard, and she got lit away, and she was hypnotized by the guy, you remember that letter. And she was asking for advice, what to do, give her some wonderful advice, and from that letter of hers, and you give him 100 law by the permission of the Creator, that advice so many other people got to benefit. So let's let's talk about the sisters, you know, a little bit and our sisters

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in humanity, the sisters in humanity, who now a lot of times are seeking the attention instead of from the creator that heavens an Earth, the seeking intention from the boys. So instead of wearing more than wearing less, and you'll see one person came up to me said, Man, I just saw my family member, you know, on Facebook, and I couldn't believe it. How do I, you know, talk to her do some kind of show, I can send her this video because when I saw her, she was like this, and everything was off. And I knew her when she was 1314. And now let's give her a name. Jazz. Okay. You know, she shorten it for me, it might have been something else that is jazz, right? So jazz is like this, it's

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up here that the other and he's like, man, he feels so sad and in the heart, because he knows that he's gonna get eaten by the wolves. Man is out for one thing, he's hungry. And she's going to be just a captive enslaved and a prisoner. that's out there in this scandalous society. My advice to my sisters is

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it's complicated. And it's it's difficult for me to talk about, especially because I'm a father and I have four daughters, myself, and my daughters are getting bigger and bigger, actually, my 10 year olds running around here somewhere.

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And it's something I think about and worry about a lot scary. Yeah, it is. It is very scary. But we have to one of the things that our religion anchors us in is to not get caught up in the symptoms and to understand the disease. Understand the disease. Yeah. And so like, the way somebody dresses the way somebody talks, the behavior, these are all symptoms, that's not targeting the disease. So for instance, telling, you know, some of the viewers that are watching this may have teenage kids that were brought up religiously, and then they hit a certain point in life, and then they just became a different person all of a sudden, and now you can control how your daughter dresses or

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where your son goes and things like that. And you try to get the mom to give a quote about how important His job is and how important you know, good company is and how you know, but those things do just fall on deaf ears. Why? Because you're trying to target a symptom and you're not addressing a disease. The The disease is something that can't be discovered without conversation.

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The most, especially with Muslim youth, and Muslims that are kind of off the beaten path. And you can't even tell sometimes if they're Muslim or not from the way they're dressed. It's really easy to pass judgment. And it's really hard to slow down and sit each of these people down and actually have a heart to heart conversation and say, what's going on? Why do you think this is a good, good way to go, and you'll hear things like I can do whatever I want. I'm a free person, you can't tell me what to do. And you'll hear all these arguments. And you know what, respectfully hear those arguments and try to address each one of them one at a time. And they they should be addressed this way. One of

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the biggest, at least phenomenon that I've seen among sisters that have left a modest lifestyle, I'll just put it mildly that I've left a modest lifestyle. And I've chosen a different way of living among Muslim sisters. The one of the most common things I've seen is isolation. They had low self esteem, they were people constantly putting them down. They had in some cases, actually, recently, I've been saw a father telling his daughter that she's too ugly, nobody's going to marry her and this and that, and father's telling her that I mean, the place you're supposed to gain your self esteem is the place her self esteem is being destroyed, you know, then there's matters of feeling

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judged. Like, you know, I, you know, everybody has good days and bad days, right? So she has a bad day, and she doesn't want her job and all the sisters around her pounce on her, like, you know, what are you doing, this is so wrong, etc, etc. And she says, These people are so judgmental. And she's just distancing herself from what would have been good company anyway. And we sometimes even in our talks in our lectures, talk about those people in a way that even further distances than we want, we don't want to just tell them they're doing something wrong that much is in my argument is most of them already know that that's wrong. Our purpose is not to judge, but our purpose is to find ways to

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soften hearts to bring them back. We do want to be honest about the message. I don't want to water down the conversation. But at the same time, we have to first kind of feel for these people, and especially their families to not be impatient and impulsive. Make time for these people. And don't don't cut them off. They weren't they're already cut off enough. You know, and it's the love. We got to love that. Yeah, we're doing it. We love them, don't we? Yeah, of course. That's why we're sharing because we care. We wrapped up with more here on the deen show in paradise. There's no death. Yeah, you know, there's no sickness, no sickness. In a world of peace and tranquility. No

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wars, no fighting. No finding anything that you want. Yeah, no, you could have it. Yeah. In the in the paradise. Yeah. And God wants us to have that. But the price we have to pay is give up.

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When the outside everything looks good. You see the $100,000 cars you see a lot of diamonds you see a lot of females and they think that this is you know, this is a life this is this is like no paradise right here or

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anyone's job to go into someone's heart and change their heart. Your job is to tell people what the truth is. The reality of it is while we're sitting here while I'm sitting here constantly paying for the disease to kill was free.

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Back here on the deen show with nomen Ali Khan inshallah God willing, that if we're still alive, we can look back at some of these and a lot of the credit haphazardly accepted maybe will be old man with gray hair I'm already getting some will be like, you remember the time when we did this?

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Yeah, so tell us now? Can men and women can boys and girls can they be friends? Can the girl like have this? This confidence that look, I'm just going to hang out with the guy. And you know, the girls. They're jealous of me. You know, they're giving me prom. He's nice to me. Actually. He praises me. He's always telling me sweet things. He's so nice. You know, I'm not gonna do nothing with them. We're just hanging out. Can they? can this happen is this is this.

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It's happening? That's for sure.

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It shouldn't happen. That's also for sure. But can it be that we're just friends? Is it going to stay like you can met boys and girls be friends? No. No boys know that all too? Well. They won't admit it. But it's they know that very well. Sometimes girls don't. And that's what I worry about. For my my you know, my sisters, my daughters is that sometimes they don't realize the the the elaborate scheming of men. Elaborate scheming of men. Yeah, the wolf. We're just meeting because, you know, we're lap partners, or we're discussing a project or the MSA, the convention. We're discussing Islam, you know, and the sister won't see through it at all sometimes. And actually, we

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have to raise the level of awareness and caution among our sisters.

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So that they it's there's no harm, you're going to interact with men that's going to happen, right and they're in the business world in the school, setting. At the

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At the work setting, it's gonna happen, you are going to have interaction, but what are the what are some guidelines that you have to respect that can make those interactions healthy as opposed to unhealthy. I actually personally believe we should have guided interactions between brothers and sisters, especially young boys and young girls, as they're coming up, guided by the elders, so they know how to respectfully interact with one another also. Because in you know, in this society, if we try to, for example, if I cut my daughters off, and they don't ever talk to anybody else, right, eventually, they will go to college, eventually, they will go out in the workplace, or they'll go to

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the airport, or travel or this and that, and there'll be other people around, I don't want them to be shocked when they see the outside world. You know, keeping our children in a bubble is not going to save them. But at the same time, letting them loose and saying, hey, do your thing. That's also insanity. We have to find a way of guiding interactions between brothers and sisters, especially boys and girls, even teenage boys and girls and things like that. It's okay if they have an interaction with each other, so long as it's respectful, and the boys are trained, where to keep their gaze and how to keep the conversation business only, and how to you know, how to make sure

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they recognize when they're crossing a line. And the elders are supposed to be there to guide those conversations. A lot of times in youth settings, even in religious youth settings, there is no older figure shepherding the conversation or shepherding the interaction like youth groups exist. And the guys and the girls are all a bunch of teenagers, and they're running their own thing, because youth should be leaders. Well, yes, in most things, but in some things, you guys are ridiculous. And you need you need elder elder people to be their older folks to be there. As far as you know, this, like, unnecessary interaction between men and women.

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Especially you know, where this happens, this happens with people that you spend a lot of time with. So you go to college with some people, or you go to work with some people, and, you know, there's lunch, and there's just, you know, meetings and this and that, and it's regular. And what that does, it gives shaitaan an opportunity to maybe not convince you one time, but take hammer away at you 1% at a time. And it adds up, you know, until it becomes a very, very big problem. Just the other day, I got a phone call, it was one of the most it's a very typical phone call. Usually I don't take these kind of phone calls. But this time, I just said I was in a bad mood site. Okay. So guy calls

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me says, you know, I'm going to this college, and there's this girl, she takes all the classes I take Actually, it's the other way around, I'm pretty sure, but it's nice that he put it that way, you know, so she takes all the classes I take Yeah, uh huh. And you know, we we discussed classes and work and career because she's in the same major.

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And, you know, we've been talking for a couple of years, I haven't done anything wrong. Yeah, sure you haven't. And then he says, you know, but she just told me the other day that, you know, she's considering a proposal, and my heart sunk. And I don't know what to do. What should I do?

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And this guy is like, in just this deep shock that she proposed. Did you propose to her? He was no, we were just friends. I didn't realize we were more than that until she said there's a proposal.

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So I started getting attached. Yeah. And I said, Dude, what do you want to do? You just

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want merrier. Talk to parents go.

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But there's already another proposal and she's, I think she likes the guy or something. I you know, I don't even see what life is worth living anymore. Blah, blah, blah. And I was like, Okay, here's the first thing you do. Go tell your parents.

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Please, like 2122 years, always don't go tell your parents. And he says, No, I can't. They'll kill me.

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And I said, Okay, so you can't live without her. But you can't you're not mad enough to tell your parents? No. Why were you spending so much time with her? I just liked her. She was real friends used to listen to me and blah, blah, blah, all this stuff? Look, if you're gonna go around, did you know religious he asked him flat out, did you know religiously what you're doing is wrong. going out with her and sitting and having fries at McDonald's is wrong. You knew that or no? Yeah. Well, now you know why les says don't do it. Because it hurts.

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You know, there are consequences of this in the author of emotionally people get scarred. People get really messed up. And they don't realize the price they pay emotionally. Even in this world. I would argue even, it's not fair to the people that these kinds of individuals will eventually marry. Because they're not emotionally attached purely to the person they married, they've, their mind is somewhere else and they're reminiscing about somebody else, you know, and it's not fair to another person. So even from an emotional point of view, it's unfair. You know, the other thing is in this culture of dating and you know, seeing somebody and then you don't not seeing them that you're

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seeing somebody else and things like that. You just learn to become insensitive to other people's feelings. You just at the end of the day, you just turn into a customer look

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for yourself, first time a guy gets dumped, he's depressed the next time he's like, I'm gonna be the one doing the dumping, you know? So it's just, I'd rather not be hurt myself, I'd rather, you know, be dishing out and taking, you know, so you just become more and more inhumane. And that leaves you incapable of having a family because at the heart of families love and compassion and courtesy and worry about somebody else, you become bankrupt of those feelings as a result of these like petty petty relationships, shallow relationships? Absolutely. Did you get to see a video that some not yet Muslims made? And we say not yet Muslims, because everyone has the potential to submit to the one

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creator. And that is Christian. That's what a Muslim is. So they did some video on a college campus. And the topic was can boys and girls be friends? Did you get a chance to see it? And they were interviewing say, Hey, what do you think? You know, can you just be to the guys you think it just be friends with the girls? And he's like, at the end? No. And it's a very interesting video. So they see is not just coming from our perspective is coming. People know? The obvious truth. Yeah. Okay. So would you say, look, Islam, that that total and complete adherence to what God Almighty the creator wants us to do is the best self defense for many of these evil vices, you do Islam, you

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avoid alcoholism, you do Islam, you avoid gambling, you do Islam, you avoid these heartbreaks, and all the things that just flip your life upside down. So by doing what God wants us to do is the belt best self defense, because an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Yeah, I would say that, but I would also say, you know, somebody can hear that and hear the counter argument. Well, a lot of Muslims are into these things. They have Islam.

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Islam lives in people, when they're they have reinforcement. What young people especially need is to surround themselves with other people that are trying to protect themselves. Also, they're trying to guard their their chastity, their dignity, their shame their religion. At the same time, you know, you could you could have only Muslim friends and still be the most messed up person in the world. There's plenty of that going around, right? So picking your friends carefully, and picking friends that will safeguard your own Islam. This is actually the key. Islam itself, of course, is the solution. But Islam lives in people. Islam doesn't live in books and lives in people. So you need to

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find people that are living it, and to surround yourself with them. Is is I would argue the best defense. We're gonna be right back with more. Take a break here with Norman alikhan at the baina Institute on Dean, she'll be right back.

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Back here on the deen show with nominee Ali Khan, and we love the people. slumps is love on my Chi. So we want to share because we believe we honestly care, do we? Yeah.

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So when we see these things out there, obviously, you know, they really as the last and final messenger sent to mankind, he said, if you see an evil change with your hand, if not skewed against it, and at least amounts to hitting your heart. So when you see a lot of these things that aren't good for the human beings, it upsets you It saddens you. So we hope by doing these programs that people will listen, they want to benefit and implement some of these advices so they can save themselves from these heartbreaks woman cannot get used and abused by men man can not end up saving himself from just being an animal out there on the hunt. And why am I like this?

00:23:56--> 00:24:36

Allah says in the Quran, that the most potent desire put inside men was desire for women. Allah says the creator says Allah says to me, he made a list of things that we are tempted by what's this list? So first of all, I'll say the Arabic can be English chahatein and bizarre desire of our love of temptation and desire that comes out of women. When when and having sons or manpower That is to say even when cannot control I'm in the habit, the habit filled by and piled up hordes of gold and silver, which just means wealth. We want to have tons and tons and tons of savings, even if we can, if we even if we don't live long enough to spend all the wealth we have, we'd still like to have

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piles upon piles.

00:24:39--> 00:24:59

And we'd like to have an old language translation would be cattle, but cattle was what it was your business back in the day, right? People love having business and they're discussing their business. What do people talk about in their break? work, the new technology that's coming out the new trends at the hospital, the new that, you know, if you're a doctor, you're talking about the new medical trends, if you're a techie, you're talking about the new updates that

00:25:00--> 00:25:43

The software to the new language that's coming out or the new trends in, you know, app development or whatever. Right? This is your anon. And then what house which is the crop now? What is the cattle used for? It's used to produce the crop. So the return on investment is the health. So people love, you know, the the desire for women, then then sons manpower, then in a lots and lots of wealth, then how do you get that wealth, business return on investment? You know what? This, this the list that was made in the third surah of the Quran. And at the top of that list, what was their women? Now, if you look at this list, people will go through any means to acquire wealth. I mean, some of the most

00:25:43--> 00:26:17

corrupt practices in the world today are out there, as a result of multi billion dollar industries that don't care about right and wrong, they just care about their bottom line. And we're seeing that in the news every day, right? The same if that's the case, if there's an urgency of the human being, and if there's no guidance, and he has no brakes on how he attains that appetite. And compared to an animal, an animal feels hungry again, or feels hungry, a lion feels hungry, what does it eat, whatever it can catch? Well, it doesn't think about the consequences, or if it's gonna hurt something else, or whatever, it's got an appetite, it's got to be met. Well, what if it comes to

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this temptation in men, if there's no guidance, if there's no humanity left, then you will do whatever it takes to fulfill that appetite. Right, and you will, doesn't matter if it hurts, somebody else doesn't matter of fact, corrupts and destroy society and ruins families, none of that matters. All that matters is your urges. That's the only thing you see, you don't see anything else. So I don't see any difference between people that are, you know, that are addicted to these kinds of temptations. And people that are multibillion dollar executives that make you know, these deals that destroy the entire villages in the third world, because of their bottom line or contaminate water

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supplies and things like that, because they're going to produce some, you know, some some soda for somebody, you know, $4 billion, billions of dollars of profit, there's no difference between them. Because at the end of the day, you have a desire, you fulfill it, and you don't care about the consequences. This is why we are the way we are in those desires, Allah put in us, but he also gave us the brakes. That's what guidance is, it holds you back and keeps you balanced. So you don't turn into an animal. When the guidance is gone. That's all you and I are then couple points I just have to mention, before we close, I'm gonna ask you about baina. And before that for the four, because we

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really catered to those who know nothing about the purpose of life are out there, she might have just came back. And you know, look, we keep it real here on the D show. So she came back, our show was caught late at night, and she's coming from the strip club. She's a stripper, the guys coming from the nightclub, he's smoking weed. He's drinking booze. And now they tuned in. And they've watched a couple of the shows. And they liked this idea of just worshiping the Creator, not his creation. They're getting sick of following the lesson desires. Maybe they want to change their life, but they don't know where to start. What advice do you have for him. And just In short, the I

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mean, the fact that they're making time to watch a video like this one is a really good sign, good sign that Yeah, it's a very good sign that you're good lies in their heart. And the first starting point would be for any person that's immersed in a lifestyle like that, that you shouldn't look at what you've done already in the past and say, it's too late for me, there's no such thing. There's no such thing that your yesterday will determine what your tomorrow is going to be. And we shouldn't let that be the case. Also, don't let your friends and the people around you, you know, determine who you are, you are your own man, you are your own woman. You can't just say everybody surrounded

00:28:36--> 00:29:16

around me in a certain way. Therefore, I have to be this way. Or this is all I know of. That's not who you are. You're You're greater than all of those things. You were created for a higher purpose and all of those things, making time for just, you know, reflection, making time for pursuit, searching more, making time to seek out people that can teach you better, is probably the first big step anybody can take. If you can find, for example, a local mosque, to go ask some questions, send to send you questions, so you can connect them to people that may be in their area, because that needs to happen to tap into actually living resources that can ask questions and answer questions

00:29:16--> 00:29:50

about religion and things like that would be the next healthy step would be a good step in the right direction and one thing at a time. But really, you should not assume that. First of all, take it serious take the matter seriously, as you keep saying it's an urgent matter, it shouldn't wait. So if you know you've been blessed enough to at least be exposed to something about the message, at least give it some more time and explore some more and find out if this is really the right thing and if it's the right thing for you. And the second is to give it to don't put this off, because you don't know how long you and I are going to be around so that we can take proactive action. And the

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

last minute that we have tell us sure about your organization, the Bain Institute Institute is a complicated organization which I'll simplify for you the point of it

00:30:00--> 00:30:18

Two things. The vision of it was to make Arabic easy for Muslims to study. And for Koran, to call it for Quran to be made easy for Muslims to study the point, the original purpose of it was to facilitate that education. for Muslims in America, that was the original goal hamdulillah slowly, it's expanding to around the world.

00:30:20--> 00:30:35

As the role of the organization grew, so did some of its goals. So it's not just introductory education in Arabic and introductory education in the Quran. But actually, the where we're sitting now on campus is actually a pretty advanced program in Arabic Alhamdulillah, it's the only one of its kind in America,

00:30:36--> 00:31:13

where our students are studying for a little over nine months, full time, and they're studying the Arabic language inshallah parlez. As best as I and my colleagues can teach it, so that they have a really good sound grounded understanding of the language enough that they can read the Quran and Hadith and read Arabic or Islamic texts in their original form, without translation, and understand them in depth. This is the verbatim Word of God, the Quran, the verbatim Word of God and the Word of the prophet SAW the Hadees. Right. So they, they're able to get a firsthand taste of that, because you know, something's always lost in translation, and some beauty and some depth is always missing.

00:31:13--> 00:31:49

So the point of this training is to give give students the power to at least taste some of that depth for themselves. And then the the idea of actually the one of the first expressions I taught in the program this year I want to share with you is I'll give you a small example. And we'll conclude your passing by and you see a well, right, and you're not that thirsty back in the day, obviously, nowadays, nobody will look into a well, but back in the day, you get passed by a well, you don't think twice about it, you go on, somebody else passes by and says maybe I should have a little. So they take a little like they dip their finger and they taste it a little. And they realize this is

00:31:49--> 00:32:03

actually a well, and the water in it is water from Paradise from heaven. It's incredible. It's nothing like they've ever tasted ever before. Now, if you had a little taste, what would you want to do? More, you'd want to get more a guy who never got the first taste to begin with, what would he do?

00:32:04--> 00:32:37

Just go on his way he wouldn't even think twice, right? The point here is, you know, to give students a little bit of a taste. And if I can do that successfully, and my colleagues can do that by less permission, then while they do, they'll take a second dip and a third on their own. Absolutely, you know, and the people who never embark on this journey, they will never know what they're missing out on. So that's, that's the that's the beauty of you know, this language. And the beautiful book that Allah has given us, the more we explore it, the more beautiful we find it so people can find you there. but you Thank you once again with the Creator of the

00:32:37--> 00:33:12

heavens and earth rewards you for being anonymous. Thank you so much for coming. We're really happy to have you here and another students are happy to see you. And she'll let me get time to interact with you afterwards. Thank you very much. And thank you sincerely for being with us here on the deen show. It's not too late. until death comes death is a reality. So take this moment that you have in life that God Almighty has given you and do what God Almighty wants from you ask him for the guidance he sent messages throughout time to guide humanity and they came with the guidance last and final messenger said to mankind the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them it's all there has been

00:33:12--> 00:33:46

preserved has been saved around the verbatim Word of God the blueprint for mankind but if you don't know what how you're going to live it and if you don't ask how shall you receive so do it right now. call on God alone not his Christian we don't need 999 from you to send you a genie in a bottle to send you some lucky charms and Whoa, we just need you to ask the creator simple request guide me guide me guide me and he was facilitated way give us a call at one 800 662 is now if you have any other further questions. We'll see you next time God Willing until then, peace BMT