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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the conquest of the Ottoman Empire and the loss of the first six Ottoman Ottoman married wife. The city and culture importance of the Ottomans and the Herds' use of various tools and houses, including a river and bridge, is also discussed. A woman wants to sell her house to the collar where she found a sermon. The mosque is the largest and most famous mosque in Islam, and people are encouraged to visit the birthplace to see the culture.
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The feeling is really immense. You could be healed and

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I'm going to introduce you today to treasures in this incredible city. That was the heart, the beating heart and the beginning of the Ottoman State.

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It was an easy enough drive from Istanbul where we live just two hours, it was raining, which is a real blessing. Because it's been super hot.

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Our first stop would be Xindian copy or the dungeon gate.

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Close this guy. For more than two centuries, a dark and sinister secret was buried beneath the walls of this castle. So we were going up appears we're going down. Archaeologists who were excavating the 2300 year old remains found torture chambers and even a well covered in what appeared to be blood.

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But I'm here to explore how power changed hands. Spring 1326 osmangazi. Lay terminally ill his son or hand was once again besieging the Byzantines and then news came to the dying leader of the K tribe the Ottomans had succeeded in taking Prusa according to local historians, he died soon after the governor sent 40,000 gold pieces and expensive clothing to all hand Ghazi as a gift of submission. And after all hand conferred with his father Osman, he took the offer. And this became the heart of the Ottoman Empire but there was no murder and no killing. And the governor his family and their entourage were given safe passage when they went to Istanbul so that's the birth of the

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state right here Subhanallah the exchange of power but I wonder what it was like for the people and what is left for us today? Actually, almost everything is beautifully preserved. And this cast is just an example of how well the Turks are doing in restoring and maintaining their history but you know what, I really want to see the markets and I want to go get some food

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Okay two hours from Istanbul not bad but before we start anything we have to take part in the Turkish tradition have a really nice breakfast with a great for you

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so please

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visit to the panorama 1326 Museum is a must This depicts the conquest day in 360 degree circular cycle. So let's be honest, our points of entry for most of us as the Earth are all series. So what I'm going to do is try and spot as many areas Ottoman style life as I can. Let's have a look. So that's all hands, okay? And there's his courtiers and there's the people some of them Christians coming to give him by our rights. Can you see the Marines under the tree? Yeah, the Sufis under the tree having their simple picnic and their their stuff and they're gathering women are our own community. We look after each other. So here we have symbolized the women's doing their daily work

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but together, not alone, not this hyper individualism. So often we're has Muslim women were written out of the script, especially by Western sources, and this just isn't the case. If you look at early Ottoman line, we were the backbone of society and they sold their goods and sorry.

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Women is still the backbone of society don't ever forget it.

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In the exhibition hall, the conquest of Bursar an important traces and spiritual personalities left by the first six Ottoman Sultans who were all buried in Bursa are examined. It is the largest fully panoramic museum in the world.

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The first actual or Ottoman coin was minted in silver during the reign of overhand Ghazi. The coins were inscribed with a name or hand on one side, and the word Tawheed on the other. denoting the oneness of God, you can mentor coin the old fashioned way at the museum. Be warned, the hammer they use is seriously heavy.

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So many trees

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so this is a Gandy bridge. And this is one of only four markets that are on a bridge in the whole world. One of the others being in Venice and another one in

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Florence I forget what the fourth one is, was built in 1444. And it's more evidence of the real importance of bursa as an economic area of the age Subhanallah in 1640 Evliya Celebi came here and he said there were over 200 small shops on this branch really reminds me of Masdar and that's not surprising because guess what the link is the Ottomans.

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This is Jeremy and it's been the heart of Bursa for over 700 years Subhanallah and it is considered the fifth most important mosque in Islam. I bet you didn't know that. Hang on a second. Let's name them. Okay, so we've got Mecca we've got Medina Yeah, okay, we've got a laksa. Mashallah, we've got Damascus. And then you've got right here, all new Jeremy. Now I was trying to find out why that is. And here's the reason that's given because it was built commissioned by BAE isn't the first the Salton at the time to commemorate one of the biggest victories that Islam had had against the Byzantines in necropolis. SubhanAllah. It really is something very, very special. There are 192

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calligraphy plates and pieces of art across the walls all by different calligraphers. Bursar is called the City of Saints. It was an esteemed mystic of the period who read the first sermon at the opening of Oulu gemmy. According to reports, some Manchu Baba bake loaves in the bread oven he had built. He distributed bread in the city streets with the cry of loaves believers loaves. As with all great buildings, a lot of Legends grow up around them and this one, this beautiful mosque is no different. This beautiful fountain you don't often see them right in the heart of mosques. It's so rare. Legend has it that an old lady refused to sell her house to the Sultan to build this mosque.

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Until one night she had a very intense and inspired dream and the next day, she insisted on selling her little house to the Sultan. The architects who built the Jami built this fountain, in memory of her sacrifice and today, people still make their way through here low echo.

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said these guards here, they're not paid actors to be here watching over the tomb for the amusement of tourists. These are actually local gendarmerie. And they are here to honor this tomb and to protect this great man osmangazi is the first Osman Han the Ottoman name comes from Him Subhana Allah.

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He died either just before or just after the siege of Bursa. And he asked his son or Han Bay to be buried in this what was once a Christian church, because the lead of the roof shone in the sunlight and still does, and it could have been seen by their troops over the time that they were besieging bursa Subhanallah and this is where Allah allows him to spend the rest of the time until Judgment Day Subhanallah in today's polarized world, it seems that it's impossible to be both fair and just and strong and powerful, or a person of faith yet a swordsman, but that's exactly who osmangazi was an excellent swordsman, excellent horseman, fair and just he used to feed all the people of his

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extensive household with great food every day. Around midday he was known for giving taking clothes off his back and giving them to the poor

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going inside now, pay my respects and what we do is we pay prey al Fatiha for the deceased.

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Man translated off man translated

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to Pamela when a legacy

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so just come out of the tomb of war hand Ghazi Rahim Allah

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He and his wife Nilufer, many of their children, grandchildren. And the feeling is really immense.

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Because it was all hand who started to build the Collier system based on the prophets version of a mosque, which was that it was a home to people, which was that everybody was fed, which was that you could be healed and cleanse. And I just wonder

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and ask Allah to bring us great leaders who care about the people rather than themselves. And that were deserving

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of great Islamic leaders in Sharla. And that's something to pray for as well as praying for or hand Ghazi, Rahim Allah this family Subhan Allah. May Allah give us great leaders again. I mean,

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I hope you get to visit this birthplace of the last caliphate of Islam three days in this region is a must. And if you like these videos, please subscribe to the channel to help us grow and positive messaging and truth about Islam past and present. Salaam Alaikum.