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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending humans greetings and salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom, we find that for many of us, we don't seem to see the repercussions of our actions, or repercussions of our statements, or repercussions of the way that we conduct ourselves. That we find that the sharing of Allah Subhana Allah, and then the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah, some give severe warnings about our repercussions, or the fruits of our actions, we can begin to visualize that, even today the repercussions of the harm that we may commit on the earth, as we touched upon previously, the facade, the corruption, and the disobedience towards Allah

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subhanaw taala, that facade is spread upon the earth. Why are these bad characteristics and actions that maybe will become so by inside our lives become calm, we begin to reflect, if only I did this in my life, if I didn't say this, I didn't do that. And as you find in this bad trade to this moral character, we find that people in this engagement that comes within them, can begin to become in a state of abuse, even beating individuals, and even divorcing their family members. How many cases do Mr. fuqaha deal with a person says that he had it locked up in a state of anger, that I divorced my wife. Now what you now do somehow to resolve the situation this is a common theme that exists inside

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a society. And likewise, in an anger person may say certain words, even even to their own children, that I don't want to see you anymore, or to their family members, their loved ones, or even people who do business transaction would may utter certain words that they regret them, if only they went back and they reviewed and calmly looked at their words. And before we enter upon this prophetic advice, about controlling anger, it is important in the current climate to look and maybe question ourselves, that is, possibly the anger of Allah Subhana Allah upon the world at the moment, because some of us don't seem to see the other side of the coin. Some of us only see the world in a medical

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format, or what the world is preaching to us because for them, they don't believe in Allah Subhana Allah does if you if you study some of the work that we encourage many of the philosophers, if you read the words of Kufa that they write, and it's far beyond even Cofer, because some of them they work so entitled that religion life begins. And we're always saying these words just to highlight what these people believe in life begins with the death of God. That's what they believe their creed is so you can see why so, so many of these people are far away. Even though so many calamities and difficulties and hardships, they still will not recognize, they still do not believe they still will

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not accept that this is something beyond the human capacity. This is from Allah subhanaw taala. And then our religious clerics, meaning those who hold faster religion, whether it be Judaism or Christianity, even them. If you listen to somebody words, recently, the pope mentioned this could be climate change. That's having an impact of spreading of Coronavirus on the world. You're supposed to be, quote, a man of God unquote. You should be able to see certain signs of God as what you believe in. But yet, yet they themselves people of God can't seem to accept and seem to let people know that because of our own actions, or disbelief or corruption that possibly the Wrath of Allah subhanaw

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taala they say the wrath of God is upon humanity. And as Muslims as well sometimes we go towards the concept of the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah and know that Muslims should always swing towards the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah. But there are passages and moments inside the Quran that Allah subhanaw taala unleashes his anger speaks about his anger speaks about he's not happy with certain actions that people carry out on the face of this earth, and he will seek retribution or He will punish them accordingly and send this raffle fees on this word even before an era we find at least 17 times a day at Muslims we recite of irian Mercado de la Mola Bali, not the power for those who

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have earned your anger and those who have gone astray. Read basic tafsir su 231. What is works at tifosi Adventure Who are these individuals with the Wrath of Allah Subhana Allah, obviously time doesn't permit us to enter but as most of all of us should go back in his build up to Ramadan and read the feed the Quran, at least read main sutras of the Quran and read Surah Fatiha why the Surah Al Fatiha is classified as keytab omal Quran the beginning of the book The mother of the book, the whole Quran revolves around an Fatiha does even carry modules he took the one verse ear canal Buddha canister in ma rockhold resell the whole book, one verse of the Quran. Holy the Quran is placed

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inside sorted Fatiha. The whole of sort of Fatiha is placed inside one verse. That's what Islam is that even all these hardships and difficulties

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The believer is the one who runs back to Allah Subhana Allah, you will only worship and you will only receive aid and assistance from. So these individuals they earn Unfortunately, the wrath and anger of Allah subhanaw taala of their disobedience are speaking ill about Allah subhanaw taala attributing things which a person cannot even comprehend your delay Malala they say the hands of Allah subhanaw taala are tied up. These are the things that these people that they utter against Allah Subhana Allah, Allah doesn't know Elijah coffin unless heedless. That way, if you read through the Bible, you find so much elements, that person is taken aback. The things that are right inside

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the Bible, they claim to be the Word of God, that our love for God, Allah wrestled with the prophets, Allah did this. These are the evil things that document inside their own documents. So this exposes them further will be harder and harder. So Allah mentioned the beginning of the book Are they an anger upon anger, different the anger of Allah subhanaw taala because of the disbelief in Allah subhanaw taala Weber will be heard of him in Allah and other places I should have brought Allah mentioned they've earned their anger from Allah subhanho wa Taala has been placed upon these individuals, this anger of Allah subhanaw taala if we don't take heed, from these ayat inside the

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Quran, and we begin to follow the same pattern, there's nothing to prevent. There's nothing to prevent to say that Muslims are not under the anger of Allah subhanaw taala as well. Because some of us Muslims, we said may think that Allah is not angry with us. But there is nothing to prevent according to the Quran, that actually that we do, are equally exposed to the anger and the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah mentions that sort of Baja well a typical fee for Hitler and ecobee do not go beyond the limitations for Hitler and ecobee. And in my anger becomes heroin upon you. Once again, super highs is a unique Surah 20 episode of the Quran, where every eye ends

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with Alif Nakamura in general, we the surah, about a God of Musa alayhis salaam, whereby you find the anger of Allah subhanaw taala is exposed upon these people. Woman Yes, literally led her to be for Kadokawa whoever's my anger becomes hallen upon the individual upon that society, that these people will be lost. There'll be a stray, will be away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah and these are individuals who are going to perish. The loads have mentioned inside the Quran, Sasha Allahu Allah him and he had the relevant mentioned what's the difference for the wasa academies that you can find in general person can be angry, but you find when Allah Subhana Allah wants to either

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or Radha acaba who, if Allah wants to punish a people, then Allah mentions or the Quran that he sends His wrath and anger upon these individuals a bit some I've caught them at home and also home inside. So to me that once again speaking about the context of Bani Israel and Al Kitab, about them going beyond the limitations Allah mentioned and Sufi tolowa him will either be whom Caledon then Allah unleashes his anger, his wrath upon these individuals, and they will reside for eternity underneath the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala. And that's Allah mentions Yachty hoonah Philip, they're going to be wandering around the Earth from here today, today. derivate on a Mozilla to a

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number fuki for wherever they go indignity is smashed upon them disgrace there are a disgrace people. Maybe we take this in, in our own lives, the lives of Muslims, wherever we go, indignity has been thrown upon us. There is no honor. There's no dignity for Muslims. The reason being why, what is the reason amongst the many reasons is drifting away from the teachings of Allah subhanaw taala that to awaken us, he allows certain things to take place, he froze his anger upon us, that we may begin to awaken and repent and return back to Allah subhanaw taala so that we are facing the anger the wrath, and the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the Hadith, and origin colonies

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coralina be salatu salam o Sunni, a man came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said oshine Give me some advice. For corn Allahu la Tata for the de Moura Karnataka, he said, You don't get angry. At Ethan Bukhari. The man said, he again he said, Give me some advice. advise me something else. Some narration mentioned some three times the Prophet is I'm just responded to blah blah blah. Don't get angry. This rhythm I mentioned is Java mill tell him concise words. In Arabic two words in English Don't get angry. Simple. That's sufficient advice. He said to OCD. Give me some advice, because the companions and individual ones who wanted to come to the prophet Elijah them and benefit themselves.

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So you find they would ask such questions, Delaney and in many other emaline you'd have any agenda. When I took her Aaliyah, show me an action to do that will get me to paradise, but don't give me too many things. Just like Muslims today. Don't tell us too many things to do this the sooner that we need to learn that sometimes you say the most we need to do this.

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And do this and do that and do that. And some people they break they crumble because they haven't been nurtured or they're not able to bear so many things. So he said that give me this advice, but don't increase upon me. He said Don't get angry person asked the question again. Why did you ask the question again either or never mentioned he found it something being something small or he wasn't sure. That may be his anger is that is that all you want me to do in my life just controlling my anger. That's something simple. But yet the prophet Elijah knew hustler who knew that this individual he could see his traits. He knew his followers, he could see that this individual needs

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to control his anger. And this is advice that concerns him. At this moment in time. Some of you have had these begin to discuss what is a Buddha alive in aroma, Chef with me number two, Allah mentions such explanation is headed, there is no need to know who this companion was. Because they will see the advice is something generic for the rest of us Muslims, to begin to control ourselves and not fall into this anger. And as we find that the people are paradise, because many of us we speak about the people of Paradise, but if you study the people of Paradise, you find certain traits and characteristics that may Allah forbid Some of us are far away from these traits or characteristics.

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We may do some of them no doubt, but the inner core traits of people of Paradise Some of us are far away from them. When I mentioned earlier Elon Musk clarity mirror have become but didn't know where to wake that did move in. And Medina in Fukuoka, sir Roy Roy will tell the meaning of hate when I finished and the nurse will know you're hit with mercy mean race with one another to gain paradise, paradise with this like the heavens and the earth,

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in which you will be prepared for the pious individuals. Then Allah mentions the suffering of these people of Paradise, those who spend their wealth when they have the wealth. And when they're in a state of difficulty, they still spend their wealth, maybe many of us can do that in our lives. Then Allah mentions a third characteristic, while care of the meaning of life, which literally means in the English language to swallow your anger, they swallow the anger. But then a lot goes beyond that. Allah mentioned even after being angry or you become angry, you control your anger, then what should a person do should a person whenever they meet that person mentioned it should work on their mind

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when our feanor and the nurse, they pardon and they forgive people, follow your cable machine. These are the real deals of God. These are real mercy known people who are close to Allah subhanaw taala. In other place in the Quran, Allah mentioned were either mahadi boo, homeopathy rune, when they, Allah doesn't say, you can't cannot become angry, sometimes a person may become angry. But when they become angry, whom you're rude, if the right is taken away from them, or they get angry for a reason, they pardon and they forgive they overlook from an alpha was a true act of law, whoever overlooks and pardons and rectifies, then his reward belongs with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as we

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find that the real strength of the moment that we find is a tumble

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is to bear things. And to control one's anger is not to become frustrated inside one's life and just do whatever this what the society teaches. Just do whatever you want to do, and see the repercussions later on. Even you studied statistics of people who are serving a prison sentence at the moment, if you speak to many of them, they'll say if we had to look at them, in a state of anger, I killed someone. I done this evil action I knew I was in a state of anger. And now for the positive of the rest of their life sitting there thinking that maybe they should not follow the anger. And because we know amongst our own family members, community around us, people in a state of

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anger do all sorts of things. If the anger enriches them and makes them carry out evil actions, the prophet Allah some advice in other places should you do the sorority in Russia Do you do a lady mucuna who ended the strong one isn't the one who shows you muscular might and power and strength that's needed in Islam at certain times. The strong one is the one and Lady Yamuna indelicato the strong one is the one who controls himself when he gets angry controls these type of person knows that that's what Alabama had even mentioned. You're in a state of Power Authority, you have the strength you have the ability, you can now harm this person. You cannot say something this person,

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but you control yourself. lilla is Subhana Allah that's real strength, inner strength that some of our muscles haven't developed in a devotion and commitment towards Allah subhanaw taala and that's the fight indelicato mina shape on anger is from shape on shape on loves. Anger. shaitaan encourages a person to get angry to get angry. So when he when he speaks about his comrades, his soldiers, each one in the comeback and they report back into other shows.

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And histories upon upon the ocean each when it comes down says I made him do this. I made him do this harem. I made him do that. I made him do that. He says to all let me have

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done anything until one comes in whispers says to him, I made him divorce his wife. I made him get angry, he divorced his wife. So he Pat's him on his back and says, You are my comrade, you are my friend, you have done well,

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the rest of the things that would hurt him as well. But he knows that this action is destroying a unity is destroying a family is going to lead on to repercussions afterwards, of suffering of the children. And that's why psychologically we study many young youth you find many of them are angry, for two different reasons, has been concluded what we can see inside a society, either their parents are in a state of anger, while it diamond Yatta body, Father is always angry, never praises his child, always having a go with him. So that the child grows up in a state of frustration, because this becomes the norm and a small thing the child does is repute is hit his man is harmed. So, this

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psychologically grows the child to become in a state of anger. And the second opposite is there is no there is no fatherly figure, there is no parents. So, the child sees the world around them that people have a normal stability home have parents have a normal life, so he becomes angry and raged. So now he has to gain those things in life via Coco Coco bahara, whatever it has to be, has to follow that line, to fulfill the anger within himself that he cannot disclose, he cannot speak about. So all this has a deep meaning about not being able to control that anger, Mr. Galicia, the key of every single evil. As I mentioned, geometric shape, the whole gathering of every form of evil

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comes when a person loses their control. And that's the prophet Isaiah he advised us how to control ourselves, and he loves the alien, what words to attack and what actions to do to try to lessen the anger and to calm us down. For example, we find in a shape on Holy Communion, where a number two owner will marry for either a Hershey bar had to come from the top bar, you will find that shape on Iblees. The gin has been created from the fire. So the only way to extinguish the fire is by using water. So if one of you gets angry, let him perform although some of them are made a critique of the authenticity but in general is something which is acceptable. The person gets angry, they should

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perform or do their standing Did you sit down and the environment they should walk away from the environment? If not, shame on will enrage the individual even more. It does not work for you failure this person is standing in a state of anger, anger they should sit down, calm themselves down for either their band recorder or elder forget budget if anger doesn't go away, they let him lie down. Let him calm himself down, take himself away from that environment. As for Lothian, as for Kalamata, once again, we don't seem to understand words of the Quran, words of the Sunnah of the prophet Elijah, we saw two individuals argue amongst themselves. I wanted them you find that saliva and spit

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was coming out of his mouth in a state of anger and rage. They're saying what he's saying to the other individually either individually shouting back to him. So he mentioned indeed I know in Neela animoca Lima, now called Nakata. I know one word one statement, if you said it is anger will be taken it will be extinguished, will be taken away from him or will be laid him in a shape on the rocky seeking refuge with ALLAH Subhana Allah from a curse shape on why he doesn't have impact and for some of us sometimes because we don't understand the meanings, we don't understand the impact. And it's the idea of seeking refuge with Allah subhanaw taala to to protect us why they are

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corrupted Khurana festa eight Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim we read the Quran MiG tau with seek refuge with a loss of Hunter from shaper to come and and and disturb the individual. Does he find the scarf is Saba Phil masa in the morning the evening will become his new Muslim, a fortress for the believer to protect from the valley from shape on penetrating. The shaper just needs one second. He just needs one second one moment, he needs to find that moment whereby the three fundamental are the most famous cinema who known for his striving and is struggling. They said the most important thing inside our lives. The greatest way slip in our life was that one moment in the morning we

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didn't make Vicar. The one moment in Ed make Vicar that became an avenue that became a crevice and became a hole for shape on to enter and to harm the individual to harm their family to harm them. So that's why a person is what will imagine his Muslim fortress of the Muslim to solidify themselves strengthen themselves. We're always making Edgar biLlahi subhanaw taala does we find that the prophet Elijah was the best character he would get angry, but he mentioned a silica clean metal Huck Finn ohada ba ba ba ba. The profit assumption is mentioned Give me the true statement. Even when I'm angry make me say the truth.

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And even when I'm happy make me say the truth because there's two extremities of human beings. state of happiness we say all sorts of things, set of anger we say all sorts of things. But the Prophet rsrp prayed for this and that's what we should pray for as well.

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gives us the right statement at the right moment in time. And when we get angry, which many of us failed to apply inside our lives. The only time the prophet Elijah would get angry is when the laws and regulations of a law standard were broken. After that, he was the most lenient of individuals who could take him by his hand. People would grab he garments, he was wearing dragon leave a mark on his on his neck.

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And he felt the fata era he.

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He turned around, he looked at me smiled and laughed at him, give him whatever he wants, never would get angry for his own self. The only time we get angry when the laws and regulations of Allah subhanaw taala are broken, the companions narrate, or they mentioned that we would know when the Prophet alayhi wa sallam would be angry, it would become apparent on his face, that something has upset him or he's become angry. And that's what he entered into his own house. The headaches speak by Asia, or the lottery, meaning that she'd play some blanket or covering or curtain we've had some images inside that the savedata Swede was there. So when he saw that image that enraged the anger

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and we became upset, so she could see that inside his face. So this was the Prophet Alexa when certain things when we're done or presented when you become angry when they slayed his companions harmed his companions, became upset, became angry, of what they what they done to his companion, what they done to his followers, and thus we find that this is the way of the companion way of the prophets, that they will become angry when people would disobey Allah subhanaw taala they become angry when people are committing Kufa committing ship committing mercy. They wouldn't like some of us just turned a blind eye to it. We'll just let everybody Muslim to do what they're doing. It has

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no impact. They felt upset they felt angry, that why are people disobeying Allah Subhana Allah musala salam ala Maria Masako, me komiya hot burner assefa Mousavi inside sadhana Rafi returned back to these people got the burner ossify state of anger upset. What are you people doing? I left you to worship Allah Subhana Allah and you begin to worship the calf.

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You begin to worship this is what you begin to do behind my back. So musala a salon in the Medina at the Santa Monica double Mira beam was in the confit hayati dunya, these individuals began to worship the COFF they have an again Allah mentioned the anger of Allah subhanaw taala. And for these individuals where they learn Phil hayata dunya, and they will be disgraced for them upon this dunya will be granted to these individuals. While I'm socrata moussaka,

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Allah, when he'd become calm, and gentle and sober, then he took the teachings of the Torah, we took the tablets. But prior to that he became so angry that what these people have done behind his back when he went to meet Allah Subhana Allah to today's time, we can see that if we diminish in order in the good and forbidding the evil, the people go out and do whatever they want to do, then who can we blame? Can we blame the people we can only blame ourselves? Do we do get worried about people disappearing on lots of planet? And are we worried at the moment? The profit action would walk up into the sky change? The color of the sky change the clouds darken, rain comes? How do you think a

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Muslim would walk up and down up and down in frustration? And what would he say that this could be the punishment for law. And likewise today, this could be the punishment of Allah that we're facing, which we should be worried. We should be worried and praying to Allah Subhana Allah because of our sins, and diseases and mistakes. And if one thinks they don't have sin still make mistakes. Make Toba, Illinois repent and repent and make Toba to live this calamity because we are we are one oma who suffers together who feels harm together, who unites together. And this is the home of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam May Allah subhanaw taala lift up this calamity of suffering that we're

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facing take away this plague, this virus these hardships and difficulties that we're facing. And likewise wherever in the Muslim world that we find that Muslims are suffering in a hardship takeaway alleviate the hardships and the difficulties, especially is build up coming towards the drama bomb that we find. We can only imagine how upsetting it would be a month of Ramadan without coming to the house of Allah Spanner without praying without forcing opening a force together and being a state of unity that allows candidates taking this remedies mercy away from us or not allowing us to enter and to come into his houses to praise and to remember Him. May Allah Subhana Allah alleviate all these

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problems and facilitate it for us to return back to the houses of Allah Subhana Allah