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Excerpt from the lecture entitled “What Ruins Marriage”

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Number two for the brothers. And number two, the second thing that a man does, and it causes him to ruin his marriage is that he will look at his wife, and he would mention all of her faults. Okay? He keeps them on file, all the things that she does that's wrong. But at the same time, he uses her faults and he covers his own.

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Okay, and how does he do this? He will remain silent when he does something wrong, he will remain silent. Or he will leave the house walk away, or he will argue with her, put her down and make her feel like she is the worst person because of all the things that's wrong with her. So you know how he does this. He'll say to you, he'll say to him, sorry to hurt. You do this. This is a look at the way you dress. Look at the way you talk. Look at the way you are in house. you're lazy. You don't do this. and point out pick and point, every single thing that's wrong with her.

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breaks her down mentally. And eventually this breaks them down physically. What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam say? Where was a woman created?

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From a bento rib? What does this mean?

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This does not mean that there's something intellectually wrong with women? Absolutely not. What this means is gentleness and the softness. And the love and care that women possess is not the love and care that you will find generally in the men.

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When the Prophet sallallahu Adi, who was setting them first receive revelation. What happened to him? You got scared.

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He got so scared that he ran. Can you imagine how frightened a person would be that causes you to run? Just think about the things that would frighten you. That would cause every one of us here to get up and run. It's got to be something major, something real severe, something that really hits home. So what did he do some law while he was alone?

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He ran. Who did he run to? Run to his uncle? Did he run to one of the one of the towns when in that village? No. What did you Who did he run to? He ran to his wife

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rhodiola Wiener. He went to her and he sought comfort and beauty Cover me. comfort me. Put your arms around me, give me love. This is what I need from you. This is where a woman shines. This is where the light of a woman is, is within her heart. She is filled with comfort. And this is something that allows so much I'll put in her.

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And so for men, when you point out why you come to LA when you point out every single fault in your wives realize that you are slowly but surely be certain of this slowly but surely, you are breaking down her mentally as well as physically. And this is a reason where a marriage could reach it could reach it